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  1. HiFi went into the tank after Chris left! My opinion.
  2. Run Radar Contact on a WideFS setup and you can absolutely do it. Extremely easy. Mitch
  3. Ray, Many thanks for this explanatory response. I misunderstood what the entire procedure was intended to do. I now have a better understanding of what the procedure (menu choice) was intended to accomplish after having read yours and Constvoid's explanations. Thank you gentlemen! Mitch
  4. Constvoid, Thanks for the reply. I’ve been a pilot since early 90’s so I’m all to familiar with FAA procedures etc. As far as RC is concerned, perhaps I misunderstood what the “No Dep Procedure” was about. All my flight plans I use I create in FS Commander as 90% of my sim flights I prefer to use real world SIDS & Stars. In fact, our motion simulator we update the database monthly using Navigraph. But I was under the assumption that using the “No Dep Procedure” would allow me to stray so long as I was within 30 miles of the airport. Obviously I was wrong. At any rate, the selection is always greyed out so it’s kind of mute. Real world ops often have controllers providing shortcuts on the SID whereas you might skip one or two and be vectored to the third. That’s the reason I was hoping to use this procedure. But again my understanding of this procedure was misinterpreted. Thank you for the reply. Mitch
  5. No one else has experienced this? Mitch
  6. Been using RC off and on since it’s inception. Been wanting to try this “No Dep Procedure” tab. Problem is I load my flight plan and then click on the “Controller Info” tab. Bottom hand left corner always shows the “Departures Procedure” box with “Alt Restrictions” auto selected. The only choice I ever have to select is “ No Alt Restrictions” as “No Dep Procedures” and “No Speed Restrict” is always greyed out. No matter what I do, “No Dep Procedures” and “No Speed Restrict” remain greyed out with no chance to select them. What gives? Mitch
  7. They've flooded the website with way too many advertisements.
  8. Oh my God...... Love Avsim & Flightsim. They both have their pro's and con's. But I think Flightsim got hacked. Completely new web structure which in "my opinion" is horrible. I could not even search their download sections. A complete and utter mess of a site Mitch
  9. That's awesome! Have a good night sir. ❤️
  10. >>>I hadn't got involved with this before because I really don't see the point in trying to make FSX stuff work with FS9<<< -John Hinson With all due respect John, I disagree. I understand clearly why FS9'ers would want to use FSX stuff. For example, A.I. aircraft. Many of the newer aircraft models, i.e. Airbus A-350, were never developed for FS9. Many others as well. Several of us like porting these aircraft over to our AI traffic files within FS9. Furthermore, I have come to learn how to convert FSX airport scenery for use in FS9. And my findings are these FSX airports, while much more rich in detail than FS9 airports, provide better frame rates as well for whatever reason. I liken this somewhat to FS9 European airport designers. In my opinion, their airport sceneries far exceed those developed by American designers. For one example, and there are many others, lets take Imaginesim's FS9 KATL airport. And let's compare that to Aerosoft's EDDF 2008. The EDDF airport is crystal smooth (frame rates) and far exceeds the latest Imaginesim ATL release in detail and environment. ATL on the otherhand, far less dense and I exhibit micro stutters. Additionally, many of us use Airport Enhancement Services (AES). In almost all the European sceneries I have, the ground support trucks & equipment stop as you are pulling your aircraft into the parking spot. Not one American designed airport does this. The vehicles will race you to the parking spot and crash into you. 😄 Not trying to pick a fight. Just my observations. Respectfully, Michael
  11. Confused yet? Me too. Sounds like no one in here really knows how to do it. Mitch
  12. Thinking of you tonight Tom. Thanks again for everything you did for us. I pray that you and David are enjoying a great evening in Heaven. God Bless. ❤️
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