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  1. deck.jpg?dl=0 That is my setup. 47" Vizio and three small monitors. The small monitors have my gauges and the 47 has the outside view. Gnacino
  2. Gnacino

    Multiple flights

    Thanks George Nacino
  3. Gnacino

    Multiple flights

    I remember reading back when I first got the T7 for FSX that you should not do multiple flights without restarting the sim. Tonight, I was watching GSX do it's thing and after the flight and I decided to refuel, catering and boarding so I said, what the hell, lets go for another flight. I set a flight back to KORD from KDFW. The flight went fine and landed at KORD with no issues. Is P3D v4.4 the exception for this? George Nacino
  4. Gnacino

    Left throttle doesn't advance engine thrust

    Problem solved. Thanks to Paul Gollnick at PMDG. The issue was that all my controllers, yoke, throttle, rudder pedals had misc. buttons assigned. I never made those assignments. How they got there I have no idea, but I deleted those assignments and now everything is aok. George Nacino
  5. Gnacino

    Left throttle doesn't advance engine thrust

    Nothing was changed by me and I am not aware of any other program changing anything. At either rate, I submitted a support ticket last week and we're working thru it to fix the issue. George Nacino
  6. Gnacino

    Left throttle doesn't advance engine thrust

    As I mention before Marc, I deleted the FSUIPC ini and still had the issue. I believe something with the ac config is corrupted. George Nacino
  7. Gnacino

    Not enough timers available

    When I shut down P3D, I get this error message. What does it mean? George
  8. Gnacino

    Left throttle doesn't advance engine thrust

    The Baron works fine along with the QW787 and any other twin engines plane. I don't think it's the sim. I think there is something with the T7. I'm going to do a reinstall and see what happens. If I still have an issue, I'll submit a ticket. George Nacino
  9. Gnacino

    Left throttle doesn't advance engine thrust

    Hi Kyle, Still having the issue. Should I file a ticket with PMDG or should uninstall and reinstall and see if that fixes it? George Nacino
  10. Use LINDA, very uncomplicated and free, plus the developers are ready to help in a speedy manner. Excellent support. Gnacino
  11. Gnacino

    Left throttle doesn't advance engine thrust

    Did that and the same results. I've tried the different panel states that comes with the PMDG settings in the fmc and every state where I have to start up the engines, the left thrust lever doesn't spool up the left engine, the light remains on the left engine. George Nacino
  12. Gnacino

    Left throttle doesn't advance engine thrust

    I'll try that and yes have the correct version for P3D. I'll report back. George Nacino
  13. Gnacino

    Left throttle doesn't advance engine thrust

    Yes ,I'm using FSUIPC, but I don't have anything calibrated with it. I've been od P3D v4.3 for about a week and trying to set everything up with the T7. George Nacino
  14. This happened in FSX and it happens in P3D v4.3. When I start the flight, APU on, turn fuel tanks on, turn hydraulics on auto in the proper sequence eg right, left, C2, C1, then push on C2, on C1. When I start the engines, they fire up all the gauges are good, it shows them spooling up. Then I'm ready to taxi, push the levers forward, The throttle position arc on both throttles move. the right engine spools up, but not the left. If I look at the upper panel, the left engine light is illuminated off. It is left of the APU, under the bleed air. The button is pushed in the on position. I can't figure out what is wrong. The only way to correct it is to start up the sim again with the engines running. Anyone know what I may be doing wrong? George Nacino
  15. Gnacino

    How to get the correct Departure Runway ?

    Hi, What I use before programing the fmc is what I used in FSX, works in P3D also. Contact ATC ground and request a departure, they will give you a runway along with the route to take to it. Gnacino