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  1. my i9 9900k (5hhz) is getting totally hammered by Fenix. For the first time since I started using MSFS (alpha tester) I am unable to sustain 30fps (goes for both VC and external). Comparison with PMDG 737 is almost night and day on my system. Little disappointed actually.
  2. I support your notion that the default C172 is incorrect in behaviour.. Observe the slip/skid indicator during normal climb attitude (image 1) and near upset attitude (image 2). Both at full power using zero rudder input. IMAGE 1 IMAGE 2 Last image is just not right. Don't believe me? (after all I'm only a dumb private pilot who flies the C172S)....Just read this snippet from Aviation Safety article "Proper Rudder Usage" (bolded emphasize mine) I like X-plane, using it since 2005! But the default Cessna 172S is not head and shoulders above other simulators default ones. Better? Perhaps but not by alot.
  3. It's been years since I had a grin on my face while playing FS. Q2 2022 has been superb for MSFS.
  4. Not to say it happens frequently, but some weeks ago I had a similar experience in a real plane. We had to secure items using the straps and safety net on board. But take a look at the winds. I was extremely surprised, because absolutely nothing in the forecast called for a rough ride (stationary high pressure - no frontal activity, morning departure, no convective cloud build up etc)
  5. This is a very important piece of information. Say what you will about Lefteris et.al., but they are very diplomatic about the competition in general, and the fact they even allow a thread about another developers product is quite a refreshing sight. Try that on Aerosoft forum.
  6. as the final "nice to have" merits, the job description reads: "...some basic understanding of engineering and flight dynamics is desired" Flash the student-Pilot ID and you're in! (or just link to your instagram feed showing it off, and don't forget hashtag #futureAirlineCaptain)
  7. I'd say in the Maddogs case, it's because ailerons and elevators are controlled by trim tabs (dating back to DC-3 days). The yoke does not move the actual aileron but a smaller hinged tab. Same with the elevator (where you actually have tree different types of tabs...), which the user can experience as a delay of control surface output/ and or need for excessive yoke input, especially at lower speed regime such approach. It is modelled quite believable in the MD (but never flown a real MD80 obviously)
  8. think simrate can be increased to maximum 2 X normal rate in the Fenix.
  9. Yeah. Use CTRL+ALT+1 for example to save "custom camera 1" as your FMS viewpoint. Then map F5 key to "Load custom camera 1"
  10. I believe Boeing FBW are positive speed stable by design, whereas the A320 is netrual. for instance, if you accelerate from target speed in a 787, the nose will begin to rise. Not quite so on the airbus, it it will try to maintain 1G flight and trim out the vertical acceleration. @jon b please help 😂
  11. It depends. To get an overall grasp of how the ATHR/Autoflight/FMGS and FBW works, it is fairly straight forward. But when you start to dig deeper into different flight laws and protections and its degradations and what have you - it can get messy rather quickly. You'll quickly appreciate the ECAM and it's recommended actions.
  12. Tromsö to Bodö (ENTC - ENBO). Just beautiful display of nature's wonder in the norwegian fjords. And MSFS really shines here. (I flew this route in a real 737NG sim a few years ago, and it was beautiful even in that context)
  13. You literally said "How did MSFS bring prices down". I gave you an example how. Are my numbers wrong? Yes or no?
  14. if I also want an MD80 (USD 22 saving for MSFS) and a premium quality A320 (Fenix 49,99 vs FSlabs 149,95 in P3D). Right there is 122 USD savings. Stop being myopic. Look at the broader picture.
  15. But you shouldn't.😲 Activation of the BRS is the absolute last resort. In case of an engine failure you should treat it as a standard emergency power off outfield landing. The plane is still perfectly maneuverable. Yes I do not fly the Sling (but a similar Rotax plane with G3X avionics and ballistic chute), and you'd have some explaining to do if you pulled the red handle due to engine failure when suitable landing options are within range. 😉 @simbol, this is an insta-buy from me. This is as close as I get to flying my BR23 in MSFS.
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