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  1. Dexter1979

    Small Black Squares on Terrain

    Looks like default scenery... Are you using scenerytech LC?
  2. Dexter1979

    Just relax and enjoy P3D

    It's amazing... coming from Flight Simulator 3.0 when I was a little kid... to P3Dv4 now... Yeap 2 titans and they consume a whooping 750w ~ 800w under full load... 😑 should see my power bill... 😭 Lucky for me there is something called framerate limiter... 😅 Jump in... I'll take you to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.... no charge... 🙂 Near Puerto Natales in Chile... Early riser at PANC
  3. Dexter1979

    Just relax and enjoy P3D

    The only test I've done was with Aida64 overclock stability test for about 40 minutes... full stress... Even with a delidded cpu the temp got into the mid 80s... 84c ~ 86c... the titans temp jumped around 45c... Regarding the screenshots... your wish is my command... LOL... My FPS are locked @ 30 inside P3D using the FFTF tweak at 0.1... As you can see... I'm using only one titan (using nvidia inspector) because the tfdi reallight issue with SLI...
  4. Dexter1979

    Just relax and enjoy P3D

    I just wanted to share a beautiful KLAS P3D + PTA screenshot... No discussions... no product comparison... no "this is better/worst than"... as in the title... watch, relax and enjoy
  5. Your system is OK... With an OC to at least 4.6GHz and maybe better memory (3200MHZ - 3600MHz) you should be fine... Other things that hurt P3D performance are apps running in the background... for example Aida64... if you have the OSD panel running you'll have some stuttering... Another example is if you have a RGB motherboard using Asus Aura it will also give you stuttering and long texture loading times (lightning service process in task manager)... If you are using Nvidia Inspector the only setting you need to modify is Frame Rate Limiter... select 30.5 and you are good to go...
  6. Dexter1979

    P3D V4 - Can't get rid of microstuttering

    I was getting stutters too... The fix was killing a process called lightningservice.exe... It has something to do with Asus Aura (RGB Lighting)... for some reason it was taking around 5% to 10% of CPU usage and was really messing with my P3D experience (long pauses, stutters, taking forever to load autogen, etc)... I uninstalled Aura and everything is awesome now...
  7. If you have a lower speed ram.... lets say 3200mhz or 3600mhz... you don't need a Vccio and Vccsa that high... with a voltage between 1.2v and 1.25v is more than enough...
  8. HT on... I've missed a couple of pictures... my bad...
  9. This is my OC to 5.2GHz... I have a delided cpu... Max temp in P3Dv4 is 70c... Good luck with your OC...
  10. I also jumped from a 4770K (4.6GHz) to a 7700K (5GHz) and then to a 8700K (5.2GHz)... The difference between the 4770K and the 7700K was noticeable... The 8700K doesn't give you more FPS... it's all about smoothness... Just to give my 2 cents... I'm sharing with you all my settings for a 5.2GHz OC using XMP profile @ 4133MHz. And for a great finish... a few pictures of my pc... EDIT: for some reason the pictures are not shown when inserted as a URL.... so here are the direct links...
  11. Dexter1979

    F50 repaints

    Great repaints!! What about an Air Panama F50 repaint... 🤔
  12. Dexter1979

    Video Card Help Please

    1070 is the middle ground for P3D... But if you want to stick to FSX a 1060 is a good choice...
  13. Dexter1979

    P3D 4.2 - Anything Incompatible?

    In a week everything will be updated to v4.2 and good to go... Crossing fingers for the FSLabs A320...
  14. Dexter1979

    Experience with FSAerodata?

    Remember to uncheck in the option tab airport ICAO updates... If you don’t you might get some scenery issues like duplicate airports or default airport under a payware... Thats valid for airports with new ICAO like SPIM —-> SPJC... FAJS —-> FAOR... and so on... I really like FSAerodata... Now I don’t have to rely on an outdated database from F1 or RealityXP GNS/GTN gps...
  15. Dexter1979

    I need a weather engine!!!!

    Same here.... I moved from AS/ASCA to FSGRW/REX4 and I’m very happy... My main complain with AS is that the sky is always full of CB and TCU even in a nice day with stratus clouds... too much eye candy and less realism.... just my 2 cents...