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  1. Hopefully they'll start work on a Kodiak 900 next!
  2. Thanks so much for the replies and encouragement! I would be very appreciative of feedback. I have one response at the ".to" from someone who says the buildings and hangars arent showing up, although there are over 90 downloads so far. I always have a friend or two beta test my stuff before I upload, but I didn't do so this one time around since everything looked so straightforward and I ensured that I only used stock assets that everyone should have. Hoping Murphy won't bite me for being overconfident. All the real work was in setting up a replacement airport, taxiway paths, aprons, exclusions, runway and taxi signs etc.
  3. (Sorry about the hype, I just promised myself I would do that if I ever learned how to make an airport with the SDK, and here's my first one) 😁 At long last, when you groovy hep-cats find yourself looking for a swank place to land and gas up when in Northern California, you now have the option of enjoying buildings and more-or-less accurate hangar layouts instead of an empty expanse of concrete and asphalt at the famous O16 Garberville Airport. It's located, oh, about 12-15 miles or so inland of Shelter Cove as the crow flies. Situated on the winding banks of the south fork Eel River, it provides a challenging approach amid hilly and mountainous terrain. I've been toying with the SKD off and on for a few weeks and things finally started clicking in the last week or so. I'm looking forward to doing more airports and getting into Blender to make some custom objects for importing into some of my personal favorite airfields, and giving something back to the community. Enjoy! https://flightsim.to/file/41009/garberville-airport-o16
  4. Take the kid for a drive in the car and have him roll down the window and stick his hand in the airstream, then experiment with what angles and speeds work to make his hand "fly" as opposed to being blown backwards or dropping. When the car is moving too slow the air won't keep his hand up. Too much angle and his hand will be blown backward instead of flying. Both are examples of different kind of stalls. That's the way I think we figured it out as kids in the days when our parents let us stick our hand out the window. It enough of an understanding until he gets into the finer details and understanding Flight Levels etc...
  5. Hey man, like is there any truth to this rumor about some kind of update comin' out? Just wondering if I should hang around for it this weekend or not. I had tickets to see Joplin and Hendrix at The Fillmore but heard they might have cancelled...
  6. Heck Yeah! This is what I've been sayin'' for two years now!!!!!! With the reality that we're not ever going to see a RealAir version ever again, it now comes down to who else can give this great aircraft and it's siblings, the Citabria and Decathlon, some real justice. SWS comes first to mind but there are other developers on the scene who might be less prone to give it the glass cockpit treatment. Steam gauges are preferred, thank you.
  7. The FaceTrackNoIR application recognizes Tobii inputs and converts to TrackIR output, thus allowing you to use Tobii with IL-2. I use it with IL-2 as a perfect compliment to my VR setup (VR is definitely great in IL2 and I just experienced the rear gunner position in the new ME-410 today, wow what a work of art!).
  8. You can look all around. The sensitivity can be adjusted so that you can look all the way back at the tail of the aircraft to "check six" or confirm the runway is behind you where you want it before turning base, etc...
  9. Congrats. Think you'll enjoy it. I essentially disable the eye tracking since the head tracking is good enough and makes for a more seamless transition from TIR..
  10. There is also the enable/disable head tracking command in MFS (not sure if this is what you meant by turning on/off TrackIR), did you try that? I dont know the default key command. I ran into a situation early on where I had to uninstall/reinstall the tobii experience software to get it working again. The symptom was that the red infrared lights on the tobii werent coming on.
  11. I am starting to suspect that you cannot really make money with these apps and MSFS. After over a year with NeoFly and a supposed $16M profit I still have to work my regular job to make ends meet.
  12. I would like to see a Carenado Beech D18S that can be trimmed to fly hands off reasonably straight and level for more than a few minutes like any normal aircraft without slowly pitching up farther and farther into a very high AOA and deep stall or pitching down more and more until it just lawn darts into the ground. I can get the Boeing 247 to track perfectly hands off no autopilot long enough to take the trash out or do other bidding as demanded by my domestic overlord but flying the '18 is an exercise in constantly chasing some Twilight Zone airplane gremlin having his way defiling the elevator trim control cables.
  13. Thanks. Just knowing now what the acronym stands for makes clear that it is not fluffy in the least.
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