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  1. Have you tried using the XBox Game Bar application and pressing Windows-ALT-PRTSCN. The app may be running in the background already with MSFS anyway. The results are great. I took these from a recent session with HDR enabled (it was a dawn flight so the colors should be a bit on the darker side):
  2. If Asobo has issues with users editing the executable - and they'd be right to have concerns given what else can go wrong and how that could cause an unwarranted support desk burden - then if they don't outright adopt these new values in a future release or FS2024, hopefully they'll consider at least making them a parameterized set of values that can be changed via a config setting or file as opposed to keeping them hard-coded.
  3. May I ask if you would you be willing to expand on what this DLSS 3.5 file might be please? I'm looking to enhance my HDR environment as much as possible,. Thank you in adfvance,
  4. Here's some shots from HDR using MortThe2nd's values of 0,00508, 0,00318, 0,0 and taken with the Xbox Game Bar app (Windows+ALT+PrintScreen) which creates non-DHR PNG files suitable for sharing. After calibrating my HDR monitor last night using the app from the Windows store that was pointed out in the other thread (thanks @iFlySimX!) it was too late to try out a sunset flight since it had already gotten dark here, so I got up at the but-crack of dawn for a flight to see the dawn sky colors even though it's my first day off in two weeks and I really wanted to sleep in. But it was worth it! The horizon "depth" looks and feels so much more authentic now, hard to capture in a screenshot. Thanks @Biology!
  5. For Helis, the default Cabri is pretty good and not difficult to fly if you are fairly new to rotary winged flight.. If you feel like buying something, the Gotfriends Mini 500 is inexpensive, has a fantastic view, a great flight model and is just a ton of fun. The FlyInside Bell 47 G prolly has the best view of anything if you want something challenging to fly and aren't in a hurry to get anywhere.
  6. Just tried it and at first glance seems just fine. No time to do a full flight yet, but nothing blew up.
  7. It's gonna be a kick to do some Intercept missions in NeoFly4 with this!
  8. Yep your touch and go has to have a vertical speed at touchdown of less than 50 feet per minute. It's doable - just choose a location with a long runway for your qualification flight and keep your approach speed high, fly the airplane gently down onto the runway to kiss the wheels onto the asphalt and then lift 'er off again - since it's a touch and go, you don't have to worry too much about coming to a stop before the end of the runway so use as much of it as you need. Then fly your pattern and land as hard as you like. I got 3 stars on my first piston twin qual flight using the Cessna 414 no problem.
  9. Correct, although the real thing has no trim I still feel justified using it in the sim just to make up for the lack of control "feel" (feedback) that comes with any PC flying.. At least that's my story and I'm stickin' with it. The trim assignments as described in my post work quite well. On a completely unrelated note I find myself hankering for a K-MAX....
  10. As geeky as it looks, the Cabri is actually a great choice to start with, flies well and is pretty fun. For a good ol' bare-knuckled authentically raw and visceral heli experience, the FlyInside Bell 47G still deserves very high marks particularly since it recently received a very nice major update and is a real pleasure to fly, although it still uses legacy elevator/aileron trim instead of the cyclic longitudinal/lateral trim assignments introduced for helis. That doesn't seem to have any negative impact on the flight characteristics since it is very trimmable for almost hands-off flying now, it just requires some quick additional control binding for folks who have dedicated assignments for rotary-winged a/c. I'm using it to fly missions in NeoFly 4 and although it isn't very fast it sure is a great way to visit small fields in rugged terrain and one fantastic challenge to fly with heavy payloads over mountains. My wife says that my mustache grows noticeably with each flight which is a little surprising to both of us since I didn't even have a mustache prior to purchasing it. It's just that good.
  11. To put your used chewing gum in, of course! 😁
  12. Thank you! That's what I'm talkin' about! 😁👍
  13. Think Oompah-pah. Think Oktoberfest. That's all.
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