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  1. Back to MSFS it is. See ya
  2. And i’m also talking about P3D
  3. I’ll share my opinion if i want. I’m just saying recently i have switched and find MSFS more enjoyable as its a brand new upto date engine core and atleast the team at MSFS are fully engaged with future updates. MSFS is far more superior in using all the GPU. I still use P3D for single engine training on my full size fixed 737 training device.
  4. I’ve been using P3D for many years with prosim737 my homecockpit. I have now ditched P3D and turned to MSFS and using the Prosim737 flightmodel with MSFS. Even Mkstudios have ditched P3D updates. The new Dublin V2 is amazing with the new parallel runway which P3D will never have at this moment in time. Even MSFS uses all new Nvidia hardware settings like DLSS. Game changer! For ME the future is MSFS.
  5. Guys! New Link and Project https://www.virtualperformancetool.com
  6. Hi, The map is minimizing just that i need to bring the pop up menu everytime for selecting my custom pushback route. I have a 737 homecockpit so i want to avoid the use of the keyboard
  7. Hi, I’ve gone back to UGCX and have a few questions. 1. I have just created a custom pushback at LIRP, Facing East. Is there a way i can just select that pushback route without the route map chart popping up? Because if i select user defined that map keeps coming up on my screen. I use a 737 Homecockpit so i just want to press a key to active my user defined pushback 2. Is it possible like i mentioned above to assign a key to my user defined pushback route without the map coming up? Thanks
  8. Have you got this addon?
  9. I just tested Vol clouds ON. At EPKK its light snow and no snow is showing. When i turn Vol OFF i get snow?
  10. Thanks for that. Do you also have your monitor HDR enabled in windows?
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