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  1. I put V5 on another drive (D) and have less of the above problem...1080ti does everything else just fine but not this new V5 version.
  2. So the current Hawaiian Islands set is not compatible with V5?
  3. Like I said,,my work will bring a cpu and gpu (1080ti) to its knees and at no time will I have, or ever had, a gpu lockup or quit working message,,only with LM V5.. It is very simple,,LM pushed the envelope a bit much and needs to dial it back a bit.
  4. It proves I know more than you and I know it is not a problem with everyones PC...Attacking me on a public forum is not going to help your cause...LM will fix this and this will all be past history soon.
  5. It is their problem and will be fixed in future updates... I build my own PC's and have done so for 20 or more years now..I do graphic work for game developers and push my pc and graphics far beyond the normal...My computer is stock,,nothing over clocked and kept in perfect working order or I would be out of a job.. In those 20 or so years I have never had a graphic card stop working because of a game or sim or during intensive graphic work...so now V5 comes out and I do get this message of lockup or stop working from my gpu...why? Because this new sim is in beta and will be adjusted in the near future. My work requires me to have a working copy of V5 so I will change gpu, cpu settings and maybe mess with memory for that reason....and that reason only..
  6. "Let me start out by saying i do not believe this is lm problem as i have the same error in dcs world." It is not in V4.5 so it does have something to do with the new version,,,,so their problem,,fix it.
  7. We should not have to change our main pc settings just to make V5 happy,,,it needs to be fixed at the source, not the end user.
  8. Has LM given any indication that this would be fixed?
  9. I cannot see enough of a difference to use it.
  10. Mine had "video card stopped working"..I deleted 5 and reinstalled on another drive and so far it now works.
  11. Seems to,,,did not try everything though
  12. You have AA set at 2,,,,really don't need any AA at super high resolutions.
  13. Installing now,,,taking forever to install though.
  14. All updated,,,not only stock planes but others as well
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