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  1. I said most simmers, not all. I got used to MSFS camera, but I still prefer CP over ASOBO's camera system
  2. It seems that most simmers that like the camera system in MSFS are new to a flightsim. Simmers that that come from P3D like and miss Chaseplane If you never used Chaseplane you don't know the simplicity and the easy logic of it. Compare that to the mind wrenching logic of ASOBO. I got use to the camera system in MSFS and I got it working for me the way I want it, but when Chaseplane comes out I will buy it as fast as I bought PMDG's 737. Gnacino
  3. I use LINDA and FSUIPC but cannot get certain functions to work with those programs eg the cutoff switches on the PMDG 737. Someone mentioned to try Spad Next. Can I use LINDA and FSUIPC along with Spad Next? I have most of my hardware running with these and I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Gnacino
  4. Can Spadnext be used with MSFS? Gnacino
  5. Just bought the CDU for the PMDG 737 800. When I go to "Generate QR Code" I get an invalid url. I n my case, I get the result, "could not find any matching documents". The QR code sends me to various web sites. What is going on and what am I doing wrong? Gnacino
  6. Case and point that GG550 Flyer makes, The A330 AirFrance that went down in the Atlantic off of S America because it stalled and the captain did not know that the PF, the FO was making it stall. Gnacino
  7. I'm not flying the 737 yet. I'm waiting for the 800. I'm familiar with the 37 on P3d. I've been flying the HD787 mod and I have that same issue. The way it was explained to me on their discord was that it was encountering a "dead zone". Have no idea what that means. They said that it was an ASOBO issue. Gnacino
  8. Same here, need to have a six year degree to utilize it. Its too complicated and not easy to use. The whole sim world is waiting for Chase plane and other great addons from P3d to be ported over. Gnacino
  9. Anyone using this app? I got the panels working on the 172 G1000 but can't get it to work on the 787 panels. Gnacino
  10. Thanks Jim, Tried it and reported back with no faults. I have tried everything suggested and can't figure out what is wrong. Like I said before, I'm hanging up on this freeware till someone comes with a program that works for me. It's a shame cause it looks like a great program. Gnacino
  11. Not sure what you mean. Open cmd as admin? Then what? Run the AI-Manager again? Gnacino
  12. I've tried it both ways, nothing works. Gnacino
  13. Thanks for the reply. I put the exe on the desktop as explained on the video from the start and nothing happens. Sorry to say, I have given up on this program. No one on their site is able to give any help. Just waiting for some other program that works to come out. Gnacino
  14. The screen shots are getting boring. Waiting for the release news. Gnacino
  15. What are they and when to use them? Gnacino
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