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  1. Ah yes, i can not change the orbx entries in p3dv6.... need an external program or orbx to do that i guess
  2. here’s what to do: go to [your install path]\Orbx P3D Library\p3dv5\Orbx Libraries\Orbx\Scripts\custom.gb_base Rename AutogenDescriptions.spb to AutogenDescriptions original.spb Make a copy of AutogenDescriptions_Legacy.spb and rename it to AutogenDescriptions.spb This step i skipped , thinking the libraries were up to date... nope . So now i got he legacy trees but it works.
  3. As the title says , after having tried to install all orbx scenery i have folowing the guide on here i end up with no trees....
  4. P3dV6 has surprised me in a positive way! i think it is a good step up from v5. Most stuff works and it looks and feels a lot better !
  5. Just tried it , runway lights seem to be square ? And my dme at amsterdam stock scenery was 2-3 miles off ….
  6. or indeed testing it well and then release it on the flightsim expo in houston
  7. Ether they are doing some proper testing on it or there are some proper issues with it i guess
  8. How long does a closed beta usually take to become a release? Can remember it was a couple of months in the past if any.. Seems to take a long time for v6 to be released!
  9. Just updated to 12 and vr sound does not work correct with reverb g2 . I have to switch of active spatial sound to get it to work again...
  10. I must say that i still am very happy with p3dv5.3 .It runs great and without problems. Wondering now when v6 will be released, beta was announced a long time ago and appearently on you tube an addon was announced with v6 install in it (see other thread as well ) https://youtu.be/2izyl_YHUxU i wonder if this is real...
  11. Same here, as said earlier i need p3dv5.2 because it is the only software that will run my dove sim correctly and i am very happy with the way it works right now. I use ms2020 with vr goggles which is fun but still having a lot of issues and it is no substitute for my cockpit. I also need p3d to remain compatible with my add ons in the future because it is the only sim that has a good de-havilland dove for it...
  12. They are great things and still good for ifr training!
  13. It seems like both p3dv5 and ms2020 were rushed out to compete with each other. Personally i don't think V5.2 still is a beta, the cloud thing still is but the rest isn't in my opinion . Also because you can use the EA without the clouds now. I do think it was rushed to compete against ms2020, witch is a bit odd because they are not really competing with each other...or are they... MS2020 was a new product they rushed out of the door to be head to head against V5 i think. For me , being a professional pilot and having spend hundreds of hours in full flight simulators, i can confirm that a professional sims visual is no where near as detailed as most eye-candy pc sims are. They are getting better but they all have the "Standard" world , like p3d has and you have to pay for enhanced airports , just like we do. They are about systems, flight characteristics, and the feeling of flight that requires a smooth!!!! stutterfree visual system!!! not the stutterfest clips that i see most of the time on youtube with everything maxed out. Remember that with zero flight time training the first time you actually see the real aircraft there are passengers on board so the sim has to be really good!!!! Training has progressed or rather changed a lot over the years. You used to get weeks of groundschool 15 years ago, no you get a dvd or usb stick with a CBT program on it that you do for 2 days and then straight into the sim for the minimum amount of hours that they can legally give you to get qualified. A lot of your own time is invested now in typeratings ( and money as well in some low cost airlines) . For me in my home sim its about the feeling of flight and not the eyecandy.
  14. I am not sure that vr is the future for everyone, it is very impressive and immersive , hardware is catching up, but i stil prefer real switches etc......
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