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  1. Hi Ray, I've had the throttle for7 months now. Didn't have any issues with it. It has fuel control switches, auto throttle cutoff buttons, reverse levers, trim tabs, stabilizer cut off switches, toga buttons, along with the usual levers. Width is 11", length is 10" and height is 7" not including the levers. It is the size of the real throttle of the T7. Sorry for the US measurements. I have it screwed down with L brackets on a bench. No it wasn't cheap but it is a quality product. I've had a CH throttle, Goflights throttle and Saitek. Those are toys compared to this. The levers have a good feel and no, they are not adjustable. I never have pushed the levers in a real T7 so I cannot comment on comparison. It works with all my aircraft. I have everything working thru LINDA. I have looked at other T7 throttles of this caliber and this one was the cheapest. Andi at Flightsimpm was very good to me, he let me put a deposit on it and pay the balance when it was ready to be shipped. I was skeptical ordering it from Italy. Flightdeck.jpg?dl=0 Gnacino
  2. Gnacino

    AAL 737 new colors

    Thanks, that is what I wanted. I did a search here and it didn't turn up a single new livery? Gnacino
  3. Gnacino

    AAL 737 new colors

    Cannot find any AAL repaints for the PMDG 737 in the current scheme. Not any in the livery downloads or here at AVSIM. Gnacino
  4. Hi Ray, Check out this site, I bought their 777 throttle and its excellent. You can use it for four engine aircraft. this throttle is life size. It makes Saitek and the others look like toys. The brick & morter store is in your part of the world as well. Gnacino
  5. Gnacino

    Sad day goodbye A380

    IMO, It is an ugly looking aircraft, not elegant at all. It looks like a fat guppy, not elegant at all This was Airbus' idea to trump Boeing. The reason passengers who flew it liked it so much was that it was spacious, of course it was, cause it was never really full. It reminds me of people that bought the American car the PontiacAztek. They loved it cause they didn't have to look at the exterior when they were in it.. Besides, I'm a Boeing fan, can you tell? Gnacino
  6. Gnacino

    FMC Hardware

    There is an excellent post on Youtube regaring all three of these Gnacino
  7. Gnacino

    CLB/CON ??

    Thanks Marc. George Nacino
  8. Gnacino

    CLB/CON ??

    Hi, what is the CLB/CON button on the MCP used for? George Nacino
  9. Gnacino

    Saitek Radio Panel Baro is stuck in hPa

    Thank you much. All is good on my side of the pond. Gnacino
  10. Gnacino

    Every panel states starts with baro on hPa

    If you read my posts above, my saved panel states are set with the baro ring to inches. When it starts loading, it is set in inches but as it finishes, it clicks to hPg. All of the default panels and my saved panels behave this way. Why can't I save them my way?. I know how to save panel states and scenarios. As Captain Kevin said, this is a 777 forum not QOTSII. At either rate, I'm sure the fmc works the same cause it's a Boeing. George Nacino
  11. Gnacino

    Saitek Radio Panel Baro is stuck in hPa

    That's because you blokes only fly in Europe;) Try flying across the pond, we do things the right way here :-) Gnacino
  12. Gnacino

    Every panel states starts with baro on hPa

    As I said, saving a panel state with the baro set to inches will not work.. George Nacino
  13. I cannot get a panel state that starts with the barometer in inches. I know I can change it by turning the baro knob, but why can't I start a panel state with it already set to inches? I have tried to save a panel state that way but when it gets loaded, the knob is on inches but during the loading process, it clicks back to hPa. Every panel state does that. George Nacino
  14. Gnacino

    Saitek Radio Panel Baro is stuck in hPa

    Did all that, but the baro is still in stuck in hPa. George
  15. Gnacino

    Saitek Radio Panel Baro is stuck in hPa

    How do I get in the editor mode? The three items, editor, tracer, and reload LUA engine are grayed out. Gnacino