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  1. teopereira

    MD-11 Gone Forever?

    MD-11 is a thrilling aircraft. Its a pitty that such complex simulation is being thrown in the garbage.
  2. teopereira

    Braking sound

    I think the braking whistle is a bit audible, specially when the reverse is deactivated... What do you think?
  3. teopereira

    Braking sound

    No, in the passenger cabin it's very audible... Maybe it is in the cockpit too...
  4. teopereira

    Braking sound

    Braking! Thanks!
  5. teopereira

    Braking sound

    Hello, just to remember that it would be pretty awesome to have the braking sound in the NGX V3... It's very audible both inside and outside the aircraft on landings... Thanks!
  6. Congratulations, PMDG! GFO is something I was waiting for years! Finally we can feel like we are working in a airline company! Thank you!! Can't wait for GFO!
  7. teopereira

    Old-school version?

    It would be nice to have an old school cockpit, so we can simulate flight on the 70's and early 80's... I think its a bit more challenging.
  8. teopereira

    Old-school version?

    Just would like to know whether you are considering to make a version with the "old school" cockpit, like this one:
  9. teopereira

    FSEarth Tiles

    I've managed to solve the problem: ServiceUrl = http://khm0.google.com/kh?t=t%s&n=404&v=748 Works ok...
  10. teopereira

    27k take-off performance table?

    Yesterday, I took off from Santos Dumont Airport (Rio de Janeiro), from a 1323 m / 4340 ft runway with a 737-800 SFP 27k for a 700 NM trip... Just curious how much load it could take...
  11. teopereira

    27k take-off performance table?

    I'm looking for a table to calculate the take-off performance of a 737-800 with 27k engines... Where could I find it?
  12. Is it possible to choose another approch in VOX ATC?
  13. I can't connect to the Google server for the satellite photos... Has anyone the same problem?
  14. teopereira

    FSEarth Tiles

    I'm trying to use FSEarth Tiles, but it seems the Google server for the satellite photos are unavailable. Do you have the same problem?
  15. teopereira

    Up next?

    Concorde is an astonishing aircraft from a technical standpoint, has state of the art technology from the 70's... Would be very nice to learn to fly one... But only 14 were ever delivered, so not vert popular... and a Concorde can only takeoff and land on very long runways... It's a very complex aircraft, so not easy to learn... In comparison: Boeing 707 - 865 built Boeing 737-200 - 1200 built Boeing 727 - 1832 built Boeing 747 classics (100, 200 and 300) - 600 built And by undertanding how these old Boeing jets work you can have a better appreciation of the technical difficulties those pilots faced and the advances developed on later Boeing aircrafts...