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  1. Orlaam

    Latest Update CDI Issue (resolved)

    Ok thanks! No worries.
  2. I'm unsure where the problem lies, but I currently only use the GTN in the A2A Bonanza. Prior to the update the CDI linked to the GPS and drove the plane for all navigation phases. Now, today I updated and noticed that the CDI was pointing in a random direction, not in relation to the flight plan. I messed with some settings and checked to be sure that the master was selected and that all GPS-driving CDI/OBS selections were as they should be. The previous settings are still in place, in the ini file as well. Upon any movement in the sim, the CDI needle bounces around between headings. Nothing seems to prevent the CDI from jumping around. I ended up going back to VLOC and using VOR stations to navigate. And I did update my trainer as well. So something is broken and I'm unsure where in the process that happened.
  3. Because the FAA mandates it and they don't wanna lose their license. Reporting to FSDO is not fun.
  4. Orlaam

    speedtape Question

    That's some narrow envelope! I don't think I've never seen it that tight. I flew at FL400 last night and the FMC calculated max FL380, but I still burned enough to get up there and have a decent envelope.
  5. Orlaam

    Quickest Way to Clean Your Rig (internally)

    I use a compressor. Just put a screwdriver or something in the fans to prevent damaging them.
  6. The ultimate power off landing. When I was a kid I had this really neat shuttle book that had tons of information in it. I think it was actually published by NASA. I still remember the day class was interrupted in junior high, and we began watching the awful coverage of the Challenger explosion. I always liked the Shuttle launches as a kid. Not as remarkable as my mom's generation with lunar landings, but interesting nonetheless. I used to hear the Shuttle communicate with amateur radio operators on 2 meters. I never tried to get involved into communicating with them. Too much traffic. I did talk to Barry Goldwater though, for like 60 seconds, then the frequency (2 meter simplex) was nothing but heterodyne 🙂
  7. I posted in the VC brightness thread, because I have no idea how to match the brightness in the A2A Bonanza (eventually A2A Comanche and RealAir Duke as well) across both 2D and VC views. But in the meantime, how do I click close the 2D window? I'm in FSX:SE. I can click the left bezel in the VC, but I'm used to clicking on the actual 2D window somewhere to close it, especially if it's covering the VC version. And how can I resize the 2D window without losing aspect ratio but having a more normal size, as it's rather huge on my screen. I realize I can resize with the mouse, but that's not permanent or accurate. I have looked at the topics on this, and none really make much sense to me. Thanks
  8. Makes no sense to me. 😐 What exactly are you adding or changing to match the VC and 2D brightness? In the Bonanza (A2A) it's way too bright in the VC but changing it in the GPS makes the 2D dimmer. In the manual the NO_BEZEL option sounds as though you are losing the border of the GPS if you add those entries. Does this deactivate or alter the buttons and knobs on the bezel if you add a NO_BEZEL entry? If I could actually see the entire thing I'd just copy it. I assume once it's fixed you can use the brightness in the GPS menu like real life and have it stay the same across both views?
  9. Orlaam

    VNAV Utility

    The VNAV feature is similar to a jet with respect to display info. Enter an approach mode, under PROC from the HOME screen. Select the airport (if not planned) and desired APP. For ILS it'll enter waypoint altitude constraints on the screen and into the VNAV utility. It'll place a TOD on the screen as well with the next waypoint altitude. You can adjust the V/S by entering your own at that point or use 3.00 degree standard. I found it difficult in the Bonanza because maintaining the correct V/S through the plate into the ILS was hard. Somehow I ended up high. I think it works better in a GA if you can just select a FAF and descend to it, or if you are in a plane with more precise V/S entry. Maybe with practice I can work though the VNAV process in a simple plane using it, but I might look into just tweaking the V/S or selecting a VCALC method if possible. If you enter a flight plane, you will see on the FP screen with the waypoints that you can enter altitudes. That would be where the VNAV would come to life, or perhaps the VCALC is available if you just enter a fix and altitude (even the airport). I flew into KABQ and prior to selecting an approach in the PROC page, I noticed that KABQ had an altitude box on the FP page for entry. You can even adjust the altitude based on temp and density it looks like.
  10. These may, or may not, be bugs...FYI. I can post screens if needed. The standby analog altimeter displays a slightly different altitude than the plane. I was at FL390 and the standby displayed FL39150. Both obviously set to 29.92 (synced). The MCP LCD digits are sometimes the same color as the older non-LCD digits (not blueish white but that dull yellow color). Maybe a graphics glitch in my computer (e.g. driver)? I don't have this kind of issue anywhere else in any other plane or program though. If I turn the MCP LCD on and off a couple times it sets it to the correct color. The RAAS no longer shows up in the FSX menu or even loads in the freighter model. Someone said it works on the PAX version and selected other models. Still an option in the FMC either way. Also, this may totally be my fault, but I was unable to load Wx from Active Sky. I predicted some precip on the route from ORD to ATL, but I didn't see it. Nevertheless, I wasn't able to link the COMM to load winds. It simply said NO COMM and gave no option to load weather for the route or descent. I need to look at the settings again in the PDF maybe. I saw an option to create a WX PLN file and don't recall what that is for. I just know it always worked before.
  11. I was gonna post this as well. Flew the 744F to test the new update. No RASS. Thought it was removed but the option is still in the FMC. No longer in the FSX menu though.
  12. Orlaam

    [23SEP18] FSX 747 Users: URGENT READ THIS

    It worked without hiccup! 😊
  13. Orlaam

    [23SEP18] FSX 747 Users: URGENT READ THIS

    Thanks! Will try again! 😀
  14. I think it's both FSX and FSX:SE. I can't say about P3D. Have yet to see a P3D complaint.