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  1. Ben, When will it be possible to download the videos for offline use?
  2. Hi Ben, Same question about the download ETA Regards John
  3. For Eng #2 Rev max -1.00/-0.97 Rev idle -0.88/-0.60 Fwd Idle -0.50/-0.35 CL -0.20/ 0.20 FLX 0.54/0.55 Toga 97/1.00 Succes
  4. After some time of testing a reasonably well-functioning TCA in combination with the FlightsimLabs Airbus. I found the following: First, set battery power/Ground Power on the plane. Eg Both batteries on. Otherwise the throttle levers are not in the 0 or the iddle position but somewhere at 10% 2. Disable all axes and buttons in FSUIPC 3. Go to the Prepar3D hardware settings and Control Calibration. TCA Q-eng 1&2. Set both throttle axes sensetivity to 1 and the 0 zone to 4 or 5. The sensors are hypersensitive. 4. Strengthens the force of the throttle levers. My settings: (eng 1 & 2 are slightly different) Rev max -1.00/-0.95 Rev idle -0.8/-0.6 Fwd Idle -0.50/-0.40 CL -0.20/ 0.20 FLX 0.45/0.55 Toga 97/1.00 Succes Jo va Bra
  5. I have also a CFY throttle. First install the CFY software. https://cockpitforyou.com/WebRoot/Store1/Shops/2c95f1b7-0292-44fb-beed-ddf57573f479/MediaGallery/TQ_Software/V1-7-63/CFY_TQ_Console_no_Simconnect_V1.7.63.zip 2. Install vJoy. (is not always needed) 3. If you open the CFY software you find two Green Radio Trim Lights. If you hit your trim switch select vJoy and assign the to B-51(up) and B52 for dwn. The normal set-up is auto but i have Brunner yoke so i need this setting. I didn't modify in the XUIPC On the CFY website you find more information about XPUIPC versions etc. Succes John
  6. Warning of incompatible hardware. The PMDG 737NGXu already has problems with the existing hardware. The PMDG 737 NGX works without problems. Example: 1. Brunner yoke no AutoPilot coupling-feedback 2. CPflight panels: only the MCP. Other panels work partially or not at all 3. Cockpitforyou CFY moterized throttle quadrant does not work. This is a disappointing experience with the PMDG 737NGXu. If it doesn't work in the Prepar3Dv4 already then I fear the worst for the new Flightsim2020. Regards JvB
  7. I have this hardware: 1. Brunner Yoke. PMDG 737NGX works perfectly. PMDG NGXu only basis but force feedback and didn't follow the AP 2. CPflight MCP and other panels PMDG 737NGX - works perfectly. PMDG NGXu nothing works 3. Cockpitforyou TQv4 PMDG NGX works perfectly. PMDG NGXu nothing works PMDG NGXu is waiting in the hangar for modifacities from PMDG and/or the hardware suppliers. Each hardware supplier is informed Regards
  8. Also in the Prepar3dV4 sim. Thanks for this "top" advice👍
  9. It is the marker sound. Looking at the Blue flashing light in the Nav Display. On the Audio Select Panel you can switch the sound to off. Regards
  10. Terry, For specific information about the ZIBO 737mod you find all the information you need on https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/forum/384-zibo-b738-800-modified/ Regards Jo va Bra
  11. Hi, have the yoke (CLS-E) and the rudder from 02-03-2016 and no problems at all. In some aircrafts you have the feed back in your yoke (Roll/Pitch) and by overpower the AP disconnect. There are a lot of profiles available for different aircrafts so take one and modify it so you are happy with settings your adjustments. Regards and succes Jo va Bra
  12. For me!! B767-300 with PW4000 and GE CF6- and the famous MD11 Regards
  13. Why not using ZIBO mod 737-800. It is free and a great airplane. Somewhere on the xplane org
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