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  1. That was my next step as I have it bolted on to the floor.
  2. Need some help with the column yoke. I've had their 777 yoke over a year. The column has become wobbly left to right. It lists to the left about 3". I need to remove the box on the bottom but I can't figure out how it is held on. Don't ask me to contact ACE, because I have and their after sales support is non-existent. Both Darryl and Ali were of no help. It is a nice product, but if I had to purchase again, it would not be from ACE. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gnacino
  3. what did you do with the GF Yoke ??? Im selling it for $350. Gnacino
  4. Gnacino

    Solution for Saitek panels in P3DV4

    Have you tried LINDA? LINDA supports P3DV4 and Saitek panels and is easy to use. I still use FSXSE but am going to switch to P3DV4. I've been checking to see if all my current hardware and software is supported on Lockheeds platform. But for sure, LINDA does support P3DV4. Gnacino
  5. Gnacino

    Full throttle no speed increase

    I had exactly the same problem with the T 7. I deleted the FSUIPC ini and let it rebuild. No problem then with the AC climbing. After trial and error of seeing what in the ini was the cause and reading in the forums, it was calibration of the flap axes thru FSUIPC. If you delete the calibration thru FSUIPC and just use the settings in FSX, that should resolve the problem. George Nacino
  6. I have a dual install of FSX boxed and FSX-Steam. It's a side by side install. I want to delete FSX boxed because I only run the Steam version. How would I properly delete the boxed version? Will it change the file structure in Steam, since a side by side install changes the way the files are labeled? Gnacino
  7. Thank you, That did it. I deselected the F12 and no more pics. I don't know why my buttons on my joysticks wouild also click the pics. Any way thanks. Gnacino
  8. As the titles states, several of my joysticks buttons will create a screen shot on Steam. When I'm done with a flight, I'll have over 100 shots, and its annoying hearing the shutter every few seconds. I've checked FSUIPC, LINDA, and in FSX itself. Nothing is assigned to do that. I've tried going into the Steam app to see if I can find assignments there and that site is like the twilight zone. Any help would be appreciated. Gnacino
  9. Gnacino

    Linda not recognizing any buttons

    that is all done but its not opening. Don't get all involved with this cause its not a major concern to me. I just open it with .exe George
  10. Gnacino

    Linda not recognizing any buttons

    Hello Andrew, One small thing. On the beta version, the gui does not open or start up when I start FSX. It is not on the task bar or the sys tray even though I have selected those items in the Linda settings. When FSX starts up with my ac, I get the message that Linda is ready, but it is not running. When I check the Task Manager, it is not there. I have to click on the exe to start it up. I can live with this, just a heads up to let you know. George
  11. Gnacino

    Height of cockpit when on ground

    I think he' referring to the height of the aircraft as he is looking out the windshield, not his seat height. Gnacino
  12. Gnacino

    Linda not recognizing any buttons

    PROBLEM SOLVED! After almost two weeks of this issue bothering me, Andrew figured out what the issue was. I had an older version of FSUIPC. With Andrews new version of LINDA, it now checks your version of FSUIPC and states to check on the bottom of the setup page.. Again, a big thanks to Andrew. Gnacino
  13. Gnacino

    Linda not recognizing any buttons

    ok, thanks, I appreciate you help. I'll get to it tomorrow soon as I get some time. Gnacino
  14. Gnacino

    Linda not recognizing any buttons

    I have been involved with this for about a week and its time to take a break. I have installed the program in the right places, I have watched Youtube, I've read the forums, I've deleted all of LINDA and started from scratch. The problem is always the same. I cannot sync to the sim, and the status in red is always Flt sim or FSUIPC not running. That seems to be the issue, LINDA will not connect to the sim not matter what I do. I'm taking a break and start all over and email you my logs. Where is yur email? Thank you, Gnacino
  15. Gnacino

    Linda not recognizing any buttons

    Here is a copy of my LINDA log, [MAIN] LINDA Version initialising (@1712030947) ... [MAIN] LINDA can start ... [MAIN] Opening Main form [MAIN] LINDA GUI starting... [MAIN] FSX/P3D 32-bit FSUIPC module files detected [MAIN] >>>hidConfigDftLoad - FSX Default config-hid.lua file not found [MAIN] >>>hidConfigReload unsuccessful [MAIN] >>>hidConfigDftLoad - FSX Default config-hid.lua file not found [MAIN] >>>hidSysConfigLoad() complete [MAIN] >>>Restoring previous aircraft... [MAIN] >>>LoadModuleInfo - folder =\ [MAIN] >>>Restore finished! [MAIN] Aircraft Selector initialized [MAIN] >>>hidSysConfigLoad() complete [MAIN] >>>hidConfigDftLoad - FSX Default config-hid.lua file not found [MAIN] >>>hidConfigReload unsuccessful [MAIN] >>>hidConfigDftLoad - FSX Default config-hid.lua file not found