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  1. I am still wondering why Orbx does not redo one of their most popular airports for MSFS, Pago Pago.
  2. But they do not have ground vibration when rolling fast down the runway. Only the B-377 does this.
  3. The best use of vibration to date was the A2A B-377. When taking off down the runway there was vibration in the cockpit - no other dev has used this to my knowledge and it did add great realism.
  4. Is there a tracking system that has smooth movement, more like your eye's real movement? All these just seem to jerk around.
  5. Anyone having problems? I cannot get it to load into the sim, it just stalls. Disregard: the first time it took forever to load but now it loads ok.
  6. As a working texture artist I concur that the cockpit is not up to PMDG standards, better than FSX, yes a bit but not what we now expect in this new sim.
  7. Yes, strange but if I put auto pilot or open the weather window and then close them the next time I go into the sim they are open.
  8. Thanks but Hangar camera does not work for some addons
  9. Thanks but this plane I am working on (redwing Connie) will not work in the Hangar. All stock planes do work and you can move the camera but this one, and maybe other addon planes, are just one view in the Hangar.. Now if some genius would come up with a viewer for this I would gladly pay.
  10. How are you putting up with the 3 or more minute load time just to see if that line you made is just right ?
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