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  1. Well I am still having this problem Jim. Now my signature does not sure half the time and some screenshots the same, just the link, not the image.
  2. Wow, you guys really come down hard on someone with an opinion other than yours. On the other hand buying and using P3Dv4 was a choice and we all knew we would be waiting, possibly a long time, for some of hour favorite products to be updated.
  3. Thanks Jim, I was having that as well.
  4. Yes that is what I am getting even with recommended Flyininside settings. P3Dv4 and DCS world are a bit clearer to me than X11.
  5. When it opens it opens with a window asking what type of VR experience I would like and can see no way to play it non VR. Great game but harder than Project Cars by a long way :)
  6. Thanks, I do have a few Flysimware paints that I should upload someday soon. I did some work on the Flysimware Lear for Mark and did some cockpit textures and this paint for the release.
  7. While flying the open cockpit Alabeo Waco I was wondering if I could a fan in front of me :)
  8. Thanks guys, I hope to have more paints soon.
  9. I think Google Earth will come into our virtual flying world at some point in time.
  10. Looking for repaints for this great aircraft, also, is there a paint kit?
  11. Xplane in VR with the Flyinside demo just looks bad compared to the great image I get with P3Dv4 native VR. I have tried almost every setting I can find but the landscape has artifacts and other problems and is not a pretty sight. Is there something I am missing or needs to be done to make X11 look better in VR?
  12. Thanks guy, did not realize this was a VR only title until I started it - but that is ok because that is what I wanted if for.
  13. I just brightened mine up a bit :)

    Anyone that has the Staggewing can you tell me if your dome light works?