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  1. Sounds Good. I'll PM you for payment and shipping info. Thank you, Jeff
  2. Anybody selling a fully working GoFlight EFIS out there? Thank you, Jeff
  3. Any problems with the EFIS? Everything Works? Will you take $150. if everything works.
  4. Great story. Brought back great memories as a kid but in the 70’s and 80’s. My dad was a Vietnam vet. I was in with multiple deployments and my son is entering his Jr year at a Military college and in the Army. Loved getting out in the bush with my buddies as a kid.
  5. This should be the file name traffic030528.bgl. Rename the file traffic030528.xxx and that will eliminate default traffic shown.
  6. in the early 2000's UPS Flew a 747 between EWR and PHL
  7. I hope you’re right and agree with you regarding virtual meetings. They are one dimensional. What I’m seeing especially with private equity owned companies is a shift to staying with virtual meetings and not having the travel expenditures. I’m arguing that face to face relationships have a better ROI. We shall see and I hope you’re right.
  8. Check your local pilot shops around airports. I live in Florida. Banyan carries a ton of sim related stuff. Gulf Coast Avionics is where I bought my Honeycomb Alpha. Both are pilot shops on airports.
  9. I agree with you. It may never reach back to pre COVID operations. I have been a business traveler for years. Weekly on an aircraft. The last 6 months, I’m working from home using different technologies. Our customers have been doing the same. Companies are evaluating this as the norm going forward in business to reduce travel expenses. Business travelers were the majority of airline revenue.
  10. Add a third to Samsung. Have 3 in my home office for work and one dedicated just for FS. LG is pretty good too. Have 75” one in our family room that was very reasonable a couple years ago on Black Friday.
  11. Private sale on our neighborhood marketplace. There is also Saitek Cessna yoke, Cessna pedals, Cessna trim wheel. Cessna throttle. Regular saitek throttles. Every Saitek panel add on for $550. Barely even touched on that one.
  12. Yes, been using a 1070. I bought MSFS. I still really use fs9. I bought a 2080ti 11gb still in box last week for $200. Sold my 1070 for $150. MSFS GPU usage and memory usage dropped way down. My old 1070 was the bottleneck. I'm running ultra with no problem. So now I'm going back to FS9 until MSFS gets the bugs worked out and start seeing good 3rd party ATC, AI traffic with realistic aircraft and liveries, Add on aircraft and scenery. I don't play any other games than FS.
  13. I went from a 1070 8gb to a 2080ti 11gb this week. Got the 2080ti for $200 never used. 11GB is working just fine. Watched a review on the 3080 using MSFS. Only a 10 fps increase over the 2080ti. No image quality difference at same settings.
  14. What's sad is a 10 fps average increase in frames over the 2080Ti I upgraded from a 1070 this week and paid $200 for 2080Ti 11gb never used.
  15. My HOA would go Ape s###. So, yes I'm in 😁
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