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  1. the small, nimble Dornier 328 JET (turboprop would be nice also) SAAB 2000 turboprop
  2. Yes, otherwise you'll get a warning and the plugin won't load for B7/R1 Sometimes it looks gorgeous, no question about it. edit: Loading a custom saved preset from Atmosphere page instantly crashes my sim. edit II: just to show that default is actually holding its own vs the presets. preset 1 default
  3. Can confirm. It's hit and miss right now. The light enhancements are very much focused on bloom/fog effects which IMHO makes the sim look like FSX did ca 2012 with ENB bloom addon. No thanks. Most of the atmosphere color presets are now worse (some by a huge margin) than default since LR corrected the sky colors. Clouds look great at times, but it's way too inconsistent in realistic depictions. It's a fun tool, you can tinker for hours with a wide range of parameters for sky, water, lights, clouds etc. But yeah, it randomly crashes my sim, shaders are acting weird (cache always deleted before flights). I'd rate it 3.5/5. Too many "oooh" to "eeew" moments for me. Running visual XP ultimate package, btw.
  4. While N.American sectionals differs somewhat from those I use here in EU, I'm pretty sure it means Elevation 90ft, longest runway 7800ft Blue dotted line? That's Class D airspace (class C magenta, class B solid blue). Edit: I looked at the chart. You are probably correct. there are a few restricted areas (CYR-6XX) around Mirabel. Hard pass from me on how to actually navigate in canadian airspace. Maybe @The Flight Level can chime in. Edit II: But I will say this, when flying above a control zone of an international airport, you'll most definitely need clearance of some sort anyway. Think of those airspaces as upside down wedding cake. You are above Trudeau CTR yes, but most likely in someone's terminal area (TMA) instead, and you must be cleared to enter a TMA (not even sure if that term is used in America, apologies)
  5. Fantastic news. XP12 is in my opinion, truly the benchmark at the moment when it comes to realistic sky colors. Happy to hear the same mathematics are finding it's way to MSFS, thanks to you. 🙂
  6. square Ci-clouds Also encountered rain from Ci at FL300... Still has crazy flickering (with purple flashes) No, back to the hangar with you, for now.
  7. I thought this was an X-plane web-Paich and not music... 🤐
  8. Poor blend of metar-winds and meteoblue weather model-winds more likely? Yes there can be a significant difference in wind direction/magnitude between tower reported wind and at 1000ft AGL, but in your case - since it happened on both approaches - I'd say that is an MSFS glitch. As a basic rule of thumb (simplicity of atmospheric model in northern hemisphere) is that the difference between winds at top of friction layer (ca 2000ft AGL) and ground wind is 30 degree veer to the right and 100% increase in speed Ground: 300/10 2000ft: 330/20 But again, this is a basic model, the real world is obviously many times complex and outcomes will not match the model on many occasions.
  9. F drive is my dedicated MSFS drive, it's not the default suggested location during install phase, fyi.
  10. Any G1000 aircraft will have it in the TMR/REF sub page on the PFD. The analog C172 has the good ol' Davtron gauge which also has elapsed time capability. It's located left of the ASI
  11. SAE is a system classification, denoting viskosity (higher classification means thicker oil) Your example of "20W-50" is a type of multigrade oil where W stands for Winter I believe. All manufacturers have their different flavors on this. l use Aeroshell W80 on our lycomings irl and that is supposedly equal to SAE 40.
  12. Yeah no kidding. This is the most true to life sky palette in any sim at the moment. Took the MD11 out for a quick spin yesterday Marvelous atmosphere.
  13. So from the link Murmur posted we find this. "Improving dark cockpits is high on our todo list, but we also don’t want to tweak the light levels in the cockpit over and over and over, thrashing third party developers each time we do it. My expectation is that when we recalibrate cockpit lighting, minor aircraft updates will be needed, but third parties who have chosen to “fix” cockpit brightness themselves (by adding extra light or hacking materials) may have to undo their hacks. I’ll try to provide clear guidance and early builds when we get to this point, but lighting is still “in development”. There are 30 pages(!) in the cockpit exposure thread. Some of the "keep it as is, this is how it looks like in a real plane!!"-replies in that thread look very amusing in retrospect, considering what is bolded above. Hope you enjoy the taste of crow, you know who you are. Happy that LR is finally addressing this weakness.
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