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  1. Thanks a lot for the informations gentlemen 😀 Soeren
  2. Does anyone know how to find, or to buy P3D version 3 ? A friend of mine asked, because he wants to use Instant scenery 3 ? Best Soeren
  3. Hi Bob. Thanks for the response. I have tried your suggestion with the link, and send a mail. I have tried some days ago too, but no reply. Can there maybe be some waiting, before the reply comes back ? Best Soeren
  4. I have got a new PC, and I have forgotten my Login and Password to the library. What do I do ? Soeren Jensen
  5. Oh sorry, it`s getting late here 🙂 The question was for you about the RXP Garmin GTN. If you have got it working in P3D V 5.3
  6. Try to pull Aircraft shadows depth all the way to the left on very low in Envshade. Make sure you have the last version
  7. You probably know, that you can adjust the stopping distance in the individual aircraft cfg`s. ; The lower the toe brakes scala, the longer the stopping distance [brakes] parking_brake=1.00 // Parking brake available toe_brakes_scale=0.10 // Brake scalar
  8. I would like to ask the same question
  9. Map your slewing to the arrow keys, and disconnect your controllers when you slew
  10. Have you had a look at these photo real sceneries for Denmark. https://www.vidandesign.com/real_denmark_x.html They are made for P3D Soeren
  11. If new drivers can make their modules work with win 10, and USB 3.0 and 3.1, that would be really great. Wish them a flying future Soeren
  12. Thank you very much Penz. That was what I was looking for. Wonder if installing client 3.3 into my copy of P3D V3.4, will set it back to a full P3D V3.3 version where Instant scenery should work. ? Hmmm!!
  13. Due to PC breakdown I lost my copy of P3D v 3.3 Problem is I need it for scenery build with Instant scenery, and I am not sure it is still up for download at Lookheed Martin. Does anyone know if it possible to download it anywhere ? Best regards Soeren
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