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  1. I have this as well (tested with the as always exquisit Maddog). But this bug is so annoying. Waiting for the hotfix I suppose....
  2. Indeed. Snapped this image last week. This is what CAVOK can look like. (Simulator would depict sky clear as you said) Metreport: 21010KT CAVOK 22/14 Q1011
  3. Probably because PMDG has yet to implement PBR VC textures for the 777 lineup.
  4. Very harsh edges around CB clouds. Looks extremely weird now in v5.2, EA on. Running latest version of Active Sky (ESSA 121220Z 33014G25KT 270V350 9000 +RA FEW008CB BKN034 14/12 Q0999 NOSIG) I quit the flight, this is ridiculous.
  5. So disappointed in the clouds. Still a hodge-podge of unrealistic messy pixels. But I commend LM for fixing the colors in dawn/dusk. That was a nice addition!...however looks like we have to settle for an underwhelming sky scape going forward. One of the true sensations of real flying is cruising along a fair weather CU cloud scape. It never gets old. Never.
  6. Flying through a cloud in icing conditions (no precipitation in said cloud) should result in at least some rime ice. It's white, opaque and has a brittle, crystalline texture. Translucent icing is formed when larger supercool droplets gets "smeared" on the wings and fuselage - think nimbostratus or cumuli formed clouds. This is a slower freezing process with few air bubbles trapped underneath. Hence the translucent texture. IRL you will usually have a mix of both. Granted I am no expert on icing (just a PPL "weekend warrior") but getting translucent icing in a light cloud seems off?
  7. Sorry for OT, but that cockpit isn't bad at all! I think I spot a: Garmin G5 PFD (they are really nice IMO) Avidyne 440 GPS TKM MX 170C(?) radiostack (Boo these units, and that idiotic "N-C" pushbutton) Bendix KT74 XPNDR
  8. Fridays are usually flydays for me aswell 🤓. 4hr x-country last friday.
  9. I would choose the Warrior (or get them all instead?😁) The difference is greater between warrior/arrow III than vs the Arrow variants R/T. Nomenclature below: PA28A : Warrior (Archer) PA28R : Arrow III / Turbo Arrow III PA28T: Turbo Arrow IV I'm on the JF beta, and they are passionate bunch. Their MSFS PA28's are all fine products, making the most of what is possible within the MSFS environment. Like all MSFS airplanes (not a knock on JF) , landing roll outs are not as realistic as I would have it in real life and some improvements in stalling characteristics is notoceable in my opinion.
  10. Apparantly EASA and FAA treats this little differently. FAA has a hard 250 kt limit or minimum clean speed, which controllers can't waive. You will not get free speed in class B airspace. ATC simply hasn't the authority to issue such clearance in the U.S. Meanwhile, flying in Stockholm TMA I hear "free-speed approved" / "no speed restriction" issued to other planes quite often.
  11. SAS443

    Check lists...

    Perhaps a part of the answer is this: Many non-normal checklist are preceded by what is called "memory items". And those are required that you learn by heart. EASA definition Even a simple PPL chump like myself knows my aircraft's emergency checklist from memory.
  12. Northavimet joint venture between the nordics/baltics with very detailed VFR forecasts, graphical SIGMETS and much more. Windy (METAR/TAFS, windspeed, tracking of low pressure areas) SWC issued by our national CAA (keep track of frontal systems, ice+turb warnings and convergence lines) These three have never failed to give me a good mental image of the expected weather enroute.
  13. Abomination of Embraer that uses Proline21 avionics and not Honeywell glass...come on virtualCol.
  14. Did my PPL training mostly in the warrior. I also bought their P3D Warrior some years ago. If there are significant modifications and improvements (I never managed to flood the engine for example, it always started) I will be very interested.
  15. Agree. I did instrument training (not rating) with dual G5 and GTN650 in an Archer III. Any simmer would feel right at home in that cockpit. P3D will help immensely in these areas, I just never got used to the touch interface of the GTN! For simplicity of use, I actually prefer physical knobs of older Garmin units. good luck with the IR.
  16. Where I fly the METAR ( and ATIS) is issued 20 and 50 minutes of the hour. And you will have a METAR "SPECI" if weather deviates from previous observation - to avoid the issue you brought up. Edit: @ryanbatcund, with the quicker draw 🙂
  17. Mudry CAP10 (or any other Aircraft certified for aerobatics)😁
  18. Both yes and no I think. Convective clouds are always reported (CB,TCU), also the type of precipitation will give you hints what kind of clouds there are. Nimbostratus clouds usually gives SN, RA, FZRA, PL Stratus = DZ, FZDZ, SG CB = Showers But it obvously needs to be some sort of precip.
  19. Is also a North American nomenclature 🙃 Europe uses EGNOS, MSAS (Japan), GAGAN (India) etc... All are examples of Satellite based augmentation system (SBAS). WAAS is just the american flavor. I even think My real Garmin Unit fails WAAS check during pre-flight.
  20. They are commonly known as 'hot plates'. Electrically heated windshield.
  21. I've seen some very contradicting reviews of this one. Ranging from top notch to awful. Acquaintance of mine (flew the Seneca for his CPL, granted it was 20 years ago) gave it a 2/5 rating, mostly due to how engine-out (yaw/ airspeed decay / cross control) was portraited. Engine parameters like oil temp/pressures were off aswell.
  22. You did one spin and that makes you properly trained? I must be an expert on alot of things then.... Can you even claim this with a straight face? PPL pilots like you and me are the least educated in the skies.... Unless you fly AVA or have undergone basic UPRT your training in spins is not sufficient and is not safe for you.
  23. @Mace granted I have never done it myself, but one of my CFI:s adviced me to conduct a full power run up and start leaning until you get max power (RPM) if taking off from an aerodrome with a high DA. Be adviced that during the run up you will never achieve the RPM you will see during the actual takeoff roll, due to no relative wind. Let's get @sd_flyer in here. 🙂
  24. Not really an expert of the matter but I know some unusual alerts can occur when doing polar flights. Not saying you will have them, but they are rare on other types of routes. The FMC - depending on add-on - might throw a SPLIT IRS OPERATION message around 85 degree Latitude. This is normal and means that each both FMC's locks in to single IRU position (747 has three IRU's: L, C, R) in order to prevent sudden position jumps. You will probably see a "GRID XXX" indicator on the Navigation Display, where XXX is Grid Heading. This is to assist when referencing North Polar stereographic charts, which has a grid north datum. Indeed. MAG-reference is completely useless in these areas. (and it is dictated by LAT, not LON 🙂 ) Fuel Freezing. Not likely to happen, but obviously the OAT/TAT is rather cold. Keep an eye on the fuel temps and know your fuel type freezing point. One type of escape is to drop at least 3.000ft in order to have a warmer TAT should you get FUEL TEMP LOW warning on the EICAS. Does your fuel plan accomodate such a maneuver, in other words a long cruise at sub-optimal flight level?. You can even speed up in order to get a higher TAT, But that would also burn more fuel that calculated, obviously.
  25. yikes. Yes LM got served on that one.
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