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  1. Latest airports episode looks exciting. Wish the video was longer. Would have also been good for them to mention the possibility of some more alpha invites!
  2. You know, what would be nice, is for the team to send out an email to everyone who's signed up for the alpha to say whether they have or have NOT been accepted this round. That way, people will know that their application is on record and noted rather than worrying if they've not completed something correctly or it's not been processed or received.
  3. Personally, I don't see any reason why they would exclude owners with 16GB of RAM. If it were the case then surely they would have suggested a minimum memory requirement when folk signed up for the alpha? Also, unlikely anyone here flying FSX, X-Plane, P3D, etc. would have a rig with less than 16GB.
  4. This is simply crazy...I'm looking for my alpha invite email every 20 minutes!
  5. But we have a new wave of Alpha invites starting! Yeah!!!!
  6. Hi All, Managed to get in to the flightsimulator.com website a short while ago after it was offline for hours hoping to find the 'major update' due today but to no avail....anyone know what could be up? TIA Daz
  7. So upset that I've not been accepted to participate (along with thousands of others)....every time I see a new screenshot or video it makes me feel so jealous that others are flying around and hopefully enjoying the sim!
  8. looking at my inbox every hour in the hope of seeing an acceptance email...then the disappointment sets in!
  9. For me, changing my RAM from 16GB to 32GB is expensive as all 4 slots are full on my mobo meaning my old RAM would become redundant.
  10. Got 16GB. Motherboard can take 4-slots...guess what...yup, they're all full!
  11. Well done mate...so jealous right now I can't tell you...bloody human emotions!
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