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  1. jlohrenz

    FTG Closes Doors

    http://flyingtigersgroup.org/news/ Kinda sad. One of the first VA's I joined a long time ago. See the airline sites are already down...that went quick.
  2. Had this happen to me with SEA. It was where I had it loading among my other add-on scenery. Sometimes it can be a default one, but for me, it was simply changing the load order. Also, you could check if you have ORBX Vector installed, it could be an exclusion that is needed for it to work right.
  3. jlohrenz

    Orbx P3D 4.4 and NO SEASONS!

    I'm not sure that is a legitimate statement. The technology is there. Why would Google do it? It doesn't align with their business model for that service. They could get satellite imagery of whatever season they want, it is a cost / benefit factor that they have decided does not make sense. Whereas for ORBX, and what we do as simmers, I think it is part of a business model. It's been stated several times that having seasons is something people desire. It's unfortunate that they have decided to to this, and mask it behind a size for download reasoning.
  4. jlohrenz

    Windows 10 1809 Networked PC tip

    Rob, Yep..I searched for hours to find that fix as well...I also updated all 5 of my sim PC's not only to 1809, but to the PRO version of windows. Now I can have it delay major version updates but up to a year...worth the price for the upgrade and prevents forced headaches like I felt when my PC's all update to 1803 on their own.
  5. My Machine: 8700k OC'd to 5.0Ghz. 1080ti Duke (11GB Memory) and also OC'd a bit factory. I'd like to run 3 darbee 1080p projectors off of this beast. Is it doable? Would running it at 30Hz gain anything? Would it be better for me to add a 2nd 1080ti? (I can get another Duke rather reasonably) Thanks in advance. I don't run with any AI traffic unless I'm flying online. Addons consist of ORBX Vector, Base, and LC. Airports from FSDT and Flightbeam Also use ENVTEX. I run ASCA / RSF, and AS4 on a networked computer. Thanks in advance.
  6. jlohrenz

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    I preferred the iFly 737 because they had a cockpit builders edition that suited my needs. It was the best bang for the buck and has all the most used features simulated. Their 747 variant is also outstanding. You can't always assume that more $$$$ means better quality. That is a huge misnomer.
  7. jlohrenz

    REX Sky Force in a networked setup?

    I can help clarify if you'd like, there are a couple different scenarios: 1. AS4 on Client Computer, P3D on 'Server' Computer -> Integration is full with clouds updating dynamically if you have ASCA / AS4 setup that way. 2. AS4 on Client Computer, P3D on Server Computer, and P3D on another computer for additional views. -> Weather will synchronize with both computers, but the clouds will only be updated dynamically on the 'server / main P3D computer. Main gotcha is to have a nice, fast wired connection between the computers. I have a seperate network that I use just for this to make sure there is no congestion. If you have too much traffic on your LAN network, you will get stutters when AS4 / ASCA is trying to dynamically update the cloud textures. Reading back I see now you are referring to SF3D, not AS4 and how it runs from the client. Can't answer that one.
  8. jlohrenz

    Recommendations for a VA

    www.flydeltavirtual.org We have several tours, an airport of the month, weekly group flights. We have updated monthly schedules for the skyteam alliance, but you can fly wherever using our 'charter' feature. Two different acars systems as well. We dont auto accept pireps, but our rules are pretty basic. Landings under -600, no slowing, you can do up to 4x, etc. Very active membership over 300 pilots Have relationships with flight1, fs2crew, to name a few so we often have monthly give aways of add ons as well. Please check us out, you are welcome to come by and kick the tires. I'm the Director of HR, so let me know if you have any questions.
  9. Have any of you tried his SH Slim Lights? Looking into it.
  10. jlohrenz

    Blueprint KLAX V3 Opinions

    I have the previous version. I switched to FSDT to get more features. For the price, BluePrint serves a purpose. What it comes down to is what your computer can run and what your tastes are for detail, animated jetways, etc... If you already have FSDT's I'd suggest making some adjustments to the parking, etc... to make it work. If you don't care about bells and whistles and just want a more up to date airport, then either use BluePrint's, or there is a nice AFCAD in the library for the default one to update it as well.
  11. jlohrenz

    Blueprint KLAX V3 Opinions

    Back in the day when they were the only KMSP out there I bought a few of their sceneries. They don't even use the default Jetways from FSX days, so you can't update them to SODE, or use GSX to control them...they are just fixed. It would be nice if they at least did this, but it appears they have no desire to use more modern stuff with their sceneries. They are somewhat better than the defaults, however there are often times just a good if not better freeware ones out there too.
  12. jlohrenz

    The Great Orbx Confusion

    I think the point is the wording that they use. It shouldn't be listed as a prerequisite, but maybe as a optional add-on to get the best experience. Quite honestly it's why I avoided a few of their regional airports as I did not want to have to buy a 'region' with them, which is what the product pages said (for FSX/P3D). A simple response with a 'that is actually correct, here is why we did it, and we've corrected it' would have deflated this before it became a big thing. Either way I know now I can buy a regional airport and not need the underlying region.
  13. Seriously if you don't have anything positive to say then why are you posting? Do you enjoy getting posts locked because of your rude comments? This is to talk about the ifly....not a place for you to bash the announcement or to talk about what you think is better and how this is no good.
  14. jlohrenz

    pci express 4

    Here's the problem with that logic, in the computer industry there are significant changes / enhancements on average ever 18 months, so you could be waiting indefinitely for the next best thing. Determine your budget and get the best bang you can for your money now. You could wait until 2019, and then find out shortly after you make your purchases that something better and faster is just 6 months out. It's a never ending cycle. I just decided to upgrade my equipment every 5 years. It's done me well so far and am happy with it.