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  1. Jovabra

    SimConnect 4.2 Error

    Removed and uninstall according the installation and activation guide. Registration and activation no problem but I get now the error: I need the 4.2 Simconnect version. I downloaded the latest version (1.3b335) from simmarket .
  2. Jovabra

    anyway to adjust brightness on G1000 units?

    In this case it is for the TBM 850 is not working. 😞
  3. There is a special software program to repair this sort of registry errors. You can find it here: " FSX/FS9 registry repair tool." Succes Jo va Bra
  4. Jovabra

    EFB - Runway missing

    For the time being i removed Fly TAMPA - EHAM Regards Jo va Bra
  5. Jovabra

    EFB - Runway missing

    I have the same problem not only with 09-27 but also with 360L. Checked the FlyTampa configurator and all runways are open. Regar4ds Jo va Bra
  6. Jovabra

    PMDG EFB on iPad

    +1 Regards Jo va Bra
  7. Jovabra

    ECL zoom funtion

    Oke found it. It is a smaller spot if you compare it with the nav display. Problem solved. Thanks. Regards Jo va Bra
  8. If didn't find the ECL zoom function. I found a solution. If you opened an EICAS systempage in the zoom (+) mode and than you openend the ECL page you have the ECL in the zoomed format. If you have the mouse function enabled you can scroll through the CL items. Succes Regards Jo va Bra
  9. Hi all, After submitting a ticket problem solved. Great piece of software and an excellent after sales service. 👍 Thanks PMDG team. Regards Jo va Bra
  10. Hi, Same issue with my creditcard. Jo va Bra
  11. Jovabra

    Time Out Purchasing 747-8

    Hi all, Same problem. and double charged. (Confirmed by my creditcard company) A few minutes ago i submitted a support ticktet. Regards. Jo va Bra
  12. Great job. When can we download them? Regards Jo va Br
  13. Jovabra

    No DME for the ILS

    Sorry my mistake. This is the correct link. Regards and succes Jo va Braa
  14. Jovabra

    No DME for the ILS

    Hi, Are you sure about a paired ILS/DME fequencie at EHAM 18C. If i read the latest nav chart is see only that the distance is related from SPL (108.4 VOR/DME) Regards. Jo va Braa
  15. Jovabra

    Drzewiecki Seattle?

    Scenery is ok but you have a take-off warning due to problems with the ZIBO 737 spoiler/speedbrake handle. Unable to keep the handle in the correct position. Glad 😞 to hear that i'm not the only one with this annoying problem. Regards - Jo va Bra