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  1. Had to remove msfs and want to reinstall.....no where can I find on xbox site or microsoft site a link to download a purchased game,,,they all want me to buy it again even after I signed in with my msfs name log on...
  2. Thanks, that worked..for anyone having this problem just, as Nedo68 stated, zip up the community folder and send it your desktop, you can than move or copy anything from that zipped folder.
  3. Trying to copy some of my home made scenery from the Community folder to send to a friend for some adjustments. When I click on the item folder and try to paste it into the email I get this notice..is there a way around this or a fix?
  4. This is great, thanks. Just leave it on. I do graphic work, planes and scenery and hated the load times and always thought I had to open the sim from the start to be able to see changes in my work. I just now left it on the Welcome screen as you suggested and changed a texture and saved it. I then went to World Map from the still open Welcome screen and then to the airport I am working on and the texture was replaced....wow, lots of time saved,,thanks again !
  5. Thanks, I am sold on Little Navmap and really just wanted to know what tv or notebook, or laptop you used ?
  6. Is there anyway to speed up the loading process of this sim? I know mine takes over a minute to reach the Welcome selection page.
  7. Just got Little Navmap and want to get a second screen, laptop or tablet, and wondered what your using. I know there are different op systems, apple, android, ect - so what works with most apps?
  8. I can get MCE to connect to 2020 but cannot get the copilot to respond?
  9. Thanks, that works perfectly... One more question...can I resize the map, make it smaller?
  10. Very new to this and would like to know if you can overlay lnm onto and in an fsx window ? Or do I have to keep both open on desktop.
  11. Like to add some parked aircraft to a certain airport. I did try Where Are My Aircraft but it will not connect to Steam FSX. Is there another program or software that would let me do this ?
  12. Are you changing Primary Scaling 1.000000 to .75000000 ?
  13. Several VR setups out there so which one is the best to get that will work well with MSFS ?
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