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  1. Thanks Ray for the help, I d/l RTSS , would this be the correct one? never used Riva Tuner before. Thanks
  2. Thanks Ray, in the meantime I have gone ahead with purchasing the Gigabyte M27Q which has very favourable reviews and is in about the same price range as your suggestion. Still trying to set it up, so much info and settings to get my head around. Your help is always much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for your replies, I know these G7 are quite expensive and yes overkill, I only have a Geforce 1070 Video card right now so driving anything larger than 1440p could be a problem, I have spend quite a bit of time finding the right monitor for my use, difficult, so I am asking here if you have any suggestions or recommendations but nothing larger than 32". Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi all, I am planning on replacing my current 27" samsung monitor(old) 1080p with a newer one. However i am not sure about the size, either 27 or 32" no space left for anything larger on my desk. The one that I am interested is this one https://www.samsung.com/ca/monitors/gaming/gaming-monitor-with-1000r-curved-screen-27-inch-lc27g75tqsnxza/ They come in either 27" or 32" and are 240MZ refresh rate and are both 2540x1440p. They are not cheap but on sale right now, I have had good luck with Samsung. I use the monitor for FS only, no other games. I know there are many other factors to consider. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your reply, I am sitting about a meter away form my current screen to to eyesight, I find that I have a bit of eye strain at the moment (maybe age related) so looking forward to picking one up as soon as possible. Not easy now due to the lock down here. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated, I have one other question regarding this monitor, how difficult is it to get used to a curved monitor? eye strain, neck etc, I have never used one. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your reply, spend a lot of time looking at other monitors and this one caught my interest. We are at a lockdown here so I can't take a look at one in the store.
  8. Hello, Is anyone familiar with this type of monitor?? Considering either the 32" or the 27" due to lack of space. I have an old Samsung 27" 1920x1080 now and like to get something better and I do like Samsung stuff. At the moment I only have the EVGA 1070SC 8 GB card which I will upgrade if and when 30 series cards are available. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/samsung-odyssey-g7 Any opinions?? Thanks
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