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  1. Wow... SU10 is awesome... DLSS, gusts, weather depiction improvements, better DX12, integrated G1000NXi, VFR map improvements... Just wow... 😎
  2. Who remember PMDG's 757-200 for FLY!2? omg... I'm old... lol... Hitting F5 with a mix of anger and joy...
  3. IMO Virpil braking force feels very good. It's somewhere between soft and medium, but the precision is great. I find it easier to taxi MSFS airplanes using differential braking than with the MFG Crosswind. Just a friendly warning: once you purchase something from Virpil you will end up buying the whole set (throttle, stick,...). 😁
  4. No issues with my T50CM2. If you followed the instructions in the Virpil website you shouldn't have any issues. Maybe there is another X axis assigned with a different controller (like rudder left brake or something). When you calibrate the stick using the Virpil app, it shows same behavior as you describe?
  5. You should try the Virpil ACE Collector or Interceptor pedals. I was using MFG Crosswinds V2 before and without fear of being wrong I can say that they are better (wayyy better). My ACE pedals came yesterday and after 30 minutes flying the DCS Hind and then few planes in MSFS is night and day. The precision you get with them are second to none, no more swinging left and right with any DCS Helis. They can be customized to your preferences and it's very sturdy. It's worth the look.
  6. It's ok when those things happen staying within your "Ohhh I figured it out and I'm still happy" zone and don't jump straight into game rage (or is sim rage?)... 🤣
  7. I was getting CTD randomly since I updated the nvidia driver to the latest one... I rolled back to previous and ¡voila!... no more CTD... Just for the purpose of testing went on a 3 hour flight from Orlando to NY on a G58 (loaded with WX as it was yesterday) and nothing... everything was OK...
  8. Just something funny... I'm sure it will get fixed shortly... So far loving the update... I'll stick with DX11 for a while... The Flintstones L39
  9. I just wanted to share my screenshots while making a quick flight over Buenos Aires before going to bed... Using ultra settings at night I get between 30 and 20 FPS 😕... I'm gonna wait for the RTX 4000 series before upgrading my pc.... It's really nice to see that there are many freeware enhancements to stock cities... Cheers...
  10. Also the increments of the heading bug and course are in 10º... is difficult to set 1º or 2º correction...
  11. No problems so far... I’ve been using FsLabs A32x for several flights and no issues with 20H2...
  12. Nope... Still waiting for the update release... 😑
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