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  1. Gnacino

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    Hi, Umberto, I've had GSX for number of years and it's a great product. There are times when I'm to lazy to fly and just watch the vehicles and now the people do their thing. I have to say, whenever I've had an issue with something, YOU have always responded in a timely fashion. If you think the expansion is not for you, don't buy it. If you're not sure, you can do the trial. I'm not a developer so I can only imagine the time involved. Thanks Umberto, Papagiorgio
  2. Gnacino

    GoFlight GF MCP PRO

    I've had one for quite a few years. I fly the 787 and some functions work with it but not all..The auto throttle switch, speed dial, heading dial and altitude dial are all that work with it. The PMDG aircraft work well with all the functions including GF's efis, but you have to have Polypots Goflight Intterface Tool installed. I don't fly Airbus planes so I don't know the status on that. All in all, it's a well put module and it is reasonably priced if you compare it to other MCP modules on the market. And of course it works with all default ac. Gnacino
  3. Gnacino

    QW-787 module beta

    Thanks, Gnacino
  4. Gnacino

    Get your modules now!

    Can it be used on PMDG's 777? Gnacino
  5. Gnacino

    QW-787 module beta

    I've used several panels GF,CH, and Saitek. By accident, I found a solution, I have to set a button to on, on the APU, and another button to start, then it will go to start but not without setting it on "on" first.. Gnacino
  6. Gnacino

    GoFlight Panels

    Thank You, Gnacino
  7. Gnacino

    GoFlight Panels

    Hi, I have some GF panels, MCP PRO, EFIS, can I use LINDA to assign functions with these panels? Thanks, Gnacino
  8. Gnacino

    QW-787 module beta

    Hi, Thanks for the module. I have LINDA 3.07 everything is fine except one small item. The APU start function. No mater what button I assign, it will not move to the start, it will go to the off, but not the start. I have QW OH ELE APU start, selected for the switch function. I'm using FSX-SE on Win 7 64bit. Thanks very much Gnacino
  9. Gnacino

    Go -flight interface tool is the url for the GF interface tool. Gnacino
  10. That was my next step as I have it bolted on to the floor.
  11. Need some help with the column yoke. I've had their 777 yoke over a year. The column has become wobbly left to right. It lists to the left about 3". I need to remove the box on the bottom but I can't figure out how it is held on. Don't ask me to contact ACE, because I have and their after sales support is non-existent. Both Darryl and Ali were of no help. It is a nice product, but if I had to purchase again, it would not be from ACE. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gnacino
  12. what did you do with the GF Yoke ??? Im selling it for $350. Gnacino
  13. Gnacino

    Solution for Saitek panels in P3DV4

    Have you tried LINDA? LINDA supports P3DV4 and Saitek panels and is easy to use. I still use FSXSE but am going to switch to P3DV4. I've been checking to see if all my current hardware and software is supported on Lockheeds platform. But for sure, LINDA does support P3DV4. Gnacino
  14. Gnacino

    Full throttle no speed increase

    I had exactly the same problem with the T 7. I deleted the FSUIPC ini and let it rebuild. No problem then with the AC climbing. After trial and error of seeing what in the ini was the cause and reading in the forums, it was calibration of the flap axes thru FSUIPC. If you delete the calibration thru FSUIPC and just use the settings in FSX, that should resolve the problem. George Nacino
  15. I have a dual install of FSX boxed and FSX-Steam. It's a side by side install. I want to delete FSX boxed because I only run the Steam version. How would I properly delete the boxed version? Will it change the file structure in Steam, since a side by side install changes the way the files are labeled? Gnacino