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  1. For me hands down the best is AIG... Recently they updated the plane models so now we are getting more fps...
  2. I'm more a casual simmer... I've been blessed with the best job in the world for a flightsim enthusiast so I don't have lots of time to make a 7hrs flight... That's why I feel I don't need a full cockpit rig... 😁
  3. At lower resolution with a 7950X3D and still getting around 20 fps... something is not right... A better combo would have been a 7950X3D with a 4080... In the screenshots I'm thread limited using ultra settings, map enhancement (Bing maps latest) and 100% AIG traffic (all corporate and airlines) @ JFK with my FPS around 40... FG is doing it's job... 🙂
  4. I took the ATR for a spin around Bora Bora... and yeap it needs some work... Some of the issues I found are: lnav magenta tracking, vnav when reaching cruise altitude, unable to set the misapp altitude during a RNAV app (after final app fix) without the plane climbing to the misapp alt, following the takeoff perf on the tablet the plane tendency is to raise nose before reaching V1... but even with all that, it's a fun plane to fly... I'm hoping that all those issues will be a thing of the past in a few months...
  5. I like Justflight piper arrow... but the looks of Carenado planes... wow... that's something else... 😃 I also prefer a modern version of any prop...
  6. The 7800x3D performance looks great... I'm satisfied with my i9 13900KS... Using a 4090 OCed (TAA and FG) over Samscene Tokyo with NO air traffic I get 150 fps with spikes to 160 fps... In contrast over NY airports with 100% AIG (all airlines and corporate) i get 40 fps to 50 fps... not bad... maybe in a few days I'll give a shot to overclock the 13900 to 6 or 6.2ghz...
  7. I think it's OK... but... the ailerons looks way too deflected compared to the roll movement of the aircraft or it's my imagination?... I'll stick to the //42 FreedomFox/Fox2 for a while...
  8. I have trackIR and Tobii... but I use Grass Monkey Simulations wireless head tracker...
  9. DOF reality H3 looks really good... BUT if I were you I probably push it and get the H6... If I can pay $3000 for medium tier, then $5200 + shipping is a no brainer for top tier and have full motion... It's like if I get a Monstertech MFC Chair.. sooner than later I'm gonna wonder what feels like to have a MTS cockpit... I'm not good giving advice... 🤣... but at least I can tell you what I would do...
  10. Same here... Initially I bought the gpu with the waterblock... few days later the cpu and the waterblock to match a high spec gpu... today... I ordered the motherboard and faster ddr5... the good thing is that I don't have buyer remorse... LOL... this is my hobby... The specs are similar to yours but using MSI stuff... i9 13900KS - MSI 4090 Suprim X - Corsair Dominator DDR5 7200MHz - MSI MEG Z790 Ace...
  11. Numbers look good with AMD 7950X3D but I'll stick for a while with Intel... Couldn't resist those +5 fps and ordered a 13900KS and an EK Velocity 2 cpu waterblock (Intel evil laugh intensifies)... 😂 I hope the gamble pays off with the 4090... Still waiting for the gpu waterblock... but man... switching components will take some work... 😒 Will I delid the cpu and put a copper ihs?... to be continued ===>
  12. Futureproof... funny word... At the end of the year when Intel rolls out the 14th gen clamming a 40% increase in performance or AMD early next year, we'll meet again in a new topic about how great is a 5% - 7% increase in fps @ 4k... 😆 At the rate prices are spiraling up maybe the 14th gen (K, KF,KS) and Ryzen will be around $1000...
  13. No sir, you are NOT alone... I you don't have a plane in the air you might miss some beautiful sights...
  14. With 100% traffic with all airlines downloaded, using AIG + FBW A32NX + Inibuilds EGLL sometimes my used memory jumps to 29GB... The good news is that my 4090 is arriving soon... 3080Ti is always max-out 😉... Maybe in the near future 64GB will be the new standard for gaming...
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