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  1. Hi, I am a relative newbie to P3D and would like to find out how I can remove (not display) the default Military aircraft in the Vehicle selection. I DO not fly any military aircraft so they are just in my way. Thanks
  2. Thanks, I do have a USB hub which may or may not be the best but it works, I have picked up a second USB quad today and installed ok. But let me tell you With Logitech on the Box now, they seem to be worse now than before, loose levers. I am waiting for something better, it is a lot of frustration for me, with this junk.
  3. Anyone at all know anything about this?????
  4. Hello, I have a Pro Saitek Yoke with the associated throttle with a PS2 plug. The yoke is working fine but the throttle is wearing out (poor quality). Now what if I just get another USB saitek throttle (1 unit) and use it by itself. I already have one USB throttle. How will another throttle be recognized in Windows 7 devices??? and will this then be OK using FSUIPC5 for P3Dv4??? Did not find much info on this here so that is why I am asking. Thanks
  5. That is true, I live here to, it's cold in Florida as well, might as well stay and freeze.
  6. OK, just d/l from the FlyTampa link. OK now.
  7. Hi, I bought this scenery direct from FlyTampa and now trying to d/l from BMT Micro using my Product ID and Password which I originally received, but getting message "Password Expired" Anyone else seen this???? Or have all of you bought from diff. vendors.
  8. Thanks for letting us know.
  9. Wonder if they will ever update to P3D, a shame because this scenery is one of the most friendly FPS airports I have ever seen in FSX. Now I am with P3D and will never go back to FSX.
  10. I have the A_A scenerie for WMKK and for me it is not working in P3D V4, maybe it works for some of you, If it is please let me know. Thanks

    I am interest in a small commuter aircraft like the B1900D anybody has it and is it worth having? Thanks
  12. Hi, Is anybody flying these planes??? If so maybe you can tell me how to turn on the cockpit lights?? They will come on as it gets darker, but in the north darkness comes at 4PM. I bought this plane for P3DV4, since there is not much else in terms of jetliners, I paid 12 euros and it performs OK. However I am using the GTN750 for navigation, the FMC lacks everywhere. Thanks
  13. It seems that everything from what I can see is there in the scenery, except no wheels, I guess we will have to wait for an update. Thanks
  14. Hi, I installed this scenery Kjax from Cielosim in P3D v4.1 and although it looks ok, but all my aircrafts are missing the nose wheel So I am wondering if this scenery is ok for v4.1. Any ideas???