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    I am a registered nurse (RN) in the United States. My home state in Arizona. I worked in psychiatry for 10 years and now progressive care medical. I have also worked in surgery before becoming a nurse. I have been flight simming since 2003. My other hobbies include, but not limited to, fly fishing, travel, motorcycles, reading, photo and video editing, scanning and amateur radio. I am a jack of all trades and master of none.

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  1. Was there in the late 80s on the Canadian side. Remember it like it was yesterday and how we just wanted to get back to the car. We were freezing! 😂
  2. I just did a flight in a different plane, but I noticed somehow an axis on my yoke was assigned to throttle as well. So I had duplicate throttle assignments it seemed. Removing those bindings fixed it. I'm still struggling with trying to pan with the mouse and having it not turn anymore. Really weird. When I have more time off I need to sit down and actually setup the camera and assignments. I've just been too excited to tinker. ETA: It wasn't an intended flight into 15 knots. I just wanted to see what KPDX/KTTD looked like and wanted some rain, lol.
  3. I think around 15. That plane pulls all over the place. Maybe an axis issue I'm missing.
  4. How do they handle on the ground? I'm noting the default Cessna 172, albeit a decent little plane, does not do crosswinds...at all. I couldn't keep the bird straight on the ground if you paid me.
  5. The only reason I say analog gauges and not glass is that I find them easier to fly in some cases. They're easier to read IMO. I'm trying to avoid any complexity at the moment because my work keep throwing education at me, so my free time is partially spent learning and redoing modules. Lots of great suggestions that I've bookmarked. Thank you!
  6. I've only been on this sim for a few days, but the weather is so amazing. My only gripe is with the turbulence and no cirrus clouds. Turbulence will be a setting now which appears that the low setting will be much improved for smaller aircraft. When you see the rains and storm graphics, it'll be mind boggling real. It's different seeing it in person.
  7. Okay, nvm. I see that the PMS5 has a weather radar. That's awesome! Too many choices in the sim now, lol. FS9 and FSX/P2D had a lot of add-ons, but I feel this version has really brought out the 3rd party talent. I'm gonna be broke! 😂
  8. Ahh, I see. So the TDS is essentially like the RXP was in the older sims. The RXP trainer wasn't super old and I don't think I ever ran into a fix that wasn't in the database. I don't mind entering in the FP manually. I've done that for almost all my add-ons over the years. I do rather short flights, so it's not much. You say they have a weather radar in one of them?? The RXP only had a visual representation but not a real-time radar NEXRAD. Is there a GTN that has it?
  9. Yes, I'm excited for the Comanche! I had that in FSX and flew it tons. My only dislike was the AP was so rudimentary, which is fine but sometimes I just wanna have a choice. Which GTN/GNS are people using? Is the TDS the best option?
  10. Oh that C414 looks nice. I love the old fashioned cockpit. 🙂
  11. I'm looking for high quality GA in the same realm as PMDG/A2A would be considered. I'm waiting on the complex aircraft, like HJet or similar, cause I'm trying to get used to the sim and set things up to my liking. I did buy the PMDG 737 and it's great, no question. I don't even find it very hard to land, despite being different from previous sims. So, I'm looking to see what aircraft is good with flight dynamics and overall systems. The Black Square analog Baron/Bonanza is something I will consider as well. And I see that the Kodiak 100 is something worth buying. I prefer analog, but as long as the flight dynamics and other systems are good, I'm okay. The default Cessna is decent to me. I like the analog setup and it seems to fly nicely (IOW, I can land it well). The Caravan on the other hand floats so bad. I guess I'm wanting to know what developers are putting out high fidelity planes for GA at the moment. It's nice to just hop into a small plane and do very little to set up a flight and go. I just want the turbulence to be addressed. It's too much! lol Thank you! 😃 P.S., I'm exciting with the sim and visuals that it's hard to just focus on one thing. 🤣 The rain and storm visuals are insane.
  12. That's what I'm saying. Previous editions of MSFS were so much easier. You could undo key bindings within one menu. These clowns have us going into each one and "validating".
  13. The program you're using looks good. Nice and easy, lol. I see SPAD NeXt mentioned a lot, but people say it's confusing and I'm not sure it works with the Thrustmaster equipment. I'm not trying to build a cockpit in my home, I just need a few peripheral buttons to work like they did in FSX. I have the reverse thrust working in the PMDG 737, but the fact that I can't assign buttons to the throttle quadrant is ridiculous. Flaps isn't even a choice. I will need to decide on the program you're using.
  14. I feel as if all MSFS versions are such a PITA to set up. The key inputs are all excessively time consuming to remove and rebind, the assignment to keys with peripherals is awful, the visuals are hard to tweak. I'm not sure how I should be setting up the visuals. It's i9-13900KF, TRX 4090 24 GB, 64 GB RAM Jetline computer. It came with most settings on ultra and it is very smooth. But when I panned, the cockpit and window frames would lag and tear. So I played with VSync and it seemed to work. But I feel as though the overall textures are blurry. I'm also getting a lot of weird black flickering on airport runway/apron textures. It's very annoying. I'm hoping to upgrade my monitor, as the one I have is just a 1080p @ 60Hz. Maybe this will help with visuals, but I don't recall the flickering happening before I messed with VSync. Also, I had assigned flaps to the TCA Boeing quadrant and now the option to use the TCA for this isn't there! I'd rather not buy a third party program, but there seems to be a few. I'm using the Thrustmaster Boeing setup. I was able to get almost all the setting working, but some things won't take. It's just buttons! I swear over the years I've lost 12 months of my life on setting up various sims 😬😂
  15. She arrived today, in all here glory! Now trying to figure MSFS out! It's so different than the old sims.
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