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  1. Have a chance to upgrade but would like some opinions first.
  2. Wish there was a video on how to use this. There are some gray areas that need more explanation. Command lines can be tricky and if your not used to using them, daunting.
  3. So I am doing these one at a time using paint.net for resize - when saving there is a box to check called "generate mipmaps" should I check it ?
  4. Interesting, so instead of after selecting the optimizer in the cmd line I try to open it with the texture optimizer exe but instead open it with a cmd ?
  5. Not working, installed texture optimizer twice now and both times when I click on the exe a small window opens but immediately closes. Not sure why but hope there is a fix for this. Windows 10 with latest update.
  6. Some of you already know this so this is for us that don't or didn't know. First you need addonlinker https://de.flightsim.to/file/1572/msfs-addons-linker and of course FSLTL https://www.fslivetrafficliveries.com/ Install both and check to make sure FSLTL is working in your sim - now lets make it work by just starting your sim: Install addonlinker ( a bit involved but just follow the instructions or watch one of the many videos about installing it) and when you have it installed and open select your options - next go to the General Options tab and add your MSFS exe file (the one that starts the sim) and add it to the window. Here you will choose your Community folder location and you launch options (fast launch or Steam or ) Next select the Additional Options tab and add your FSLTL traffic injector exe into the window. Find the exe in your community folder and add it to the window. Next hit the Edit tab and with the Edit window open select Wait for Simconnect Now need to edit your fsltl traffic injector config. To find it type %AppData% into your windows search box, look for the AppData folder and open it and you should see the below window open (you will have different items of course as this is just and example. Open the injector file and then open the config json file. Open with Notepad ++ and you will see the below text. Content will look like this - {"ifraircraftlimit":75,"vfraircraftlimit":75,"staticaircraftlimit":0.25,"secstilremove":240,"flightplannerdbapikey":"","modeloveride":"","consoledebug":"",} just delete that and insert or add this line instead, {"ifraircraftlimit":75,"vfraircraftlimit":75,"staticaircraftlimit":0.25,"secstilremove":240,"flightplannerdbapikey":"","modeloveride":"","consoledebug":"","silent":"yes"} Hit SAVE. Make sure your addonlinker is open and check that all is correct. Make sure you have both fsltl-traffic-injector and fsltl-traffic-base linked as shown below. Now use the far right main page top row button to open the sim. This must be used when you want MSFS and addonlinker to work together. This program should now start with MSFS and start injecting when you have your airport fully open. If not post problem here.
  7. Has anyone got this to work with addonlinker yet ? I mean have it start automatically when msfs starts using the addonlinker app.
  8. Carenado sure does make beautiful aircraft.
  9. Carenado sure does make beautiful aircraft.
  10. Found one locally used for 50 bucks so I had to get it. One word "amazing". I had several of the older Xbox controllers and this one is worlds apart - all buttons switches and gimbles (sticks) are soooo smooooth compared to those older units. It even works better and more seamlessly in MSFS than the older units did. Bluetooth was a snap to setup and a very solid link. I fly RC so I set my controller so the right stick is aileron and elevator. The rest is setup custom - left stick is look around, right buttons throttle up and down and flaps up and down, D pad is elevator and aileron trim, two top front buttons are right and left brakes and two bottom front levers are rudder right and left. I have not tried to use the other bottom levers and have to look more into the three light system for selecting three setups. This controller is a Cadillac for sure.
  11. Yes and many more for this Connie at Flightsim.to - just search for Paul Grubich Click on pic for larger image And more 🙂
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