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  1. I'm purchasing a new SSD and want to move MSFS to the new drive. I'm familiar with Steam Mover for moving Steam games. I realize that its not as simple as copying the folders - there are the registry settings etc. So is there a utility/tool to facilitate the move without having to do a complete re-install? Thanks
  2. Got it fixed. I wasn't running P3D as ADMIN. Thanks for all of your help!
  3. And what does FSUIPC do please? If P3D recognizes my input devices why no response in game.
  4. Just installed P3D v4 with A2A C182. I have the Thrustmaster Warthog joystick throttle and also rudder pedals. In the PSD controller settings I can assign axes and buttons to all three input devices. However when I'm in the C182 cockpit and move controls there is no response??? Any ideas. Why does P3D recognize the joystick, throttle and rudder but there is no response in the AC. Thanks
  5. I've read through this thread and think I might give Pro ATC a try. I do have a couple of questions for those using it: 1 - Will Pro ATC account for AI traffic on departure and arrival? 2 - I have a Navigraph subscription will Pro ATC accepts updates from Navigraph? 3 - For GA if I fly a C182 for example but file an IFR flight plan does Pro ATC function correctly or is it limited to heavy AC? 4 - Is Pro ATC being maintained and developed? Cheers
  6. Checked out FB and I don't see any link, I guess I'm impatient
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