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  1. I just received my invite as well! And I have tyhe same specs as your's; using on an Acer Preditor 1440p monitor. I was very early at signing up and had just about given up on getting an invite, so keep the faith all!
  2. I found this Microsoft session/presentation very interesting, as it could explain where all that high resolution scenery might be coming from. It also shows how cities are mapped in 3D. Modeling the world for Mixed-Reality - BDL2042
  3. Hi, I upgraded my old 24" monitor a few weeks ago, on Black Friday. I had been researching 1440p resolution monitors for like a year, and was having a hard time deciding if G-sync was actually worth the extra cost. I ended up with an Acer Predator XB1 (model: XB271HU bmiprz) and LOVE it! I couldn't be happier with my choice, as it is a very well made monitor (it is heavy), with vibrant screen colors and is very bright (even on the reduced blue light setting that I'm using). I was bit afraid of getting an IPS monitor, but my Acer has next to no light bleed issues, not even in the screen corners. Every game I have is running so much better on it and all my flight sims are now so much more smoother. For anyone who has wondered if G-sync is worth it, my answer is a most definite YES.
  4. I've been using Pilot2ATC (which I bought), but I only have a single monitor and I find it really difficult to use with P3D on my smallish 24: monitor. So I'm looking for a better solution. I also bought Pro-ATC-X, but I fly just small GA and it doesn't seem suited for them very well. I just tried the PF3 Demo, but it doesn't seem to work with P3Dv4. everything seems ok until i click on "connect to sim" and then PF3 just closes, without any error messages.
  5. I just tried that and it works! This is so much better now! Thank you so much!!!
  6. Thanks so much Ted! That does help a bunch. I do now have a pretty large desk (new this Spring), but I do use my PC for work related applications. So the largest Monitor that I feel would comfortably work for me would be one that is 32 inches or so in width. I'm tall, so my current 24-inch monitor sits on a 6" riser. If I end up with a larger 16:9 monitor, I would likely remove the riser; which should in theory, give me a cockpit view that is closer to what you would have in a real cockpit. Ideally, I would love to have my cockpit view match the real-life scale/view. (With my current monitor I have to move the view back quite a bit in order to see enough of my cockpit, but that results in a smaller scale for my gauges. My guess is that a monitor that is at least 50% wider to give me a view that is close to what I need. My current screen has a 20.5: wide screen, so I need one that is at least 31" wide. I do fly most GA aircraft in P3D4 and X=Plane 11, but I own and fly all of the DCS helicopters, which have a LOT more switches and instruments and now require way too much scrolling around to view. I'll have to decide if I really need/want G-sync, but based on today's posts in this thread, I'm now feeling that it is just an expensive option that I probably would benefit much from.
  7. Thanks you so much! Knowing that I don't necessarily need G-sync is extremely helpful, as there are currently very few larger monitors that have it, and when a monitor does have G-sync, it ends up being one of the more expensive monitors. My frame rates do approach my current 60 refresh rate, when I'm not in an urban area; and I do also play games, where the frame rates are quite a bit higher (but with my current monitor, I'm limited to 60). But I'll likely get a drop of FPS once I move up to a monitor with 2 to 4 times my current pixel count. I'm really only looking for a refresh rate of 75-100 mhz. I've tried vsync without seeing much improvement (again, the tearing happens mostly only with X-Plane, when panning in the cockpit view). I don't know how to enable fast vsync with X-Plane.
  8. So, is anyone using a monitor with G-sync? Do you guys feel like it is worth paying extra for it? I'm now finding myself torn between buying a large (32-35") ultra wide 21:9 curved screen and a 29-30" 16:9 flat screen. The thing is that I've never used an ultra wide and I'm wondering if a more vertical space would be a better for a flight sim (less vertical panning). Also, if I did buy a 4K ,monitor, does anyone know how well it would work to use a lower resolution setting if i need to increase FPS? Does anyone have any experience with going from a 1080p to a 4K monitor with P3D and/or X-Plane? IF so, how much was the FPS hit? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm having a tough time with knowing what to get.
  9. I really like the BenQ monitors, but they don't seem to make a 1440p 34/35" ultra-wide (I think they may have a 27" 1440p). And I feel that a 1080p in such a large monitor might not be as sharp as what I'm looking for.
  10. Thanks so much guys, but I'm nervous about using 4K and then Win 10 scaling, as that still doesn't work well with some of my non-sim/gaming programs. I would MUCH rather use a 1440p monitor, where I would not have to use any scaling (and I don't have the budget or desk space for a monitor larger than 35"). Alan_A, I don't have any screen tearing with P3D v.4; mostly just with X-Plane. But I am still wondering about the merits of a monitor with a high refresh rate (100 MHz or more) and/or the extra cost of a G-sync monitor.
  11. I'm hoping you guys can help me out again with an upgrade. I need to replace my old 24" 1080p monitor soon, and plan on getting an a 30 to 35 inch ultra-wide 1440p or higher monitor. First of all, my GPU is a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming 8GB, and my CPU is an i7-4770K (overclocked to 4.2 MHz), and my memory is 16GB DDR3 @ 2133MHz. I've pretty much decided on a 34-35 inch 1440p monitor, as I've read that this would give me roughly the same text (and other) size as my current 1080p monitor (and I'm concerned that a 4K monitor would be too hard on my flight sims FPS). A curved screen seems like something that I might benefit from (as far as immersion), but I'm not sure if the extra cost would be worth it. A brighter, sharper image is much more important to me, as my left eye's vision is not all that good (due to glaucoma damage). I'm also thinking that I need a faster refresh rate than my current monitor's 60Hz, as I get some screen tearing when I pan in the cockpit that I would really like to eliminate. My biggest question is if I also need to get a monitor with g-sync, which sounds like a good feature to have, but it really limits my monitor selection (and it adds at least $200 to the price). At first I had pretty much settled on a Dell UltraSharp U3415W, but it only has a 60Hz refresh rate, and it does not have G-sync. Also is this a good time to buy a monitor or would I be better off waiting a bit? ALL advice and suggestions a very much appreciated, as I really don't know what would work the best for me. Flight sim use is my main priority (P3Dv.4, X-Plane 11, and DCS), but I also need this monitor for things like website design and other non-game/sim work.
  12. The update ran fine for me last night, but I'm only running about 8 plugins, without any add on aircraft.
  13. I understand that. But setting a higher number of "flight models per frame" is less effective when you're able to run the sim at a higher frame rate. Running 1 flight model/frame at 50 fps gives pretty much the same results as running 2 fight models/frame at 25 fps. Except that I'm pretty sure that the ground handling will be worse at 25fps, due to lag.
  14. I've tried that, and it didn't make any difference at all. My framerates are totally fine with XP, as I'm running an overclocked GTX 1080. Is there anyone who does not have ground issues with X-Plane 11 small GA aircraft? I was under the impression that overly done weathervaning was a core issue, and not a hardware specific issue.
  15. This is still my biggest X-Plane complaint; which has kept X-Plane from being my preferred sim, since XP9. When (if ever) this one thing is fixed, I will be ready to move fully over to X-Plane (and start buying XP addons again). For now, I'm stuck between XP, P3D v3, FSW, and DCS. If there's more than a 10 knot headwind, it is nearly impossibly for me to get the Piper Cub or the 172 to the runway and lined up . . . and I have a MFG Crosswind rudder, with toe brakes. This just takes so much of the enjoyment out of using XP (along with the overdone haze). Its gotten to the point where I am now flying even FSW more than XP. People complain about FSW being so unfinished (even though it is still in early release), but X-Plane 11 is no longer in Beta, yet these issues really should have been fixed before it was released.
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