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  1. warbirds

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    I can take off ok if I am going 120 but 80 no way.
  2. warbirds

    Odd texture problem - need advice

    I agree it is an outside influence but only to P3D as FSX does not have this problem. Only thing I have recently installed is the new A2A Bonanza. P3D is in C program files and I use a program called "take ownership" to make sure I have ownership of them. Downloading P3D again to reinstall and see if that fixes it.
  3. warbirds

    Odd texture problem - need advice

    No and yes as admin.
  4. warbirds

    Odd texture problem - need advice

    I did delete and rebuild the config and deleted shaders.
  5. warbirds

    Odd texture problem - need advice

    Anyone,,Rob? This odd problem persist and keeps me from using an expensive program. Resolution will not lock and decreases with flight time.
  6. Latest P3Dv4 with 1080 ti graphic card in use lowers textures each time I go into graphics settings and then back out. Example,,,select plane,,go into graphics select 4096x4096,,, go back out see plane,, go back into graphics settings and find the texture has lowered to 2048x2048 so go back out to plane,,,back in graphics settings again to see the texture has again lowered to 1024x1024 and so on until lowest texture is reached 256x256. It will not hold any texture setting,,what is going on? FSX does not do this..happens with any plane including stock aircraft. Tried setting in config and saving but still happens.
  7. warbirds

    GTN 750 - which one ?

    Thanks,,,that did something but now I get a popup stating "missing .dll"
  8. warbirds

    GTN 750 - which one ?

    I don't want to pay the 20 bucks for the complete version when I already have both 650 and 750 installed...wish they worked though.
  9. warbirds

    GTN 750 - which one ?

    Thanks. I have downloaded the update three times now and it insist I have the wrong path for p3d....my registry shows all paths for p3d to be correct...about the gauge files I did not know I needed to copy those files. When I go into p3d and select a plane that I already had Flight 1 GTN 750 working in I get a popup stating I am running an incompatible version of the GTN software,,,,even though I have tried to update several times now. Also the Flight 1 update software that you can select your version to update from states I have the latest version.
  10. warbirds

    GTN 750 - which one ?

    I already have both 750 and 650 from Flight 1 but cannot get them to update.
  11. warbirds

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    And yet someone here that has flown the real one for over 10 years said the real plane is not that touchy. I am thinking of putting the flight model from one of my other (have two from different developers) V-Tail's in place to calm it down,.
  12. warbirds

    GTN 750 - which one ?

    Ok got the new A2A plane (love it!) and went to put my Flight 1 GTN 750 in place but, of course, it did not work,,needs an update or something. So after searching for Flight 1 account info I downloaded it again and went to reinstall. It did not install telling me I must have changed P3D location and not changed the registry..I went to the registry and it showed the correct location I have for P3D and yet the install insist I do not have that correct...so no GTN 750. Flight 1 has made this process almost a chore not worth doing so now I thinking of getting the Reality XP version and wonder if anyone here has it and how do you likes it compared to the Flight 1 nightmare. Yes I have tried to contact Flight 1 and also tried their support forums with no answer.
  13. warbirds

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    Yes,,no luck,,,also tried Aerosoft support,,,again no answer..I might just buy the whole package again as it is worth every penny.
  14. warbirds

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    I really want this (real light and rain) but cannot remember which vendor I got the original package from to use the half off deal. I thought it was from Aerosoft but sent them a request for a new password and have not heard from them yet.
  15. warbirds

    Waiting for the 'Bus?

    Do the updated busses still have the active copilot that helps?