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  1. Which in it of itself is a boo-hoo for developers (freeware mainly) or payware, releasing products that overwrite textures needed elsewhere. I'm sure there are others that may chime in about a particular update to I believe was FSDT's McCarran. This add-on, if I recall correctly, added a new area of KLAS. It ended up overwriting textures down at T2G Orlando's MCO rendering it "ugly" to say the least. That one bothered me greatly until my friend, and co-developer of our KJAX2019, David Rawlins, advised me that this update to KLAS overwrote textures needed for the T2G Orlando scenery. Basically this overwrite caused all the trees coming into T2G Orlando's MCO to disappear leaving a blank area abroad. Mitch
  2. I hear you. This is the kind of crud that leads to piracy. Imagine Simulation is the same way. Simply make your legacy products "free" or offer at a "reduced price". Either way, you can still find those legacy items by means of the inappropriate way. Its there. Just Google. Which is how I came to know by Googling for several legacy airports which I wished to buy. Obviously I didn't take the bait from the other sites for legal reasons, and just as importantly, introduced viruses. But again, it makes absolutely no sense (to me) why these developers would eliminate, rather than offer at a reduced price. If someone has an explanation to this behavior I would love to hear. Michael
  3. Time to update the Commodore 64 perhaps? 😃 Mitch
  4. Honestly? Its not all that. Lots of textures miss-matched, wrongly numbered, not reminiscent to US cities. etc. etc. Basically its a package containing a mush of textures that do not adhere to the SDK regarding number of textures required and so on. Do not get me wrong. The author meant very well. He did! I even tried them. Even promoted them here in my banner. But then quickly realized its not even close to what I see when I fly. And I fly often - US. If I were you, I would download TOGA's free download for FS9. Then download Pablo's cloud textures. Mitch
  5. Ed, Thumbs up! Your knowledge in our hobby is second to none. 👍 Mitch
  6. I think, but I may be wrong, that the 92.a fix cuts the cumulus down to 60. Spratty? This is up your alley.
  7. Hi everyone, Just wanted to let all FS9'ers we are still forging ahead with KABQ as promised. First, I hope everyone is safe and healthy. For those who may be affected, we pray for you. We are one huge flight simulation family. David and I made some big progress over the weekend. I just wanted to share with you all where we are 03-22-2020. Mitch
  8. Thank you Max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙈🙉🙊
  9. Ok sorry. I don't think I can help you then. My opinion is Pablo's work is fantastic. Mitch
  10. Fellow FS9'ers, Received a great email from my modeler David today. First let me remind you that KJAX2019 Edition would never have been possible without David. I'm merely a texture freak so to speak. So David emails me today and indicates he has taken the "wrecking ball" to 1/2 of the original KABQ scenery as things just were not meshing up for us. Buildings improperly sized, etc. In addition, way too many buildings using the same textures. Repetitive texturing really diminishes the overall belief that your actually at the airport. I'm confident you all know what I mean. And please understand this is in no way a slap in the face to the original authors. For God's sake many of the tools we're using today were not available back when these original packages were released. Those who came before us were the pioneers and I for one am very thankful for they're contributions. They laid the ground work. That said, I am posting a couple of update screenies which will give you an idea where we are heading with this. This perhaps may surpass the quality of our KJAX2019 Edition scenery. The original KABQ package used merely a couple of textures to repeatedly cover the entire airport. We are mapping the entire airport in effect so everything is different. In addition to that, David is adding all of the "2nd" level structures which were never present in the original release. All of the rooftops are individually mapped permitting realistic texturing. We have even added the solar panels (3D) found above the parking garage as well as the roadways leading to the airport. And yes, the entry concourse will be textures as well. I'm very excited that David has come on board and I promise I will keep everyone in the loop as this project continues. Wrecking Ball Arrives Reconstruction Begins Mitch
  11. >>> Stratus are very poor! AndreasAgios <<< That's your opinion. Please try hdev2 clouds. If those appear "poor" to you, then I bet you've never been close to an airplane; let alone been in it. Give it a shot. Many of us in the FS9 world, simmers, real world pilots, love PABLO DIAZ's work. Mitch
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