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  1. I hope it will come to Steam eventually. it is a shame they didn't focus on it right from the start considering Steam also supports beta (or alpha in this case) channels and it's super easy to revert back, without even considering how stable the platform is, the content servers and the eventual support of the Workshop for addons (which would be nice). Of course Microsoft being Microsoft first has to show the world their own platforms so i don't expect it during the alpha/beta phase, but i at least hope on release to see it on Steam. It would be foolish not to.
  2. My only worry is SOME developers selling their ported over addon with the same features and flaws into the new simulator. And probably a price which is not anymore a good indication of an entertainment only game. That's why i prefere a clear cut with the past.
  3. Entitled, much? Customers are customers.
  4. Q: Does becoming an Insider guarantee I will participate in the Preview Build Program? A: Our goal is ensure that everyone participates in the Preview Program. But that doesnโ€™t mean everyone will participate in every build of the Preview Build Program. Each build will have a unique set of goals and areas of focus for the development team. To achieve our goals and objectives per build, we will target specific Insiders who may align with those goals for that specific build. Providing your DxDiag will help ensure the Microsoft Flight Simulator Team is able to match you with the most Preview Builds possible. Once selected, your participation is extremely valuable to the team and we encourage and appreciate all time/feedback provided.
  5. Doesn't look any different from when they said Vulkan woudn't come in 2019. They said they hopefully needed weeks more than months, weeks are passing by but all we can do is still wait. I doubt Vulkan will change much for me anyway, besides the issues with most addons (and more importantly the death of xVision)
  6. *hangars And we don't know, we don't know we don't know. What's certain is that outside of the 400 cities covered by photogrammetry things will be less detailed.
  7. E3 is not a console exclusive event ๐Ÿ™‚ They are not focusing on console users for now, there is a healthy PC games market to tap into as well.
  8. a damage model doesn't necessary mean losing a wing, so i am not taking just that as an example ๐Ÿ™‚ But agreed on the fact i do use my civilian sims to fly, not to see if i can still fly a damaged aircraft.
  9. To be honest, i don't care about FS Expo in the least. i don't think it gives visibility to things beyond those already informed for a good part, and while Microsoft is indeed a giant it doesn't mean they should show up there just because they have the money and people to do so. Besides that, our hobby takes people from all over the world and our mean of learning things is internet. That is why we follow blogs, sites, forums, newsletters and so on. THAT is the way of getting information about what we care about. The only thing a real meeting would be nice for would be to meet some people face to face, but boy do Avsim users scares me ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„ I am much more interested in them being at E3 and keeping up with the strategy of making new people interested in our hobby.
  10. To be honest i don't feel the need for it. We are not training to fly, this is not our profession and this is but a game, regardless of what people who made different professional choises in their lives want to believe in. An extensive damage model makes sense in a combat simulator where damage is part of the routine (especially in the great wars) but not so much for civilian aviation purposes.
  11. I doubt it, and the reason will be the usual "this is a flight simulator, not a crash simulator"
  12. Yeah, we asked its dev to do it too but i am not sure if he did yet..
  13. Just wait until the last day, wasn't that the day in which most received their invites anyway? ๐Ÿ˜›
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