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  1. Hi Erich, I have the PFC 737 throttle set with reversers flaps and speedbrake/spoilers handles. It is a modulair system so you can make your own choice about the throtlle configuration. See: Succes Jo va Bra (20 months the happy owner of the Brunner Yoke and Rudder/brake system)
  2. Killthespam, Thanks for the information. I changed my FSUIPC setting and checked the reversers. First look is oke. Regards Jo va Bra
  3. Killthespam, Thanks for the information. I changed my FSUIPC setting and checked the reversers. First look is oke. Regards Jo va Bra
  4. Jovabra

    New Brunner CLS-E NG Yoke

    Hi, I have the CLS-E yoke and the travel is 150 mm acc the Brunner spec.What about the th 90mm i don't know. So there is a difference between with the CLSE-E and the CLSE-E NG. Regards J va Bra
  5. Drew, I have also a Brunner CLE yoke and it is a great product. Exelent after sales service. No days or weeks in the "waiting room".Not comparable with any other rubber band/spring yoke. Perhaps is the look more a GA aicraft but the functonality is great. Sometime i don't understand the flightsimmers. They want almost a 100% reality of the software but are flying with cheap gaming hardware (Microsoft-Sony game controllers). I have also the PFC 737 Throttle set and i have no ploblems at all. Change the USB input and keep an eye on the power management of the USB ports. Activate the "search for new hardware" in Windows. I found my PFC hardware in the Configuration setup under the "Blue Tooth and Hardware" screen. I have also FSUIPC 5 and everything is working correct. With the the PMDG products i have the most troubles special the reverser funtions. I used one button on the yoke and assign this within FSUIPC to the F2 key. In X-Plane 11 i have no trouble at all Regards and succes Jo va Bra
  6. Jovabra

    PDF flight tutorial

    Great guide and nice work. Thanks Regards Jo va Bra
  7. I did not armed the Altitude Capture function. In my opinion is the Altitude Select window the "Boss" so not in this aircraft. The Altitude waring is audible that's all. Other airplane different procedures. Thanks for your info and regards Jo va Bra
  8. Hi all, During a Vert Speed descent from flight level 330 to 6000 ft altitude the aircraft ignore the selected altitude. I am descending at -1800 ft and the aircraft is going down to 0000 ft. A/P and A/T in command so a manual intervention was required. Just in time for a successful manual landing at LYBE (Belgrade) In my opnion the aircraft must changed from the Vert Speed mode to Alt Hold at the selected altitude. Regards Jo va Bra
  9. Hi, What do yo think about this one? I have the Two Engine Jet Enhanced Spoiler/Throttle/Reverser/Flap (with GA Button) Succes Jo va Bra
  10. Jovabra

    Brake Overheat/Autobrake Problems

    Hi all, I removed all the SavedPanelstates files in the FSX/PMDG/PMDG777/SavedPanelstates. After 3 successful flights i think the throttle and the brake overheat problems are solved. Regards, J va Bra
  11. Jovabra

    Brake Overheat/Autobrake Problems

    Hi all I did a complete removal by the book and installed the T777-200 FSX again. (virus protection switched off) I performed a cold&dark startup sequence response of eng#1. Engine start is normal and i've got a normal N1-N2 EGT oil press indication but when i'm moving my throttle levers only eng 2 is "live". The lever #1 is moving and i have an throttle lever indication in view in the N1 indicator. So no brake test is possible. I am reading in another forum there are some brake problems in combination with AEROSOFT AES. To be continued Regards Jo va Bra
  12. Jovabra

    Brake Overheat/Autobrake Problems

    I don't compare apples and oranges but the are both fruit so any compare must be acceptable. Of course i read and accept other recommandations but for me they are not working. I did not say it were as bad as it is, it is is only the T777 with this problem. I'm familiair with soft-and hardware and i have never used the word "bug" but i try to find a solution not only for me but also for other flightsim hobbyist. And please believe me, not everybody writing complaints. But you must also accept that it is possible that there is a sort of software glitch with some hard-and software combination and try to avoid the standard answer; It is not the PMDG software but you. I'm reading many various fora and many errors/complaint etc and the most of them i have never had this kind of trouble. Regards - sometimes we find the solution and keep :-) Jo va Bra
  13. Jovabra

    Brake Overheat/Autobrake Problems

    Strange about T777 dragging brakes. For example, I have no problems with the PMDG 737-747-DC6 and the the FSL A320, Captainsim 757, QW 787,TFDI 717, Leonardo MD80 and a lot of GA aircrafts. I'm using the BRUNNER flightsim yoke and the BRUNNER brake/rudder hardware. They are interfaced thrue an Ethernet connection with there own interface software. FSUIPC is NOT in use for this hardware. All controls are disabled in FSUIPC and in the hardware settings in FSX or Prepar3dV4. All the calibrations and adjustments are performed in the BRUNNER CLS2sim software. Regards Jo va Bra
  14. Jovabra

    Brake Overheat/Autobrake Problems

    Hi all, Situation: Setup the aircraft at Gate E8 EHAM to EGLL. Taxing to runway 09. Observed the brake temp to the runway no problems. During T/O acceleration i've got a warning about the the brake temp. See picture Regards Jo va Bra
  15. Same aircraft other flightsim but very interesting. There are 3 more instruction movies. Regards Jo va Bra