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  1. I've never had problems with 7 and don't know many that have. Windows 10 is a cluster. A good look around will tell you that. I see way more complaints about 10 that with XP or 7 ever had. And yes, the computers at work are networked, but we have both 7 and 10, and the 7 is much quicker. Even my mother's new home computer is a dog and her processor specs are great. It makes no difference, MS has really dropped the ball with 10. The design (GUI) is a joke and the update/telemetry nonsense is asinine. And I have been using MS OS since 3.11, so to me, this is a mess. To each their own.
  2. Same. We have it at work. I'm a nurse and every time I want to go look at someone's MAR to scan a medication I have to logon to Windows and then the program we use to administer the meds. It's so much slower than my Windows 7 machine here are home. Just logging on takes way too long. And yes, it's so bloated. Netflix, Facebook, and a myriad of apps and junk most people don't want. I think the UI is childish to be honest. It just has a lot of problems and they aren't making it any better.
  3. Typically I use PFPX and predict the runway for landing based on the arrival Wx. I also use an app on my phone to look at METARs and TAF (Takeoff - iPhone). So I'll input my arrival and approach plate with ILS. I leave the discontinuity in between the STAR and IAF on the approach plate for the flight. I tune ATIS in the second radio and monitor the arrival ATIS until it comes alive and I can see which runway is in use. I also keep checking the METAR in case FSX and AS16 haven't synced yet. I had this happen yesterday, whereby the FSX ATIS was reporting incorrectly until I got closer. So for tonight, my flight was KEGE to KPDX. I use the real world FP from FlightAware and that was ZEGRO and the HHOOD4 STAR with YENTL transition. I believe I picked up ATIS before YENTL, but still saw that 10L was gonna be my RWY choice based on winds. I put ILS 10L in with the BUXOM transition. On the HHOOD4 (marked HHOOD3 in the FMS for some reason), I saw that NNUTT was the last waypoint and that BUXOM was even displayed on the STAR page. So based on the altitudes needed on the STAR and IAP, I used NNUTT and set VNAV up for @4000 feet and just let it descend to NNUTT in VNAV continuously at -1800 FPM. The TOD using VNAV was right around YENTL, so luckily I had heard ATIS and set VNAV up beforehand. Once crossing NNUTT at 4000, I dialed down to 3000 and entered VS, used HDG and turned to get lined up for BUXOM. Then the next waypoint was 2300 feet so I dialed that in and set my APPR mode active for the LOC. That is how I usually do the flights in the Dash. I don't see many steps or leveling off in this plane online. In the real world you have the luxury of ATC giving you descent instructions and that helps in some ways. Simply put in the new altitude ATC gives and use VS. HHOOD4 has a bunch of hard constraints, but I wouldn't be too worried about making them as long as your descent in continuous at or around 1800 fpm. If you want descend at 1000 fpm, just plan earlier and change it in the VNAV screen. The profiles online for these descents always appear to just be a continuous one. And as long as you are setting it to make that IAF on your approach plate, then you are fine. Real world controllers are often gonna deviate you from the STAR anyhow. Aside from any terrain issues that may exist, you're okay to just make a nice steady descent. I did have a weird STAR into KPSP yesterday with the NGX though. It was the SIZLR2 STAR. It called for a hard constraint of 16,000 feet at PZUKY. Why? Because it takes you directly over the mountain range north of KPSP. So, those are the things in the sim you have to be careful of and plan for. Just use SkyVector and look at terrain for your flight so you can see what MSAs are and you'll be ok. 99% of my flights are PNW Horizon flights and the STARs seem to keep you clear of mountains so that leveling off isn't an issue...so far.
  4. MS lost my business with Windows 10. I don't think I'll ever go back. Windows 10 is like ME and Vista all in one. My last laptop purchase was a MacBook Pro. I don't understand what MS are doing. Windows 7 was great, and so was XP. Now they're making garbage. Windows 10 is so slow at my work and I've yet to see a Windows 10 perform fast.
  5. FSX-SE

    Running FSX:SE and I need to find out how to fix the Halo.bmp. I have REX TD installed and now the landing lights on the Majestic Dash 8 are blue. I'm not sure why because I had used other replacements when I first got REX and didn't notice this. I've tried changing the preset REX lights and it still gives me blue landing lights. Doesn't affect the interior view much but outside looks ridiculous. How can I have nice replacement lights, such as the smaller more realistic REX ones without a blue tint? And where would I go to obtain a new file? It's not like I have a DVD and I'm not gonna run the repair within stream and have to reinstall all my other texture replacements. Where is this halo.bmp located anyhow? Maybe I can just open it in Photoshop and adjust the tint. When I search for it within FSX, I get several results. Thanx ETA: I installed a new halo.bmp from the library and they're still blue! WTH is going on?
