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  1. No...waiting until they support options for my sim cockpit such as multiple views, etc. And work with prosim.
  2. This solution will work with all versions of Prepar3d up to version 4.5. A pay for update will be coming out eventually for v 5.0 What's included: iFly Jets 737 for Prepar3d: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?vid=flt1sf&pid=ifly37p3d iFly Jets 737 CBE Edition: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=iflyp3dpro $651 new Selling for $250 USD. There is a $100 transfer fee that Flight1 charges to transfer to you and you need to have a valid Flight1.com account. PM me with questions. Thanks Jason (Based in USA)
  3. Go Windows 10, but if you do, get 10 Pro. Check e-bay for good deals on licenses. PRO allows you to postpone the big updates for up to a year...security updates for up to 90 days. i do a fresh install after every major update...no issues yet and i have a multi PC 737 full cockpit simulator.
  4. You can hide the yoke on the ifly as well via the configuration tool.
  5. Should include that the iFly also has good, friendly support. I use the iFly Cockpit Builder's edition, and they have a very nice package for the price. The most recent service pack upgraded all of the panels and paints to high definition quality. They have one more service pack coming out soon and then they are done updating it. That doesn't mean they will stop supporting it. It came out 10 years ago, so providing free updates for 10 years is pretty impressive. There are many cockpit builders that get their 'upgraded' version which basically allows mult-computer use. That being said, it is a very good representation, and you get the 736/7/8/9 for a very good price. They are currently working on the 737 MAX as their next major release which will be a new product using the P3D SDK and strictly 64bit.
  6. The jump from 1080p to 4k is huge...not sure a single PC setup will work with today's technology without sacrificing something. Cut your FPS by 3x a single projector setup. Will that be acceptable? Each view will reduce fps. Now, that's the calculation for 1080p views...I'm guessing the impact may be more for 4k views.
  7. You could probably get away with 3 at 1080p. That is what my setup is. Running 8700k at 5ghz with 2 1080ti cards. 4k resolution is too much for one machine and 3 projectors. You'll need to invest some $$$ and look into wideview and a multi computer setup to make it acceptable. It gets expensive quick. Triple the hardware, and triple some of the software too depending on their EULA.
  8. Thanks for asking and posting this. I've tried unsuccessfuly to port my iFly outside of the main install directory. Looks Like I was using the DLL category wrong and not pointing it to the DLL but the directory instead. Will try this!
  9. So if I have GSX v2, is it better to use the GSX options provided, or install the SODE ones. A bit confused
  10. Used 1080ti is a good value right now. I just picked up a second one for under $500. For the power they pack you can't beat that right now.
  11. How many computers are you using? What are you doing to control your display? You may want to consider options that are designed for full sized simulators such as ifly cockpit builders edition or prosim.
  12. http://flyingtigersgroup.org/news/ Kinda sad. One of the first VA's I joined a long time ago. See the airline sites are already down...that went quick.
  13. Had this happen to me with SEA. It was where I had it loading among my other add-on scenery. Sometimes it can be a default one, but for me, it was simply changing the load order. Also, you could check if you have ORBX Vector installed, it could be an exclusion that is needed for it to work right.
  14. I'm not sure that is a legitimate statement. The technology is there. Why would Google do it? It doesn't align with their business model for that service. They could get satellite imagery of whatever season they want, it is a cost / benefit factor that they have decided does not make sense. Whereas for ORBX, and what we do as simmers, I think it is part of a business model. It's been stated several times that having seasons is something people desire. It's unfortunate that they have decided to to this, and mask it behind a size for download reasoning.
  15. Rob, Yep..I searched for hours to find that fix as well...I also updated all 5 of my sim PC's not only to 1809, but to the PRO version of windows. Now I can have it delay major version updates but up to a year...worth the price for the upgrade and prevents forced headaches like I felt when my PC's all update to 1803 on their own.
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