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  1. "Awesome" pre-dates "woke" by a long shot. The 80s at least
  2. I've been in this hobby since 2002, and it's always been this way, lol
  3. I'm hoping they at least incorporate deviations for weather ( i.e., asking for certain degree off course and getting approval to return to route when asking), allowing waypoint altitude assignments, letting a descent or climb happen when asking (as opposed to FSX and prior, whereby the ATC would make you wait). Also letting the user pick a waypoint on the route to fly directly to, thus cutting a certain leg out of the route entirely. I see where it lets you fly direct to the next waypoint, but often times ATC will give you a direct-to that bypasses more than one point in your FP. Some of those pre-flight and in-flight requests would allow for a slightly better experience without having to cut ATC out of the picture entirely. People do need to be realistic and understand that perfect ATC is not possible in a game. However, letting a user insert the plan they want, with the fixes they want; Letting the user assign altitudes to each waypoint that gives better energy management for faster aircraft (e.g., FS9/FSX had those restrictions in the DB but they wouldn't allow the user to descend early enough to capture them without really diving). Also, giving the ability to deviate (e.g., Wx) without penalty and perhaps even enter a hold would be nice.
  4. This is just so amazing! I'm struggling to wait for the release!
  5. It certainly sounds like he realized the visibility was deteriorating, whereby it might have been slightly better earlier in the route. The videos from the ground seem to suggest this. He was largely away from any mountains until he passed Van Nuys and Calabasas above the 101. For some reason he turned back, and appeared to enter a canyon while climbing. I believe he became disoriented and lost control, resulting in the eventual crash. I think knowing it was IMC and the fact that he turned around for no apparent reason suggests he was in over his head at that point. The likelihood of a mechanical issue or pilot medical problem would be too coincidental. It has been said he did have ForeFlight, but we don't know if he was using it or if it played any role in his decision-making.
  6. I am still just on FSX:SE and haven't bought any add-ons for well over a year. If I had P3D and a newer computer, I'd likely have upgraded the PMDG NG, for example. At this point, I've spent a lot of money on personal life stuff too. I'm likely gonna wait until MSFS2020 announces a release date and we know more. I will then look to building a computer that will be current and go from there. Maybe at that point, depending on other factors, I'll purchase P3D too. When FSX came out I was on FS9. I had invested a lot on FS9 and frankly FSX ran poorly, didn't look so good without add-ons and I ended up shelving it.
  7. I performed the update using the Media Creation Tool today. The whole process maybe took an hour. Everything in terms of non-FS programs and files/emails are perfectly fine. So far it's been a smooth transition and the only program that was labeled incompatible was Windows Essentials. The internet seems faster, which is suspect, since I noticed a problem resolving hosts a couple years ago. I was never able to figure out why it took a long time to transition to new web pages.
  8. Live Mail is like Outlook. Separate program that MS gave people, either as part of a download or bundled with Windows. I can't tell if the free Outlook from MS will import old WLM emails. 🤨
  9. I am contemplating updating to Windows 10. I know most people have reported the process is now rather seamless, and a lot of the problems found early on are gone. My concerns aren't more with small things. For one, email. I use Windows Live Mail, which came with Windows 7. I do have gmail, but primarily use my home cable internet for email. I have a lot of saved emails that I am not prepared to lose, and forwarding or printing is just too much effort. Does the update-only using the Media Creation tool wipe out the emails? I've read that it will, but that post was pretty old. Otherwise, I'll have to wait until my next PC build, which will be geared towards MSFS 2020. Anything else I need to worry about? My FSX:SE and 90% of my add-ons or random files are on other drives already. Thanks, Chris
  10. So the latest RXP version is 6.62 and database compatible, thus the latest cycle is in fact 1809 from Garmin? Why don't they release newer cycles with a new trainer?
  11. Has it been mentioned that Dovetail Games are behind this new MSFS?? This article says they are, which is a dud right out of the gate. Tech Advisor
  12. I have noticed that the strobes are no longer operational. They look to be just a steady light now on the wingtips. The strobe switch is ineffective.
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