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  1. Congrats to all, thank you in advance for the work.
  2. No need to reply, I figured it out was looking in the wrong folders, nice airplane, thanks Iris. Thanks
  3. Hi, I d/l the Iris T-6a Texan II from Iris website and tried to install it into P3Dv4.5 HF3 by pointing it to this folder and after completion, I can't find the plane anywhere. I installs the docs and a paintkit into Simobjects folder but nothing else that I can locate. I indicates it is for P3D v2,3 no mention of V4. Not sure what I am doing wrong??? Anyone has it installed and working in P3Dv4??? Thanks.
  4. And make sure you keep 6 feet distance.
  5. Thanks that would be great, It is otherwise a nice plane to fly with all the mods done by you guys. Thanks.
  6. Sorry to revive an old topic here, but I would also like to know if the Radar works at all on the CJ2 and if how, I am not able to make it work. Maybe just another Carenado fiasco. Thanks
  7. Hi, I received my mods from jevon a few days ago, you will find plenty of posts from him in this thread. e-mail him and ask him to send you the mods.
  8. Hi all, I am interested of getting the 525A, but would like to know if the Panel upgrade mods are still available???? I own the F1 GTN combined Thank you.
  9. Hi Bill, I went ahead and installed ORBX Central and let you know I have had no problems. It automatically upgraded anything that had new batches, etc. Only had a few Elevation issues with ORBX airports such as KTVL, LEBB and ESSA. Used the insertion feature and moved all FTX items below the last 3rd party addon and that fixed it all. Works great, have since bought the ORBX EGLC addon and it installed without a hitch. I am satiesfied. May work for you as well but every ones mileage can vary. Good Luck Helmut
  10. Hi, I will let you know how it went but it may not be soon, Orbs sale is on all December and I am hoping that with another version of ORBX Central S/W a few more problems will be fixed to ensure a smoother change. Helmut
  11. Thanks for the info, will have to install Orbx Central, thinking of buying London Central.
  12. Sorry to change the topic a bit, I would like to buy a few items as well from this sale, however I have not yet updated from Central 3 to Orbx Central, Have been hesitant to proceed so far. Anyone lately changed to the new version and what problem(s) have you encountered??? Is it save to proceed now or wait longer? Thanks
  13. SimMarket has V 4.2D available for d/l.
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