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  1. Win 10, Project Cars and Elite Dangerous and all the added Oculus apps work.
  2. I did not have those lines in my camera config so added them. I now get the VR section in the popup but not in the top header. It also still does not work. This is very odd because all this worked a month ago. I did have a recent windows 10 update and wonder if that did something?
  3. Yes I have both of those set at 1.
  4. I cannot get that section. I have deleted my camera config and main config and still cannot get VR. I also downloaded and installed all new V4.1 and still nothing. Here is the header I get:
  5. How do I get VR to work with P3Dv4.1? Before I could activate VR from the view popup window but now there is no VR selection in that window anymore.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, it shows version V4 and not V4.1 and it is an October build. I did go to the P3d website and check my downloads and there is no update, only the full version of V4.1 to download,,,is that correct?
  8. Not sure if I have V4.1 or not,,,how do I find the version number?
  9. For some reason VR is not showing up in my view section of P3dv4 anymore,,,any ideas?
  10. Hi Scott,,it's in the specular map. Add noise to the spec to experiment.
  11. Well they say great minds think alike :)
  12. The Right Stuff film is what kindled my interest in Poncho Barnes.
  13. I find very little problems with pitch - what controller are you using? If it bothers you so much you could always use the freeware Connie FM.