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  1. Thanks for the discussion, @mSparks. Hope you have a good rest of your day/evening wherever you are in the world!
  2. Still not convinced. We have literally hundreds of thousands of installs. Our inboxes would be lit up, and Laminar would very quickly be up to their wits with these kinds of CTD's. They are not one's to let things like this slide without notice. Anyways, I think all that's needed to be said has been said here. As an aside FYI, xLUA doesn't use the X-Plane allocator. Perhaps issues are more prone there, I'm not sure. For Gizmo, they aren't. Maybe my 20 year relationship with Austin and Ben goes beyond anything to do with products we create. I hope you have friends too. No.
  3. ANYWAYS... I'm glad we could clear up the fact that this was not any issue that ever affected a Gizmo enabled product for our customers. I'm not sure where you had ever got that idea. We were the ones to report the bug, and it was only in our own internal testing under a unique situation that never once made it to customers' computers. I cannot speak for SASL or xLua. Only Gizmo.
  4. Hmmm. I'm not so convinced by this statement. The problem there is Austin and Ben Supnik are on constant conversation level with me daily, especially when it comes to issues that would concern our products being affected. Both of them are very, very good about getting in touch the second something is amiss. No.
  5. When you have one of the biggest selling products for the simulator, tech support is just a normal side effect. Some people prefer human interaction on learning to fly more complex systems, others are not as tech savvy and need help understanding how to use the installers. Some don't understand how to unzip a zip. It's just part of it. Trying to equate tech support to actual problems is silly. Granted, sometimes bugs occur, just like any product in the software world (including Apple and Microsoft). What matters is Goran is there to help them through it, even if the fault is not with his own product. That kind of support is valued by the consumer. I'm actually having an issue understanding what you're speaking about. You're saying that Gizmo and even SASL has a memory use bug? I can't speak for SASL, but Gizmo is used on over 100,000 installs. I'm not aware of this issue you speak of. I've not seen any kind of CTD's due to it come my way, and I've not seen any complaints of performance degradation. Can you explain this one more?
  6. It depends on the product. If using a Gizmo coded product (IXEG, Saab 340A, etc) you stand to benefit from improved performance for LUA related tasks in the Gizmo API. This is because the latest beta has code re-factoring that improves CPU time processing. Eventually the beta will become the new stable, just like X-Plane betas work. If you're running a non-Gizmo coded product that still uses the Gizmo licensing system (like TBM, BN2, SkyMaxx) then you won't see any difference of performance between the two options. You will, however, get the X-Plane 11 style UI windows. We sent e-mails to customers with a link to an updater just prior to each expiration. You must have missed that. However, we no longer have expiring betas, so once it's installed you're good to go. Because we can't, and that's a messy way of going about keeping things up to date anyhow. In short, for what Gizmo does and the fact it actually interacts with global plugins like Real Weather Connector, SkyMaxx Pro, TerraMaxx, etc it HAS to be where it is. There's no way around it. As in, Laminar provides no way around it. I don't see why you'd bother disabling it to begin with. Just sounds like you're not informed about it and assume it's doing harm when it's not. Literally, so long as it's not being called it's in a dormant state. You can check this yourself by just looking at the plugin admin and seeing how much performance each plugin you have is "eating". Gizmo will likely be at or near 0%. Side note: I just looked up our support ticket history. You and I have gone down a rabbit hole about this before, so if you want to re-hash the technical background of it that I've already explained to you again, please go through your e-mail history for a path down memory lane. 🙂 All of your questions were answered there, including your questions about beta vs stable, why one had listed better performance, etc. We don't need to go through this all over again. In fact, I went into much more detail about examples for performance and when you would or would not benefit with beta vs stable, why the plugin resides where it does, how it's used or not, and more. At the end of the entire e-mail chain you ended with "Been reading up about it and I think I was wrong to worry."
  7. Just to be clear, we don't use activation keys and that would be a literal nightmare. It's simply your e-mail and password used for purchases. One login, all products activated. And, again, you are not prompted for anything so long as X-Plane is used once in a 14 day window. If it is, you'll never be asked for an e-mail or password until your next product update or new purchase.
