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  1. Thanks for all your replies, I ended up getting the TCA Boeing, it has what I wanted and is considerably cheaper than the airbus with addons. If I need more axis I will use one of the Logitech quads. I have saitek/logitech flight panels with flaps and gear, etc. I may invest in the Bravo at a later date when I figure out where to put it. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your reply, I have had CH equipment long time ago, not very realistic, I don't fly heavies mainly twins and light bus jets, so I don't need more than a twin throttle. Thanks.
  3. Hello all, Can someone give me some info about this Hardware?? I am in need of changing my very old and inaccurate Saitek/Logitech throttles. Quite frankly I am tired of these.I don't fly heavies not Boeing nor airbus at the moment. Only fly twin props and the Honda Jet and singles. I am seeing conflicting reviews, some good some not so, what is your verdict, worth the money? Will this HW run out of the box with minimal setup? and how accurate is this unit? I have very little desk space that is one reason why I am considering this. There is not much else on the market to consider as throttles. Thanks.
  4. Great shots, thanks for showing.
  5. Great pictures and a nice plane, thanks.
  6. I thought they would have given us a release date by now for the HJ,,,,,still waiting.
  7. You are the master of nice screen shots.
  8. Great shots, thanks for posting.
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