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  1. Hello, When flying on the Fenix A320, the ATC always give me the flight number "1123". The operator name is correct (if I use an Air France livery ATC will call me Air France) but no matter what the flight number is always "1123". Is there a way to have the ATC use the flight number I have plugin the MCDU ? Is there some value to change in the aircraft.cfg ? it migh not be specific to the Fenix A320, it's just that it's the only airliner I'm using so I have noticed it.
  2. Thanks all for your feedback, interesting to get the feeling of fellow simmer.
  3. It is not a glass cockpit vs steam gauge preference nor a thread on the proper representation of the G1000 in the sim (thank you so much WorkingTitle) but really a user interface question. I find the G1000 usage in a sim (i.e. with no specific hardware) very cumbersome and painfull compared to other system like G3000, G5000 or GTN750 that are a lot more user friendly to use. I know that in real life it is a lot easier to user rotator than in the sim but I get to a point where I sometime decide not to fly an overall good plane (like the Kodiak) because it is ftted with a G1000 and it is a pain in the neck to use it (and yes I know there is a trick to use the keyboard instead of the rotator but still) Am I the only one who find this specific piece of avionics not suited at all for home computer simming ?
  4. I am still unable to download the flight plan from simbrief, I think they correct this behaviour in the hotfix but nothing change. The only change is it is not stuck on the "pending" message but it does not download anything either. It is still a general issue or is it something on my end ?
  5. I, personnaly, am super happy you at WT enhance the core avionics of the sim and give some love to the longitude. Improved avionics will benefit to all base aircraft and likely to forthcoming payware as well and I have a crush on bizjet so I found the longitude an excellent choice (in its current state it is too basic to be enjoyable and I prefer the enhanced CJ4 for the time being) So please keep up the good work and thanks for all what you have already done.
  6. When I launch AIM (after the update) it just stuck at "load airport". I has always been very long to boot but this time it is an hour and an half and it is still hanging at "load airport", so it is a show stopper on my side to wait 2 hours to be able to update a soft. I notice that in my AIM folder I have all the zipped version of the previous AIM software (so up to AIM Could it be the reason why it is so painfuly long to boot ? Can I delete previous zipped version of AIM ?
  7. Did someone know how to select the means to get airborne ? I only have a tow aircraft each time. Is there a function to assign ? And if so what shall I look for ?
  8. Use your rudder left right a few time to tell the tow aircraft to take off.
  9. Did you have some CTD since you use FSTL ? I had 2 CTD since I install it, the event viewer is not very helpful (the application error is flightsimulator.exe, ok I kinda have guess it), I suspect it might be related to FSTL considering previously I did not had crash and it is the only thing that changeon my installation in the meantime. On the other hand I had a bunch of other fly with FSTL with no issue so just want to know I you experience some random CTD since you use FSTL or if I have to look for another culprit. Thanks
  10. Yes I was thinking multiplayer. Basically when it’s an AI the model is an AIG model, nice an pretty but if it is another human player then MSFS use an AI aircraft to match whatever aircraft the other player is flying. But if you have multiplayer set to group only then I don’t know.
  11. I play around with the fenix app and yes on my rig selecting the GPU as the render display is the best option. CPU make the display sluggish, selecting the intel onboard GPU make the display freeze totaly. So it's a bit of a pity because I'm GPU limited and so was expecting a better performance with the option to have the CPU or IGPU handle the display but either something is wrong with my IGPU setting or the Fenix idea is good but not properly implemented or a least not usefull for my particular case. Anyway with GPU selected it's reasonably smooth
  12. I'm having the same experience, in terms of FPS overall its not that bad but the display are clearly not smotth at all. i7 6700K and GTX 1060 6Gb
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