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  1. Probably a stupid question, but I am trying to figure out how to use the controls on the top center of the panel to change the settings for Altitude, Course, Speed, etc. When I hover the mouse over each dial I see the blue circle seeming to indicate that will change the setting; however. I cannot get the value to change. I have tried holding the mouse in place, right clicking, left clicking, etc... But no luck. Can someone give me specifics on how to get the settings to change? Thanks
  2. Nevermind, I just located it. Very low on the center panel between the seats
  3. I just purchased and downloaded the B350I and am trying to fly it. However, I have an indication on the panel saying that "Rud Boost Off". Also, the Master Caution switch is flashing, presumably because of this However, I cannot locate the switch. Can someone tell me where the switch is? Thanks dogs53 (Bob L)
  4. I recently purchased a new, higher powered computer and have loaded both FSX and P3Dv4 to it. As my finances allow, I plan to purchase some of the PMDG aircraft for P3Dv4, and I see that there have been a number of postings on the need to deactivate the existing licenses on the PMDG products that I now have in FSX on the old computer before installing them on the new computer's FSX. Is this really necessary in that the old computer now doesn't have a monitor, keyboard, or internet access? I replaced it with the new computer. If it is, I imagine that I could put it back in place, deactivate everything and then put the new computer back in place. If it is necessary, how do I do that? I was told that there was a link on the website that describes the process, but I have been unable to find it. Can someone let me know if it is necessary? And if so, how to do it? Thanks Bob LeBoeuf (dogs53) New Orleans, LA
  5. dogs53

    777-300 ER

    I just purchased and installed the PMDG 777 ER, But I cannot locate any manuals that might have come with it. Are any manuals supplied with the ER? And if so, where are they located? I am probably missing something very simple and this is probably a stupid question... Or should I just follow the same procedure as the basic 777-200? Thanks dogs53 Bob LeBoeuf
  6. I am having difficulty transferring licenses. I did not receive an email from FSS and that may be the problem. And under "my products" it says that I don't have any products in my account. I don't see a way to send them another request. How do I resolve this as this is very frustrating to me, especially since everyone seems to be saying that this works great. . Thanks
  7. >You are correct, set the ALT to cleared lower altitude. If>you are in VNAV mode it will maintain altitude until you reach>TOD. It will then descend on VNAV PTH. If you don't reduce the>MCP ALT before reaching TOD the FMC will give you a reminder>to CHK MCP ALT.>>The descent from high, say FL360+, can seem very rapid unless>you are used to it. Keep in mind the air is real thin and she>is descending to reduce fuel so to keep the speed up it takes>2800+ fpm descent.>>Thanks.. but if no ATC is up, can't I just put in the ALT for the field and then let it descend as needed? Or to put in the intercept ALT for the Outer Marker or similar. It seems that when I do this, it just descends below the Glide Slope. Is it better to just "step it down" in increments? Tks again.
  8. Hi All:I have a question on the proper use of the ALT Settings on the MCP.I am flying both the PMDG 737 and 747-400, and similar problems occur in both. I know that I am not doing something, or am doing something wrong and have searched the forums and find issues that touch on my problem, but I don't have a clear understanding of it.I have also downloaded several tutorials, and have two of Mike Ray's books, but still I don't quite get it.Here is the problem...When flying after having programmed the FMC, and after I get to top of descent.. either the aircraft doesn't descend or descends rapidly. I think that I should set the ALT to the next cleared lower ALT, but if I just set it to RW ALT, it seems to want to go down immediately, in spite of VNAV being on.Can someone explain the correct procedure to use for setting the ALT?Thanks in advance.Bob
  9. I have AS6.5, and have only been able to use it twice since I bought it as I have had several computer problems and a sever time restraint. Could someone post a simple "step by step" of how to begin using it? I had something that I'd previously located it, but I cannot locate it now. I plan on using it in FS9Thanks in advance.Bob
  10. I purchased the Download of Active Sky 6 today and seemed to install it ok by using the "readme" text file.However, is there a manual or PDF file that explains the basics of how to use it? I am looking through the downloads and can't seem to find a simple way to get into the options.Thanks in advance.Bob
  11. Adrian... I would appreciate a copy if you could send me one...Send to: RobertL576@aol.comThanksBob
  12. dogs53


    Thanks.. I was able to find the manual and the Tutorial..Bob
  13. dogs53


    I purchased the 737NG tonight and it seemed to download OK in that it appears in my Flight Simulator options... However, where do I find the manual on how to operate the aircraft? Any help is appreciated.ThanksBob
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