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  1. Lets get real. P3D V6 isn’t going anywhere
  2. Still issues with dusk and dawn textures being black! Come on
  3. I also can’t see any ground textures during dusk and dawn also.
  4. Will Orbx release an independant installer sometime?
  5. I’m not touching Orbx until something official comes our way for V6
  6. But have they now ditched updates for P3D?
  7. Hi, Is rumours true Mk has ditched P3D updates? With DUB new Runway and dual runway ops now in force how can we still use DUB addon airport from Mkstudios if they aren’t updating anymore
  8. And i’m also talking about P3D
  9. I’ll share my opinion if i want. I’m just saying recently i have switched and find MSFS more enjoyable as its a brand new upto date engine core and atleast the team at MSFS are fully engaged with future updates. MSFS is far more superior in using all the GPU. I still use P3D for single engine training on my full size fixed 737 training device.
  10. I’ve been using P3D for many years with prosim737 my homecockpit. I have now ditched P3D and turned to MSFS and using the Prosim737 flightmodel with MSFS. Even Mkstudios have ditched P3D updates. The new Dublin V2 is amazing with the new parallel runway which P3D will never have at this moment in time. Even MSFS uses all new Nvidia hardware settings like DLSS. Game changer! For ME the future is MSFS.
  11. Guys! New Link and Project https://www.virtualperformancetool.com
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