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  1. My 4k Samsung TV's, 55" and 78" look absolutely amazing. My ASUS 27" 4k is nice but picture quality doesn't compare. I would have had to go with a more expensive IPS monitor to get the colors I do from the Samsung tv's. I couldn't find an IPS monitor locally with a VESA mount. 4K makes gaming and flightsimming not only possible but look great on a 78". I think that alone says alot. :-)
  2. About a month ago while picking up a new evolution kit for the samsung 78", I had to walk my wife over to see the shocking price for our TV. Yes it was $13,000. I see today it's on sale for $9,999. CAN . Still crazy. There are many good deals on 50" + 4k tv's out there and more and more content coming all time from Netflix, youtube and gaming titles. Thanks Rob for your uploads in 4k !! Cheers This is crazy too !! Samsung 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player $599.
  3. Just from my own personal experience, Bigger is much, much better !! I have three 4k's to choose from, a 28",55" and 78" curved. I definitely love the Samsung 78" curved, especially for simming. Amazing color, performance and immersion. We got a great deal and us it for everything living room. However the price is absurd, $13,000 CAN. A 55" to 65" 4k (curved a bonus) I think gives an exceptional gaming experience at a reasonable price. I've tried 3 monitor setups and think they're horrible. Even when large enough to install vertically. Ultra wide screens are not much better. Cheers
  4. Been at this flight simming a very long time, now I can add Star Citizen to the mix. VR is amazing !! It's incredible how immersive it is. It fools the brain into thinking your there. However at my age, as much as I would like it to be ready for prime time, it's NOT ! The screen resolution just isn't enough for serious flight simming. Not enough good game titles and game development, yet. There is some very exciting "new" VR hardware technologies coming in the near future. Many of the big tech companies are already working on it. Cheers
  5. I'm thinking it's getting close to 20 years. It used to display "member since" however us early forum members had to reboot or restart our avsim forum memberships some 15 years ago. Amazing that this sim has so many loyal dedicated followers. Some started way back, like myself 34 years ago on a Commador 64. I often wonder where the future of flight and aviation simulation is going. It should be quit the adventure with some of the amazing Virtual Reality possibilities that are still yet to come. Cheers Steve
  6. I think, for me anyways, is the whole point of going 4k was to go bigger. Bigger is better. :-) Cheers 6700k @4.8 2 x gtx 970's in SLI
  7. I think our flightsim hobby has become a bit of a mess. None have any future. Performance can be appalling. Forget sufficient performance to ever adequately run Virtual Reality. However, I really like this Aerofly 2. After seeing Rob's 4k videos my jaw dropped in amazement. Right away I had to get in on this Aerofly2. It's an awesome start as far as I'm concerned.Sure it's a limited coverage area but what's covered is spectacular. Consistent throughout and performance where it should be. I only wish they could have covered my Vancouver BC. Flightsimming now 35 years and really haven't flown much since Star Citizen 2.0 was released as I love what CGI are doing and how their doing it. :-) Aerofly2 I hope has this potential, and please don't go overboard and produce a sim that's to far ahead of the hardware. Cheers
  8. Looks amazing !!! 4k @60 and great fps! I like the potential of this sim but I hope they most importantly maintain performance with fps for VR !!! Cheers
  9. I sit just 4ft from my 78" curved. Close enough for TrackIR. The immersion is amazing !! I can run this display fine with just one gtx970 and still get a little msaa no problem, however SLI allows me to bump up to sgss and with a little improved performance.
  10. Two 980 ti's has got to be really nice! :-) but I couldn't say whether this would work for you. I'm running 6700k @ 4.8 and two GTX 970's oc's and found 2x 4k displays to be too much in P3D 3.0 with the usual addons. P3D on one display with like a video running from pc to 2nd display was reasonable, but P3D with a second window open was too big a fps hit. Cheers
  11. I don't run both. I've simultaneously run the 78" and 28" as multi-screen but it does lower frames. So I prefer the Samsung 78" curve as my primary with a networked MS Surface Pro. Cheers
  12. Howdy Mostly when using BIG monitors or tv's for gaming, 4K resolutions make it possible. That's really it ! I have two Samsung 4k curves, 78" and 55". With over 30+ years simming I've tried just about every kind of setup. For me BIGGER is better ! Large 4k curved screen tv's are amazing !! Particularly when flight simming. I also might add, for me a significantly better experience @60hz Cheers
  13. I didn't care much for my triple monitor setup. It's impressive to look at the setup, it seems to make sense but simming itself is not so immersive. When I moved to a large 4k curved tv with TrackIR the experience is amazing. The only thing that might beat it would be VR but I doubt that will ever happen until FSim is re-writen to allow optimal use of our next-gen rigs. Cheers Steve.
  14. I find there to be only a small improvement with SLI configuration. Although being basically stutter free is a big bonus!! One GPU works fine. I watched a video a while back showing that with the Skylake processors and a compatible MB and ram, there was better SLI performance. So I took the plunge. :smile:
  15. I am running P3DV3 with all the addons on a 78" Samsung curved 4K @ 60hz. I first ran a GTX 970 on a water cooled 2600k @ 4.7, 20-30 fps Added later another GTX 970 and setup SLI. Better performance for sure. More fps and less stutters. However, upgrading to a new Skylake i7 6700k @4.8 and a ROG Maximus motherboard and DDR4 memory was a significant boost bringing fps to 40 +
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