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  1. Same problem here I just had to configure everything again including all my joystick settings!
  2. The splash screen is a result of an update to windows gaming services. If it is not showing check windows store updates.
  3. I am a little confused by this also. After updating to SU9 which appeared to work flawlessly, a couple of days latter I noticed in the content manager that I had to manually select 2 updates - one for Standard and one for Premium Delux. I dont understand this. Regards Glenn
  4. I hope this is an error but section 8 of the EULA says that this a yearly subsription? Surely not, or am I mistaken. Glenn
  5. Have you set the DI off the magnetic compass? Are they the same.
  6. Yes also flying the new US discovery flight after about 20 minutes I CTD. Also ATC read out Ronald Regan International Airport all in phonetics which I quess maybe a known bug but I don't normally use ATC.
  7. Fantastic youre a legend! However I cant understand why Asobo wasnt able to implement this basic functionality like you have with alll the time and resources they had. Really appreciate your efforts thanks.
  8. I got 1.2 to work eventually after pointing it all the way to C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\fs-base\vegetation\10-asobo_species.xml. I had to actually select the 10-asobo_species.xml file. Glenn
  9. Good point I think it came along with the 16.9 aspect ratio years ago.
  10. All my undocked gauges appear in the same window. Any idea how to create multiple windows? Regards Glenn.
  11. If I have a window undocked to another screen, for example the map, I have to click back on the main screen to bring the sim back into focus so that my controls start working again. Each time I loose my joystick I have to click back in the sim to make it work again.
  12. How are things progressing for P3D v4 and v5? Glenn.
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