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  1. Loved the place until lately. Now I never know when or why one of my threads will be closed. I have had several closed and then PM's asking me why they closed it. Do the moderators here have any rules or guides to go by or are they more wild wild west. When I ran the largest RC forum on the net I called them unmoderated moderators so when I came on board the first thing I did was fire half the moderator staff and make up a set of rules for mods to go by. When a moderator says to me "I closed your thread because I did not think it was going to go anywhere" I knew they were just making things up as they go along.
  2. Yes I will not pay a third time for F1 GTN 750 so now only use Xplane 11 and soon the RealityXP 750 when it becomes available in panel in planes such as the new Comanche twin.
  3. I go to and use the Guru3d forums where the smart kids only overclock for bragging rights and numbers. There are some real gurus there that know their stuff so when I asked about trading my 5930k in for a 7700 they universally replied that I was crazy and that it would be a down grade. To go to all the expense and work to get new mb and ram and cpu for a couple fps is nuts so I will wait until something that is really much faster to hit the sales floor.
  4. I gave up on Photobucket years ago and now only use SmugMug.
  5. Getting real tired of having my post locked. Never used to be this way here at Avsim. I also receive PM's from users here telling me they are feed up with it as well.
  6. Yes I know it was added and I do not like it. As a developer paying 10 bucks a month for several years now I should at least get a clear full screen. I feel they are trying to force us to pay the full 200 bucks for the pro license..
  7. Just downloaded the new update for P3dv4 and found it now has "developer license" stuck permanently in the upper right hand corner. Why the F did they do this? I really hate crap cluttering up my full screen views and this might be the final straw to stick with Xplane 11.
  8. Added a watermark for developer versions ?
  9. Very nice do you have a direct link, could not find this exact version on Google.
  10. Finally happened to me. I pay a lot of things by card online such as streaming services and other bills so not sure which one was the leak. Funny thing is the only thing the card thief payed with my card was his Comcast bill. Comcast does not service my area and I use Mediacom so the bank agreed there was something amiss.
  11. Sorry guys, this is just a video effect I set up in an editing program called Hit Film 4. In this software you can add rain drops to a recorded video image by using a mask effect to mask the area of the windshield and then add the rain drops to it. There is talk that P3Dv4 can add animated rain to glass but I sure don't know how it's done.
  12. But when your parked and not moving the rain should be on the windshield. When playing this video click on the full screen icon.
  13. How can you not afford Photoshop for only 10 bucks a month and you get Lightroom with it. I could never come up with the 600 or so bucks to buy it but now that it is subscription I can have it. Plus you always have the latest version using their cloud service. I admit that I still do 90 percent of my professional work with Paint Shop Pro 7 and DXTBmp and really find Photoshop very steep in learning curve. I do use it for some things I cannot do in PSP7 such as curved text or HDR toning.