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  1. Got it fixed. I wasn't running P3D as ADMIN. Thanks for all of your help!
  2. And what does FSUIPC do please? If P3D recognizes my input devices why no response in game.
  3. Just installed P3D v4 with A2A C182. I have the Thrustmaster Warthog joystick throttle and also rudder pedals. In the PSD controller settings I can assign axes and buttons to all three input devices. However when I'm in the C182 cockpit and move controls there is no response??? Any ideas. Why does P3D recognize the joystick, throttle and rudder but there is no response in the AC. Thanks
  4. Wow Marc! Thanks for the info I'll give it a try and see if I can get it fixed!
  5. This is the first time I've come across something like this but its been confirmed by a couple of others. The DME signal for the ILS rwy 24 at KCRQ is missing. You can pick up the LOC and GS. I'm running Prepard3D v3 and have tried with both the A2A C182 and the Turbine Duke but the issue is AC independent I believe. As I said a couple of others have confirmed the issue over at PilotEdge. Is there a way to edit or update the airport nav data files? Any other suggestions on how to fix the issue? Thanks
  6. Wait until next year (June-ish) when the next gen Pascal Nvidia cards are released. I also have 2 970s and will switch to a single high performance card at that time. I'm done with SLI, too many support issues. Not necessarily with Prepard3D but other software I run.
  7. In the Duke Config tool in the GPS Radio tab I have "No GPS" selected. There is no GPS in the AC just the NAV/COMs, AP, ADF, and transponder.
  8. I've recently purchased the Real Turbine Duke and I'm having some issues with the nav instruments. Here is the test flight: Takeoff from KISM rwy 15 with the Treasure (TRV) VOR tuned on Nav 1 at 117.3 and set the obs to 130 on the HSI. On the climb out the red nav flag in the HSI disappears but there is no movement of the CDI, its at max deflection and stays there no movement at all even if I rotate the OBS completely around the dial the CDI will not center but the TO FROM flag changes. No idea what is going on here with the Duke? If I do the same in the A2A C182 I get CDI deflection and can track to the radial. Works perfectly! I'm running Prepard3d V3 . There doesn't appear to be a forum for the Real Air Duke anywhere so I thought I'd give it a try here and see if anyone can reproduce the behavior or has the answer.
  9. Thanks Penguin Another question. Does the Auto Pilot fly to the VOR or ILS tuned on Nav 2? Or Nav radio 1?
  10. Just picked up the Real Air Turbine Duke V2. I have a question regarding the Nav radios and guages. Sorry if its a dumb question. I assume that a VOR tuned on Nav 1 is displayed on the HSI and that the VOR or ILS tuned on Nav 2 is displayed on the guage below the HSI? Is that correct? The guage to the left and below the HSI displays the ADF and a VOR heading but I'm not sure what VOR heading? I can't seem to find any documentation on the guages either in the Flying Guide or online. Thanks!
  11. The installers are available from Simmarket but I purchased through PC Aviator and I don't believe they have been updated there yet.
  12. Has anyone been able to install KSNA in V3. According to the LatinVFR site the scenery should work it just needs to be installed to a different location?
  13. Another question. If I have Prepard v2.5 installed and I install v3 will the installer migrate the v2.5 settings, such as controller config, video etc?? I'd like to keep my controller settings?
  14. I've been away from Prepard3d for several months. In that time v3 has been released and looks like its been confirmed to be a step up from v2.5. I wish to move to v3 but the thought of installing all my addons again makes my head spin. I did notice that Flight Estonia has a migration tool but they say v3 support is still in development. Is there any other options other than wiping and doing a complete re-install of the sim and scenery, aircraft, airports, etc??
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