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  1. Does anyone have the Logitech/Saitek Switch/Autopilot MultiPanel working in P3D v5? If so, how did you achieve it?
  2. It has been helpful to know what the required specs are for running MSFS and they are reasonable by today’s standards. However, it would have been even better if Microsoft had explained why they arrived at the specifications. For example, is the 1909 Windows update required because it introduced Favoured CPU Core Optimization? Is the minimum spec enough to run 1080 resolution with medium scenery and lighting settings, is the ideal spec is suited for 4K with high settings or VR, etc. The specs have resulted in as many questions as answers, we only have half the story.
  3. If Microsoft could provide insight into how the specificificatons were established, it would help resolve the queston of why the X series CPU was chosen. This might also help a lot of folks who are asking whether a particular configuration is a good choice.
  4. What performance factors make the i7 9800X the top end choice for MSFS over other more mainstream and widely available CPUs like the i7 9700K?
  5. I have exactly the same ! and no acces to my uploaded dxdiag. I'm not on the Alpha.
  6. Does DX12 bring any benefits to VR? VR hasn't been mentioned much in the feature list.
  7. I'm guessing and hoping that this will be the release date announcement.
  8. maybe the best ending to the multiplayer development update would have been "and we're including full support for Vatsim, IVAO and PilotEdge for those of you who like to fly with LiveATC"...
  9. "Live Events" could potentially be a huge draw giving simmers a reason to com back periodically. I can imagine something like a virtual Oshkosh, fly-in to Vandenburg AFB to see a rocket launch, July 4th fireworks, etc.
  10. Hey Brett, Can you share what hardware setup you have? Thanks, Raj
  11. Solved: I was running PTC v14 of the Oculus software. When I elected out of the Public Test Channel Beta software and went back to the relese version, v12, perforamce returned to an acceptable 20fps.
  12. I have a problem where the frame rate in P3D v4.5 decreases within a few minutes of starting. Starting rate is 30 fps, and after a few minutes it is less than 8 fps. I have all the sliders turned down, when I'm not in VR I get 90fps. I also run DCS which works just fine in VR mode. Specs: Oculus Rifts S. PC is i7 9600 running at 4.6GHz, 16GB Ram, Nvidia gtx1070 - I have updated all drivers. Add ons are Orbx and Chaseplane. Any help would be greatly apprecaited. Raj
  13. It seems that MSFS will be included for no additional cost with an Xbox game pass subscrpition. https://www.xbox.com/en-SG/games/microsoft-flight-simulator
  14. I completely agree. Foreflight is the app used most often by private pilots so would make a lot of sense to integrate it with MSFS2020
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