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  1. I thought that might have been my system or a bad install. I hope they will add them soon, bought this mostly to fly DHL + Kalitta flights in and out of.
  2. I know, I have it installed like many of your paints. But It will look so much better with PBR. If you’re talking about the Maddog, I love that repaint!
  3. PBR looks so good on the 747. I cant wait for someone to make the Cathay Pacific -400BCF silver bullet livery. Also a 777-200ER expansion with the old AA livery would be great with this wonderfull PBR technique.
  4. The MD-11 for P3D v4 would be great. Imagine having this beauty with the visuals of the QOTS 2, seeing things like the curvature of the crt’s 😍
  5. A few weeks ago announced to come to the -400 somewhere around november the 1st, but Hey it is PMDG😝 all kidding aside, its PMDG. It allways takes longer than expected, but its allways worth the wait. It will be released when its ready to be released, No open beta’s needing tons of updates before becomming stable.
  6. Flying the Leonardo Maddog makes me miss the MD-11, gotta love Bitchin Betty and her aural warnings.
  7. Clearly it isnt obvious. There are No 32&64 bits installers, its one installer for both, asking you wheter you want to install in v3/v4 if both are installed, thus it will be aware of registry keys for v3. Luc de Wit
  8. Are you serious? At least Goldstar delivers quality 😉
  9. Just installed it. Now bring on the PMDG -8! Luc de Wit
  10. Jup downloading the new installer right now. Now lets wait on the release announcement! :)
  11. Will do tomorrow. Had it for years and was so used to it, and now I litterally have to edit every post after placing to include my name. Except for this one, hooray for progression!🎉 How about I start cleaning the PMDG -8? On my pc tonight? Wouldn’t bother at all tbh..😁 Luc de Wit
  12. Created with an older version maybe, but not by me. I never made a panelstate myself, they came with the installer. Anyway I was just kidding, I just need to remember which one it is that causes it (still fail to do so after quite a few months 😂) Luc de Wit
  13. So the panelstates will be fixed in the -400 update? Oh and my name used to be in the image in my signature, which apparently aren't hosted anymore. Luc de Wit
  14. My bad, I dont know why but I assumed you where talking about the outflow valves indeed.
  15. They have everything to do with regulating pressurization actually. Open valve > cabin wont pressurize > pressure will be the same as outside the aircaft. Reason they are closed during climb/cruise is because the cabin wont pressurize if they are opened, has absolutely nothing to do with “slip stream pressure”.
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