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  1. I have had good luck with these, https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/tt-electronics-bi/6127V1A180L-5FS/2620661
  2. Where does one find the engine out procedures,for a specific airport?
  3. Dragging screens kills your MS 2020 frame rates by half, Asobo has to work on this.
  4. https://flightsim.to/file/19345/msfs-2020-google-map-replacement
  5. My issue was not logging off of the MS 2020 Map Enhancement application.Otherwise, It leaves entry's somewhere that will cause this.
  6. Disregard,Operator error,I didn't shut down the app,on exiting the Sim,I guess it leaves entry's causing this issue.
  7. I am still having the low bandwidth issue,It it because I used the MS 2020 Map enhancement? How do I fix this? I have 700Mbs down....
  8. Is anyone else having this problem? my speed is 209 Mbps down,and 23 up.
  9. I was going to fly on my day off,guess I will watch this.....
  10. Consistently lands off center line,within auto land wind limits.
  11. To busy keeping the Xbox kiddys happy......
  12. I have shimmering problem with many custom airports and buildings. I think this problem is related to manufactures technic." I agree,look at my specs,using 1080P doesn't help,For example,Flytampa Boston,no issue, A_A SCENERIES VTBS Bangkok,massive shimmering on runways.I have been pulling my hair out messing with settings,have everything maxed out in NCP,and ultra settings in sim,MS needs to fix what they broke,to keep the Xbox people happy......
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