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  1. Answering what? In the same topic they gave you the same answer i did. Modifying the file responsible for the water color gives you the same color everywhere, which defeats the purpose of having tropical water where tropical water is supposed to be.. It's another thing in which the gap with other simulators haven't been reduced yet..
  2. Yeah well, don't see how. The color in the link is given by the orthophoto used in the scenery.
  3. I wish i didn't have to be the one to make all those graphical adjustments 😞 But there is hope for XP12 in that 🙂
  4. Oh well, at least it's just postponed and hopefully they'll stay in that general idea of "weeks"
  5. Let's hope it is an update on XP12 work and not Austin collateral activities.
  6. This is just the first phase with clouds being added, they are working on the weather engine behind it.
  7. I would be curious to see all those types of clouds in XP11.
  8. I think it's silly we can't have a normal conversation about what we (as XP11 users) would like to see in XP12 without having from one side aggressive MSFS word not allowed and from the other aggressive XP word not allowed doing equally silly claims, soon implying Austin cured cancer and made other out-of-this-world achievements. Fanboyism is bad. XP is our sim, and i think flight model wise there is no competition. But that is exactly why they need to focus a bit more on the visuals because those, for me, matters equally. And i think we are seeing lots of examples of other simulators advancing in such a department, while XP (at least for now) has nothing to show. We know something is coming for XP12, i just wish we would have something more specific to see at this point..
  9. A static environment is always bad. No matter if it's about the graphics, the flight model, the scenery or the planes offered. Anybody who doesn't innovate is left behind soon or later. Scenery wise you have to consider that nothing changed in between Asobo offering a generic (as detailed as that can be) scenery and third parties or even individuals doing a specific, geographically limited, scenery. There will be always more details in the latter, but what matters is that Asobo gave the instruments to put those additional details into the sceneries 🙂
  10. Since we talked a bit about clouds on different sims, i saw this video released today, thought it was pretty nice so i am sharing it 🙂
  11. There is a difference between asking the community about something with the goal of solving the issue, and just making a topic about someone's leaving because of X. The first type of topic is helpful and engages the community in a discussion, the second doesn't.
  12. Thanks for creating a topic about such a "worthy of being reported" news. If you don't enjoy something, take a break and see what it's like in a few months. Or do something else in your life
  13. Give it a try, you can install DCS World for free (from Steam or from the official launcher) and use it with the two free provided aircraft. Just make sure to install the open beta channel because version 2.7 (with the new clouds and other improvements) is available only on that version. Also right now also most modules have a 50% discount. As for Vulkan, that's incorrect. DCS didn't implement it yet, it's a long term goal. However i can say that i can fly with tons of units, my advanced planes and now these clouds with no fps degradation at all, i am almost always at 60 fps. I took this little video yesterday
  14. I wish they would release a map with the spots covered in water masks tho, like they told few Q&A before.
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