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  1. Now that i think of it, one of the things i was hoping to see was water masks. At least for places like Sardinia or Sicily considering the beautiful waters we have, but also the tuscan islands.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CaIjCjLNJEk/
  2. I can confirm that trees are massive in the cities. As for mine, Pisa, the tower and the duomo 3d model is honestly awful. it's short, large, deformed. If you compare it to Google Maps, you'll see sadly 😞 oh well.
  3. And that's probably why we never heard from them again. Last message was about them setting up a content server. The last solid announcement on discord is from December 2021.. While testers continue to provide screenshots even recently, there is basically no communication at all. Nothing. You are stuck in a discord channel in which you cannot even ask or discuss about it, and the only active channel is the one where testers show their screenshots.
  4. Excited about Italy finally coming, hopefully with some custom autogen and pine trees all over coastal areas. Since i started using flight simulators in 1998 this is the first time in which Italy actually looks like Italy. What a time to be simming 🙂
  5. Hell yeah! Enjoying it. Also surprising how easy it is to pilot and how complicated it is to control avionics wise, especially in the gunner position.
  6. It's probably a copy given to developers so they can make their products compatible with XP12
  7. So. For Xplane you judge the Vulkan implementation after 8-12 months of work to fix it, but for the competitor you judge it based on a first not even complete addition. You make a lot of sense as usual.
  8. Besides that, the biggest streaming services have been out there for some time, especially Geforce Now which you can try for free in play sessions 1 hour long, with owned games on Steam, Epic Games store etc. Currently i have been away from my main pc for some months and thank god for that, i coudn't play my flight sims but i did play other games which i woudn't have been able to run on my laptop for sure. As the dev update, it's quite good! The water doesn't convince me at all but they said they are working on it still so we'll see. Especially the screen with the platform is not that convincing mostly because with such waves, there woudn't be so many reflections. Anyway, we'll see once they call it "ready".
  9. That's what steve is, you know? And everyone else besides the usual trolls 🙂
  10. Here we go, it starts again. Shots fired from both sides >.> And neither are speaking the truth.
  11. The graphic quality is on spot as usual. I'll consider it at a later date however because the price is steep for an expantion pack considering what i also paid for the main addon. I just wish you guys were focusing more on the flight dynamics envelope and further integration with AirlandFS because i haven't heard news on this front since quite some time 😞
  12. Before reading a technical post made by Austin
  13. Which however brings in quite some money for LR. Besides, what's there shows up for us too no doubt, i am sure.
  14. It's not you getting old. I also noticed the fact that the screens have really low resolution. I was right wondering if it's because it's temporary, or they do so to save performance or it's because it is actually realistic for them to be like that.
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