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  1. Hi all, After submitting a ticket problem solved. Great piece of software and an excellent after sales service. 👍 Thanks PMDG team. Regards Jo va Bra
  2. Hi, Same issue with my creditcard. Jo va Bra
  3. Jovabra

    Time Out Purchasing 747-8

    Hi all, Same problem. and double charged. (Confirmed by my creditcard company) A few minutes ago i submitted a support ticktet. Regards. Jo va Bra
  4. Great job. When can we download them? Regards Jo va Br
  5. Jovabra

    No DME for the ILS

    Sorry my mistake. This is the correct link. Regards and succes Jo va Braa
  6. Jovabra

    No DME for the ILS

    Hi, Are you sure about a paired ILS/DME fequencie at EHAM 18C. If i read the latest nav chart is see only that the distance is related from SPL (108.4 VOR/DME) Regards. Jo va Braa
  7. Jovabra

    Drzewiecki Seattle?

    Scenery is ok but you have a take-off warning due to problems with the ZIBO 737 spoiler/speedbrake handle. Unable to keep the handle in the correct position. Glad 😞 to hear that i'm not the only one with this annoying problem. Regards - Jo va Bra
  8. Jovabra

    Amazing ipad weather ap

    Agree about 👍
  9. Hi vp49p3 I have a set of rudder pedals. Same Swiss quality. Heavy metal 🙂 Force is also adjustable. Regards Jo va Bra
  10. See this video. It say more than words
  11. Jovabra

    P3D 4.2 and PMDG737NGX - autoland???

    Henk, I performed a few minutes ago a succefull Autoland on runway 360R. (Aalsmeer baan)There are a lot of selections in the arrival selections but you need the ILS 36R and not RNAV 36R, NDM36R etc. So only ILS36R Track 002 and ILS freq 111.95. I intercept EH636 at 2000ft. Observed no abnormalitys. Succes and greetings from a city near EHAM Jo va Bra
  12. Hi Did you install also the second part of the update. First the update and after some seconds you've got a question about somconnect etc. This is also important. Regards and succes Jo va Bra
  13. Jovabra

    Recycling the Flight Directors

    killthespam wrote: "in flight, with the A/P disengaged and both F/D switches OFF, the first F/D switch positioned to ON activates the F/D in: vertical speed (V/S) as the pitch mode, and heading hold (HDG HOLD) as the roll mode, or if bank angle greater than five degrees, attitude hold (ATT)" This is correct you didn't want a FD signal what is wrong with the actual sitution (within limits). The FD is synchronising the actual situation within the limits about heading and V/S Regards Jo va Bra
  14. Jovabra

    Recycling the Flight Directors

    Hi all, During my technical Boeing 747/767/777 avionics training i learned that if you switched off the flight directors you've got a total AP/FD reset. so i think it is a correct observation from cagrikartal. Sorry my technical training document are distroyed 😞 Regards Jo va Bra
  15. Nick All forces are adjustable. If you select the right standard profile as a start item you can adjusted the roll/pitch force to what you want. Maybe not to realistic values but it possible. If you start with the basic C172 your elevator is full down at the ground due to no wind force. If you accelerate you feel the the force on your elevator and it comes to neutral if your speed is about 60 kts. Even the pressure on the aileron is also increasing so your rotational force adjustble. If you want to feel motor vibration in the yoke? it is posible. I don't lile it but that's another question. I'm using the yoke most of the time for the PMDG 737 and you can activate the hydraulic logic so if you have a total hydraulic failure you feel it in the force to control the aircraft. Regards Jo va Bra