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  1. @beerwolfe - Already checked eMails (can't remember which one I used to register) and nothing comes up with a search for "Vox" and variations of "Registration". @kevinfirth - Where did you see that it was still on sale? When I click on the "Register" button, I get a Server Application error page. We can still download it, but the file seems to be served up by the same server as the web page which may be on "autopilot". I totally get the thing about life getting in the way, it happens. I've already started researching a replacement, though. Maybe I'll find something better, or maybe I'll hear back before I find anything at all. I'd just like to be 'flying' and using what I've already purchased. Either way, I hope no one is tied up in someone's basement (against their will, at least). I'll keep the group posted if I hear anything. Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I had a registered version of VoxATC but had to reinstall everything and now I'm left with the demo version of VoxATC. I've sent something via the webform on the site (a couple weeks ago) and haven't heard anything back and the registration page appears to be broken. I'm hoping the developers follow this forum and can send me something on how to get re-registered. Thanks.
  3. Hi there, I'll list out the general aspects of what is happening, mostly to see if anyone is experiencing something similar. I'll get details that are requested, but mostly looking for general nods of agreement (or not)... This all started when I updated Air Manager to the newest version (2.1.1?), I'm not saying that has anything to do with anything...I just noticed the weirdness when I did that. My rig: Pretty wiz bang. I mean, for a non-tech dude. FSXSE on plenty o'processor power and just updated the gpu to GTX960 overclocked with 4GB of that DDR5 badassery. 3 monitors (2xDVI and 1xHDMI) and all is/was working well save for the following: My normal flights go from SNA to LAX and back (IFR), and the first thing I'd notice is that VOXATC would 'stop responding'....meaning, I wouldn't get instructions to switch over to approach, or they'd put me on a heading and apparently forget about me. Other air traffic was around, so I think the program itself was running. The big weirdness was last night when I was going from Honolulu to Lanai City (sorry for not getting the codes) and ground kept wanting me to taxi over to the helipad (runway 26H, I think). The route was even a straight line from Park as if I were going to air taxi over. I also saw that other traffic (a Cessna) was following the same track. Then, on approach to Lanai (uncontrolled) I didn't get the prompts to announce my approach. I announced on my own but was totally ignored by the other traffic (jerks!). Has anyone experienced anything similar? Wondering if you're running AirManager, or even if that would contribute. I have not started task manager to see if it locked up, was too busy aviating. I guess that will be the next step. Thoughts?
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