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  1. "In my experience I have found that sometimes a store will update the download, but not the description that goes with it." Not good for sales product sales.
  2. Yes, I know. I would assume FSW could get an answer from PC Aviator why they are still selling v2.9 some weeks after v3.o was released?
  3. PC Aviator today shows FSW v2.9 for LJ35A for downloading?
  4. Why not contact FSW and ask whats up with their distribution.
  5. "When you initiate a manual or automated turn, the gyro will instantly turn about 30 degrees initially." Which gauge or gauges are you looking at that have (show) the problem?
  6. Just to verify the gauge or gauges with the problem?
  7. Just to verify the gauge or gauges with the problem? Do you see this in a default P3D aircraft?
  8. Since my original post I have read in an FAA approved flight manual. Starting Engines section: "Thrust Lever (at N1 rotation and 10% N2) IDLE".
  9. FSWLJ35A manual I noticed engine start N1 20% rather than N2 (screenshot). https://imgur.com/a/nh3K4
  10. Thanks for the patch information with the link. The link I used today (and previous days) did not show the update patch. http://www.flysimware.com/website/LEARJET_35A.html
  11. Looked at FSX again tried for the same setup as P3D .. 66 amps both GENs (screenshot). https://imgur.com/a/pAJ92
  12. FSW LJ 35A V3 low AMPS P3Dv4 current version Start a new flight with engines running Starboard AMPS gauge very low (23amps). Port engine OK. So I tried : Select Cold and dark After engine or both started select Gen(s) on Very low starboard engine AMPS. Port engine OK. Next I tested same in FSX .. all ok starboard and port I just took a look at P3Dv3.4 and the starboard amps is low also (did a screenshot). https://imgur.com/a/58gPv
  13. VC Panel lights are ok. Cabin lights only show generator (load) drop and wing inspection not working.
  14. Did a quick test. Landing lights look good to me. https://imgur.com/a/STK1H
  15. My error .. Update v2.9 mentioned park brake must be on for GPU to operate. Parking brake off removes chocks, engine plugs and GPU.