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  1. Flightsim related?? Are there no other forums for this sort of simulations.
  2. Hi PlainandSimple... How many times are you visiting a real 737 aircraft? I mean not a new one in the Boeing factory. This aircraft is a workhorse. Regards Jo va Bra
  3. HighHiron for your info: i always purchase my flightsim software and visit fora i’m using my iMac and Safari. Never a strange login messages. Before i am using Firefox but all the last updates is not a benefit. Regards and success
  4. Try another browser. Chrome- Opera-Firefox. Forget outlook regards. Jo va Bra
  5. And the movie maker is also deaf and does not say anything. Weird guy.
  6. Wingflex on arrival
  7. Wingflex minimum fuel at St Maarten TNCM
  8. Chris733: 1. How do you know that the realworld LH B747 picture the aircraft is loaded with 120000kg fuel 2. It is a flightsim so the cockpit is your "office" and not looking outside to compare every bolt/not or rivet. Regards and enjoy the flightsim in the cockpit. Jo va Bra
  9. Mike, Agree with your conclusions. I'm also the happy owner of the Brunner yoke and pedals. I'm not a real world GA pilot (only a very long time ago) So a use the Brunner presets available and they are made by realworld GA pilots.. For me it is impossible to judge software flightsims with the use of rubberband plastic Joysticks/pedals Jo va Bra
  10. The update is released today. Name: Cumulative update for Win10 version 1709 for x64 systems. (Kb4054517) Regards
  11. Hi all, The Win10 update is ready to download. For my system it’s the solution for all the flightsim problems in the last few weeks Succes Regards. Jo va Bra
  12. 777-300

    Downloaded and installed. Yesterday i was unable to load the PMDG 747 QoTS and at this momemt no problems at all. Pulldown menu tabs are working. So for me every thing is back as normal. Other flightsimmers success with the update. Regards Jo va Bra
  13. FSX-MS

    I’m using Flightradar24. Actual and realtime landing and departure runways. Jo va Bra
  14. 777-300

    New Win update is available. Cumulative update for Win10 version 1709 for x65 systems. (Kb4054517) regards Jo va Bra
  15. Scott, Reinstalled Simconnect Prepar3dV4. Loaded Prepar3dV4 and auto loaded CP than i can perform 3 times a view switch and than it is blocked. Regards, Jo