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  1. Hello, I've made several virtual touchscreen instrument panels using Air Manager, but now I'd like to add my own knobs using rotary controllers approximately the same size as the knobs on standard aircraft instruments for a 3D printed overlay the 24" display that I'm using for Air Manager. I can do basic wiring and electronics, so if there are some kits or instructions on how to do this, please let me know
  2. I didn't know what it was then, but I do know now -- I just didn't have any idea what the Alpha-India Group was or what they did at the time.
  3. It said AIG-OIG -- but you didn't spell it out, so I couldn't tell what it was. AIG is also an insurance company 🙂
  4. Hello, I'm using my old FLAi models for P3D, but what's available for FS2020? Online searches mention Liveries Megapack, but that doen't seem to be available any longer, and nothing is mentioned in the PSX documetation.
  5. Hello...once I figured out how to make the .xml file for the Documents/P3D v5 Add-ons directory, I got it to work. Here's my example with my old FLAi files on the L: drive: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="5,5" id="add-on"> <AddOn.Name>FLAI</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>FLAI - Next Generation Model Matching</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>SimObjects</Category> <Path>L:\FLAi\SIM\SimObjects\Airplanes</Path> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Effects</Category> <Path>L:\FLAi\SIM\Effects</Path> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Texture</Category> <Path>L:\FLAi\SIM\Texture</Path> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document>
  6. Moved FLAi files out of SimObjects/Airplanes, trying to find out how to manually add via .xml. Here you go... Tue Mar 22 03:20:23 2022 (utc) PSXseeconTraffic version 30.3 for Prepar3D v5.2 ********************************** parameters ********************************** from C:\Users\tallt\AppData\Roaming\PSXseeconTraffic\parameters.xml C:\Users\tallt\AppData\Roaming\PSXseeconTraffic\parameters.xml not found, default values taken: COLLISION_USER_GND=true MAIN_WINDOW_X=400 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=20 SNAPSHOT_MINUTES=30 DEFAULT_PERCENTAGE_SMALL=75 DEFAULT_PERCENTAGE_MEDIUM=50 DEFAULT_PERCENTAGE_LARGE=35 BORDER_SMALL_MEDIUM=20 BORDER_MEDIUM_LARGE=100 REMOVE_FALSE_THRESHOLD=50 PROGRAM_VERSION=30.3 LIVERIES_FOLDER= STOCK_AIRPORTS_FOLDER= ADDON_AIRPORTS_FOLDER= SPECIALS= lfolder0= lfolder1= lfolder2= lfolder3= lfolder4= lfolder5= lfolder6= lfolder7= lfolder8= lfolder9= STOCK_AIRPORTS_PATH= afolder0= afolder1= afolder2= afolder3= afolder4= afolder5= afolder6= afolder7= afolder8= afolder9= INSTALL_PATH=C:\PSXseeconTraffic LIG_AUTOMATIC=true AFG_AUTOMATIC=true CLIENT=false SERVER=false RANDOM=true ADD_ORIG_DEST=false ALWAYS_ON_TOP=false AUTO_MODE=false LOG_MATCH_LIVE=true LOG_MATCH_STATIC=false TRAFFIC_WHEN_USER_AIRBORNE_ONLY=false RENUMBER_FORMAT=false COLLISION_LIVE_PARKED_GND=true LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=true HELICOPTERS=true LATERAL_RANGE=40 MATCHING_DEPTH=8 PARKED_MATCHING_DEPTH=8 BLOCK_CALLSIGN= ******************************************************************************** Read from data\dbase.xml : 2444 ICAO aircraft types of which 93 heavies, 420 middles, 180 helicopters and 9 gliders 45 similar type rules 586 types with wingspan information average half wingspans: heavy 25.9m, middle 11.8m, light 5.8m, heli 6.0m 6370 ICAO Airline codes, 39 PVT codes and 89 GOV codes 26679 dbase records 131 fixes, 119 PVT fixes and 904 GOV fixes read from \data\fixes.xml 12 concurrent threads supported by your cpu ++++++++++++++++++++++++ liveries search auto starts ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ C:\Users\tallt\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\add-ons.cfg read for aircraft add-ons, but none found... ! Searching liveries ... No liveries found! lf_startUp Error 43: Automatic search has not found any liveries, switch off automatic and set parameters (Manual 4.3)
  7. I had to do a total re-install of Windows on my sim machine and I'm trying to get PSXseecon to work with a virgin P3D setup and I can't get it to work. I'm getting this error message: "43: Automatic search has not found any liveries, switch off aoutomatic and set parameters [Manual 4.3]" There is no section 4.3 in the documentation. I still have my old FLAi files backed up on a previous drive and those are installed in SimObjects/Airplanes as before, but PSX doesn't seem to find them now as it did previously. Putting the path in manually in the parameters.xml file also didn't work. How can I get this to work?
