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  1. raam123

    Scenery order messes up all the time...

    Now even when I try to re-orgenazie scenery layer with Lorby and press save, it just doesnt do anything... It keeps the scenery order as it wants grrrr.... Any idea ?
  2. raam123

    Scenery order messes up all the time...

    Thx for quick replay. Yes I ment P4AO, and yes I do have latest version. You mentioned ORBX changing layers? Do you might know how to disable that option... it's really getting me crazy... :-) Or assuming it is ORBX how can I save and load P4AO saved order ? Thank you !!!
  3. I'm using Lorby addon scenery. I do fly P3D v4 only with activeted scenery. Every often the addon is messing up scenery order by itself. Does anyone know how to correct the issue PLEASE !!!
  4. Hi, I would really appreciate Israeli registered 4X Carenado C208 Grand cravan repaint. 4X-CSX and 4X-CZC Thank you
  5. None of them are the new KLM repaint for the wilco plane...
  6. Appreciate as well...
  7. Hi, I saw the tutorial but it is not like the blanked textures on the Cheyenne. (or similar dual engine Carenado plane) There are many curved and shaped lines... Unlike the above Cessna plane the textures are not 2D sided. I wish someone who painted a dual engine Carenado plane will post their tutorial... Eventually I mean how do you deal with that ? Any idea now
  8. Hi, I will appreciate assitanse repaiting the Cheyenne II please I really dont know how to repaint it using the un-layered blanked texture... For example repainting the 4X-CIN
  9. Hello, I found a bug which shows me in the FMC under INDEX - > IDENT - > Engine Type -> -80C2b5F Instead of RR or PW engines... How can it be fixed ? Anyone encountered this bug ?
  10. Flight sim store version E-mail sent via PM Thank you Steve !
  11. Well I hope for any solution :-) I've tried uninstalling libaries but it didnt do anything.
  12. It is early morning time around 06:14z time, but the time doesnt matter it happen in night time as well. All other lights (Orbx, Appraoch lights Etc) blend well in the foggy cloudy weather... The clock on the right bottom is poping up :smile:
  13. Thx for the replay. I wonder before deleting the libaries if someone can confirm the same issue?
  14. Dear steve, Thank for the great product worth every penny :smile: I have a problem using Aerosft EGLL scenery during foggy landing the airport flood/Apron lights are shown which is unrealistic. I start using Dx10 since it "hides" the approach lights during low visibility procedures. How can I fix the issue with Aerosoft EGLL (Heathrow) Scenery? Here is how it look: