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  1. Thanks,,I think these are still up at Flightsim.com library.
  2. warbirds


    Nice speech, hindsight is a wonderful thing,,,you can sit back from afar and take a few pot shots without really knowing the whole story. Sure it was "autocratic" as you say. I was thrown into a situation and did what I did to correct it and did it fast to plug the leaking hole. I was in management most of my life and hired and fired people all the time. I was good at it and my store was always in the top ten,,,so when asked to clean up the site I did my job,,,just like I did everyday at work. Let me ask you this: you are driving down the street and see a house on fire - do you stop and ask the neighbors to form a committee to decide who is going in to save the family trapped inside or do you take action and do it yourself and do it fast?
  3. warbirds

    Cannot get support

    Yes it is a B for sure..I cannot even contact them to stop my service in order to start a new one using my newer email.
  4. warbirds

    Cannot get support

    P3d no longer accepts email support,,,so I cannot revive my account. I signed up with and had all my info with an email service I no longer have access to so if I go to support and ask to renew or revive my password it just sends the info to that old non functioning email. I emailed support but got the message they no longer supply support through email and to go to the forums..ok but same thing,,I go to the forum to revive my forum password and they send it to the non functioning email... My payment still comes out of my bank so now I am paying for P3d but cannot update...
  5. Downloaded the newest beta but did not try it until I had some friends over..now I love to show of Xplane's nights and lighting when new guys show up - but,,,dang it,,,this time I fired up Xplane and loaded my favorite night airport and all was much darker and the main lights over the stations were not bright and looked like bad...I told them this was not the way it should be and turned it off. So what did this beta do to the lights and how can I fix it? I do have an older version on another hard drive but really want to know why they would trash their best feature.
  6. Detailed as always Rob, thanks. One question for you - I am thinking of going SLI and adding a second 1080ti instead of shelling out a grand or more for the new cards. Does SLI really help P3D and how?
  7. warbirds

    Prepar3D v4.4 Is Available Now ! 

    All this about what does and does not work is important but I want to know (from those that have it) how does it work,,,fps,,ect - how does it look,,any better or?
  8. warbirds

    Why isn't my Cargo Door working?

    Take an aspirin.
  9. How are the fps compared to the 400? Is there an MCE script for it yet?
  10. warbirds

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Same question,,,looking for more opinions.
  11. warbirds

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Does it have rain on windscreen effects and how is the interior lighting?
  12. warbirds

    import scripts?

    Under Documents/Multi Crew Experience/MyVoiceScripts/Copilot/Aircraft I see XP_Gates_Learjet_25_v2r1 listed but it does not show in the checklist in MCE in sim.
  13. warbirds

    QW 787 final thoughts ?

    Really want to get this bird but still would like to know a few things from those that have the updated version. Is the banding in the cockpit at night still there? This really turned me off this aircraft when I found that out. Does it now have rain effects on windscreen? Does it have dynamic lighting inside and out? Your general opinion please.
  14. Just installed this software again after some time off,,,got the latest version. When I go to the import scripts folder and select co pilot and select a script but the folder is empty does this mean I need to download that script from somewhere? I was sure I had scripts for certain aircraft before where as now none are there.