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  1. Need advice please! I have the ASUS Z87-A my current GPU is GTX980ti I’m wanting to upgrade my GPU for a EVGA GTX1080 because Dynamic Lighting is hitting hard. I have P3D V4.2 and just recently updated from V3. My question is - will the 1080 fit and work with my MB ? thanks
  2. ASCA graphics installation taking more than 5 minutes to complete. skipping graphics activation. check asca logs for error. I'm using P3d V4.2 windows 7
  3. Updating to V4.1

    Thanks guys. Thats me all up and running. I have to say that DL kills your frames or what? i really had to back down all sliders.
  4. Updating to V4.1

    Hi guys i’m currently downloading V4. I have been away from this site for about 8 months as i use Prosim and haven’t really touched V3.4 in like 8 months. I’m hoping you guys can point me in the right direction with what addons i can leave installed? I use - Uk2000, GSX, FSDreamTeam scenery, FTX Orbx, AS16 + ASCA and FS Global Ultimate. Do i need tweaks and what settings are best for a 78” samsung 4k TV?

    Not at my PC. But just a question, would you recommend these presets over predrags URP
  6. How do i resolve this error ERROR applying custom tweak [Clouds directional lighting 1] : the desired block is not found Applying [Clouds directional lighting 2] to C:\P3D\ShadersHLSL\Cloud.fx ERROR applying custom tweak [Clouds directional lighting 2] : the desired block is not found Applying [Clouds directional lighting 3] to C:\P3D\ShadersHLSL\Cloud.fx ERROR applying custom tweak [Clouds directional lighting 3] : the desired block is not found Preset has been applied with errors. See log above Shaders cache cleared
  7. Looking for some advice. I'm wanting to upgrade my hardware for V4 coming out i'll do the upgrade in a few months after i require new hardware. I'm running a i74770k, ASUS Z87-A and a EVGA GTX980ti. Using windows 7 I read on simforums (Nick) that a Skylake i76700k is ideal and a 1070 for V4 link below. So what hardware will i need to upgrade to a skylake CPU chip guys?
  8. Cockpit for You 737TQ Silver v3 need help syncing

    Have you sent this to Torsten? Or even posted this on Prosim forum where there more experienced users of this throttle? A user called Holi is very experienced with CFY and will help as much as he can I don't think anyone can help you here and you maybe wasting your time
  9. Engine response time

    Range Ring in the fix page (3x Cruise level / 10nm / 4/5nm) Passing 10nm you need to be 3,2,1 = 3,000ft, 200kts and Flap 1. (10nm Rule) 500’ continue/go-around call All used to Prevent HEA (High Energy Prevention)
  10. Engine response time

    4 VMC and 5 IMC
  11. Cockpit for You 737TQ Silver v3 need help syncing

    This Fully Motorized TQ works flawlessly with Prosim 737 Suite which i'm buying by the end of this month for my home cockpit. Once i purchase it and Torsten sends it out i can dig out the NGX which has acquired alot of dust by now and test on my end. But i believe Torsten has visited Luthansa last week to discuss the TQ and i might hold off for his updates
  12. Tweaks!

    Done a test with my 4k samsung 78" and its smooth as butter. Monitor set at 30hz frames at unlimited with P3D V-sync and triple buffer on at KSEA with dense clouds
  13. Tweaks!

    Guys if i run my samsung TV 4k at 30hz down from 60hz, will i set unlimited frames in P3D or 30
  14. Tweaks!

    Cheers for all the input guys. I do believe certain tweaks are valuable for the sim and may improve performance somehow. should i leave NVCP alone? He mentioned to set Adaptive Vsync and triple buffer
  15. Tweaks!

    Anyone tried this guys setup?