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  1. Wow! Thank you much. Will check it out. Mitch
  2. Thank you both for your responses. Chris, I checked the scenery folder and there is no mention of any _exclude files as you indicated. I have not had a chance to disable autogen yet as you suggest. But for the life of me, why would anyone go to the trouble of designing airports like these and omit autogen? These are very decent airports in this package. Without autogen it would be a very flat world out there. Mitch
  3. Hi all, I've been working on re-doing Mach-1's KRNO and decided to take a break and do some flying in the sim. I flew from KBOI (Boise) to KBIL (Billings). Both airports are very well done by freeware authors. However, KBIL, which is part of the freeware scenery release "Montana Unleashed", has me baffled. Upon landing, there were trees everywhere. Next to the runways, along every taxiway, etc. etc. So many that I could not see the terminals. Afterwhich, I chose each airport in the "Montana Unleased" and found the same thing. TREES EVERYWHERE. And mind you, these are very well done airports by the author. Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on? I've researched that airports may need flatten switches and and noticed in the "Montana Unleashed" scenery directory there exists such files. But everyone of these airports are the same as it relates to TREES. Thank you, Mitch
  4. Morning Ed, Did a flight down to KLAS last evening. Still no instrument signals (GS, Loc) and still double jetways (only) at new concourse. Mitch
  5. Thank you Ed. Here is my latest scenery.cfg file after your recommended fixes. Michael
  6. Not 100% sure of that but yes sir I fixed it the following day. I will continue to experiment. Michael
  7. Yea unfortunately I wish I had known this back then because I was saving the changes through FSPS. Now what to do..... Michael
  8. Ed, Thank you for that well written reply. Two things jump out right away that are of concern. 1. AES specifically advises that it should be the very top scenery layer while you advise it should be last. 2. Oh dear. Yes I was using FSPanel Studio. In fact I was using it exclusively in positioning the HUD you and I were working on. Ironic eh? This is exactly when things started acting up causing me to have to reinstall LevelD. What had happened was certain runways had disappeared within the CDU database as well as stars & sids. I assumed something got screwed up in LevelD hence the reinstall. Reinstall fixed nothing. Here is example of what I was experiencing. At David and I's KJAX we had upgraded the runway numbering to reflect the current mag heading for runway 7/25 - changed to current 8/26. Worked perfectly up until time mentioned above. Certain sids were gone. Selecting runway 08 no longer drew the runway line on the EHSI. Nor was there any ILS information or signal to tune. However it showed the old 7/25 in the CDU. Have had this happen at many other places such as most recently at KLAS. This very much sounds like the aftermath of using Panel Studio. What to do now....... Some things I've done more recently. Ran makerunway program. Current navigraph subscription updates. I will address the scenery.cfg entries as you suggest. Other than that???? Michael
  9. Hey guys, I moved FSDT KLAS to the top of my scenery as Trioer suggested. Didn't change anything. Still have AES jetways overlapping Terminal 3 (only) jetways. A couple of things I've noticed................ First and foremost I should explain that these issues, related or not, all manifested themselves after doing a re-install of LevelD-767 a few months back. Prior to that none of these problems existed best to my recollection. 1. Several of my airports now, freeware as well as payware, some of the runways in my CDU are no longer available. Makes no sense. I've always used Navigraph to update my databases monthly or when able. Here is an example..... So tonight I did a flight from KSLC to the FSDT KLAS. During flight I chose in the CDU arrival page Runway 26L. Now mind you, my CDU gave me the option to also choose Runway 25L. It should not have. 25L is what was released with the original FSDT scenery. But when the 3rd party Terminal 3 was released, the author, or someone else, updated the runways to show the new mag assignment at KLAS to 26L. Again, this worked before I re-installed Level-D. Ughhhh. 2. Another anomoly. First, I'm not sure how to interpret the main scenery.cfg file located in the FS9 main directory. But opening it and reviewing it leaves me baffled. The numbers do not correlate with what I see when I open the scenery settings within the FS9 program. For example, when I start FS9, and hit "escape and end flight" I go into my scenery settings. Once there, I witness my three top listings now, after Trioer's advice to move FSDT to the top are: 1-FSDT KLAS, 2-AES Basepack, 3-Magdec and so on. But looking at my Scenery.cfg file leaves me perplexed. Does'nt seem the same. 3. Same issue.... At my & David Rollins KJAX scenery we did for FS9. No longer do I have localizer or glide slope availability after choosing a runway. Same at KLAS and certain other airports. I'm at a loss, Mitch
  10. Greg, Great to hear from you! How are you doing? Thank you so much for responding. Yea its kind of weird. This issue only happens at Terminal 3 - the 3rd party addon. It worked flawlessly for the longest time which makes me think I created the issue, some way, some how, by installing a scenery completely irrelevant to this scenery. Anyway, what happens is AES drops its jetway overlapping the ones pre-built into Terminal 3. Again, it only happens at Terminal 3 and no where else in the scenery. Honestly, I can live with it. I was just hoping someone could "kick me in the head" and advise why "whatever I did" is the cause for this. Thanks again for the reply, Mitch
  11. Trioer, I will certainly try this. Thanks a bunch! Mitch
  12. Yea I read your reply before you deleted it. Glad you re-read my comment becuase I made it quite clear it was a 3rd party addon adding Terminal 3. And yes it worked wonderfully before something changed. Perhaps something I did that caused it to change. So no, I have no interest in contacting FSDT for help. But thanks for playing. Mitch
  13. Some years ago, I added the 3rd party update to FSDreamteam's KLAS which updated the airport to include Terminal 3. It worked for quite a long time. But last night I flew into KLAS and taxi'd to Terminal 3 to find double jetways. Yes I have AES for this airport and yes the jetway responded accordingly. I should mention the original Terminals did not have doubles as I witnessed taxiing past them. I also noticed flying into 01L I had no localizer or glideslope. Any help appreciated. Mitch
  14. FSXAIBUREAU? So these base models work flawlessly in FS9? So what do I do? Download these base models and put them into my FS9/Aircrafts folder? Then copy all the Amazon repaints into these folders? Very confusing. Also, last night when I started downloading the repaints I noticed many listed in "Repaints.txt" file were mentioned 3-4 times meaning I downloaded the same repaint over and over. Additionally, I noticed some of the repaints had mention of P3D in their file description. Hey listen. If this is too overwhelming then no problem. I can do without. Appreciate all the help you've provided up to this point. Thank you. Mitch
  15. Trioer, I finally got in to Alpha India. In the process of downloading repaints, etc. Where do I find the base model for all these various repaints? For example, I downloaded Amazon Prime Air from the link you provided on Alpha India page. Once downloaded, I see all the repaints & links to those repaints. But I assume there is a base model needed for these repaints? And I assume all those repaints will go into this base model folder yes??? If so, where to get base model? Maybe we use this Amazon Air as a learning process and hopefully I can tackle the rest later. Mitch
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