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  1. Edit: My error, I had Historical weather active in Active Sky. LNMap v 2.6.15 Hover mouse over e.g. KJFK: Reading Active v 7877 Sky Metar “day” of month as 20th (201451Z) Reading NOAA Metar correctly as (011551Z)
  2. Also review the post on P3D forum: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=142616
  3. When reboot the PC and then start P3D and load the P3D default flight do you see the same problem?
  4. Does your Default TCA profile work properly for: Throttle 1 axis 0-100% and Throttle 2 axis 0-100% and Reverse thrust ?
  5. I do not use FBW A320 . My flights are ok. Not seeing the problems you are reporting.
  6. @ nermingk , Did you test with default aircraft? Note: I use the Keyboard keys often during testing and sometimes with payware aircraft during normal flights. I also use several Yokes / Joysticks. Depends on what I am doing and flying. For example to initially test normal thrust and reverse thrust before making assignments in the sim or FSUIPC.
  7. @ The Moose Thanks for checking all ok with your H135 version 1.1 install. I had the problem after a WIN10 update (screenshot of the Community problem install entry). Installed again and all ok now.
  8. I just downloaded Airbus H135 helo new version 1.1 It is showing in the Content manager but without an image and it does not show in the World aircraft / Other area to select and load? Has anyone else tried the new version?
  9. Are you using the Saitek X52 Throttle and Saitek X52 Joystick as they come in a set with MSFS 2020?
  10. My Saitek Throttle Quads (I have two of them) are working ok with MSFS 2020 v 1.16.2. I also have the Saitek X52 Throttle and X52 Joystick but not using them it with MSFS 2020.
  11. Do a quick test with e.g., the default Cessna and see if it is working there.
  12. Just flew into KATL (night flight) and all ok on this ILS28 and taxi in.
  13. Glad to hear it is working on your setup. Now you can shoot your VOR approach and track the nearby VOR radials (verify the approach waypoints/altitude) all on the pilot's PFD.
  14. My last edit did not take so I will post the additional information with screenshot here: I did a screenshot from your video to show the button to mouse wheel scroll to change the selected VOR/NDB (BRG) frequency.
  15. @ andyjohnston.net , Your video is now working. I seen your problem. You need to "Tune" the VOR frequency (for the VOR bearing e.g.) with the Center button [PDF Menu select then Knob/Button scroll/select] (not the CDU).
  16. Just to verify, is this the same as your first post? Or is this an update reflecting how it is after further testing today?
  17. Sorry, I do not fully understand what you are talking about in this post.
  18. In the signature area of you post it mentions (dimmed down font) : This Content Is Restricted To Avsim Premium Members ]
  19. Your video has a viewing restriction. Why is your video not available for all forum members to watch?
  20. In this topic you could just answer the OP's questions.
  21. Mine was 1GB download took about 3 minutes, the followed by a 4.23GB Update and another 16 minutes download / install.
  22. You could do a short video or you could put screenshots on this site and then add the link to them in your post : https://imgur.com/
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