  6. I think it is important to note that this is not a matter of gun control. It is a societal problem, and one that requires scrutiny of environmental concerns. People need to understand that fully automatic (select-fire) rifles were extremely cheap prior to the FOPA ruling in 1986. This effectively made the sale or manufacture of select-fire weapons as new to civilians a felony. Only the circulating select-fire weapons on the street could be sold via a process of registry regulated by the ATF and therefore was a transfer sale through the government. Those weapons are upwards of 15,000 dollars or more, depending on the model. Middle-class America has become priced out of the machine gun game. However, prior to 1986, M16s and other combat rifles were readily sold for as little as 500 USD. Now, it's a little funny that legally owned machine gun were not used in crimes before or after 1986. Only one case of a law enforcement officer (or retired - don't recall) had been documented as using a legally owned select-fire weapon. Any machine gun used in crimes in the US have been illegally owned or modified since the beginning of time. But again, doesn't anyone find this a little odd that so many battle rifles were in circulation in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, yet only in the last 20 years have we seen an increase in mass shootings. Is it the desensitization of the internet, the realism of battle-style games, and violence in movies? I think there is much more at play than people want to admit. To blame guns when guns have been around for ages is ridiculous. Yes, we have had some mass shootings in the years prior to 1990, but this is a whole different level of violence. And you can't say that what is available now is much different. Like I said, fully automatic M16s in any flavor were around since the late 60s. No different than we see here.
  7. I did two flights today with the updated version. Prior to the update everything worked fine. Today in the -800 I had a minimums call at 30 feet when my baro was set for 200 minimums. Then in the -700 tonight, landing in PHX on RWY 26, baro set to 251 for ILS, I had no callout and the green indicator for the minimums was nonexistent. I couldn't even dial it in after landing and the altimeter was set correctly. Why am I having problems I never had before with the minimums call and recognition? I kinda think I missed some call outs on final too, which has been an issue in the queen. All other sounds work fine. And this is the only add-on that seems to have sounds missing now. Aside from that, even the baro setting was ignored on the PFD. I got the number but not the green triangle on the tape. ??
  8. Sorry, I've been busy and haven't even been able to open the sim. Work :-/ Anyhow, it's option one. I load a default Cessna for example, click on the add-on menu (e.g., FSUIPC, Active Sky Wx request ...). I mouse over the Reality Xp and select the option to setup aircraft. At that point it minimizes the sim. Windowed or full screen, it doesn't matter. Nothing even happens except for a minimizing of the sim from full screen. Windowed mode doesn't minimize, it just shuts the sound off, bringing the desktop to the front per the task manager, if that makes sense. In other words, that menu does nothing for me in FSX:SE. The only thing that works is if the gauge is already installed and I shift click on the top of the GNS to set up the options per the manual. Make sense? If you still need that log I'll try and run it today later when I get time.
  9. OK but that was what I tried doing. Adding to a default Cessna. It won't do it with the menu utility. It just minimizes the sim to desktop. I'll look at the log.
  10. I am unable to add the RXP GNS to a default plane in FSX:SE. It simply minimizes the sim when I select from the add-on menu. I tried windowed and full screen. I am able to get this menu in the A2A Comanche, but apparently adding with the menu in the sim does nothing.
  11. I will try it tonight. I haven't had a lot of time. I'm not doubting the GNS, the old GNS in FS9 was perfection. I'd still like to see the A2A GA work well with it too. Since DF is no longer a player, I don't too own many other GA add-ons now.
  12. I;m not seeing anything like that in any files. Seem to all be just window placement values in the panel.cfg. As an aside, I have the F1 GTN, and it does not have any deviation/tracking errors and updates rather fast, even in turns. The A2A Comanche AP is said to be archaic, thus won't negotiate hard turns in TRK modes, thus one must use HDG or ST to recapture the DTK, but the GTN will only overshoot a mile or two (IIRC) and reestablish pretty fast. This being tight turns. Less dramatic turns don't deviate as much. I don't see any values in the CFG files for this plane that would make any difference in the ability to track, regardless of GPS input.
  13. I know it's hard to tell, but essentially wanted to show how I had it set up and the modes. The second and third shot, where the GNS are popped up, are displaying that the desired track is 172, but the plane is wavering between 168 to 175 all the way from the 50 mile mark; the point in which I activated the approach. It never really settles on a HDG, rather fumbles around as if it can't capture it completely. In motion, you can see the plane list from side to side, like a boat in the water. Everything else is working fine. LPV is displaying on the G/S for vertical guidance and the CDI is being driven by the GPS. It's just the tracking that is unsteady. Thanks for looking into it!