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  1. hervesors

    VOR and NDB ranges

    As explained by Dan, many navaids that are part of the low/high airway system do not necessarily have a reception range that permits conventional radionavigation alone and are used as waypoints by the FMS without such restrictions Although you can change navaid range as explained above, a more realistic practice is to use designated operational coverage when published by AIP or standard ICAO service volume according to navaid type when DOC is not available Regarding navaids quoted above, you can refer to Brazil AIP https://www.aisweb.aer.mil.br/?i=publicacoes&p=aip ENR 4.1 ADA DOC is 80 NM SAT DOC is 128 NM BFR DOC is unpublished (could be set to 50 NM, H NDB) TBE DOC is 25 NM Hervé
  2. That's correct. Now, if you like to keep your 3rd party scenery (because it provides some enhancements), a possible way is just to change runway numbering inside your KFLL.bgl (for your personal use) using the ILS/Runway inspector and editor tool you'll find on my site. Many scenery editors do not provide updates at the time such changes occur. A backup of the original file is automatically done by the software, so you don't have to worry about that. Taxiway signs and associated approaches (if any) will be updated accordingly. You can give it a try
  3. Guys, just take the time to read what is provided Consequently KFLL runway numbering is corrected in North America ILS/Rwy regional update..but not in FSX/P3D World Navaids package Hope it will clarify
  4. hervesors

    EDDK 32R ILS 111.10/317

    Don't know Jaap..but there's something that still defines ILS IKEN on the wrong 109.70 frequency. Seems to be the case considering the altitude problem you have can't occur IMO if the stock FS scenery alone is active. You should have a look to all installed sceneries on your sim and may also use my ILSNavaid debugger (see the doc I provide for the link) to find it out. Fell free to email me privately (my email contact is on my web page) if you need further help Hervé
  5. hervesors

    EDDK 32R ILS 111.10/317

    No..EDDK ILS/DME 32R is on 111.10 since a long. If you still have this ILS on 109.70 it means it is provided by another scenery with a higher priority or you didn't install airport updates properly. I've no problem at all with the 3 EDDK ILSs (IKEN 111.10 - IKES 110.90 and IKOW 109.10) Hope it will help
  6. Agree..presumably it has been the reason why AOPA put a little bit the pressure..situation is even more critical in many countries where GA pilots cannot afford it (relalively) :Shame On You:
  7. Probably not so soon and not to this extent. There is at this time 1130 active VOR, VORDME, DME & TACANs in the US. A few (around 10) are already in a shutdown status. Indeed, many will also been decommissioned starting in 2020 but only a very few since then. See here http://www.aopa.org/News-and-Video/All-News/2015/November/24/FAA-begins-decommissioning-VORs Also, around 5-10 NDBs are decommissioned each month but there's still around 1070 active NDBs in the US, among which 35-40 only are in a shutdown status..so most are not yet decommissioned and will probably not be in the next few years. Still some room for conventional radionavigation Hervé
  8. It should be so there is definitely another "airport scenery" that prevents a proper display of the modified airport, as shown below on my sim (I only have Orbx FTX Global Base installed) and/or you checked the "Do not update airport files" option.
  9. Hi Marian and Chris, Just to clarify For Western Europe, "navaids" update also correct (in addition to VOR, NDBs and ILSs) all runway identifiers, PAPIs, runway & approach lighting systems as stated in the documentation (1st page, 1st paragraph). I suspect FTX Global openLC Europe includes its own airport updates and not only landclasses (to be confirmed). Consequently, with a higher priority over stock BGL files, there's no chance provided changes to stock files could be active, likely the reason why you didn't see any change in LRIA runway identifiers (that are indeed included in the changes I performed since it has been published)..unless you didn't correctly install the navaids update and/or check the "Do not update airport files" Regards Hervé
  10. hervesors

    KCRQ DME Missing

    Note that most of them do not apply to ILS/Rwy regional updates, but only to VOR/NDB regular navaid updates as provided in the World navaids package . Will have to clarify the FAQ. Thanks for pointing that.
  11. hervesors

    Recently found FS Control loving it

    Sorry but there's none..but I'm pretty sure you'll find your way with the functions it provides quite easily :wink: Hervé
  12. Thanks Bill. I'm still a novice on these aspects ;-) Highly appreciated. Hervé
  13. Thanks a LOT..It works nicely although I had to find the steps to implement it. For those interested: 1) First I had to extract all files from the default fs9gps.cab (using winrar on my side but I presume other unzip software will work nicely) 2) Considering my aircraft is using the GPS_500 (gauge00=fs9gps!gps_500), I changed the following gps_500.xml file section (addition is in bold) I have still to experiment with different RGB values 3) Then I rebuilt the cab file, using Makecab.exe and a bat script I found on a site http://www.dostips.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1977 Curiously file size decreased from 551 KB to 527 KB..but without apparent problem in the sim Now I can see my terminal intersections Wonderfull! Thanks again for that Hervé
  14. Hi guys Not absolutely sure, it is the right forum, but I'll try here. Does anyone know if it is possible to change the display color of fixes on GPS windows (both default and 3rd party ones that behave similarly)? Light pink for en route intersections is OK, but dark blue for terminal intersections is hardly visible (seems however it may depend on graphic card, NVidia driver and/or monitor settings). What is your experience about that? I know there's no option inside the sim for that. However, may be there is a workaround I didn't find. Hervé
  15. hervesors

    P3D V3 and Navaids update

    Literally, astronomical is IMO a bit pessimistic. Depends on what the aim and profit could be (because it is payware anyway)..there's around 150,000 airports world wide but probably only 10,000- with IFR capabilities (whatever the precision/non precision approach is), that is those we are mainly interested with. For big companies with 20+ designers, and let's say a 1 year dead line, it could be possible adequately priorizing data changes (I didn't make the work load calculation though..). Let's dream