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  1. Same aircraft other flightsim but very interesting. There are 3 more instruction movies. Regards Jo va Bra
  2. Different flightsim same aircraft. 4 training movies and a very good information about IAS, vert speed etc
  3. Altitude Selector Knob

    For me, only the use of the keyboard TAB function+rotating is working. Regards Jo va Bra
  4. I performed i new installation and at this moment everything works fine. Thanks and regards, Jo va Bra
  5. I'm missing many lights. Background lights overhead panel, Capt and Co-pilot instrument light. Regards Jo va BRa
  6. Hi all, If i select a Thrust mode i see no any kind of activation light somewhere. Also on the panel itself is no indication if push a button light. Only the EPR limit is moving. Thats all. I suspect somewhere a confirmation about the selected mode. Regards jo va Bra
  7. Whew! That was close!

  8. Hi all, Not a big problem. Something for a next service update. If you activate the Cold&dark in the Loadmanager the full levers are in the On position. The off position is the correct postion in Cold & Dark. When you use the Cold&Dark in the Add-ons the fuel levers are in the Off postions. So the correct position. Add info: on this side No brake problems at all. (I'm using Brunner Hardware) Regards Jo va Bra
  9. Spoilers Armed?? Regards Jo va Bra
  10. Hi all, There are about 10 Maddog X tutorial movies on youtube. No 1 Tutorial link: For the other ones Google is your friend. Regards and succes Jo va Bra
  11. Hi all, 1. APU air bleed on.2. Supply Switch in Auto and 3. Don't forget to set the Pneumatic X-feed valve (aft part of the pedestal) to the open position. On my location OAT -3deg. cabin temp after a few minutes 22 deg Regards and success
  12. FsLabs a320 for P3D 4.2 Released

    Hi all, Installed FSL A320 for Prepar3dV4.2. and Spotlight I make my firts successful flight fro,, EHAM to LOWI. EHAM scenery FlyTampa and LOWI ORBX. In the background ChasePlane, Active SKY (beta) and NAV-Charts. No problems at all this flight. Framerate between 30 and 35. Regards an success. Jo va Bra
  13. 737NGX & P3D ver 4.2 and nosewheel steering

    Did you performed an autoland? Don't forget to switch off the autopilot otherwise your aircraft will follow the runway centre line commanded by the ILS signal. Regards Jo va Bra
  14. Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Only the client.msi installed. Recommended by LM Regards
  15. Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Just installed version 4.2. Be carefull FSL a320 does not work. You got a message: Wrong Prepar3D4 version installed. Regards and succes Jo va Bra