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  1. 503Kento

    2D panels in 4.4 VR

    Awesome, thanks, I found the below in the P3D help Instrument Panels If an Instrument Panel is opened before entering Virtual Reality, it will be shown in the headset. An Instrument Panel can be opened by selecting the Vehicle menu item and choosing Instrument Panel. Note that not all vehicles have Instrument Panels. Controls Translate: LeftMouseDown + Shift Rotate X Axis: LeftMouseDown + Ctrl + ScrollWheel Rotate Y Axis: LeftMouseDown + Ctrl + ' Rotate Z Axis: LeftMouseDown + Ctrl + PlusKey Uniform Scale: LeftMouseDown + Shift + Ctrl Resize Panel: LeftMouseDown + Shift + Tab NOTE: The Virtual Reality cursor must be hovering over the panel to move it.
  2. 503Kento

    Does VoxATC and P3D V4.4 play nicely?

    On thing I have found that works in 4.4 that I could never get to work previously is pattern work with no flight plan loaded.
  3. 503Kento

    2D panels in 4.4 VR

    Thanks Joe, i’ve got them working I realized they can’t be undocked. hoave you found a way to control where they are displayed? I can seem to move them with VR enabled.
  4. Yea, I’ve had the full screen thing happen. Seems like when I update P3D to a new version.
  5. I think once you resize the gauge it will stay that size going forward. At least that’s the way it works for me.
  6. 503Kento

    2D panels in 4.4 VR

    Just getting into VR with my new Rift and wondering if I should be able to be able to see 2D pop ups (like the default GPS or ATC) inside the HMD? Did some searching and thought I saw that it should work but I’m not having any luck.. Thanks
  7. 503Kento

    Issue Transponder Ident

    I believe the issue was duplicate key assignments. I think I had the ‘I’ mapped to turning on the smoke system. Check your key assignments and make sure nothing else uses ‘I’
  8. 503Kento

    Default fake airlines

    Well, apparently, I had not rerun the indexer after renaming the file. Just did a flight from KPDX and didn’t see any of the fake airlines.
  9. How do I prevent Vox from using the default fake airlines (e.g. Pacifica, Orbitz) for AI traffic? I have renamed the default traffic file trafficAircraft.bgl to trafficAircraft.bgl.off but the fake airlines are still out there. I have sufficient real airline traffic via AIG so don’t want these fake ones. Thanks,
  10. My understanding is that ORBX approached Francois at FSAddon but he did not want to share or give up his rights to the product. I think I read that on Misty Mooring somewhere...or maybe in the ORBX forums.
  11. 503Kento

    Observations with 7.42.

    Probably a reasonable idea, I don’t have any that have not already been reported.
  12. 503Kento

    Observations with 7.42.

    My experience is the same as yours. None of the bugs I experience seem to have been fixed. Performance seems to be improved but I have no objective measurement to stand on.
  13. 503Kento

    Bush Flying in P3D V4

    Misty Mooring is great so defiantly check that out as has already been suggested. The default Mauld is a great little plane that I enjoy flying regularly but it’s not latest and greatest. I would love to see A2A do a good Bush plane. Is the Lionheart Kodiak P3D v 4.x compatible?
  14. You can run full screen and uncheck “black out desktop”. This allows you to run and view programs on an additional monitor. I use this technique with three monitors. A view group on two and undocked p3d Windows and/or moving map (little nav map) on the third. It’s not perfect, when running Little nav map the task bar gets displayed on top of p3d. I suppose you could set the task bar to auto hide but have never bothered.
  15. 503Kento

    VoxATC, P3d v4.3, and AI traffic

    Jay, thanks for the tip on reuse of scenarios. That is something I do often. I already have Vox off of core zero.