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  1. The P3D System Requirements does mention the drive space needed: For P3D 6 it is 85GB , with at least 35GB on drive C:\ https://www.prepar3d.com/product-overview/system-requirements/
  2. Skip, Hope you have a nice vacation. Just to mention: My previous post just ask a couple questions? No in depth trouble shooting.
  3. From your screenshot I can see you are getting ATC ATIS (text) instructions but without a video I cannot hear all the simulator sounds. Also, I see you are using a default FSX aircraft for testing. Do you have FSX installed? How did it get into P3D5? Looks like your setup includes some porting and some moving things around. You previously mentioned: “All 23 of them were added using the .xml method using the Lorby organizer. “ I do not use Lorby. So, just to verify: Does that mean e.g. KDEN was initially installed with the developer’s installer then “moved” with Lorby? Did your problem start after installing the sound card or after using Lorby?
  4. A test. Go to KDEN (P3D5) Bring up the Map and ATC ATIS like in my screenshot. Do a screenshot of what you see.
  5. Hi Skip d , FlightBeam KDEN ATC ATIS OK Have you ever done the Debugging Steps (P3D forum) ? The General Debugging Steps (by Chris Metel) : https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6306&t=145777
  6. Which payware airports have the problem? Possibly I have one or two of the same for testing?
  7. By no ATC do you mean e.g., no ATIS information at payware airports?
  8. If you just purchased then just get a refund.
  9. P3D6 Personal version patch5 KLAS elevation
  10. jcomm , “I searched for confirmation of the Q-400 being V6 compatible but couldn't find anything either at their site or at the stores selling it, so I refrained from buying it right away, but if it is, than that's my next buy” Q400 by Majestic:
  11. Follow up. I did not have CYZD – KEWR so I downloaded it from MJS site. Looks like that tutor route only requires one change to get onto V252. CYZD YYZ AIRCO V252 The rest looks ok. I may try doing the route in the FMC/CDU later.
  12. "so I took HABBS7" Yes, that is what I had suggested you do in one of my first posts. Anyway, without an edit the tutor plan is as good as it can be. Good like with you flight.
  13. Well, it is an old tutor. I had another look at the printed text. The transition as I mentioned earlier could be the problem. "The runway 06L is #1 in the list, type 1 and press Enter. Select STAR HABBS3 (#2). Select transition (we take #4 for RWY 06L)" Did you have the transition as "RWY 06L" ?
  14. IGVUD is it : correct. I read it wrong looking at a map. CYZD-CYUL : I did not see you mention it in the first post. I had another look at the map. "After HABBS my FMS shows MIGLO REDOO IGWUD EPMOK ARVIE and then HABBS again and after that XULTA " Per the Tutor plan the FMS/CDU is doing what was requested. It is a big Zig Zag. Not the best plan. You can edit the route to your liking.
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