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  1. On that note - if continuing this slightly off-topic segment is OK - I'd like to thank you both for all the above posts, which gave me a pretty good idea of my own Norway tour. I just landed in ENBO Bodø - pretty much a straight shot from Iceland - in the Lear 35 and I'm ready to swap back into the Duke to enjoy cruising around. Here's what I picked up on from your suggestions:
  2. Some helicopter devs are waiting on Asobo to bake in autopilot support to MSFS, so for now the only help's with an A/P option would be the Hype Performance Group H145 and H160. The H145 is a big brother to the E1C130 so you may like it as well. Thanks for the review, Ryan. I am tempted, and when I'm done having a blast with the (free!) jXt Simulations Bell 429 and the (also free!!) SimFocus Improvement Mod for Asobo's native Bell 407 - which is also excellent - this looks like the next addition to the rotary wing hangar.
  3. <sarcasm> Sadly. it seems this may be the case. I am bitterly upset and quite frankly just sickened and heartbroken after hearing from a friend of mine that he thought he had heard that our beloved and precious Dude screens were replaced without any advance notice or warning. I'm not even sure why it makes sense to replace them since everyone has seen France or wherever these cities are already for crying out loud. The involuntary nature of these updates coupled with the fact that the updoot process kicks in early during the loading sequence means that I won't even get a chance to have one long, wistful last look at the stark beauty of that barren landscape while imagining myself writhing on the ground like a sand worm as the grains of sand and spice make their way inside my undergarments to chafe uncomfortably. Such realism this sim inspires! Rather than be forced into some boring non-fictional environmental archetype I have considered just not launching MSFS again just as a SYMBOL OF PROTEST against oppressive update contrivances like this. At least for a couple of weeks. That'll show 'em!! </sarcasm>
  4. Thanks. Norway is my next stop in the Duke after Iceland in my 4-year long RTW trip that is only now about halfway completed.
  5. A really good practice, I find, is to reboot your PC after any major update - whether it's Windows, Graphics Drivers, or in this case MSFS. Just makes sure that all processes are starting afresh clean, and isn't doing anything unusual to your system.
  6. Lol by "some people" would you be referring to moi? It's OK to be direct if so. And if so, there's nothing in my tone that indicates being upset. Having some fun here is all, on this most joyous occasion of seeing SU15 introduced to the world.
  7. Ok so for those of you who have updated to SU15 official release today, did the new ground handling immediately take effect and if also, what's it like, huh? Huh? Someone please please go check it out pretty please with sugar on top, some of us are stuck at work still!! 😊🥶
  8. Ah OK thanks. So back on this planet, then. Asobo really turning the corner finally.
  9. I'd say "thank goodness" but the city update might be that city that was on that sand planet in Dune, so we'll just get new Dune screens as a result. I guess it'll still be nice for a change.😄
  10. We get to keep the Dune screen? Lucky us!!! Hopefully full screen mode is still broken too!
  11. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! WHAT TH...wait, what? Oh it's just a future implementation and the effect is theoretical? Nevermind...
  12. Thank you. They're all beautiful and flights like this make obvious the labor of love that went into GAIST!
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