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  1. hi just want to thank you for this great program I have been using it for all my recent flights in vr and the ai and airport environment looks amazing looking forward to the release of the professional edition.
  2. jimimac

    New VR User

    I have vsync turned off that helped with the stuttering also reduced the sliders down set textures to 1024 and reduced shadows as well I am running the pmdg737 along with as4 and dynamic lighting on aa at 4ss I get good results and I enjoy night time flying you do get a little bit of stuttering if as4 is displaying a lot of clouds. flying in vr is a lot more immersive and it saves me buying chase plane to get all the panel views, I only wish you could use something else for flicking switches on and off as sometimes the mouse cursor is a bit awkward to use.
  3. jimimac

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    thank you.
  4. jimimac

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    Add-ons, as4,gex2,radar contact
  5. jimimac

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    after reading thru this whole thread I checked to see if I had ht on which I have i don't have a am set and I get good performance running vsync on fps locked at 31 monitor 30hz refresh, so I switched ht off but I got some stuttering so I enabled ht on I would like to try a am but don't know what number to set for my 7700 cpu any recommendations.
  6. jimimac

    fs2crew in vr

    Hi anyone know if you can use fs2crew in native vr, you have to bring up some 2d panels for configuring fs2crew but don't know if you can use 2d panels in native vr , I would like to hear from anyone using fs2crew in vr and how they get it to work.
  7. jimimac

    New VR User

    tried out the ott asw off but vr was a bit jerky tried different settings bit reverted back to just using native vr in p3d, it's quite smooth so I will try some more flights.
  8. jimimac

    New VR User

    where do you get the oculus tray tool,also should I have vsync in p3d off and settings set to low or medium and one more question can you display PDFs files in vr thanks for any help trying to use pmdg737
  9. I have set up buttons on my yoke to switch on brakes,toga and autopilot but the autopilot on does not work works okay using z on keyboard also can switch off autopilot using button on yoke I can see the hand icon moving when I press the button but the autopilot will not switch on only off
  10. jimimac

    keep getting thrust hold

    issue solved thank you
  11. jimimac

    keep getting thrust hold

    Hi Dan thanks for the help that must be the problem as I set the thrust to 40% I haven't moved them to full throttle I will do another flight soon and report back.
  12. jimimac

    keep getting thrust hold

    hi finally got the 737 for p3d and looking forward to some nice flights but I seem to have a problem on take off I keep getting thrust hold at about 80kts, I have set up for a quick test flight both Fd on flaps 5 trim set rto set and auto throttle armed I slowly increase throttles and when they stabilise at 40% I hit the toga button speed increases n1 and toga displays in the fma and about 80kts thrust hold displays in the fma and the speed reduces, I have managed to do a couple of test flights but now I keep having this problem with every flight now I don't know if I have set up incorrectly or a problem with my yoke or rudder pedals I remember having the same problem with the qualitywings 146 which I never resolved any help would be great as I'm missing my 737 flights.
  13. jimimac

    p3d ssd drive full

    can I just use the Samsung migration tool to copy and move my p3d drive(d) over to the new drive which will be (e) .
  14. jimimac

    p3d ssd drive full

    hi I have a 500g ssd drive and have partitioned it for Windows 10 c drive and p3d drive d the c drive is almost full so was wondering if it's possible to install a new drive for p3d this will be e drive then delete the d partition which will free up space on the c drive I then would change my new drive from e to d and hopefully I would not have to reinstall Windows 10 and p3d hope this is possible.
  15. jimimac

    V4.4 vs V4.3 performance

    I have the frames locked at 31 vsync on monitor at 30hz (never could run fps unlimited vsync off just got continuos stutters )but runs smoother have all sliders to the right in the terrain and scenery objects apart from autogen distance at medium so have seen a performance increase done a full reinstall after the client only update messed things up. Jim