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  1. Hello Folks. First, I hope this forum is ok to ask a question I would like everyone to see. If not, Admins please move it. Now, I have a Honeywell Alpha Flight Yoke and switch panel with a problem. The LED switch (the one you use to calibrate it) is broken. After waiting on Honeywell to answer me, I finally took the top off, thus destroying the warrenty, and found the switch is a cheap push button affair, and it is broken. Does anyone on here know exactly what kind of switch it is? It appears to be a 4 pin on/off micro-switch that returns to off, but It is so broken I can.t even read with my meter. Also, I found a small circular (about 1/8 inch) razor thin, metal looking disk in the bottom of the chassis. I assume it fell out of the switch. I can find plenty of micro-switches, but I don't want to get the wrong one and fry something else. You know, all of us Electronics Techs have learned you can find the problem by finding where the smoke comes out! Anyhow, if anyone knows for sure, please set me know. thanks, Gary
  2. Speaking of toposim....Is there a way to install the bundle, or is it one at a time?
  3. I really appreciate all the responses. I did just pick up the toposim earth bundle for $49.95. I'm downloading it now.
  4. Hey pgde, do you mean you don't use the FS Global, or that I shouldn't use it? If the later, why not? Also thank you for explaining about the mesh. I was wondering about it. I'll look into toposim. Also, do I have to install the individual states one by one, or is there a way to install all (or some) of them together? So, if I understand you correctly, The regional sceneries are just for ease of installation? ywg256: Are you saying to install Nuvecta right on top of the MGE? And, who is Mathias? I can't throw the PayPal, unless I know. :0 And fppilot: first, you look a LOT like George Paton! Also, are you saying my FSX Megascenery will work also?
  5. Thanks everyone. Keep the answers coming, please. 🙂
  6. I have been looking at MS earth and trying to count my pennies to begin buying it. But I have a couple of questions: First, are there sceneries for the rest of the earth besides the US? All I can find advertised are the domestic ones. Also, Are the newest ones the Individual states, or the Regional, (ie; Mid-Atlantic States) or the ones showing the whole US , along with extras? I think they are the v3 version. Along with this, has anyone used the FS Global Nest Generation? How do you like it? Apparently, if I understand right, It isn't accurate like MS Earth, but I'm not sure. Finally, Do I have to have all the MS E sceneries, or can I get them as I can afford? And, since I haven't installed any other mesh, is there anything I have to uninstall in P3Dv4.5, or do I just begin installing what I have? As I said in a earlier post, I have used FSX for many years, so this is quite a step up, I'm thinking. Thanks, again.
  7. Thank you Bob Scott. This really helps. I'm just slowly making my way in this after flying FSX for many years. It's kin d of like going from driving a car to flying an F18.
  8. I posted this on a P3D Forum, but no answers. I hope this is the right place. I'm new to P3Dv4 and trying to learn as I go. I have a question about some Scenery I installed. First, I probably should tell you that I am installing all scenery and aircraft in my D Drive. I recently installed A new 512gb HD, so you can see the reason for trying to get everything I can on my 2tb hard drive. Anyhow, I did a lot of reading about how to install scenery, and decided I would try to use the Lordy P3D add-on organizer. It all went pretty smooth, but after seeing all the static airplanes at the gates, I decided to uninstall and see if I could, somehow, keep them from installing. (Story for another thread) So, once again using the Lordy program, I deleted the file and thought I was good. I even checked my Scenery.cfg to make sure it was gone from there, and it is. But upon loading P3Dv4 and going to "change airport", I can still see it. Also, when I select it along with a gate, it loads. However, it does look like a really cheap version, so I'm wondering if it's one of the default airports withing P3Dv4. If not, then it did not completely delete for some reason. Secondly, I initially loaded my copy of Traffic Global, but then I found that Global Ultimate is out, so I'm going to buy it. So, I uninstalled, but notice I still have Traffic Global Airport Facilities in my scenery.cfg file, and I can not delete it. Is this also a default program? If not, what am I doing wrong?
  9. Thanks for replying. The only thing in my Add-on folder is Active Sky, and Traffic Global. I think the reason is that I installed P3Dv4, and both of those in my SSD, which is my C Drive. The SSD is only 512gb, which is why I want all the Scenery and Aircraft files in the D Drive. (2tb)
  10. Hello everyone. I know this is an old thread, but I have just a quick question about scenery files which have been installed outside of P3D. (P3D Add-on Scenery folder in my D Drive) Where are the scenery.cfg files now stored? I checked IN C:\users, but they're not there. I have a Scenery file (Reno) that I installed to P3D4 using the Lorby Add-on Organizer. I uninstalled with this also, but it still shows in my airports. Thanks
  11. I have been a member of Avsim for many years, and have used the library to download lots of files for FSX with no problem. However, I have recently bought P3Dv4 and I am now having a lot of problem downloading. When I select an airplane in the Prepar3D V1-4 - Original Aircraft section, the download does not start. Then, when I go to "If nothing appears to be happening . . ." and select the download there, ity will not even open. It's like my computer down not recognize it. I recently installed a 512gb SSD HD in my computer and reloaded windows 10, but I have no idea if that is related. I hope someone has an answer for me. Thanks, Gary
  12. Hi everyone, I have been searching and asking this question everywhere I can find on the net. I have Windows 10 and am flying FSX w/Accel. I am trying to upgrade a panel for the A350 and have run into a problem. The .bmp of the main panel I have has a "slanted" gauge position in the left, and I would like to make the gauge(s) fit it. I have FS Panel Studio for FSX, but I can't find any instructions about doing this. Can someone tell me if this is possible and how to do it? Thank You
  13. Thanks. I think I knew this from a long time back, but had forgotten. 🙂
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