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  1. I have had a simular issue, it is caused by another (4th) monitor with a different refreshrate . After switching on and off tb or vs it works correctly again. Have posted it on p3d forum but no luck. Bought another 4th screen ( for the gps) with a higher refresh rate and no issue anymore
  2. it is to do with the visibility layer thickness/altitude, if it is quite low ( i suspect around 13000ft in your case ) you will get a band like this .
  3. P3D V6... Never gone back to v5, as said above in a couple of threads it is far superior to v5 etc in many ways. Looks a lot better and more realistic weather ( snow and rain effects etc) It is fastly different to the previous versions. Flight models feels better as well. The add-ons work just fine but not directly compatibel sadly. It takes either using v5 or the registry methode to get them installed. To make the most use you need a better graphics card ( at least i do ) but it runs very well and looks and feels a lot better. I havent used V5 at all anymore , other than using it to get my scenery into V6. MSFS i use for VR but for my Dehavilland Dove cockpit it is just not good enough. It is nice as a whole package for the enthousiast but just is not real enough as a dedicated flight sim product, it is indeed for entertainement and that is it . I do not like many of the msfs flight models ( i fly real airplanes 8000 plus hours so i know a little bit about real aircraft) ., The p3d models feel a lot more realistic to me. Yes i know it does not use any of the fancy Xplane kind of model creaction stuff but it just doesn't feel right .
  4. Thanks for the reply, The monitor is g sync compatible, It will upscale 30 fps to 60 etc . I have found a work around using 100 hz setting on the monitor , 50 fps with vert sync and triple buffer ( causes another wierd thing see my other thread) and nv inspector with 1/2 refresh rate etc but would like g-sync to be usable.
  5. No it stops working full stop, also when i disconnect the other monitor . So just by undocking the window...
  6. As it says in the tilte : For some reason triple buffer seems to be broken in v6 ( have not tried others). Since i can not use g sync i have to try and find another sollution. That involves vert sync and triple buffer . I have found a way but what happens is the following: Any time i use triple buffer and go into the menu( other than weather) or change anything in a windows menu or reload a new airport/p[lane / scenario etc , my frames drop from a fixed 50 fps with unlimited fps and 100 hz on my monitors to 30 fps. When i then reselect triple buffer in the graphics settings in p3d it is fixed again to 50fps and working again. It has the same behaviour with all kinds of hz/ fps settings combinations, other than using 60 hz and 60 fps fixed ( not usable for me). Has anyone seen this?
  7. Hello all! Gsync works fine, in nvidia cp set up and vrr in p3dv6. Problem is it brakes as soon as you undock a window to slew it to another monitor, that is not gsync!. You can only dock it again on the main window but then it works fine again. Seperate gps is not usable. Vertical sync behaviour is wierd , tried to set it up with 60 hz ( monitor can run at 60 hz but 165 is native) but in p3dv6.1 performance is an issue and running 3x 2k at 60hz is a struggle....
  8. Hello All ! and happy new year ! I am running into gsync and vert sync issues in v6 ( did not try v5): The issues i run into is twofold: 1. G-sync works fine untill you undock a window ( in my case a gps ) and slew it onto another screen. G-sync stops working then. Docking the window again in the main screen will make g-sync working again but an external gps is impossible that way. 2. Trying to solve it using vsync etc causes strange behavior, it works , no tearing but a lot of stuttering. I have tried all kinds of combinations. Wierd thing is when i activate and then de activate tripple buffer the screen is smooth and it goes to half the refresh rate of the screen, doesn t matter at what herz i put the screen its always half of that . But smooth . I need to do this every time i restart p3d. It is this way an all v6 versions (incl 6.1) . have not tried it on other versions. Graphics card is rtx 4080 with latest driver ( driver change doesnt matter i tried) and running triple screen in nvidia surround and en extra small touchscreen for the gps . Thanks !
  9. Hello all, I just upgraded my triplescreen setup to gsync monitors, they work great untill........ You open the gps window and undock it to move it to my 4th screen. Gsync breaks and all is unusable. I can only dock the window in the window00 wich is my main screen. Running it standalone would be great but is impossible.... any ideas? Kind regards, Remco
  10. Ah yes, i can not change the orbx entries in p3dv6.... need an external program or orbx to do that i guess
  11. here’s what to do: go to [your install path]\Orbx P3D Library\p3dv5\Orbx Libraries\Orbx\Scripts\custom.gb_base Rename AutogenDescriptions.spb to AutogenDescriptions original.spb Make a copy of AutogenDescriptions_Legacy.spb and rename it to AutogenDescriptions.spb This step i skipped , thinking the libraries were up to date... nope . So now i got he legacy trees but it works.
  12. As the title says , after having tried to install all orbx scenery i have folowing the guide on here i end up with no trees....
  13. P3dV6 has surprised me in a positive way! i think it is a good step up from v5. Most stuff works and it looks and feels a lot better !
  14. Just tried it , runway lights seem to be square ? And my dme at amsterdam stock scenery was 2-3 miles off ….
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