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  1. I did say in my post, Flightsimpm 777. anyway, my issue got solved. I load the plane with the apu running so all I have to do is load my flight plan. Gnacino
  2. Problem solved. Had to move the sensitivity up a bit. All works good now. Don't know why it changed, never touched those settings in years. Gnacino
  3. When starting an aircraft after loading, The throttles are at idle as they should be. If I just nudge them up a bit, they jump up to 53% on PMDG'S 737. I can not bring them back to idle using my throttle quadrant, (Flightsimpm 777). I can only idle them back with the mouse or the F2 key. I can advance them from 53% using the QT bit not to idle. This happens with all aircraft, default and payware. The tq is calibrated correctly and works as it should I'm using FSUIPC on WIN 10, I have all the updates. Anyone have a clue what's causing this? Gnacino
  4. I found out what my issue was. I had A320NX folder and the flybywire-aircraft-a320-neo folder in my community folder. Why I had both folders I don't know. The installer should have replaced the A320NX folder with the current folder but it didn't. I deleted the A320NX and the installer worked fine. Gnacino
  5. Whats going on with the FBW installer? When I select update, it freezes on preparing update, no matter which version I try to update. I uninstalled and reinstalled, same issue. Gnacino
  6. Since a couple of updates ago, I lost the real world liveries I used to have in my community folder. The program is still in the folder, but not in the sim. Instead I have the old default liveries of FSX. Is there a way to get real liveries to populate at airports? Gnacino
  7. All I get on the FMC's are the departure and arrival airports, no wapoints in between. This happens with either Simbrief or MSFS flight planner, and yes when I use MSFS planner, I do select high altitude VORs and NDBs. Thought that this was a FBW issue but then I checked the other aircraft and it's the same issue on all of them. This happened after the last two updates. I'm at a loss. Gnacino
  8. ``I tried to delete and then reinstall and having the same issue. Also, importing the the plan from simbrief, all I get is the arrival and departing airports, no waypoints in between. I tried Discord.com and that is a confusing site that will take me longer to figure it than it took to learn the320.. Gnacino
  9. Since the last couple of updates, I cannot get the flight plan page to open so that I can set up my departure and arrival runways. I can set up all the other pages in sequence but not the Flight plan page. I have the most current development installed as of today Does the FBW team have a forum somewhere to discuss issues or is this the only place? Gnacino
  10. I'm with you on that. It seems too involved. I too, just want to see actual liveries populate the airports and get in que to the active. I use Traffic Global in P3d V4.5 and it works well for me there. I'm sure they're working on a model for MSFS, give it time. Gnacino
  11. I cannot enter the ILS freq.. in the box at all. I'm using the latest development version. I thought that the runway ILS was populated automaticaly, but not in my 320. I never get the diamonds for the glidescope or LOC. and I can't enter the frequency them at all. Am I doing something wrong? Gnacino
  12. Thanks guys, very helpful. I'm a Boeing guy and the 320 is nothing like Boeings way of doing things. Gnacino
  13. What does the above title mean on the MCDU of the A320 FBW and how is it entered? I've searched the pages of the fmc and cannot find what it means and where it should go. I think it has to do with the ILS cause I can never get the diamonds for the GS or LOC even though I have the LS, LOC, and the APP all pushed in. Gnacino
  14. Does the EFB pop out? so that I can drag it to another monitor. Gnacino
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