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  1. Yea, dump the Logitech drivers. I’ve been running only spad for several years.
  2. I consistently get the flight following option once I leave the airport vicinity and tune the the appropriate center. The issue I have is that after tuning my transponder and flying for a while, the ATC menu items are all gone. So, I can’t cancel flight following nor can I communicate with my arrival airport (even if I tune the frequency manually) ATC will just tell me to switch back to the center I received the FF service from. This happens when I have a VFR flight plan loaded anyone else seeing this?
  3. Haven’t tried it but I would assume you could load a different plane then load the plane you changed.
  4. My assumption was that it would at least come out of the box with a relatively current Navdata load but it seems it's at least 5 years old as my local airport (KUAO) is missing the control tower visually and has none of the frequencies that came with that tower in 2015. Paying for future loads would be reasonable but I was expecting something more current to start from.
  5. I would love to be able to look over and sea a reasonable facsimile of my wife sitting next to me as we take in the scenery.
  6. Jump in my virtual Ferrari Drive to KUAO Hop in my newly minted Carbon Cub Follow the Willamette River at 500 feet hopefully dodging the power lines along the way. Drop down over the Willamette falls then water ski my cub under the Oregon City Arch bridge...regain altitude, check out my house then return to KUAO. Drive back home into the arms of my non-virtual trophy wife. 😁
  7. Does it happen all the time? I have this same issue but intermittently. I’ve always attributed it to a busy system.
  8. Don’t forget to run the Vox indexer after you remove the file. Don’t ask me how I know 😉
  9. Un-tick the voice option in P3D settings.
  10. I experienced this same thing Vox gives squak code, set transponder, hit the I key then repeat repeat repeat. On my system, I had the I key also mapped to the smoke system (the default I believe) so Vox would not see the press of the I key. Hope this helps.
  11. I’ve done it that way and as others have said you don’t loose the cycle but you do loose access to charts.
  12. Yes, I tried a flight plan once starting and ending at the same airport. Don’t recall the exact message from VoxATC but it did not work. When I do circuits with Vox now, I start the default scenario and change the AC and airport to my liking. I also don’t know of a way to “clear” the flight plan from an existing scenario.
  13. I don’t use it a lot but FltPlan go works well and is free. 😀
  14. For me, I get taxi instructions a few moments after exiting the runway at a towered field. At a non-towered the prompt just says “taxi to park or stand” with no specific taxi instructions.
  15. I’ve had this happen after P3D updates. I resolve it by doing a verify files from FTX Central.
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