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  1. When i go to create a custom route and right click my mouse in the sim. I find all the options are greyed out? Ie add waypoint? Airport is uk2000 EGGD
  2. This entry fixes the problem Could you try adding the following to the [SIM] section of your Prepar3D.cfg and report any findings: CODE: SELECT ALL DisableHighResolutionContactReaction=True http://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=140885
  3. I have tried this option it does not work! Come on guys surely someone is using this Airport addon can report back please?
  4. Hi, I have an issue with the latest LPPT airport addon for HF1 P3D V5.1 When i taxi over M3 there is an under bridge once my plane crosses over that point it gets jammed it flips into the air. What is causing this? I know a friend also suffers from this. Does anyone else? I have sent two support tickets with no reply. Thanks
  5. Hi Driver170,


    was looking to download a copy of the boeing 737 efb guide but your link is no longer available any chance of a copy please -

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/lrjbj2t4wwdv89p/737EFB-OPT-Manual-english 1.pdf?dl=0

    thanks Rob

  6. Just the stable from the website
  7. Hi, Loving UGCX with Prosim737 which brings more realism. I recently just installed it again with my new Rig and its all working nicely. Any news on updates? Last one was last year in May 2020
  8. I’m still having this issue and uninstall ASCA it just stays on the uninstall window and the uninstall progress bar doesn’t show loading (uninstall)
  9. Hi, regarding Photogrammetry Buildings is this based on internet connection
  10. Nothing to do with the monitor. I also get this problem with my smaller screen.
  11. Let me try also my smaller Gaming monitor as currently around Manhattan on my 78” 4k Samsung i get blurry buildings.
  12. Hi, I flew over New York for a test flight. I’m seeing all the ground textures and objects really blurry. i74770k, GTX1080ti
  13. Running a SAMSUNG MONITOR 78” at 4k Can someone please confirm that HT - Hyperthreading actually boosts your performance? Has anyone been successful? Because I’ve actually gained smoothness with this enabled YESSSSSS My rig is: i74770k OC 4.2, Asus Z87-A MOB, GTX1080ti
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