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  1. jlohrenz

    pci express 4

    Here's the problem with that logic, in the computer industry there are significant changes / enhancements on average ever 18 months, so you could be waiting indefinitely for the next best thing. Determine your budget and get the best bang you can for your money now. You could wait until 2019, and then find out shortly after you make your purchases that something better and faster is just 6 months out. It's a never ending cycle. I just decided to upgrade my equipment every 5 years. It's done me well so far and am happy with it.
  2. jlohrenz

    Best 737 payware?

    I'm building a full scale 737 simulator. My options were ifly, which offers a cockpit builders edition for cheap change of $500, PMDG, which has no builder options, or Pro-Sim which is $1600. Of the three, if you want full scale simulator quality, Pro-Sim simulated every aspect of the 737, multiple computer compatibility, all features simulated all for a price. Next is I-Fly, multi-computer compatible, majority of systems simulated for about a third of the price, and PMDG, which requires another software for multi-computer compatibility, similar systems simulated, and about the same price of pro-sim. It really depends on what level you want to go with for training purposes. For me, since building the simulator is a significant expense, I went with I-Fly. I can enjoy it on my temporary setup AND use it in my cockpit. Someday when I want to bump the realism up a bit more I'll be skipping over PMDG and go straight to Pro-Sim. With the recent release of the HD pack for the iFly, the differences between PMDG and iFly are not significant enough to warrant significant more expense.
  3. jlohrenz

    Best 737 payware?

    Nobody ever mentions the ifly 737. It is a great representation as well for a lot less.
  4. jlohrenz

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    Don't expect much from PFPX developers. There have been many waiting for updated profiles for payware aircraft released this year to no avail.
  5. jlohrenz

    GSX Library (1.5)

    Pretty cool. Would love to see this for the iFly 737!
  6. There is a whole niche for people that are currently doing this over at www.cockpitbuilders.com I'm currently setting up 3 1080p projectors on a 180 degree screen. It can be done, and looks great.
  7. So will this do anything for outside realism? I'm dedicated to P3D as I have a cockpit built around it, but I've always admired the night shots from people with xplane, and the day shots, clouds, etc...always looked more realistic than what I can do in my sim.
  8. jlohrenz


    It handles STAR's appropriately, and with the recent update I've never had issues when flying a STAR. I've used it for a few years and really enjoy it. I switched over to it after RC5 was cancelled. I think it is a great improvement over RC4
  9. jlohrenz


    Yes. You need to have it running for the duration of your flight. I usually change it to MAP VIEW during my flight.
  10. I've been happy with my MSI 1080ti DUKE. Although it's going for almost twice what I paid for it several months ago.
  11. Delta Virtual is pleased to announce the unveiling of our new website, and with it a new generation of flight and fellowship. Now, we're not just showing off a flashy new website. We are also unveiling an all new Pilot Ops system! We have an extensive site, features, ACARS system, and friendly staff. We fly Delta and their related SkyTeam airlines. We have over 2000 active pilots and are looking for anyone that is looking for a quality, highly active VA You can find the new site at https://flydeltavirtual.org/ Questions? Ping a staff member or email a Hub Manager (https://flydeltavirtual.org/en/contact.html) Happy Flying, everyone! With Love, The Delta Virtual Staff Team
  12. Cockpit Builders is something to check out. Lots of conversations there. I've just recently started my journey on my 737 cockpit. It isn't a cheap hobby and it'll take a lot of your time. See if you can find someone that has done the same near you so you can check it out before you decide to dedicate the time and money to it.
  13. jlohrenz

    Regional Jet Choices in P3DV4

    Aerosoft CRJ is nice.
  14. jlohrenz

    PFPX MD82 Route Export

    Good luck with pfpx. It' been a couple months since the author posted last. I've switched to simbrief. Most of the same features and it is free. If they don' have an export for it yet, give them a few days. Very responsive developer.
  15. That h100 is a nice cooler. Have my 8700k at 4.9ghz, and it keeps it at a nice 68 to 70c under full load