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  1. On a screenshot AA is not really a problem, it is more apparent on a moving images where it create what people call marching ants or shimmering (screen resolution is also a factor). Now, put a VR headset on and you have a real problem, because of the lower resolution, and the fact that your head is always moving, even when you think it's not, adding to the already existing problem. I am a big fan of X-Plane, but I can't say AA is not a problem in its current form, even if it doesn't stop me from using VR, I sure wish AA improvement will eventually come.
  2. I saw something like that a few weeks ago, and found it for you, it's a little plugin called xPlaces. I did not try it, because I don't see the interest, but everyone is allowed to enjoy their hobby the way the like. All the other options mentioned by others above are all good and wont brake immersion as much, you should give them a try as well. And way to much unnecessary "noise" for a simple question! (hope it was OK to add the link to the plugin)
  3. Inside the default Baron58 folder you can find the "X-Plane_Baron_Pilot_Operating_Manual" PDF with a checklist and more. X-Plane 12\Aircraft\Laminar Research\Beechcraft Baron 58
  4. It is probably the camera you are using for the outside view, instead of selecting chase view, use the circle view (shift4) You can rotate around the aircraft with circle view if you want the view from the back like chase.
  5. 11 was just a hotfix for 10, and most of the 2Gb for 12 are the ATC voices, that need to be re-downloaded every time they add stuff to them. Does not mean it's not a valuable update, but size doesn't mean much in this case, imo.
  6. Maybe try resetting Nvidia control panel to default if you did change a few settings there, I was able to create stuttering trying different Nvidia settings. I also had stuttering when using Process Lasso (and I know some use this software), didn't look too much into it and simply removed it. Just sharing my experience, it can of course be something else.
  7. You can even have several copies of XP12 (or other versions) if you wish. I always keep a clean copy of XP and one copy with selected aircraft, scenery and plugins during betas, that way I can always try to reproduce bugs on a clean copy before submitting bug reports. You can just copy your XP folder to another location, you don't even need to use the installer.
  8. It's working now. That was quick! Really great support for a great product , thank you.
  9. Ok just tried at 06FA where runway 27 have a right hand pattern, opened TaxiMnt and change pattern direction for 27 as seen on screenshot. Saved, closed TaxiMnt, had a message to save database, which I did, quit P2ATC, started XP12 and P2ATC, connected, open TaxiMnt making sure 27 was still set to right. And still: (from the Conversation Text file) Pilot: Tower Piper Two Papa Quebec Holding short Runway Two Seven; Ready for Departure to Remain in pattern; ATC: Piper Two Papa Quebec whinds are calm Altimeter is Three Zero Zero Three Cleared For takeoff, Runway Two Seven Fly a Left hand pattern For touch And goes On runway Two Seven Remain On this frequency. I could try to reinstall maybe.
  10. Did all that, I actually did the TaxiMnt change a few days ago, saved it (which I could not do before your fix) closed TaxiMnt and quit P2ATC, today I started XP12 with P2ATC, and the pattern direction was still ok, but after, the Tower Controller still told me to fly the left pattern. I will try the whole process with another airport and report back.
  11. Well, now I can change the pattern direction using the Taxi Maintenance tab, and save it so P2ATC load the right information after, but ATC still assign left pattern entry when requesting a VFR pattern entry. (including an image with Taxi Maintenance and the ATC convo pasted on top of it). Using the latest beta 8J I also tried requesting a departure to remain in pattern, and tower tells me to fly a left pattern. ATC: November Six Two Papa Quebec whinds are light and variable Altimeter is Three Zero Three Three Cleared For takeoff, Runway Three Five Fly a Left hand pattern For touch And goes On runway Three Five Remain On this frequency. It could very well be a user error. Am I missing something?
  12. Fixed with the latest public beta ( b8E), thank you ☺️
  13. Using the latest P2ATC beta and XP12, I'm trying to change the pattern direction of a runway using the Taxi Maintenance tab but it always revert back to left if I click Save Change or click anywhere on screen. Been searching these forums and web, looking in the manual but could not find anything. What is the proper way to do this?
  14. This is simply not true. Not saying its perfect or that you should like it, but false claims are not useful imo.
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