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  1. Sorry, computer has been down. I don't know what program was used to make the airport. It uses both ez scenery and RWY 12 objects.
  2. I have downloaded this freeware to convert an airport I made for FS9. Here's the problem: When I disassemble the AFCAD using newbglasnalyse I get a .txt file instead of an .xml. Is anyone familiar with this program, and could you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.
  3. Success!! I followed a suggestion from someone on the other board to download MS Registry tool. (kb928080) from flyaway. I followed the instructions that came with the download and it fixed the problem. I have now installed FSX and everything seems to be working great. Thanks to everyone who helped with suggestions. I appreciate it.
  4. BTW, I also posted on Flightsim hoping to double up and get an answer. Tried scannow, but I don't think I'm doing it right.
  5. All good suggestions...but, too late. However, I just kept returning to my registry editor searching for more files. I did find some more and deleted them. This is strange, but true,when I looked at Revo Uninstaller (I happen to have bought it several years ago) there was FSX! I uninstalled it and it worked! But, now I have a different problem. While trying to install FSX it gets about half way and then I get an error message telling me it can not find ablscpt.dll. Nothing to do but abort the install. I'm not sure where it is supposed to be, or where to find it, so I'm dead in the water again.
  6. Yep. uninstall gives an error message. Can't find files.
  7. I have searched both here and on Brand X and found several posts about my problem. However, they are fairly old and mostly deal with XP and Win 7. I have Windows 10 running on a Dell XPS with 16mb of RAM and a 2 gig HD. Now, here's the problem. I recently had a problem with Orbx Base package and had to uninstall it. Somehow, in the process I managed to delete all of the files in FSX. Don't ask, I have no idea! Anyway, I then tried to uninstall FSX but it couldn't be found. I went into my regedit program and deleted everything with either "microsoft Flight Simulator" or "FSX". Then, I cleaned the registry of unused files. (ccleaner) I also went into my user\name\remote, and local and deleted the microsoft\FSX folders. Also went into user\name\appdate\documents and made sure all folders were deleted. Finally I searched my C drive for "FSX" and found probably 40 files in users. When I tried to delete them most of them wouldn't delete because it said they were no longer in there. Not sure what to do about that. Anyhow, I tried to reinstall FSX and it keeps coming up with either "repair" or "uninstall". I know there are probably some vagrant files somewhere but I don't know what else to do to find them. I sure don't want to re-install windows so is there anything else I can do?
  8. UPDATE - Well, after a couple of days my ctd problem came back so I uninstalled everything and started over. After installing Global Vector, the problem returned so I uninstalled it and continued on with all my other sceneries. Now after running for about 4 days my FSX loads faster and I have no issues with any ctd at all. So, it looks like Vector was my problem all along. I'm leaving it uninstalled and working great.
  9. Well, so far everything is good. I'll keep checking but quite possibly that fixed it. My graphics settings were just too high. I hope maybe this will help others down the road.
  10. ok. I finally downloaded your AVSIM CTD Guide. (I couldn't find it until finally seeing it in your signature. :( I'm just a little slow I'm afraid.) I did have rather high settings as per the FTX Global recommendations, so I have turned them down some and will try this for a while. I'll let you know. Thanks again for your help. I'm sure you get kind of tired going through the same things over and over but you have been very patient. Gary
  11. Thanks for responding Jim. I renamed my fsx.cfg file and reloaded the game. The problem has now changed just a bit in that it now will just close without any error msg. I find that I can't reload because it says FSX is still running and I have to open my task manager and find it in background processes which I can then close. I called up the Event Viewer and see that the faulting module is ntdll.dll. After searching for quite some time (both AVSIM and the net) There are several "fixes" listed but none of them work. I even re-installed my NVIDIA updates as many of the sites I read point to Graphics problems. I'm probably looking at a complete re-install of FSX but I don't want to do it until I just have to because of many large add-on programs such as FTX Global, Global Vector, and a host of Sceneries. I'm not sure which way to go right now but I wanted to update you as to what I have found. If you have any suggestions that I could try I'm anxious to hear them as I have run out of ideas. PS..The only ntdll.dll error fixes I could find on AVSIM by searching was one that dealt with P3D.
  12. Dell XPS 8910-Win 10 Home-16GB Ram-FSX Deluxe with Acceleration. I have been searching but can't find a problem like mine. When I load FSX for the first time and try to do anything (select different airplane, etc.) I get a fatal error msg and CTD. If I reload and select SETTINGS/Scenery, then click ok I get another fatal error and CTD. If I keep doing this 3-4 times, then FSX works perfectly. I know there's a way to see what is causing the error but I can't remember how to do it. Apparently something isn't loading into memory until the error happens several times? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Thanks Jim. I have my assignment for today! Meanwhile, I went ahead and uninstalled Acceleration then did a repair of FSX. It seems to have worked as everything loads correctly now. I really do appreciate your help. You're right, I should never go to any other FS site! Gary
  14. oops, sorry about that. Maybe you can answer another question: I installeed FSX directly to my C drive rather than Program files (X86). Does this have something to do with why very few of my installed FSX programs show up in the uninstall menu? Are they installing somewhere else? Listen, thanks again for your help. I do appreciate it. Gary
  15. as for the UIAutomationCore.dll: This is a fix recommended on flightsim to stop these fatal errors. I think I know why you don't know of it. It doesn't work! I found something interesting. When I went to uninstall the Aerosoft sceneries they were not in the installed programs lists. Maybe this is a difference in Win 10, but on Win 7 they showed up and could be uninstalled. I'm not sure how to get them uninstalled unless I uninstall FSX. Thanks for taking the time to educate me.
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