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  1. As much much as I like the justflight arrow I wouldn't use it for a world tour. At 120kt or so cruise speed you will probably find it too slow at some point.
  2. The chrono timer is not totaly fixed. If you turn the chrono on and then switch back to the clock the chrono stop. I suppose it is not like that in the real aircraft or if it is it's a strange behaviour. Hope they'll fix it sometime.
  3. That was it, thank you. I changed from Hybrid system to full imperial and the baro unit change. Would be neat to have the opportunity to change it through EFB rather than having to change the system by default.
  4. In the list of fix there is: - inHG barometric setting option added to altimeters I haven't find this option. I was expecting the altimeter would indicate both (prefered solution) but it's not the case and I'm not seeing the option in the EFB. Does someone knows ?
  5. I have an issue with the transpondeur that is not working on my end. I set the tranpondeur to "Alt" the red light is some time showing indicating the transpondeur should work however when I contact ATC and they told me squawk code 1234 If I dial 1234 the ATC ask me to confirm if I have received the message (normaly seting the good squawk code the ATC give you a radar contact) If I acknowledge the code by radio, the ATC does not ask me to acknowledge but does not provide me with a radar contact either, it seems like my transpondeur is not activ for the ATC. No fuse out. Someone else experience this ?
  6. Quick question to @JustFlightScott does the coming turbo arrow will have the same VC cockpit or will it be based on a different aircraft ? I mean appart from the change on the engine will there be other change in terms of avionics/cockpit style etc.. I'm on the fence for this GA, probably won't buy both even with the nice discount offered so trying to make my mind on the one I would likely enjoy the most. Maybe you already shared some preview screenshot? If it is the case sorry I have missed them.
  7. Congrats guys and well deserved. Thanks again for all your mods, the CJ4 is absolutly brilliant.
  8. Thess things happens when you have more than just sliced bread of cucumber with Marmite as the pinacle of your gastronomy.
  9. Well might be a lighting issue with the sun and so on however at the end of the video when he show the lighting of the cabin the light is clearly on.
  10. Thanks for the info. In the various video I have seen it seems that it remains on all the time. Understand it is still WIP.
  11. In the Milviz KA350 in P3D they have also implemented this function with the ability to have acces to the chart (in the US teritory only if I'm not mistaken) without the need to have a navigraph subscription. Probably taking advantage of a free ressource available somewhere on the internet Do you plan to propose the same thing at some point ? Anyway way, neat feature, thanks and congratulation for the work done so far, appreciate a lot this aircraft with your mod.
  12. Do someone know what is the purpose of the yellow light that seems to be always on just under the gear lever ?
  13. I don't think anyone here brags about how good they are by pluging a flight plan in the FMS just that it is how the plane is used in the real world and so it is not an issue to do the same in our simulated world. After all it's a simulation, it's the whole point no ? Trying to recreate the real things.
  14. If I may,and feel free to told me to mind my own business, You have stated that you already have more than 100 payware addons for MSFS. It is an rather important number especially considering MSFS is out since only 7 months and in all fairness I have not seen any "must buy" add ons so far on this plateform. Actually the 2 add ons that in my opinion are currently worthwhile are actually freeware: the CJ4 and A320 mod. Anyway, buying 100 addons means you have a few spare dollars for our common hobbys which is good. The Aerosoft CRJ and Piper Arrow are actually the first aircraft payware addons that looks solid (I'm not saying perfect but a solid step better than the default aircraft). They are not super expensive either, less than 50€ seems reasonable if they are as good as advertised. I'm not too sure I understand your point in not buying these add ons that look more promising than what has been released so far for a 5/10/15€ bill on top of what you would have expected when you already buy 100 payware. Unless you are not interested in these aircraft of course, no obligation to buy all payware that goes out.
  15. Does the real CRJ can download flight plan or does the pilot need to enter it manually ? I understand the will to have it in an A320 because it is a fair representation of the aircraft capacity but if the CRJ does not have the equivalent of an ATSU then it is not an issue. Anyway certainly not a show stopper for me, dealing with the FMS is part of the fun in that kind of aircraft.
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