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  1. I will keep the Twin Otter and the Cessna 414AW Conquest.
  2. Hello, Thanks for the reply and answer. I have purchased your VHHX [SimMarket] as I just needed the airport in MSFS 2020. Installation and first look around went without any problems. You have done an excellent job.
  3. Is the SimMarket purchase Kai Tak 1998 the last days are back all that is needed? I seen mention of the SamScene3D Hong Kong City in one of the reviews?
  4. I use : SAITEK Proflight Yoke and Throttles (3 Axis) module SAITEK Proflight Throttles (3 Axis) second module CH rudder Pedals Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick and Throttles Thrustmaster TCA Throttle Quadrant and Sidestick All are installed all the time (PC direct or powered USB Hub). I assign all axes and buttons with FSUIPC7 and I calibrate all axes [throttles, prop pitches, mixtures] with FSUIPC7. Note: Some non default or payware aircraft may require a default MSFS controller profile / calibration.
  5. Bert , Thanks for your review and additional information on the FSW414AW. I got it from SimMarket.
  6. Bert, Thanks for confirming the Garmin Cycle date (previous screenshot). Thanks for you first post confirming FSW414 out of beta. I watched the video in your first post and also noticed another “FSW review video” (among others) shown on the linked page. About 8:15 into the review (link below) : autopilot not following GPS route, fuel remaining not changing, oil pressure gauge problem. Are those problems resolved in the current version? Link to the review: Flysimware Cessna 414 - Professional Pilot Review - Microsoft Flight Simulator - Beta Version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKtrwVpWghA
  7. Can you verify the Airac cycle from the TDS GTNXI when it powers up? 2004 is very old.
  8. Just checking if it is still "early access" / beta?
  9. Just to verify. I tested without live weather and the default Cessna floatplane turns ok with the rudder / water rudder. Are you seeing the same?
  10. I should have asked: Can you start a MSFS float plane flight on a water runway at VRMM.
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