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  1. Do you mean we'll see a patch in the next 10 days, or you'll take a wild guess in the next 10 days? (with apologies to Leslie Nielsen)
  2. Rob, I'm not sure if this helps but are you saving with the mipmaps option enabled? Martin Wright's DXTBMP, although a trusty tool for many years, is getting a little long in the tooth these days and for $10 you might also want to try paint.net from the Microsoft store - it can save DDS files in the usual formats and with/without mipmaps, with the added benefit of being a graphic editor with layer support. Saves the time of converting through DXTBMP. As a guess and to answer your other question I believe you may not need the alpha layer.
  3. Yeah I've seen that. Seems to have started with the last patch. I like the sim and have been one of those who take things in great stride with every hope for a promising future, but... this is something I cannot help but have a personal rant about. Practically everything about the flight planning section, including saving and loading flights, seems to have been done as an afterthought or maybe by an intern developer that no one cared to mentor or befriend or even go to lunch with during the workday in order to share simple software design concepts with. It functions normally for setting a departure and destination point, with default options, and that's where it ends. If you add a few waypoints, they sooner or later get added in bizarre orders that have you completing the flight then flying back to a waypoint halfway along the trip. If you save a flight or flight plan intending to fly it later, details such as your starting position and aircraft settings are not saved so you have to set them again when you load the flight or plan. If you modify the starting point such as the parking spot you start from, any waypoints you've defined on the way to the destination are wiped out, and since the starting point details are not saved as part of the plan (.pln) or flight (.flt) file, this means that every time you load a saved flight or plan it wants to start from the runway again, so you end up changing that to a parking spot on the ramp, and of course then your waypoints get erased for no reason, so you then have to re-enter all the waypoints once again in order to rebuild the flight path hopefully in the same order you wanted in the first place, and then go fly it NOW without saving because saving it is painfully counterproductive.. making the entire save/load feature even worse than just worthless, which is really an accomplishment in itself, since it's just a guaranteed source of extra/duplicate work and frustration on the part of the user... which is exactly the thing that even the most rudimentary computer programs are supposed to avoid doing. Whoever implemented and signed off on this section of the UI really needs to have their head examined, then do everyone a favor and get out of the software business and go beg for work at a roadside vegetable stand as a deputy assistant insect and maggot control specialist, because they surely have no interest or skill in spotting software bugs. In my opinion.
  4. The mighty American Champion Scout offers a float option...just sayin'...
  5. They're hanging out in the same hedge as the guys who claimed that users of the Steam version wouldn't be able to install addons from the in-game Marketplace, and they'd have to wait longer to get the same DLC available through Steam.
  6. Never underestimate the importance that memory speed plays. It's not all about CPU and GPU. If data isn't moving fast enough, stutters and FPS issues also occur.
  7. I'm no expert but I'd say it's Dunning-Kruger effect in full swing.
  8. The only problem with getting the spoilers/speedbrakes working is sitting there on the ramp for 20 minutes just looking at the wing and watching them extend and retract with the cool scissor motion that they have. It's kinda mesmerizing, at least for us folks who don't get out much.
  9. Just had another great flight going from KFOT to (almost) KCEC. Avionics were well-behaved and the AP tracked the GPS course perfectly thanks to some of the advice from the experts here. I like the Altitude preselect feature with the FD, easy-peasy. Stopped for touch-goes along the way at Eureka airport, which coincidentally is right next to Samoa drag strip (the drag strip uses an old runway of the airport) and couldn't resist making a pass down the quarter mile prior to entering the pattern. Then further North for a touch-n-go at Humbolt County Airport and then off the Crescent City KCEC. Everything was going so seamlessly and she was purring right along at 22 inches and 2200 RPM cruising past the Klamath River outlet, I decided to take a look around on the inside and went back to the passenger seats, and spotted what looks like some stains and fading on the leather upholstery. On the headrests of all things. Need to have it detailed when I get to KCEC, hopefully the detailer will be discreet. Unfortunately after jumping back in the pilot's seat I got a little curious about more features and thought I'd play with the little window there by the pilot. Just after unlatching it the screen went black and I got the dreaded message that I'd overstressed the aircraft. So, kids, please learn from my mistake and be sure to keep your fingers and toes and any other extremities inside the aircraft at all times.
  10. A smart guy once told me "A good deal is a state of mind". This is entertainment software. People don't buy it because it succcesfully passes cost/benefit analysis. As a case in point, hard pass for me.
  11. Why, kinda maybe. It's more of a warts-only rant mostly about how it couldn't be any good because it's one of the few third party aircraft released up until now. Doesn't cite any reasons for the disparaging comments other than referencing the presence of an FM, AP and Garmin in the same half of a sentence. The rest is diatribe about the company's (assumed) business model and motives, really. As a real actual user myself I agree it is not perfect but I do find balance from the positive aspects such as performance numbers being pretty much on point, good sounds (love the exhaust burble at idle on the ground) and an attractive cockpit with steam gauges. If the other things I like about it - the speed, instrument layout, exterior looks and features such as a speed brake - are items that Mooney should get credit for instead of Carenado, it doesn't mean I'm not happy to have them in this sim. I get the totally altruistic approach that we as a collective group of niche consumers should do our part to demonstrate our expectations for quality and price performance, but not necessarily at the cost of scaring away potential vendors by demonstrating pure negativism lol.
  12. No tugs, marshallers or anyone else hanging around the plane when you start on the ramp. All is cool.
  13. Well maybe sorry to say but I have had a great couple of flights in it so far around O28 and then up to KFOT and despite the rough edges with trim I LIKE IT. But the avionics did not flake out on me and I did not have the AP set correctly to use GPS so didn't experience the drunken 20-degree swaying. But I do like how effective the spoiler/speedbrakes are and how they pop up out of the wing the same way they did on the RealAir Lancair. It's a sin to mention the two planes in the same breath I know but this is a nice little speedy hotrod along that same sense, at least for now. And my taste is biased since I have always had a love affair with how Mooneys look. So it will most certainly do. I am a Steam user but no joy on finding the aircraft.cfg file - it certainly isn't in F:\AppData\{username}\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Official\Steam\carenado-aircraft-m20r-ovation\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado_M20R_Ovation as expected, although most of the rest of the expected files are there.
  14. I am going to print, frame this and hang it by my PC! I am in a somewhat similar situation. Will turn 60 in a few months and have been an airplane junkie my while life. Took flight lessons as a young man starting when I was 13 and then off an on as the years went by and money allowed, but life, love and family in that order put the keibash on an aviation license or career. Now that I'm older and can afford it, it doesn't make sense to pursue real world flying from a fiscal or physical perspective. But man am I having a fantastic time with this sim relieving memories of old flights and seeing old stomping grounds that never was possible with anything before it, and I truly have tried them all. Great post.
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