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  1. Very glad of what Matt and the team did, for free! We are very lucky to have this opportunity.
  2. Sure, some places do. Most of the world does not. Not even in those world updates. Until that becomes the norm and not an extra, it doesn't really feel like flying on such places
  3. Without proper water masking, and not just there, honestly it's all meh at this point for me..
  4. Is it coming back to flightsim.to ? One of the big advantages of the sites is not having to check around numerous different ones all the time, and the notifications it gives on updates..
  5. Watermasking. Because beautiful waters are amazing to look at and they are not just at the Caribbean and similar places
  6. I'll rather have a product delivered from Asobo than another vapourware from Milviz. I am still burned by the whole King Air 350i experience on FSX. I am never approaching them ever again. I also still remember at one point they tried to bring the ATR on other sims and then said it wasn't commercially viable. Besides that, who's fault is it they messed up the model and had to do it again? Surely not ours or Asobo's.
  7. Congrats on the new version! Is it (eventually) coming to flightsim.to ? Because i use that for freeware addons and it's tracking capability is also convenient.
  8. Watermasking, because flying over Italy and not seeing our beautiful waters makes me sad. And more cloud variation. Anything else i am really quite happy with. Ah no wait, improving AI traffic too!
  9. Well well, competition is good! Only "minor" annoyance is probably the fact it doesn't run natively in MSFS FM wise. Which might be good but also annoying if you have to start a program separately (just like with AirlandFS back then).
  10. They are pretty handy on high altitude takeoff where the helicopter cannot hover because of the thin air so they speed up with the wheels to take advantage of the translational lift once they have built up some speed
  11. Is that a light to illuminate the dark cockpit? If yes, there is. Search the controls for the key combination
  12. XP12 is barely catching on technologies other sims, not just MSFS, had for some time. It's good they are progressing, but i don't really see a single feature that Asobo needs to be worried about, besides the flight model (which was already good in XP11 so not a point to put on the table). Also such topics usually end up in sim wars, so i don't know how good it will be 😕
  13. Checked again the 407, even at full throttle i cannot go faster than 110 knots or so.
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