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  1. Same with the remote overhead ... all lights are illuminated...
  2. Will do ! Thank you.
  3. Hi, I have a 3-5 sec delay between order sent till it excuted... Does anyone encountered the same ?
  4. That's bad new but at least we are aware of. Thanks Andrew for the great support.
  5. I've sent you PM . Unable to download the file...
  6. I hope this help, I will really appreciate if you can assist me adding the minimums to the config ? incr/dec, incfast/decfast.... The minimums Lvar is "qw_dh_clicked" 1=Decrease, 2=Increase I didn't understand how you had the Baro inc/dec: function QW_MCP_BARO_show () Altimeter_BARO_show() end function QW_MCP_BARO_inc () Altimeter_BARO_plus() end function QW_MCP_BARO_incfast () Altimeter_BARO_plusfast() end function QW_MCP_BARO_dec () Altimeter_BARO_minus() end function QW_MCP_BARO_decfast () Altimeter_BARO_minussfast() end I will also send E-mail via private
  7. Hi Andrew, Sure there is an indication. By pressing FPV you see the 'aircraft' symbol on PFD MINS RST display and blanks Minimums on PFD. I have photo to explain if it is not clear.
  8. Hi, I enjoy using Andrew’s Linda 787 config. Some functions are missing and I would like to ask is it possible to had them ? For example: MINS setting ? Currently, changing form BARO / RADIO available but setting MINS is not configured. FPV setting, I managed to copy paste same function from MTRS but FPV wont come on unless clicked first on aircraft itself the function is available... 😕 Thanks again for your work. Appreciate any assistance. Ittai.
  9. Hello, How can I contact support ? I tried to send a ticket via website but with no success... I purchased licsence for IOS but now using Android tablet. Thank in advance.
  10. Hi, Using PMDG 777 with FS2crew. If moved by FS2crew from off to Auto, HYD PUMPS shows in Off position on the remote OVHD. (Thats happens only on the before start procedure) Have to move them from Auto to On to show correctly. Any fix for the issue ?
  11. Hi, I managed to configure buttons. Is there anyway to show (green dot) light on/off while funtion is activated ??
  12. Now even when I try to re-orgenazie scenery layer with Lorby and press save, it just doesnt do anything... It keeps the scenery order as it wants grrrr.... Any idea ?
  13. Thx for quick replay. Yes I ment P4AO, and yes I do have latest version. You mentioned ORBX changing layers? Do you might know how to disable that option... it's really getting me crazy... :-) Or assuming it is ORBX how can I save and load P4AO saved order ? Thank you !!!
  14. I'm using Lorby addon scenery. I do fly P3D v4 only with activeted scenery. Every often the addon is messing up scenery order by itself. Does anyone know how to correct the issue PLEASE !!!
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