  8. Thank you for confirming. Will do. Never heard of it till now, so I have no idea what that script could have been doing to block outgoing data transmission, but glad you solved it none the less.
  9. But not for even remotely close to this reason or problem, and you never have any full picture in another persons woes. Perspective is everything, Bryan. I can find a negative something about anything if I want. That's the nature of forums and designated support arenas. Admittedly, I am wearing thin on this one, as it's extremely clear the problem lies on your end, but come here to state "I did not mean it to go that far", yet you continue to press further. You can take it to support tickets if you like. I won't be around here much longer.
  10. For three years there are hundreds of thousands of customers using this current iteration of the system without issue. You were one of them till you did some changes to your PC OS recently. It remains as simple as it always has. I have exactly zero reports similar in nature to yours right now, and this is with many thousands of people activating their fresh TBM update all day. As we've discussed and diagnosed by cross-checking your IP and looking at server history access, your computer is completely blocking any kind of transmission to our server within X-Plane, and thus not even making a request to our server for activation. Somewhere you have a firewall or antivirus at play. My hunch is on Norton, even when you think it's disabled. I suppose your router could have a firewall too, but I doubt that's it considering you had no issue activating prior to your OS changes.
  11. Sorry, but this whole comment is just laughable. In terms of X-Plane, we literally have the most consumer-friendly version of DRM with self-management at the moment. I won't get into that debate with you. We monitor it daily. Since moving to this version of the system they've been trying for 3 years. They're pretty upset about it. You're making a bunch of something out of nothing at this point. The attitude you have over a simple e-mail and password box because you didn't use X-Plane in 2 weeks is just...wow. Glad I don't have many customers like you. I'd go nuts!
  12. It's a security measure. We did some research and found the sweet spot where 99% of our customers would be when it comes to using X-Plane, and that was it. It also prevents situations of sharing on activated PC's by friends, or stolen laptops/sold PC's. If you don't use X-Plane at least once every two weeks then yes, you'll have the horror of entering in your e-mail and password. If you do use it at least once, you'll never know it even exists. You certainly won't be having to deal with us. I think it's an okay trade-off vs. having to contact us for hardware changes and waiting for a reply. If you're genuinely upset about a few characters on your keyboard once every 3 weeks or so because you don't fly X-Plane enough to trigger an auto-activation, I guess I can't help you and will need to allow your bitterness of the situation stand. 🙂 But really, it's not that hard. We give a lot of freedom in our system. You've made it sound like you'd be dead in the water, which is entirely inaccurate.
  13. I don't know what experience you've had in the past, but the X-Aviation DRM is made to be as non obtrusive as possible. It's possible you only experienced the old system, but two years ago this current one was in place. Theoretically you should never have to contact us. That's true for pretty much 99% of our customers. The system is designed to even allow a customer to de-authorize their own machine when they hit a limit, and immediately authorize a new one, all without ever interacting with us. Instant gratification. In fact, the only time you really would need to interact with us at this point is when sharing is involved and the system catches attempts of multiple accounts in use, or you are suddenly trying to activate a machine you previously opted to lock out on the de-authorize menu. Otherwise, it really is autopilot. Buy a product, enter email and password, done. It will even auto re-authorize without your interaction for you. The only time it won't is if you purchase/update a new product, or you have not used X-Plane in a 14 day window. In that situation you'll need to re-enter your email and password again.
  14. It's not lost on me at all, but this one seems squarely in your court, as you're aware. From a remote distance there's only so much I can do. For those interested, he seems to be having a firewall or anti virus issue. On our end there's nothing blocking his licenses at all.
  15. I appreciate your cause for concern, but I also don't believe some who work harder to moan deserve faster attention than those ahead of them who wait. That actually WOULD be putting dollars over service. After eleven years of this business and seeing the growth trends I know we're on the right track. In no way is business declining or hurting (majorly opposite). In reality, forums represent about 2-3% of our userbase. While we don't mind interacting in them, they are naturally a place for negativity and in no way representative of the whole picture business wise. I appreciate your thoughts though, Brian. Happy Flights!
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