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  1. @Bob Scott @Ray Proudfoot I'm wondering if your PC builder did some stock over clocking of some sort on your system. Almost seems like the game mode boost or ai overclock is on which as Bob mentioned will do some stupid things with voltage to generate more heat
  2. Yeah if all the fans are running off the motherboard something like that will do.
  3. Ray you may want to reach out to chillblast. Usually with an AIO cooler the 'cpu fan' in the bios is actually the pump speed for the cooler, but it really depends on how they configured it for you. Basically, for simming setup I have my pump for my AIO at its highest speed, and then ramp my radiator fans up accordingly based on the CPU temp. I have a corsair setup in my case, so with their app I can have different profiles depending on what application is in the foreground. As such I have it ramp everything up if p3d is running, and have it run on a more balanced / quiet mode when I'm just doing regular work or testing.
  4. Ray, I'm still struggling with this comment of 90C while in sim. I have the 14900k and the only time I've hit 90C was when I was doing some benchmarking. When flying in p3d i'm in the mid 50's to lower 70's at times. I've got a corsair AIO.
  5. Another unknown is if you are looking at MS2020 or the upcoming MS2024, if they improve the multi-threading capabilities in MS2024, it'll even the playing field between AMD and INTEL offerings I went with the 14900k because I could get it on a good black friday deal at Micro Center.
  6. If you have a 12900k now the most reasonable upgrade would be to the 14900k. You don't need to do anything other than swap out the CPU. If you switch to AMD that's a new motherboard too. I'm on a 12900k now, not VR, but will be updating to a 14900k probably with some black friday deals.
  7. Hoping there isn't a huge upcharge for this. The v5 one already works in v6.
  8. Is your graphics card virtically mounted or direct to the mobo? Mine is direct to the mobo and ASUS sent along a support for the rear end of the card to take stress off the pcie slot.. with these big 4090's its almost a requirement if you are not vertically mounting the card.
  9. Might need to update firmware. They charge 50 for that now.
  10. I second that. with the improvements in v6 atmospherics, the volumetric clouds weather radar support would be awesome.
  11. @Damian Clark I for one appreciate what you are doing and understand the challenges small developers deal with. I'll also say unfortunately the majority that appreciate what you are doing are also the ones that only post if there are issues or use proper means to present them to your team. Thanks for your continued support of p3d.
  12. They used to have one you could request directly if you sent an e-mail. I have a Nav update for v5 and that is how I had to get it. I see they don't list that on their site anymore but might be worth a try.
  13. Thanks. Guess I missed that. Was looking in the general discussion area. I had originally installed it through ORBX Direct. Will work through that guide and see if it fixes my problem.
  14. I had been installing my airports and such into my V6 install using the 'workarounds' and got all of my ORBX stuff installed. Moved on to FSDreamTeam and used their udpated installers. Went to try to get a jetway to move through GSX and while it says that it is moving the jetway never moves. When I go into SODE itself it says there are no jetways in the area. It's been so long since I've messed with this that I'm looking for suggestions on what to check that might be the problem as I remember at one time or another having this happen when I upgraded to V5 a while ago. TIA Jason
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