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  1. Yap, Worked like a charm... Ty !
  2. I do have AS. Interesting … will give it a try. Thx
  3. Anyone encountered it ? Evan with EA turned on… nothing…
  4. Ok, my solution was to create macros to the keys that didn't work. Now all is working
  5. Will update all and advise. I can only see QW787 module v1.1 , is there 1.2 ???
  6. Ok, let me know if I can help by any mean. Thank you !
  7. Hi, Thanks for all the support! I have a question regarding the 787 Linda. With last update of Qw787 (v1.4) it seems that some buttons are becoming active with Linda only after being pressed on the aircraft itself... Anyone else encountered this issue ? For example before starting a flight I’m clicking TFC WXR TERR ENG etc buttons to make them active on the panels with Linda. Strange !? Appreciate any idea Thanks
  8. Ok, thx for the replay. Appreciate if someone have it and can re-upload by any way. Thanks again.
  9. Is there any chance to upload the file again ? Link is dead in this post: captainsim757iiip3dv4-linda-module Thank you
  10. Hi, So since QW updated to v1.4 I have an issue that buttons are not working correctlly when initialy pressed on my panel. Why initialy ? Because only when I press buttons on the QW78 aircraft itselft they begin working via the panel. Strange isuue... any idea ? For example: Pressing TERR on my panel - switches on WX :-0 After pressing TERR on QW787 panel via sim -> The TERR buttons on my PANEL working fine... Same with all other buttons.... Hope I managed to explain the problem and any assitance will be appreciated. Thx
  11. Can anyone add the KOAK GSX ini file please ?
  12. Hi ScotFileger and thank you for the great work. I meant the “Fire Panel” for the NGXu ... with P3D (Not using MS2020 at all...) (ENG1 ENG2 APU fire switches ?)
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