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  1. From day 1 i have followed NickN over at simforums for his Windows bible guide and haswel overclock guide. I have had nothing but stability over the past few years. P3D V5 worked straight out the box with not one CTD in 4 weeks. Utter smoothness and great stability. NickN is probably the only one that i have followed and the only one i go to for guidance and help.
  2. I installed the new V3.1 for P3D V5 But at night i get this strange night texture. I have tried a reinstall. Orbx Global and Orbx OLC Europe also installed https://www.dropbox.com/s/akildryb9ap3hr9/Photo 28-05-2020%2C 18 54 33.jpg?dl=0
  3. I just installed this and the rain textures flash. Not sure what is causing this..
  4. Isn’t the frame limiter in NVCP useless and has no affect in P3D? This was according to Nick N at Simforums
  5. Ok, is this something that can be fixed?
  6. The reason i ask, i see blurry scenery in the distance maybe 30nm away. I use Orbx and FS Global 2020
  7. So what Tweaks can we safely use in V5? I just added that FFTF = 0.1
  8. Hi steve, So how many layers should we set in ASP3D with TS? Hope all is well mate
  9. Gates - parking etc are only showing when requesting for the car to show up?
  10. I have a 737 homecockpit and is it possible to not use the airport map to select your parking position? But instead have it selected in the pop up user box? Just like GSX please
  11. Still getting problems. I have disabled my PTT and using the non PTT feature and works great
  12. This guys work is truly amazing he is a real world pilot and has brought his own EFB out with the Boeing OPT. Registration is now open and it’s completely free. I have been testing the landing performance all week it and certainly matches the real OPT figures. Please note this is WIP and he is still to implement takeoff performance. This also has failures unlike Zibo https://737efb.online Enjoy !!!
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