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  1. Orlaam

    who stole the plane

    Speculation is not a Dx. Substance abuse is a chronic disorder, unlike a binge. I guarantee he was on EOTH, and we will find that out at some point. I stick to my original theory.
  2. Orlaam

    who stole the plane

    So another recent audio clip has been released, and he essentially mentions spending 2 hours to get it started. I think he positioned it for taxi then went in the pit for close to 2 hours while figuring it out and getting it running. He could have easily pulled up video on a phone of start up and followed along. It's at the very beginning. And he also mentions more than once that he has no idea how to operate the plane. No idea what power levers should set to or how to program any AP or systems. His knowledge was very limited.
  3. Orlaam

    who stole the plane

    Thanks John! We don't get much feedback. I have a few positive reviews from patients and was even stopped once at a coffee shop miles away from an old job. The guy wanted to say thanks. Kinda shocking. I've been in healthcare now for 19 years, behavioral for 6+. I hope your interactions continue to be good in any future encounters. Some doctors and nurses aren't very nice. I know I've had some that weren't.
  4. Orlaam

    who stole the plane

    Thank goodness for the forums, however, you get replies like the one below who simply chides for an avatar pic, rather than contribute to a discussion. I've worked in acute care mental health for over 6 years. I have worked crisis (emergency), outpatient, inpatient (dual diagnosis and SMI). As an RN I deal directly with patients when things are going south in the milieu. BHTs are not usually very well trained, nor do many of them care to intervene. The SW and therapists stay in their office. I have seen plenty in that time, considered short or not to some. I even worked at the state mental hospital forensic unit, where GEI (guilty expect insane) patients reside. Most of the commentary on the web is thrown out by common laypersons with no experience or real in depth knowledge in mental health. You are correct, the internet has isolated people and perpetuated those who are prone to ruminating on fantasies, therefore acting on them. The glorification of these acts leads to copycats. From what I hear, this guy had been drinking. He was disinhibited and possibly hypomanic. No way to know beyond that. The notion that mental illness is somehow worse than before is asinine. I wish people would stop promoting that idea.
  5. Orlaam

    who stole the plane

    So because I have my cat as an avatar makes me less of a contributor? That's pretty stupid.
  6. Orlaam

    who stole the plane

    How so? How is it any different than in previous decades? Nothing has changed; People are just more aware due to the internet and lots of misinformation. It's actually very aggravating when I see discussion online about mental health. This is my field and people who have no clue are ranting about mental illness. These stories aren't new... https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/a-stolen-military-plane-in-1969.html https://www.nytimes.com/1988/05/26/us/death-ends-1600-mile-flight-of-learjet-stolen-by-mechanic.html Plus I posted some others a page or so back. 🙄
  7. Orlaam

    who stole the plane

    Well he mentioned having a beer in one distant recording. Someone posted a YouTube link and he mentions a beer. He says something like "I think I might have to..." un-key Tx, then re-key "..my beer" (Start at 3:42 to here the beer comment) Combine the drinking, unstable flight and anxiety/stress, it's a no wonder he vomited. He knew this was it and death was imminent.
  8. Orlaam

    who stole the plane

    I read that the sheriff discovered he looked at start-up procedures on YouTube the night before. Not sure if that true or not. I'm wondering why his tire were smoking all the way down the runway? The Dash is far from an easy aircraft to steal. You have so many procedural tasks. Autofeather, PTU, fuel pumps, control lock, flaps, and so on. I realize he could forgo the pumps and other items and still get airborne, but I'm still shocked he got up in the air at all with a bird like that. I think there was mention that he had no idea how to work the AP or FMC (not that an FMC is needed for a joyride or practice flight), so he likely just learned the basics to get running and airborne.
  9. Orlaam

    who stole the plane

    Yeah that's the guy. He must have wanted to die. No other reason to explain it. I know that my dad was stationed there during those years. I was 25 then but don't really recall a story about it. There have been many who have taken aircraft without permission, or hijacked, like disgruntled FedEx employee who attempted to take over a DC-10. Frank Eugene Corder stole a Cessna 150 and tried crashing into the WH in 9/12/1994 (stolen on 9/11! 😮). Brian Joseph Hedglin, a commercial pilot who attempted to steal a CRJ200 in 2012. There are dozens of stories like this. I know of some I can't even find. One guy buzzed a girl's house whom he was sleeping with, however, she called off the affair (she was married) and he flew into the ground. People just don't realize the fact that it happens. It's typically someone with some training, albeit limited, but a few have occurred with people like this guy.
  10. Orlaam

