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  1. PebbleBeach

    PROBLEM - Freeflow Florida

    Many thanks!!!
  2. PebbleBeach

    PROBLEM - Freeflow Florida

    Thats a good question. 🤗 (Special version)
  3. PebbleBeach

    PROBLEM - Freeflow Florida

    CmpbelSLC, many thanks. I’ll check that. I’m always confused though what is above what. When I go into FS9 and then scenery library, is the very first entry considered at the very top??? In my case it is AES. And no, I didn’t mean UTUsa clouds. 😀
  4. Hi all, I've searched hi and low including Google and Freeflow's forum and cannot find a resolution. I love Freeflow Florida scenery for FS9 but I have a weird problem. I have duplicate roads everywhere. More to the point: Everywhere I look I have UTUsa clouds in tandem with the Freeflow roads. Does anyone, anyone, have an answer to this??? Many thanks, Mitch
  5. PebbleBeach

    Internal Variables

  6. PebbleBeach

    Internal Variables

    Re: FS9/FS2004 Legacy WX500 Radar Gauge Hello, I have constructed a panel to interface with our Boeing 757 flight simulator. The panel will allow us to use your FS9 (Legacy) Wx500 radar panel in our sim. (Image below of panel) The issue I am having is the INI file you provided permits keystrokes to reference your mouse clicks. That is a problem as we are using actual rotary switches to move between the various positions such as "OFF", "STANDBY", "TEST" and "ON". You only provide two selections which allow for increasing or decreasing selection. My question is: Can you provide me the internal variables (SDK) which will allow me to program each switch position in EPIC? Our main simulation program is the LevelD 767 which provides internal variables which we use in coding their individual switch positions/conditions. Image: Respectfully, Mitch
  7. PebbleBeach

    LevelD 767 and Gear Disagree

    Do a search regarding LevelD-767 using the RealityXP WX500. Everyone is getting a "GEAR DISAGREE" message in the EICAS. Example 1: Example 2: Example 3: And many more............. Mitch
  8. PebbleBeach

    Volumic clouds in fs9

    #Metoo 😀
  9. PebbleBeach

    Weather Radar Gauge

    Darn you Sascha, I bit the bullet and bought the WX500 as you referenced. Now I get a "GEAR DISAGREE" message on the EICAS of my Boeing 757 flight simulator (LevelD). Research indicates pretty much everyone who integrated this gauge into LevelD has experienced this with no solutions. I posted an inquiry in the Reality XP forum here at Avsim but I'm not holding my breath....... Mitch
  10. PebbleBeach

    LevelD 767 and Gear Disagree

    Do you have any plans to fix this? There are countless comments on many sites by folks indicating they never experienced this EICAS message in LevelD until installing WX500. Well you can add me to the list. It is obviously a bug in the Reality XP software. Again do you intend to fix this? If not, it would be fair to post on your website that the WX500 software is "incompatible" with the LevelD 767 software. Respectfully, Mitch
  11. PebbleBeach

    Weather Radar Gauge

    Thank you all.
  12. PebbleBeach

    Weather Radar Gauge

    Is there, or is there not, a FS9 weather radar gauge that works realistically??? (PS: I use ASE) Many thanks in advance, Mitch
  13. PebbleBeach

    A Sad Farewell

    Yea, I dont understand his needing to go to another sim either. Always, always, make a mirror image. The cost of external HD's is so low now days its a must. Mitch
  14. PebbleBeach

    Major texture issue!

    Skywatcher, I tend to use 60nm for daytime flying including dusk and dawn. However, at night time, i set it to 80nm as the lights really "pop". Lowering this setting at night makes the lights very subdue. Mitch
  15. PebbleBeach

    Major texture issue!

    First it appears you have unlimited visibility selected. Reduce it to 60nm or so and report back to us. Mitch