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  1. So far I have never cleared a cache or done anything with Bing. I just do the update , exit the sim and re-boot the PC. Then start a new flight.
  2. I had a quick look PAKW, MSFS with the Hot Fix
  3. The question was: "What is the proper way to transition from forward flight to a hover? " When did you reach a proper Hover?
  4. I got a Server msg, then Welcome back, lets go and all loaded ok now.
  5. Just purchased from MS Store (marketplace) Top Rudder SOLO 103 $9.99 plus $ .60 tax : Total $10.59 US
  6. Set your VOR (manual) frequency and CRS/Radial to follow (screenshot).
  7. Did you Save your assignments? Got a screenshot ?
  8. Version .91 is ready for downloading. https://flightsim.to/file/8970/airbus-h135-helicopter-project
  9. KSFO ATIS (118.850) does not work in MSFS v (with HotFix 4-22-21). Edit: I seen reports that using Navigraph solves the problem. I have Navigraph but do not use it in MSFS yet.
  10. Are you talking about the altimeter on the CoPilot's side (just above and a little left of the yoke stem? I rechecked by loading a default MSFS Baron G58. Both altimeters PDF and Copilot's are synced. Changing either changes the other. MSFS Option?
  11. MSFS Baron (retesting with the keyboard B key) UAAA ATIS 129.8 RWY 05R 29.92 1650 feet ATIS baro 30.50 selected with the keyboard B key RWY 05R 2230 feet Armed altitude 5500 feet captured OK in this test
  12. MSFS TBM 930 UAAA ATIS 30.50 29.92 RWY 05R 1650 feet Dialed baro 30.50 RWY 05R 2230 feet Armed and captured 6000 feet OK
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