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  1. I've been waiting to see the airports and... Wow!! Not disappointed! One thing I do hope they've thought about that wasn't really mentioned in the video is giving users/developers more control over airport and ai behavior. For example, an interface that allows you to specify active runway(s) according to wind speed and direction, one way taxi links, multiple ground frequencies, etc. Control that will help do away with all of the afcad hacks like the inactive crosswind runways that are needed to have non-parallel runways active, or plumbing to get pull-thru parking spots to work for ai. More control over landings and takeoffs would be good too - being able to set aircraft sizes for start positions so smaller aircraft could takeoff from intersections being able to specify where aircraft on approach receive landing clearance so that user and ai aircraft can be cleared to takeoff or cross runways even if an aircraft is on final being able to specify takeoff clearance points so that you don't have to wait until the hold short line to receive takeoff clearance if there are no other aircraft around having named hold points on taxiways so taxiing aircraft stop at certain points rather than 1 km back from where their path crosses another plane's or the runway.... One way runways so aircraft don't pull 180's right after landing to get to the nearest exit, or taxiways that are weight/wingspan dependent. Just some ideas so that we can get the realism of the plane's movements as realistic as the graphics in this video.
  2. As well as ORBX American Samoa and there's a decent version of Rarotonga / Cook Islands
  3. Hi All- Hoping I can get some quick advice- My original setup was a 500gb, 7200RPM SATA 32MB Cache HDD which ran the operating system and everything else (C: drive), and a 300GB VelociRaptor 10,000RPM SATA 16MB Cache HDD (F: drive) which was exclusively for the flight sim. I recently updated my flight sim hard drive to a SSD, so I cloned the 300GB flight sim F: drive to it. Everything is fine, but now I have an empty 300GB hard drive. I could fit everything from my current C; drive onto it if I wanted. What I'm wondering is if that would be worthwhile to move the operating system to the better drive or whether the performance difference is so small it wouldn't make a difference or wouldn't be worth the effort. The HDDs are also getting a bit old at this point too. Then there's the question of whether to do the Windows 10 upgrade during all of this. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts. Thanks! Drew
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