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  1. Sadly it is something mostly related to how default clouds are an its weather engine. LR didn't update their clouds or weather engine in years and it shows, then resources were shifted to Vulkan. We'll see afterwards if they will get back to it, or, as i like to joke about it, Austin will start measuring how the speed of a fart is going to affect the general airflow of his plane at 200 knots on a clean day instead of focusing on more pressing engine related XP matters.
  2. I honestly dont believe that, sorry. It sounds more of a thing coming out by someone who has no clue about Italy but have to defend a point based on something written on internet by someone who still wasn't italian. But okay, it doesn't really matter much at this point. For everyone else, you are free to do the thumbs up. Now, the middle finger, that's another thing entirely different 😁
  3. Where exactly? Because none here uses it at all, and i would suspect i would know if things were different. Where did you take that information from? It simply isn't true and shoudn't be speading it around. It has no value.
  4. Video from April... we are in June. Also he said nothing yet relevant. We'll know more once they actually release concrete things. Ben mentioned reworked lighting back then, and it's likely noise generated clouds will also show up (unless they are so masochist, but even them aren't). At this point i see nothing to talk about but an old video with old generic information and just guessing game which leads nowhere
  5. I can already smell the BS we'll get from them once their MSFS addons are out. Just wait for it, they will go on the road of saying that MSFS is a new era of simulators which many more capabilities, which required additional work, which will be reflected in a P3D like price. This is exactly why i hoped there woudn't be any kind of backward compatibility, it's the only way to have a good margin of certainty about having developers actually work on their addon, take advantage of the new technological offerings and not re-use many previously used assets.
  6. I find it extremely funny to take as an example of a trend P3D, considering how there is nothing trending feature wise about P3D and its features, just things that have been in different measure already present on other games. My point however, which i am not sure if i explained properly or not, is that currently there are no simulators nor games simulating the whole earth. Being able to fly over the whole earth doesn't mean that at every point the whole earth is simulated. So the famous claims about P3D we heard in the past on the line of "yeah you get only 30 fps but it's because it simulates the whole globe" are bull. What actually happens, and this is a similarity between P3D and any other 3d application, is that only a minor part is drawn, specifically the part around the player. How far this extends now of course depends from game to game, but it does not cover the whole globe, obviously. Hope you understood now what i meant.
  7. Quite the opposite actually. The logic is that no game can render a whole earth with all its data at the same time, in detail on all its surface. P3D surely doesn't, MSFS won't, none of the games do unless there is less data to load (and that's where we meet things like Outerra or Star Citizen for example). That's the same reason of why LODs exist for objects too, so that far away objects are less detailed and don't kill performance.
  8. Do you seriously believe that flight simulators actually draws the whole world and simulate it entirely while you fly?
  9. Another useless topic on something people didn't yet understand? Okay.. I'll try explaining again how the Gamepass works currently. You have two options with it. 1) Xbox app (which you can already download and check for yourself by the way) offers you to buy a game. Just like Steam, Origin, Epic Games Store, GoG offers. 2) You get the Gamepass, you get unlimited access to lots of games for the duration of the subscription. While the subscription is running you also get a 20% discount on the purchase of a game (which will be yours forever) and a 5% discount on DLCs.
  10. It isn't. Just because they showed a picture of it doesn't mean much per se. They also answered in the comments saying that no, a Su-34 is not coming. They just wanted to show its model since it has been updated recently 🙂
  11. Is this the support group for those who were not accepted? If it is, hello, i am Francesco and i have a problem. I wasn't invited into the private alpha. 😇😇
  12. That's not something which is needed from Asobo. It will surely happen once the NDA is lifted from the usual youtubers and streamers.
  13. Well, we don't know how it's going to handle that. Live ATC traffic have real atc taking care of it. But we know Ai traffic will take over but when? Before landing? After landing when the receivers are turned off? From that moment AI only has to take care of parking to gate. I don't think the AI will take care of traffic separation besides what it was doing in FSX already with high traffic.. and no idea about holding points. I guess we'll see and it's likely we'll know more with the episode about IFR, however that has been postponed to the end of May so we gotta wait a bit more 🙂
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