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  1. Pete, Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I was never notified by SimMarket or Leonardo Maddog 2010 Pro (original FS9/FSX product purchase) that there was an upgraded product available with a loyalty discount or not. That is why I posted the question in this forum. I did also try to go to the original Leonardo Maddog 2010 Pro forum for information but I got an internet error box messages (URL Not Found type) so I do not know if that user forum was shut down or not? So, I did another post in this forum (unanswered so far) asking where original Leonardo Maddog 2010 Pro customers go for support now. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/533104-maddog-pro-fsx-support/
  2. Brian, Thanks for the reply and confirming. Have a good day.
  3. Orman, Thanks for confirming no upgrade pricing. FSX has always been 32 bit so Maddog X must have a lot of new features / updates from the older FSX version.
  4. Is there an upgrade price for pilots using the previous Maddog MD82 Pro (FSX) version?
  5. I only have the older Maddog Pro FSX at the moment. I was never able to post into their user forum. I could log in ok and read posts but not create new posts. Is there a new support forum or ticket system for the older product?
  6. Why can't other pilots provide (user support) answers and also any feedback they have received from the ticket system in this forum?
  7. Go to the Windows Event Viewer to see the Faulting Module Name that caused your crash.
  8. Programming PMDG FMC CTD

    I would submit a PMDG support Ticket on that one. Then let us know here what the resolution is.
  9. Programming PMDG FMC CTD

    Go to the Windows Event Viewer to see the Faulting Module Name that caused your crash.
  10. Blank HUD

    CLR on HGS panel https://imgur.com/a/vyQiR
  11. Blank HUD

    Which Flight Sim / Flight Sim version are you using? Do you have Auto brightness selected on the HGS or is brightness dialed to minimum? Do you have CLR selected on the HGS panel?
  12. DEP ARR Page can't change the sid

    Which Sim or Sims have you seen this PMDG737 SID problem ? Give me the steps to create the problem and I will test it?
  13. DEP ARR Page can't change the sid

    Do you happen to know which Sim or Sims (FSX, P3Dv3.2, P3Dv4.1, P3Dv4.2) are affected?
  14. Which Sim are you using? How are you trying to change fuel now?
  15. Ryan, Since my initial post here I seen problems with the RealAirDuke V2 and the Alabeo PA44 and the follow up posts are in F1 Forum here: Still trying to sort it out. http://www.simforums.com/forums/f1gtn750pa44navfailerrorindicated_topic59406.html