    who stole the plane

    I doubt it. It’s possible, but he was a worker at the airport with access. He managed to get up in the air and that’s surprising in a Dash, however he didn’t seem very knowledgeable. Chimes in the background and very poor understanding of the overall systems. A half-way decent majestic sim user could at least get things stable a little more. His discussions sound like it was purely a suicidal run. The last big hoorah at the expense of Alaska Airlines and lots of other’s safety. My dad one told me about a pilot who stole an A10 out of a military base he was stationed once. I guess the guy ran into a mountain. I mean to look into the story but keep forgetting. ETA: sounds like he did have a limited knowledge of the Dash. Said he knew where the panel was for pressurization. I still think he had a poor understanding of the various systems and how to operate it. Not that owning the Dash makes you a pilot but I heard he didn’t know the AP or FMC really at all. Probably thought about pulling this stunt to commit suicide and bough the Dash just to familiarize himself enough to get airborne. Idk. Sad
  11. Orlaam

    Question on descent for real 737 Drivers.

    In reality, isn't the use of LVL CHG, V/S, and VNAV dependent on the pilot and SOP? Unless restricted by a company, I would think whatever gets the job done is okay. A lot of corporate pilots seem to use whatever the scenario calls for. I find in the sim that VNAV often can't meet restrictions. Close in on that 250/10,000 mark and struggle to meet the subsequent crossings. Even with spoilers extended, I find it hard to believe that meeting the STAR requirements is that difficult. I realize that a lot of pilots remark that the old 3:1 ratio has be come 4:1, but most new STARs are really hard to follow and still close in on the IAP IAF without going too fast or too high. When I see jets around here at 210 knots around 7,000 feet and slowing to 170 at 8 miles out. What's the overall secret? I have yet to follow a STAR to an IAP and truly slow to the speeds I see in large cities. I've almost always managed to slow to the appropriate APP speed, but it's rarely what I consider a comfortable affair. I'm often extending spoilers for ages and using other drag methods to accomplish it. Like the SERFR3 arrival into 28 at SFO. I feel like that should be plenty of space to get down and slow, but in the 744 it's like a panic to get to a good speed and be stable.
  12. Orlaam

    SID/Star Question

    Most common STAR I see is HAARP, which takes you from VALRE to BASYE to HAARP to CRALY then directly to LGA. You would likely be vectored off somewhat, but that airspace is very critical due to other airports and heavy traffic. If you didn't head directly into RWY 22, you'd be instructed to head to another area for appropriate sequencing. Likely down the Hudson, but I don't really know how they handle their VMC traffic. Otherwise just follow an IAP for an IAF to the RWY in use. For US and Canadian traffic, use FlightAware. If it's within the FAA system, FA will display it. As a general reminder, a large amount of traffic is vectored off the STAR during approach and either placed towards an IAF or even FAF located on an IAP. In most VMC conditions, they will vector you to a visual point and have you report runway/airport in sight. It's typically not that far out, usually within 9 miles. Since the sim sometimes makes visual references difficult, just refer to IAPs, and head to a fix to get set up. But keep in mind, real life airports can be hard to spot as well, especially smaller airfields. It's not totally uncommon to fly over an airport though. If terrain is high and your approach only allows one main flow, then you may fly over. Most of these approaches into certain airports are for IMC. For example, KMSO has a fun approach into RWY 30. It's an RNAV approach that takes you directly over the airport at approximately 10,000 feet then curves over the mountains into a valley for a base leg final. I have no idea how MSO is flown in VMC conditions into RWY 30, but for low visibility, the RNAV for 30 is pretty cool. And the larger the aircraft, the less likely they will be kept tight into the field. A Cessna landing at MSO can come downwind and turn into 30 no problem, but I have no clue how the Delta 738 that flies there would do it. Usually in VMC you are clear to do whatever safe approach you can, as long as you aren't interfering with other airspace, traffic or TFRs.
  13. Orlaam

    Caution on CCLeaner

    Me too. Even the registry cleaner inside Ccleaener. No issues whatsoever. Thb, Microsoft is just as bad. Windows 10 is a joke.
  14. You're all wrong. Those are points of interest. 😉
  15. Orlaam

    Numbers on STAR chart legs

    Oh I see. I don't like Jeppesen charts. I know, I'm weird. Just very used to the free NACO charts, operative word, free lol