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  1. Hi all, Thanks for all the above answers, I have decided on on an Asus Rog Strix Z390 MB, either the H or the E board, and with the 9700K staying at or below 4.8GH, temps should be OK, I hope. It is winter where I live. Not sure yet about RAM.
  2. Hi, Have a 4th Generation (6yr) old system, time to upgrade. CPU : Would like to stay with latest Intel 9700K processor, anyone using one yet and seen temp problems??? Motherboard: Open to recommendations for decent (not highest priced) Z390 or 370 ASUS board. Ram: DDR4 3000, fasted speed I can afford?? Video card: Keeping my EVGA SC GTX 1070 for the time being. I have an H80 CPU cooler on my current system, not sure If it will be enough. Have a full size Cooler Master Case, with plenty of huge fans. I use my PC for FS only, no other Gaming and run P3D V4.4 MB is my biggest dilemma, there is a myriad of different brands out there, so which would get the job. Have always used Asus. Thanks all for your insight.
  3. Great report and pictures, thanks.
  4. helberger

    ENVTEX SP2 Released

    Hi, Not much luck with this update, D/L all 6 files from Simmarket, uninstalled and installed the Package, used the Envdir and when clicking on the ? it still shows Envtx 1.1.6 and not 1.2.0. Made all the changes (folders, etc) and now P3D V4.4 will not even start up. Unless I have corrupt d/l files not sure what could be wrong. Any Ideas?? Thanks
  5. helberger

    P4D CTD with certain Airport Addons

    Thanks Jim for your ongoing support for my problem. I decided to uninstall Content and re install and this seems to have fixed my problem with some of my addon airports. I was able to see the default scenery again for these and went ahead and re-installed the addons they seem to be working now, exept LEBB from Orbx where I see a strange issue. When in cockpit view (use ezca v2) it looks ok, but in spot view I see only the shadow of it. I have already re-installed the scenery but same problem. Have to check with ORBX of what the problem is. Thanks
  6. helberger

    P4D CTD with certain Airport Addons

    Thanks Jim for helping, The CTD happen on any of these addon airports that I mentioned. I tried to disable to the sceneries from the Addons menu in P3D but the crashes still occur. I have tried Beechcraft and Carenado aircraft with the same result. I was not aware of additional files required for these planes. Only uninstalled the 4.3 client and installed V4.4 client, never touched the Content and Scenery, I may have to or completely redo P3D. Thanks
  7. Hi, Not sure how to present this in order to get a few hints on how to fix this. I have upgraded P3D from 4.3 to 4.4 and now I find that some addon airports are causing constant CTD. Namely FT Boston rebooted, I have FT Cyyz and Kbuf and they work OK. Orbx LEBB Aerosoft EDDS I would load the flight and hear the engine (prop) and right away CTD. No event logs. These were all working fine in P3D 4.3. Checked websites and no reports of problems in V4.4 Not sure were to go from here. Maybe someone sends me in the right direction. Helmut
  8. helberger


    Thanks Dave, will uninstall and redo.
  9. helberger


    Due to lots of problems with P3D v4.4, I am asking if it is possible to uninstall the v4.4 Client again and re-install???
  10. helberger

    F33A Lights

    I submitted a Support Ticket to Carenado, see if they have a solution.
  11. helberger

    F33A Lights

    Hi, I d/l and installed the Carenado F33A for P3D v4, and it all works OK, except I can't turn on the Internal lights, the switches (wheels) seem to move but no lights. Anyone knows about this and how to correct it??? Thanks
  12. Logitech has an awful reputation for Customer Support, I had the same problem with them last year concerning a Quad Throttle, they wanted me to send them a video showing how loose the levers were. When I told them that this would be futile, they came up with all kinds of other ways, it got so bad that I stopped communicating with them.
  13. helberger

    RC4 and default ATC

    Thanks all for the advice, turning down p3D Atc volume to 0 did the trick. Now I can hear properly. Thank again.
  14. Hello, I just managed to installed RC4 into P3Dv4.3 and got it working, the problem I am having is that I can hear the Radar Contact Com voices as well as the P3d default Atc. This makes it hard to make out what RC wants me to do. Any way of stopping this???? Thanks.
  15. helberger

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    I am interested in ProATC-X as well, but unfortunately there is no Demo and 50 Euros is 80-90 $Can, a lot of money for uncertainty. Strange that there is none.