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  1. This pics are amazing really looking forward to getting v5, holding off until vr gets fixed as I only fly vr my gpu is 8g vram so may get a lot of cod. enjoy your flying.
  2. I have a 1080 card so I will hold of purchasing v5, anyone advise on xplane with Vulcan if you have the same vram problems.thanks
  3. Hi haven’t used pta for a while I had Uninstalled pta when I updated my pc now I have p3dv4.5 hot fix 2, I downloaded the latest version of pta but keep getting a activation failed message, when I paste the key from my original purchase the last digit gets left out and you can’t type it in. any help please, jim
  4. Hi just purchased the b1200 ,when I have selected the aircraft it does not start with the cold and dark option, some displays are running but not the engines, i usually like to start with ready for take off but can’t find where to select this option, is there a aircraft configurator to set up the aircraft without reflections etc. thank you for your help
  5. Issue resolved thanks to this post https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/23512-oculus-rift-s thanks,jim
  6. Hi I have been using the pmdg ngx in vr for months and I was able to open a fmc 2d panel in vr and could move and program the fmc no problem at all, I have reinstallled p3d and the ngx and now when I open the fmc 2d panel in vr I can’t move the fmc and a lot of the key input buttons are not working, this is also the case in the newly installed ngxu, I can’t remember if I made any changes in some settings for the fmc pop up to work in vr in the past, please any vr users using the ngx can provide any help, I have posted in the vr and pmdg forum for help also. than you,jim
  7. Hi need some help I have previously been using the ngx in vr I was able to click on the fmc and it would pop up as a 2d panel I was then able to move the panel where I wanted it and program the fmc this way, I have since done a reinstall of p3d and the ngx and now when I click on th fmc it pops up as a 2d panel but it looks out of proportion and I can’t drag it anywhere and none of the click spots work, I can’t remember in the past if I had to make any adjustments anywhere for the fmc to work in vr, I really would like to use the fmc in vr and would really appreciate any help on getting this to work. Thank you,Jim
  8. you have to open a ticket with orbx stating why you are unhappy with egph,they will probably ask you to post on their forum with the issues you have to see if they can be fixed, but I said I was having the same issues as what was already posted and was not prepared to wait weeks on a update jim
  9. Think I will give the pf3 demo a try. jim
  10. Just got refund for orbx Egph and reinstalled uk2000, looking forward to the updated hd version, in the meantime I will get update for Bristol and the new Inverness . thanks,jim
  11. Ok that’s fine don’t mind using the mouse looking forward to my rift s arriving on Thursday, also would like to get the ngxu but holding off to see what sort of performance other vr users are getting. thanks jim
  12. What I meant was I don’t use touch controllers with the rift just the mouse,when I get the rift s I am hoping not to use the controllers also but don’t know if you have to use them I much prefer the mouse for flightsimming. thanks,jim
  13. yes got the offer was meant to purchase on Saturday but didn’t have time so it worked out ok, have you any info on my post above.thanks,jim
  14. Hi just ordered the rift s, previously had the rift and didn’t use the touch controllers as I believe p3d did not support this, just wondering if you can do without using the touch controllers with the rift s and just the mouse when using p3d. thanks,jim
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