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  1. SAS443

    PBR VC MadDogX First Look

    Love those subtle details in the VC. PBR is something that is hard to appreciate on static images (but they still look fantastic) The big gain comes from watching the materials interact with light sources as you are flying. Love it!
  2. SAS443

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    sorry bad wording by me. It is not "visible" is the word I was looking for. Apologize for the confusion! both departure and arrival options are listed in the PROC menu IRL (there are other ways of retrieving them, but PROC menu is most handy IMHO)
  3. SAS443

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Neither "Select Arrival" and "Select Departure" is functioning for me, despite updated navdata from fsaerodata. But that is by design. Not sure why Skywolf would clain otherwise. I use LittleNavMap and drag/drop the FPL using the departure/arrival overlays in littlenavmap and then export it in PLN-format.
  4. SAS443

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Awesome, big thanks!
  5. SAS443

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Few issues I have run into. CTD when selecting VORDME app at LGSM / Samos (error Hung application, I am using Fs aerodata with default LGSM) On ground and after AHRS alignment, airplane icon is still pointing relative to True North while MAP orientation is set to "Track up". Track indicator and whiskey compass is showing 112 degrees, but airplane icon is turned 112 degrees in relation to my track on the Map display. This is fixed as soon as I taxi. Unable to modify FOB on the AUX pg 1/4 (under the column "input data") It is always showing 89 Gallons. In the G1000 manual it states "The trip planning inputs are based on sensor inputs (automatic page mode) or on pilot inputs (manual page mode)", so shouldnt the FOB be updated when I modify my fuel in the P3d payload option? But these are minor issues, the great aspects of this aircraft far outweighs my miniscule concerns 🙂 Terrific addon!
  6. SAS443

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    I trained on the DA40tdi (yes diesel engine by Thielert) and while my simming days in GA aircraft are far and few between I will probably pick it up and get acquainted with the elegant austrian. SID / STAR is not concerning me. Seems like lot of you think it's an airliner.
  7. SAS443

    Aerosoft CRJ

    ...CRJ only have DES VNAV advisory. Not during climb. And yes MISSED APP works ok in the CRJ. Fly it initially in SPD MODE and HDG then engage AP and enable FMS NAV. Reminder to setup the MFD to display the actual MISSED APP legs (can be toggled ON/OFF in the MFD MENU page).
  8. SAS443

    PFPX V2

    @Iceman2 it's an attached exe-file in a sticky subject over on the PFPX support forums (aerosoft forums)
  9. SAS443

    PFPX 2.0 OUT

    But be sure to backup your aircraft, the installer will wipe your old ones
  10. SAS443

    Aerosoft CRJ

    RNAV approach with LNAV and V/S along with LNAV minimas. This is off course not the same as RNAV RNP approach. (btw it comes with ILS CAT IIIA certification though)
  11. SAS443

    Aerosoft CRJ

    It had a few glaring flaws upon release. LNAV and WPT-sequencing was far from perfect. Pressurization was also sketchy (has been improved ALOT in the latest betas) Also add a number of 100% CTD scenarios and I can understand people were vocal in their critizism. But the plane is really coming into its own with the latest builds and the future holds even more goodies. Is it PMDG / Majestic level? No. But that is certainly not preventing me from enjoying the CRJ.
  12. SAS443

    Monitor shopping. Help me out friends!

    I think my seating position is rather similar to yours (approx 3 feet away) I use an "all round" Philips 4k 32 inch monitor with IPS-panel. It is def. not made for FPS gaming but it mops the floor with my previous 40 inch 4K curved VA-panel from Samsung. That one had terrible ghosting artifacts when you panned around in the virtual cockpit. I am very satisfied with my monitor. The GPU probably will not be. 😋 , since it will have to process way more pixels. Dynamic light and Sparse grid anti-aliasing - use them with caution. Same with reShade and Tomatoshade presets (some of them will be extremely taxing on your GPU). Best of luck!
  13. SAS443

    reshade me configuration menu not responding

    When that happens to me, I usually go to spot view and tilt viewpoint upward and all of a sudden the menu gets responsive again. I have no idea why that works for me - but it does.
  14. Because whenever I use XP11 I get reminded that this is what they get treated to all day, everyday.... (but we got dibs on seasonal textures though) Jokes aside, XP11 is a fantastic simulator platform, and IXEG 737CL is always a treat to fly. And we are lucky to have X-Plane and P3D both flourishing, with new features unveiled on a regular basis.
  15. SAS443

    Non realistic clouds in P3D V4.3

    Let's just agree to disagree 🙂