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  1. I have installed a X-Touch Mini in AAO (v2.80 b29) and enabled MIDI devices in the Hardware menu. The device appears on ID:1 on MIDI IN and ID:3 on MIDI OUT. I have followed the instructions to set up the x-touch mini from this youtube lesson. The mini panel appears both as a desktop FIP and web FIP in MSFS. However, there is no response to the physical x-touch mini. I would appreciate any trouble shooting advice. Thank you, Raj
  2. It would be good to have an easier soluition built into the sim. How can a suggestion be logged with Asobo/MS?
  3. I had the same problem at first, then I realised that I'd re-mapped the keys. The down key brings up the menu, so for me it's now CTRL+Down Arrow
  4. I switched to using the clamps so unfortunately I don't have long term experience of using the suction pad.
  5. What sort of hardware do you think we’ll need to run VR smoothly? I’m waiting to upgrade my PC and will buy based on the experience people have when VR launches.
  6. I would love to hear about your experince with the new card once MSFS supports VR.
  7. Is there a way to export flight plans created in Foreflight and import to MSFS?
  8. Will 10Gb vram on the recently announced GTX3080 limit its appeal as VR card for MSFS?
  9. Does the memory capacity requirement reduce with an increase in the bus bandwidth, which I understand has doubled?
  10. When are they going to release a 128 bit version?
  11. I got Saitek's Multi and Radio panel working, although admittedtly I had it working on the Alpha and Beta. I'm downloading the release build now. You will need to install Lorby AxisAndOhs from https://www.lorby-si.com/products.html
  12. This is the news I've been waiting for. Now what headset to get the HP Reverb G2, the new Oculus or another model?
  13. Does anyone have the Logitech/Saitek Switch/Autopilot MultiPanel working in P3D v5? If so, how did you achieve it?
  14. It has been helpful to know what the required specs are for running MSFS and they are reasonable by today’s standards. However, it would have been even better if Microsoft had explained why they arrived at the specifications. For example, is the 1909 Windows update required because it introduced Favoured CPU Core Optimization? Is the minimum spec enough to run 1080 resolution with medium scenery and lighting settings, is the ideal spec is suited for 4K with high settings or VR, etc. The specs have resulted in as many questions as answers, we only have half the story.
  15. If Microsoft could provide insight into how the specificificatons were established, it would help resolve the queston of why the X series CPU was chosen. This might also help a lot of folks who are asking whether a particular configuration is a good choice.
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