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  1. hmmm, just in case from the manual in ASXP folder:
  2. I don't have experience with these, but I think you need an extra free plugins to make them works : Xsaitekpanels
  3. You now have the autopilot button on the yoke (clickable) or you can assign it to one of your joystick button. They removed the AP on/off button because its not there on the real unit apparently. You can also take a quick look at the latest video from Philipp explaining fonctions of the new autopilot on the 172. Note that at the time of the video the 3D panel wasn't updated yet and you still see the AP button.
  4. I just saw that MisterX is currently working on an update for his wonderful Library, including 3D people (fixing shoulders).
  5. I dont have the Reality GTN 750 but I remember reading something about adding it to the default 172 3D in these forums, you might want to read the whole threads and see what is possible.
  6. If you read the original thread you will find the answer, just a few posts under the first, no need to speculate.
  7. Been an incredible week for fabulous free (donation) small airports. Tony with L52, MisterX with KCUB and now Belga with KJGG... 3 works of art. Thank you. BTW in case you dont know Belga12345 also have a few other free gems (KFYJ, KPVG, KRIC), all in Virginia.
  8. They changed something about propellers a few patch ago 11.01 beta 1 http://developer.x-plane.com/2017/04/x-plane-11-01-beta-1-and-the-sdks/ Sadly the stock planes havent been updated after that change.
  9. https://www.simcoders.com/reality-expansion-pack/flight-dynamics-ground-behavior If you like GA, do yourself a favor a try one of their package (especially if you already have one of these Carenado plane), they also have a Super Cub coming and an other project (not connected to Carenado).
  10. Simcoders just updated their REP packages to 3.0.0 yesterday making it fully compatible with XP11 with small fixes and a new user interface, as usual fantastic work. https://www.simcoders.com/2017/05/12/20170510rep-3-0-new-user-interface/ IMO, the best way to fly the CT210M is with REP (XP10 or 11)
  11. You should find useful informations in this thread And btw HD mesh and Ortho tiles are exclusive, its one or the other, X-Plane simply load the one with top priority as define by your ini file.
  12. Make sure the camera settings (side plane menu) is not set to G-Effect Advance I know that setting prevent the default X-Plane camera movement. Any of the other 2 (OFF or Compatibility Mode) allow you to change your camera view.
  13. You can use the camera movement key to adjust your view and save it on numpad (The only way to adjust default view point would be editing the file using Plane Maker) Something seems weird on that XP11 version, and if you still have XP10 available you can compare with latest XP10 version, simply doing a few circuits using same weather and location you'll see a very different behavior. Its probably the dirt layer it wasn't great on XP10 but its really bad on XP11. You can disable it using the plane menu (settings).
  14. They are there but very very transparent yellow, making them almost invisible. Seems to be a bug with HDR. Link from official blog: http://developer.x-plane.com/2017/03/i-wear-my-sun-glasses-at-night/#comments
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