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  1. Camsdad13

    Cockpit PHD

    Awesome, Thanks. They were a little cheaper than going through vendors. I noticed the products are drop shipped anyhow from Cockpit PHD through vendors.
  2. Camsdad13

    Cockpit PHD

    Hello, has anyone here ordered from Cockpit PHD before? I ordered last week and sent an email asking where the products shipped from and a lead time. Never received a reply. When I ordered it said I’d receive a confirmation and order tracking. Never received it. The only thing I received was a confirmation from Pay Pal regarding payment. It seem as if you hear more in more in this hobby of companies going out of business. I have Go Flight components, go on their website they are sold out of about everything. It’s been that way for quite sometime. The vendors they sell thru also have the same problems. Hopefully it’s just communication error.
  3. Thank you for your input as always Ray.
  4. Hi Ray, Thanks for the updates. Since you have seen the yoke at shows, what is the cord from the yoke to the base for? Seems strange not to have it routed inside the yoke to the base. Did you try the yoke? Does the cord get in the way? I appreciate your replies, Jeff
  5. Camsdad13

    PF3 ATC - Is it worth it?

    Still find voices very robotic. RC, hit control K and all coms handled without having to dial in initial freq like in PF. I’ve been using it since fs2000 when Aeti made it, then went to Proflight Emulator, then went to PF3. Found it too finicky where keystrokes stopped working. Hold short and never receive TO clearance. Keystrokes won’t even respond to request clearance while holding short. Handed off to departure to to fly heading. Then told I’m x miles off airway. It offers more than RC but also has more problems. Its personal preference like I said both have pros and cons
  6. Camsdad13

    Pizza for US ATC

    That is awesome of our family to the north. Canadians are pure class.
  7. Camsdad13

    Saitek Throttle Quadrant

    Wouldn't a PS2 to USB adapter work?
  8. Camsdad13

    PF3 ATC - Is it worth it?

    I have both PF3 and radar contact. I use Radar Contact much more with the Meatwater pack. Both have Pro's and cons. The taxi function in PF3 is great. The options and customizations are great. The amount of voice accents for global regions is nice. The cons with PF3 are the voice sets are robotic sounding with incorrect pronunciations from different voice sets. For instance Allegiant is pronounced Ally Giant. PF3 requires more interaction and flight preparation. So unless you have a copilot, be prepared for more workload. Radar Contact is now free. I wish more vendors that discontinue FS9 products offered this. Thank you John and Doug for doing that. Everything is much easier with RC. set your options and go. You can hit Control k and the co pilot handles everything while you just fly. The Meatwater pack provides realistic voice sets. you still have occasional mis pronunciations like in PF3. An example is Chautauqua. It pronounced in some voice sets as Shiteekkwa. Both provide AI interaction. PF3 will only interact with AI aircraft where RC will interact with AI and provide ATC fill to provide a higher level of immersion. Both do not have updated callsigns. RC does have a number of callsigns where PF3 tends to give more phonetic alphabet for a number of airline callsigns. Bottom line is both work great. it depends on what pros and cons you are looking for and can deal with.
  9. I have a feeling as well on Go Flight possibly shutting their doors. The quality isn't the same anymore. My TQ6 broke after very little use within a year. I did not get a response from the support ticket. I emailed them and did get a response of they did not have replacement parts in stock. I would have to purchase the replacement parts. They did not know when they would have the replacement parts to ship. Luckily another vendor had the "tuneup" kit available that I had to have shipped in from Europe to the USA. Go Flight also had a sale on multiple items which appears as inventory closeout. There is a post here in the classified section where I pointed out Go flight was selling new units considerably less than the individual was selling his used items for. I'm pretty disappointed in Go Flight. I was ready to purchase their Airliner Pilot System but decided not to because of the appearance of them shutting the doors.
  10. Camsdad13

    FlightSimExpo 2019 Orlando Registration Opens

    Probably no free parking. Most of the Orlando Hotels charge to park.
  11. Camsdad13

    finding the complete kneeboard .

    Following. I've had the same issues since switching to Windows 10 a couple years ago.
  12. Camsdad13

    FlightSimExpo 2019 Orlando Registration Opens

    If I'm home, I'll be going. I live an hour from Orlando. Looks interesting.
  13. Camsdad13

    Pete Dowson announces he will retire on reaching age 75

    Well deserved Pete. If there is one person who made the most impact on our hobby, it is Pete. Both Hardware and software development in our hobby could not be where it is without Pete Dowson. Thanks Pete for your work.
  14. Camsdad13

    A New Long Haul 787 Flight: Auckland to Chicago

    You are right one mans first is another’s business. In my case, I was with my wife so United’s 787 was awesome. If it was me alone on business I’d like AIr New Zealand’s layout
  15. Camsdad13

    A New Long Haul 787 Flight: Auckland to Chicago

    My wife and I flew a 787 on United last year in first class. It was the most comfortable flight we’ve ever been on. Flying back on a 777 in first class was not nearly as nice as the 787. I will say the upper decks on the UPS 747-8f’s are nice but again, nothing like first class on the 787.