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  1. I downloaded and installed LOWS and it looks great. I think there was some fixes or updates on the DD website but now I cannot find that website again so anyone having a link to the DD site please pm me (as commercial links are not allowed I think). Or if anyone knows if those fixes and updates are included in the latest full download? This is really great because it completes my favorite three fairly close airports. LOWS, LOWI and EDDM.
  2. Just the tip of the iceberg. We are at the dawn of a new age of computer interaction and, just like your Model T Ford, you will love it or hate it at first - but give it a few years and you will not be able to live without it. I love mine and it is great fun using it to freakout my old guy buddies when they come to visit.
  3. PMDG is all about systems and not interested in eye candy or total immersion unfortunately.
  4. Curious about this statement "New VR-ready manipulators & updated aircraft."
  5. Does anyone have this yet? If so, how do you like it?
  6. I agree, this is the best plane for VR and I fly it all the time using my Oculus. I don't have your problem and not sure why it is happening but hope you get it fixed.
  7. That looks amazing, please continue.
  8. Same here, in fact I have a post about it on the Flyinside forums and devs say they are working on it.
  9. Wow, cool, nice find ! I wonder what other games or demos like this are available?
  10. I was wondering if this would work in the A2A Connie so will be following this thread with interest. Over at the A2A forums they say they would have to do something to the programing to make it work in their planes but I thought it would be a simple config change.
  11. Looks way to dangerous with all those spinning knives so close to vital parts.
  12. Another question; if I get both 750 and 650 do the work together or talk to each other somehow or are they purely individual units like the F1 versions?
  13. I don't mind paying full price as it is a beautiful aircraft. My dilemma is between the 717 and the new 787. If I knew the rain thing was coming to the 717 soon I would go for that instead, but I have had no word on when it will be included.
  14. Thanks, I realize that but want to know when it will be ready for the 717 so I can purchase the 717,,if it is soon.
  15. When will this be available for the 717? I want to purchase if it is soon.