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  1. If new drivers can make their modules work with win 10, and USB 3.0 and 3.1, that would be really great. Wish them a flying future Soeren
  2. Due to PC breakdown I lost my copy of P3D v 3.3 Problem is I need it for scenery build with Instant scenery, and I am not sure it is still up for download at Lookheed Martin. Does anyone know if it possible to download it anywhere ? Best regards Soeren
  3. Soeren Jensen

    Is it still possible to download P3D v 3.3 ?

    Thank you very much Penz. That was what I was looking for. Wonder if installing client 3.3 into my copy of P3D V3.4, will set it back to a full P3D V3.3 version where Instant scenery should work. ? Hmmm!!
  4. Soeren Jensen

    Anyone Hear Anything on "Instant Scenery" from Flight1?

    OK. Thank you Gerard. Usefull information.
  5. Soeren Jensen

    Anyone Hear Anything on "Instant Scenery" from Flight1?

    Thank you Rod. I will use fsx, or maybe install P3D 3.3. I think IS should work on that one too. Soeren
  6. Soeren Jensen

    Anyone Hear Anything on "Instant Scenery" from Flight1?

    Any of you know, if Instant scenery works in P3D 3.4 ? Soeren
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    what are you waiting for in V4

    Instant scenery
  8. Soeren Jensen

    ChasePlane Crash (P3Dv3)

    Thanks Keven I had the same problem, and your advice solved the problem Søren
  9. Soeren Jensen

    EKBI Billund is out!

    Hi Penz If it is up to the usual standard, which I am quite sure it will be, I am definately going to get this one. I am flying ocasionally from herning airport, so it is almost a " must have " :smile: Soeren
  10. Have anyone any experience with OLED 4K tv in P3d ? It will be for a new system build: 7700K processor Dominator ddr4 3600 ram 2 samsung 960 evo m.2 pcIe Titan X Pascal Is it going to function ? Best Soren
  11. Soeren Jensen

    What about 4K OLED tv ?

    Hi Matthew My reason for asking, is that in the back of my mind I seem to recall, that OLED 4K was not good for gaming or simulators. But the picturs sure are pretty, so I would surely like to know if anyone might have some experience, using an OLED 4K for P3D. Soeren
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    FSRecorder for P3D 2.5

    Have anybody else, using the FSrecorder, experienced heavy stutter, when you get close to other recorded aircraft. When I record a flight, save it, and then play it as traffic, Everything works fine until I get a little close to the other traffic. Then quite heavy stutter sets in. Sounds like the guy, who recorded the video, have the same problem. Soeren
  13. Soeren Jensen

    Bluerried ground textures

    Hi mrlol Try the new nvidia 344.65 drivers. It cured my blurries with P3D 2.4. Easy done, and worth a try Soeren
  14. Soeren Jensen

    Important: for A2A C172 Trainer Owners

    Thanks a lot J van E. Just what I needed B) Soeren
  15. Soeren Jensen

    Important: for A2A C172 Trainer Owners

    Hi J van E Have you, by any chance, got a mail adress for the refund request ? Best regards Soeren
  16. Soeren Jensen

    So, How is ASV5?

    The decisive question: How is is on the frames?jen
  17. Hi gentlemenHow do you reduce the file size, say from 1024 to 512, or to 256.And also what program do you use.Can it be done with the dxtbmp-program? And if possible, then how?Many thanks in advanceJen
  18. Thanks for the quick answer.I am aware of the method of modifying to DXT3 or DXT1. It seems to make, a sometimes considerebly improvement in performence, and at a very low cost, visually. Reducing the texture in size, on the other hand, I don`t know much about. Do you think it`s worth the effort, if I still want some good looking AI planes? Jen
  19. Soeren Jensen

    SGA/Himerby merge

    Hej travisCould you let us in on how to merge this panel with the sga planesThat would make a very fine packageKind regardsS. Jensen
  20. Hey RobFunny and clever little thing you have created here. It sure make`s it a little bit more fun to "cruise" around in your warbirds.Best part is, that it work`s with all the other planes of war, but it`s gone be some work to get it added to them all.Thank`s a lot for this little gemJanson