  8. I'm getting oil storage tanks overlapping with water towers in P3Dv5.3: https://mega.nz/file/FdpXxQSB#tJ9g8zvPEcYdrduuzenrQ71mY3klnARImD-tNEGhhpc My guess is that either P3D or Orbx doesn't know the difference between a storage tank and a water tower and uses the same 3D object for both, while Nuvecta does know where the water towers should go and draws them in the same location. Is there a way to tell P3D to not use or associate storage tanks with water tower locations, remove the file(s), etc -- in other words, remove them so the Nuvecta proper water towers can be drawn instead?
  9. In real life, I like flying VFR at night. If you’re ever flown a light GA aircraft over a mall parking lot on a hot day, you know what I'm talking about. I can't see airport beacons in P3D unless I'm right at the airport. They're no longer visible as soon as you leave the field. VASI and MALSR lights are visible at altitude from a distance, but not the rotating beacons for some reason. I've flown hundreds of miles at night IRL and you can see the familiar "green – white, green – white" flash from 30NM+ away on a clear night. Questions: 1. Is there a fix for this? 2. If not, is it possible to create your own beacons? Thanks in advance 🙂
  10. Every so often, I get the strange problem of yellowish, muddy looking land appearing off the coast in P3D: Installing P3Dv5.3 HF1 gave an opportunity to find out what was going on since I had to re-install. It was definitely an Orbx problem as it didn't happen with a "stock" P3D setup with no extra scenery and mesh installed. Yellowish, muddy looking land showed up again off the Florida coast after doing a re-syncronise via Orbx Central. After lots of searching, I found this: https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/180760-land-instead-of-ocean/ To fix this, I did "Verify Files" on all the Base files including Vector and also LC North America and checked the order of the Orbx!VECTOR_* files in scenery.cfg I then spent all day Friday sorting the scenery.cfg file in this order (http://c-aviation.net/fsx-scenery-library-order-Orbx-global/) with Lorby: scenery libraries (e.g. FlyTampa, 29Palms / other than Orbx) airport sceneries city and POI sceneries (e.g. landmarks) area sceneries (e.g. Aerosoft’s Night Environment) fotosceneries Addon Scenery FTXAA_ORBXLIBS FTXAA_YSCH FTX_AA_xxx (Orbx Airports – several entries) FTX_EU_xxx (scenerie europejskie – several entries) … (FTX NA, FTX AU) Orbx!OPENLC_EUROPEx (openLC Europe – several entries) Orbx!OPENLC_NAMERICAx (openLC for Northern America – several entries) Orbx!OPENLC_BASE (openLC base) other landclass add-ons (e.g. Scenery Tech – Africa) FreeMeshX-xxx (FreeMeshX folders or any other mesh you use – several entries) Edwards_AFB Berlin … (all named FSX sceneries) Asia Africa Orbx!VECTOR_OBJ Orbx!VECTOR_APT Orbx!VECTOR_CVX Orbx!VECTOR_EXX 1107 Base … (all numbered FSX sceneries) 0000 Base Orbx!VECTOR_AEC Default Scenery Default Terrain (optional / deselected!) FS9 World Scenery After all this sorting (I have *lots* of Orbx stuff and extra terrain files and mesh -- MegaSceneryEarth, Nuvecta, Toposim, etc), I checked again to see if the Orbx!VECTOR_* files were placed together in the following order: Orbx!VECTOR_OBJ Orbx!VECTOR_CVX Orbx!VECTOR_EXX This finally worked. No more land off the coast I don't know if this is something people are just supposed to know by osmosis, but making vital information secret tribal knowledge doesn't make it useful. Hope This Helps 🙂
  11. EA set to ON Volumetric Clouds to OFF Dynamic Lighting to OFF ENVTEX/ENVSHADE with ASCA integration for sky and clouds ASP3D or FSGRW for weather Haven't had much luck getting Sky Force 3D to work well
  12. Weather Settings EA: ON Volumetric Clouds: OFF Godrays: ON Amortize Clouds: OFF Volumetric Fog: ON Winshield Effects: ON Turbulence And Thermal Effects: ON Thermal Visualization: NONE Weather Change Rate: MEDIUM Cloud Draw Distance: 90NM Cloud Coverage Density: MAXIMUM Lighting Enable HDR Lighting: ON Auto Exposure: ON Brightness: 1.30 Bloom: 0.20 Saturation: 1.10 Dynamic Reflections: Low Dynamic Lighting: ON Display Lens Flare: ON Shadows Shadow Quality: HIGH Shadow Draw Distance: HIGH All Shadow Types to ON No Shadow Flagged Content: OFF
  13. UPDATE FOR P3Dv5.2 WITH ENHANCED ATMOSPHERICS (EA) : ***** ENVSHADE / ENVTEX + Active Sky with ASCA + P3Dv5.2 EA (best) ENVDIR SF3D Integration to OFF ENVDIR ASCA Integration to ON ASCA Sky Colors to ON ASCA Cirrus to ON ASCA Cloud Structures to ON ASCA Cloud Textures to OFF ASCA in Full Dynamics Mode P3Dv5.2 EA to ON P3Dv5.2 Volumetric Clouds to OFF https://mega.nz/file/QFoTjYBR#zA85A_tuyPKgSy-RpR55x-ueZGq1oZS3hU10yiCGq4o
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