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  1. Other add-ons have the ground-lighting effect in FSX. PMDG aircraft do, so no reason the Maddog shouldn't.
  2. How about the blue background but same instruments? IOW, just the color change? I have to think they retrofitted the blue panel versions with new avionics. That would be easy and nice for the updated features I saw mentioned by the team. In the Maddog "Pro" thread, he mentions an expansion pack in the future, so that would be a nice little change.
  3. Documentation on their site regarding setup and manager/config options. Looks pretty nice so far.
  4. Allegiant Air World Atlantic Airlines
  5. http://www.flythemaddogx.com/
  6. FSX-SE

    Don't have the iFly. You just have to look into your options and make a choice. Everyone is different. It may be fine for you. But you always take a risk with add ons working and performing well.
  7. FSX-SE

    It might be a little choppy. You could be forced to turn down some eye candy. The Q400 isn't a good reference, simply because it is programmed a bit differently and certain aspects of it are modeled outside the sim. I don't think the Q400 performs bad for anyone to be honest. Complex plane but excellent performance. I've never really seen a slow down with the Q400 but the PMDG aircraft have given me a minor stutter in busy areas. Nothing that ruins the experience, but you will see some degrading flying into places like LAX or EWR.
  8. A certain F/A 18 WSO says he's seen the same thing multiple times, always over the ocean off the coast. He also said he asked many times to his fellow pilots about it out of curiosity, but was eventually told to stop asking questions. He does know he has seen them in the same area before and heard of other pilots had as well. It's clearly a government project of some sort is all. For perspective, NASA accidentally released this photo in the early 60s from an X15 It turned out to be a secret A-12 Oxcart used by the CIA and a precursor to the SR-71.
  9. Awesome! The old version was so good at not diving all over the place in a turn and easily maintaining pitch in different phases of flight. I guess the ease of hand flying it was what was best about it. Just very stable. Hope the documentation is just as good. I had all that stuff printed last time and I think I tossed it, not expecting to come back
  10. I do both almost equally. I prefer part 121 simulation though. I don't personally think the prep takes much longer in an airliner than a GA though. You still have to find a flight plan, check weather, and set up the plane. Unless you are just taking off and flying aimlessly. I can get the PMDG 737 in the air in about 20 minutes, which is almost as fast as I get the A2A Comanche up. I pick a flight plan from Flightaware and run PFPX with the parameters I want and use it for fuel and other calculations. Takes like 5 minutes. Then open the sim, load a short state and program the FMC, push back, start, and fly. I suppose you could spend a great deal more time planning and simulating procedures if you wanted. The Dash-8 (Q400) takes a slightly bit longer just because the plane is more complex to set up. Either way it's maybe 10 extra minutes of prep. I load the boarding phase on the Q400. In the A2A Comanche you still have the walk around, GPS setup, and other little things to get it going. Not much faster IMO. I personally like the complexity of them, but in reality they aren't that complex IMO. I don't do flights longer than 2 hours, 3 at the most. It just takes too long. My time of real enjoyment is takeoff and landing. During cruise I monitor but also look at other things on my laptop. I think they're both equally as challenging in their own way. The GA is a simpler aircraft usually, but the actual flying phases are the same. You just go slower into smaller airports.
  11. So glad about this upcoming release!
  12. Very excited about this one. The FS9 version was excellent. Such amazing flight dynamics.
  13. I've never had problems with 7 and don't know many that have. Windows 10 is a cluster. A good look around will tell you that. I see way more complaints about 10 that with XP or 7 ever had. And yes, the computers at work are networked, but we have both 7 and 10, and the 7 is much quicker. Even my mother's new home computer is a dog and her processor specs are great. It makes no difference, MS has really dropped the ball with 10. The design (GUI) is a joke and the update/telemetry nonsense is asinine. And I have been using MS OS since 3.11, so to me, this is a mess. To each their own.
  14. Same. We have it at work. I'm a nurse and every time I want to go look at someone's MAR to scan a medication I have to logon to Windows and then the program we use to administer the meds. It's so much slower than my Windows 7 machine here are home. Just logging on takes way too long. And yes, it's so bloated. Netflix, Facebook, and a myriad of apps and junk most people don't want. I think the UI is childish to be honest. It just has a lot of problems and they aren't making it any better.
  15. Typically I use PFPX and predict the runway for landing based on the arrival Wx. I also use an app on my phone to look at METARs and TAF (Takeoff - iPhone). So I'll input my arrival and approach plate with ILS. I leave the discontinuity in between the STAR and IAF on the approach plate for the flight. I tune ATIS in the second radio and monitor the arrival ATIS until it comes alive and I can see which runway is in use. I also keep checking the METAR in case FSX and AS16 haven't synced yet. I had this happen yesterday, whereby the FSX ATIS was reporting incorrectly until I got closer. So for tonight, my flight was KEGE to KPDX. I use the real world FP from FlightAware and that was ZEGRO and the HHOOD4 STAR with YENTL transition. I believe I picked up ATIS before YENTL, but still saw that 10L was gonna be my RWY choice based on winds. I put ILS 10L in with the BUXOM transition. On the HHOOD4 (marked HHOOD3 in the FMS for some reason), I saw that NNUTT was the last waypoint and that BUXOM was even displayed on the STAR page. So based on the altitudes needed on the STAR and IAP, I used NNUTT and set VNAV up for @4000 feet and just let it descend to NNUTT in VNAV continuously at -1800 FPM. The TOD using VNAV was right around YENTL, so luckily I had heard ATIS and set VNAV up beforehand. Once crossing NNUTT at 4000, I dialed down to 3000 and entered VS, used HDG and turned to get lined up for BUXOM. Then the next waypoint was 2300 feet so I dialed that in and set my APPR mode active for the LOC. That is how I usually do the flights in the Dash. I don't see many steps or leveling off in this plane online. In the real world you have the luxury of ATC giving you descent instructions and that helps in some ways. Simply put in the new altitude ATC gives and use VS. HHOOD4 has a bunch of hard constraints, but I wouldn't be too worried about making them as long as your descent in continuous at or around 1800 fpm. If you want descend at 1000 fpm, just plan earlier and change it in the VNAV screen. The profiles online for these descents always appear to just be a continuous one. And as long as you are setting it to make that IAF on your approach plate, then you are fine. Real world controllers are often gonna deviate you from the STAR anyhow. Aside from any terrain issues that may exist, you're okay to just make a nice steady descent. I did have a weird STAR into KPSP yesterday with the NGX though. It was the SIZLR2 STAR. It called for a hard constraint of 16,000 feet at PZUKY. Why? Because it takes you directly over the mountain range north of KPSP. So, those are the things in the sim you have to be careful of and plan for. Just use SkyVector and look at terrain for your flight so you can see what MSAs are and you'll be ok. 99% of my flights are PNW Horizon flights and the STARs seem to keep you clear of mountains so that leveling off isn't an issue...so far.