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  1. Which Sim are you using? How are you trying to change fuel now?
  2. Ryan, Since my initial post here I seen problems with the RealAirDuke V2 and the Alabeo PA44 and the follow up posts are in F1 Forum here: Still trying to sort it out. http://www.simforums.com/forums/f1gtn750pa44navfailerrorindicated_topic59406.html
  3. Yes, I was just reporting the problem and wondered if other pilots were also seeing it or not.
  4. RealAir Duke Turbine V2 P3Dv4 HSI question I installed the RealAir Duke Turbine V2 into P3Dv4 using the current installer (thank you Sean Moloney). The installation went without any errors. I am using the F1 GTN750 in the VC panel. During a test flight I noticed the HSI deviation needle is locked at the far left max CDI deviation position when in GPS NAV mode (screenshot). Note : the HSI in the FSX and P3Dv3 versions are deflecting properly. I just want to verify it is correct for the P3Dv4 installation. https://imgur.com/a/56Y9x
  5. Dave, Thanks for the reply and additional information on Maddog X for P3Dv4. Re: Maddog forum: I registered in the Maddog forum (Aug 2013) and have a password .. it works and logs me in but I can only read the posts in the forum. I cannot post my own topic. Requests (several were sent) from Admin to get me authorization to post new topics went unanswered. One of my posts on the forum registration problem is here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/452297-leonardo-maddog-md80/ "I purchased Maddog and joined Maddog forum Aug 2013. I still have the e-mail reply saying admin approval is required before I can post in the forum. I waited for authorization from Maddog Admin ... no reply that I have in my records. I have no record of Maddog admin e-mailing a forum approval. Today I still cannot log in to post. Do not know why my username / password was not approved or stopped working. I tried "can remember password" .. does not know me! E-mails for assistance getting into forum ... no reply from Maddog. Yesterday I did another registration on the forum ... I got a reply just like a year ago which mentions I must wait for authorization from Maddog Admin ... no reply yet. I seen another post here where a pilot purchased a some months ago and is still waiting for forrum authorization. Not good for Maddog support. Here : http://forum.avsim.net/topic/453881-maddog-doesnt-popup-2d-fmc-window-in-fsx-version/ In the first post Riccardo said: I can't post in maddog official forum because I need my account is activated and still waiting from different months, seems the forum admin didn't follow anymore this forum and support is discontinued. Maddog's SimMarket sales ad lists Maddog's support e-mail and forum info but it should be removed from the sales ad if support and forum is not available ... IMO. So, how can I (and other new Maddog pilots) get into the forum?"
  6. Dave, Maddog X for P3Dv4 ... how soon to purchase? will there be an official forum ? I was never able to get approved to post in the original MadDog forum.
  7. Quick question on the payware Carenado A36 Bonanza. Does it have any problem with the red beacon or strobe lights flashing inside the VC (day or night) P3Dv3/v4?
  8. As of 11-29-2017 not one problem with Remote CDU , purchased July 2017.
  9. Might be good to submit a support ticket telling PMDG your basic setup and error information. It all helps to get a fix.
  10. I got a reply from PMDG. A small number of users have reported this DLL problem. PMDG is investigating.
  11. Thanks for confirming the problem. I submitted a PMDG support ticket on this DLL error.
  12. "The OPTIMIZE_PARTS issue was an undocumented simulator issue, not an addon issue. It is now fixed in Prepar3D® v4.1" Do you know if LM is going to fix it for P3Dv4 and P3DV3?
  13. Are you seeing the errors in FSX or P3D with PMDG737, 77LRX or 777-300ER expansion? Which OS are you using? I use Win7-64 Professional.
  14. Thanks for the additional information. I use MS Win7-64 Professional. Been using PMDG737 for years with FSX without the Exiting FSX errors problem. These errors came with recent PMDG updates via Operations center for FSX, P3Dv3, and P3Dv4 as far as I can tell. The exit errors are present with FSX and P3Dv3 but not present on P3Dv4 HF1.
  15. How many monitors do you have?