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  1. I actually got selected for a Newegg shuffle once for a 3080TI, but when it came down to plunking down $1800 for it, I said no thanks. My old 1080TI is on it's last legs, so hoping I can get a new card at a reasonable price soon.
  2. Same here with the stutters. I used to get a long pause as well when loading scenery areas during flight. That has completely gone as well. The FPS has never been more stable as well using 30 fps in NV Control panel, even with heavy airlines and airport scenery using AIG traffic.
  3. I have decided to go without EA again as well, especially at high altitude tube liner flights. Between the cotton balls, waffle clouds and incessant haze at altitude, it just doesn't look right. I have gone back to ASCA clouds for high altitude flights. For low and slow GA flights, I still use EA sometimes, but the mountain issue is just a deal breaker, so probably will stop using there as well.
  4. I always get the waffles when at altitude with tubeliners. At low altitude the clouds look amazing.
  5. On my system with a complete reinstall of P3D v5.2 and no addons loaded yet, the Shift-Z works for a while, then just completely stops working. I turned it off, then tried to bring it back and it wouldn't display at all. I did notice if I minimize the window and maximized again, it came back for a few cycles then stopped again.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I did get the beta from VirtualFly. Like you said respinded real fast. Throttles work great now. Also checking out the FSUIPC beta, but seems to be a bit bugggy still. Once FSUIPC gets the bugs worked out, I will probably switch over to it as it can use my profiles from P3D.
  7. I have not been able to get my VirtualFly TQ6+ throttle quadrant to work properly with the new simulator. It does not go to idle unless I pull the throttle, prop or mixture below the reverser detent. Also, in Jets and Turboprops there is no reverse range for the throttle. Is this not a supported function in the simulator? I have not been able to actually use it yet since I have no way to properly use my throttle quadrant.
  8. Thanks, Rob. I do fly full screen, and this setting seems to have stopped the flashing on my setup. Flew a 3 hr flight today, and no flahes at all.
  9. I see inibuilds has an exclude out for it now. I haven't tried it yed, but their other excludes for v4 airports have worked real well for me.
  10. I have this issue as well. Others have posted in the P3D forum about it, and it seems to happen with all Simconnect windows, so sounds like a glitch in v5. My issue also causes a stutter every time the window flashes which is annoying, but luckily can close the window when not using.
  11. I also got the script error after installation, but it was after the dialog box said successfully installed. It seems like it installed OK, and I do have the scheduling option in display settings.
  12. The only way I have been able to stop these errors is to reduce the GPU load. I noticed that everytime I got one, my GPU was pegged at 100% for a extended period of time. Biggest culprit for me was SSAA at addon airports with non-optimized textures for v5. I have disabled SSAA for heavy addon airports and night and have not had a single DGXI error since. Once I reneable SSAA and go back to one of those heavy ariports, bang! Within a couple miutes GPU 100% and DGXI error.
  13. Yeah, I was talking about V5, also. Never had the issue in v4.
  14. I've seen tje same thing, and to make matters worse, I get a micrstutter every time it flashes. Spent an afternoon chasing stutters when taxiing on the ramp Sunday while using RC4, and saw the stutter evrytime the window updated distance and the window flashed each time. Closed the text window, and all stutters are gone.
  15. Curious. I am in a network setup, and I think a few others on the Beta Forum discussing the CTDs may be as well. If I get some time, I might try a local install to see what happens.
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