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  1. It is indeed amazing. Taking off from KAVX on Cataline Island just before dawn and heading 030 towards the SoCal shore, I ran across no less than 6 different ship types making their way up and down the coast - including the Catalina Island Ferry that operates out of Long Beach, which allowed me the rare opportunity to see a boat that I've actually been on. If you ever consider requests, even though it's a fictional ship, it would be cool to see the Yorikke from the excellent novel The Death Ship by Bill Traven. It's a captivating read and favorite book of all time, and the ship itself is a tramp steamer of ill repute that has a very strange layout according to the description in the book, offering plenty of room for artistic license. It would be awesome to have a random encounter with it somewhere between Spain and the African cost.
  2. Just installed the update and the docs for the AirLandFS app actually mention this - that if you experience this yawing back and forth, increase the null zone of your joystick slightly, Might be worth a try. I didn't get any such yawing on the eval flight I just did. Also I'm very pleased to report that the Robinson technician must have took his chewing gum out and plugged the vacuum leak that was causing the constant drop in manifold pressure, since it held a steady 22 inches for me all the way from KSBA out to the nearest oil rig, and back on the return flight. Additionally, there's no sudden awkward transition phase from cruise to slow speed flight and back like there was before... this is now an extremely smooth heli to fly. Maybe too smooth? I had realism at 100% but sensitivities set only 20% above the new default mid-range. Oh yeah, the AirLands FS app now seems to keep your settings persistent - at least it did for me. I also had the pleasure of doing the same flight (KSBA out to oil rig, land on platform, take off, return to KSBA, set it down precisely in the rectangle at parking spot 162) in all 3 helis and they are ALL very much improved from where they were. The Robinson has more of an improvement than the others but they're all markedly better due to updates it seems. The R44 is smooth and I have to say quite easy to fly at default settings but with a really good feeling of inertia. She's like the girl nextdoor - pleasant, easy to get along with, easy on the eyes and easy to spend time with. The H145 is better than it was and feels less "programmed" than before but still has a kind of twitchy/notchy feel as you sense it transitioning from one mini-regime (hover to slow hover-taxi, then to slow flight, then to faster flight) each step of the way. It's hard to put into words but I'd say it has less inertia/momentum to it. She's like a girl from a well-off family with lots of luxurious appointments but doesn't quite know what she wants out of life yet, though she'll go out of her way to please you even if that means doing all the flying for you if you take advantage of the automation and autopilot/auto-trim stuff. It's kind of like a beer drinker's helicopter. The Bell 47 is still my favorite and feels a bit unhinged after flying the other two but it comes to you easily enough and is highly rewarding. It's just lighter and agile. She's like the wild Italian girlfriend you had in college that wasn't looking for a serious relationship but loved to have a good time. Better leave the beer in the fridge, have a good strong cup of coffee to keep up with her, and if you handle her with care and a gentle hand you'll have the time of your life and have some great memories of your escapades. Think I'll go fly some more now... 😄
  3. Fascinating - who'da thunk we'd be this fortunate. I was thinking about this Fred Naar flight model and if it's really that good, perhaps Asobo could incorporate his work into the official code base for helo support much like they hired on Working Title for avionics improvements. Then maybe we could get away from separate "helper" applications running in the background for different helos. That is, if it works out to be better than what the FlyInside folks just released in their update yesterday, which will be tough to beat IMO just based on results of my flight around the pea patch with the B47 last night. Still, looking forward to what the R44 update does to close that gap.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up! Was looking for an email while I was at work today but had a nice message in the Heli Manager app when I got home. Downloaded, installed, took it for a spin and all I have to say is - WOW!!!! VERY nice to control now, extremely smooth, and it seems I can put this thing wherever I want it! Had a great time flying around KSBA doing some nose-to-nose hovers and nose-arounds of all the parked AI aircraft, and then out to sea to land on an oil rig, no sweat. I LOVE this thing! I did have a little problem starting a flight, took a few tries because MSFS hung up on me while loading the flight and I don't know if the Heli Manager was doing the same thing it does the first time you start your first flight that is supposed to take 5 - 10 minutes or not. What eventually worked for me was a clean reboot, then loaded a flight with a normal aircraft to ensure I wasn't having some other problem, then exited MSFS, restarted MSFS and loaded a flight with the '47 at the same airport (to use as much file system cache as possible). Really just had the best simulated helicopter flight of my life a few minutes ago and it's a shame I have to go to bed and work tomorrow but glad the weekend is coming up. Well done and Bravo Zulu! 🤙
  5. Supposed to be an update for the FlyInside Bell 47G today too, but haven t seen an email as of yet. That's the one that all us crazy kids are excited about up here.
  6. Very glad you got it fixed but maybe I should have pointed this out better or more generally described that for some reason (and I think since SNAFU5) prop pitch assignment conflicts do indeed cause CTD's:
  7. THANK YOU!!! Indeed, I had stopped flying this in VR due to experiencing the handling differences you are talking about. But with Track IR it's been a dream. Very much looking forward to this update as I can't seem to get enough of flying this bird!
  8. Fair enough - on closer look you are correct that on the 35 the tail has that aspect ratio. However, just doing some side-by-side comparison shots (the real plane below is a 35-33 also) she just looks a bit... well.... CHONKY. To the point that I'm just not feelin' it. Even though I do appreciate the benefits of a robust lady, this one is a Whole Lotta Rosie. 😄 Really looks like she's got the ol' Beechomoter pegged right off the scale, and she could blow at any minute!
  9. If NeoFly offered Chocolate as a cargo type you could pretend you're an Oompa Loompa and make deliveries for Willy Wonka I can't unsee the barn door vertical stabilizer, so hard pass.
  10. Gotta give a belated shoutout to the T45 here. I am extremely happy with mine but then again I have a very strong bias toward anything that flies in carrier ops. 😄
  11. Those float wake effects look so good until they stop. Is that an Asobo thing?
  12. They look great, love the detail work on the struts! I'll take one of each of these please.. clean and shiny is fine:
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