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  1. Chris, this video and your others are very well done. thank you for sharing.
  2. Our Amazon orders shipped out of the same location and same time it looks like. New Egg hasn’t shipped the quadrant yet. I’m opening up the yoke and throttle from Microcenter as we speak.
  3. Mine will be delivered tomorrow. Crazy how you can order from Dell or Amazon months ago with a promised ship date. Then their ship dates are pushed out a month or two later. Micro center who is a small retailer in the scope of Dell and Amazon has product. Ordered Monday Shipped Tuesday and is sitting in the FDX Ground DC an hour from my home this minute for tomorrow delivery. Great job Micro Center. I have a second quadrant that is ordered through New Egg in Nov. They said in stock but that order still (preparing). No communication from New Egg when it will even ship now.
  4. Mitch, thank you. Your sceneries are awesome. Weren’t you doing KABQ at one point?
  5. I went on Microcenter’s website. They showed in stock for shippable items yesterday. Got an email that it shipped today and will be here Friday. I canceled my Dell order for it today. Their ship date changed twice and it’s into February. I still have my Amazon order that’s showing to arrive between Jan 19th-25th now. Should I keep the order and sell it or just cancel it? If I keep the order to sell. It would be for my expenses and product only. Price of yoke, freight to me. Tax I paid and freight to who buys it.
  6. I ordered off Dell with a 12/23 release date advertised. Last week they extended that to 1/7 release. I ordered off Amazon and they are saying it’s supposed to arrive by 1/5 at my house. Should I cancel one? Return one or sell it for what I paid for it?
  7. Thank you. I’ve been hoping you would release it. Merry Christmas.
  8. I'll believe it when I see it. Go Flight stuck me with a bad 737 yoke. Multiple times they said they would help fix it. They never did and ghosted me. I would never recommend Go-Flight.
  9. This yoke looks pretty good. It says it’s metal. I preordered from Dell. They have free expedited delivery and allocation for 12/23/21 shipping. Amazon and others are showing sold out.
  10. Agreed. There are so many ways to obtain college without financial debt. It’s available for anybody to EARN.
  11. I normally read past your long winded rants. My father is a disabled Vietnam vet. He was the oldest of 7 kids living in a 2 bedroom home. He still could have went to college but chose to do his duty. His college was paid for by the US Govt.
  12. My Dad is disabled from the Vietnam War. He’s not homeless. He has food. He has great medical care. He has a caregiver paid for by the Govt. Tell me something, if large corporations (billionaires) pay higher taxes, do they pass them off in increased costs on products that they provide us? Have you seen the rate of inflation this year?
  13. Non sure how a topic of free college turned into the USDOD budget and hunger. I can personally say if the USDOD didn’t exist that there would be many places on the planet hungry (natural disasters, wars, humanitarian missions). Back too free college, did anybody here go to public schools growing up? They were not free. Tax dollars go towards paying those schools. Free college, tax dollars would be paying for it. Going back to nothing in this world is free.
  14. Thank you Noel. He did all the heavy lifting. I just gave him the roadmap to get there. Our children are the only legacy that’s going to matter in our lives.
  15. I could never understand why people are worried about changing things with freeware? If everybody felt that way, we’d have a very limited amount of repaints, scenery and such. I don’t think a publisher will pick it up for payware. FS9 is nearly 2 decades old. The money is in the newer sims.
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