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  1. cshark172

    VRI Combo Panel not connecting (merged)

    I usually turn it on before starting P3d. No problems now with the new fsuipc an linda.
  2. cshark172

    VRI Combo Panel not connecting (merged)

    I am glad I found this thread. My MCP Combo 2 just stopped working recently with the only change to my system being the 1809 windows update. Followed the tips here and installed the test fsuipc and linda, and all works as expected again. Thanks to all your hard work tracking down this issue. I was pulling my hair out trying to discover what was going on.
  3. cshark172

    My "pauses" or stutters fixed!

    Ray, FYI, I just did a quick experiment with my setup, and tried various autosave settings, and didn't see a pause more than a fraction of a second. I flew out of KSEA northbound with PMDG 737NG heading hold 340/alt hold 5000/speed 230 kts to force lotsa scenery loading. I set autosave to every 10 seconds and kept 10--had quick stutter on each save but no perceivable pause. Then I set to keep just one to force cleanup frequently and no difference at all. This was using Orbx PNW and Drzwieki Seattle Airports. Luke, Yes I am excluding the entire P3D application folder, so the anti-virus should be a non-factor here. I am having similar experience to what you are seeing.
  4. cshark172

    My "pauses" or stutters fixed!

    Yes, I am using v4.4. The cleanup is just the function that FSUIPC uses to delete the old saves whence the number is reached. Probably not a factor, but never know. Luke mentions Defender, which I am not using since I use ESET anti-virus.
  5. cshark172

    My "pauses" or stutters fixed!

    Ray, That is odd. I fly 737NGX all the time with autosave enabled, every 5 minutes save, with only 1 kept, and never observe more than a fraction of a second pause at save points. Maybe its the cleanup?
  6. cshark172

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    Yep, it is a nuisance, but thanks to Lorby's Addon Manager and ability to have scenery groups the hassle is minimized somewhat.
  7. I got an 8086k just before the holidays, and have no intention of upgrading for a while. This chip is a beast, and easiest I have had since the Celeron 300 MHz to get a good overclock. I de-lidded, and applied liquid metal, and with a CoolerMaster M360R AIO cooler got it to 5.3 GHz with 1.4v. Stress test with P95, OCCT, AIDA, Cinebench, Realbench never peaked above 80C. Under P3D 4.4, I rarely get to 70 C and my sim is running the smoothest I have seen in a long time.
  8. cshark172

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    Same here. With just vector and LC enabled no stutters or pauses. I can fly in regions with the region I am in enabled without problems, but if all regions enabled, it is a pause fest. I have a repeated pause south of LAX heading to Long Beach. If all regions enabled, I get a 9 second pause over Torrrence airport. Disable all regions, no pause at all. Enable just SoCAL, just a quick stutter that is barely noticed.
  9. cshark172

    My "pauses" or stutters fixed!

    I've been using autosave for years and see very little stutter, if any, even when using PMDG birds with extra save info. I did have a problem once, and it was due to mapping my documents folder to a network share. Once I moved documents back to my local SSD, all stutters disappeared. The only thing that solved my pauses was disabling ORBX regions when not flying there. Went from 9 second pause in LAX area to none. Even with just S.Cal enabled, I see very slight pause, but not very noticeable. I do have Orbyx vector and LC enabled as well, and tried turning those off with no change. Just the extra regions did for me.
  10. cshark172

    Majestic Servers Down?

    Back up for me this morning.
  11. Was looking forward to the Throttle myself. One of my Saiteks is starting to get glitchy again, so hope to replace sometime soon. I have gone through about 5 Saitek quads over the last 5 years or so.
  12. cshark172

    Majestic Servers Down?

    Anyone else trying to hit Majestic today? I was reinstalling my sim today, and got server not available when trying to activate my Dash 8. Tried to go to their forums and web site, but got a connection refused message.
  13. cshark172

    Now shift is cycling differently

    I had the same issue with the shift and Control keys cycling views. Turns out all my hotkey settings that had Shift or control in them lost the actual key, so instead of shift-F1 or control-F1, it was just shift- and ctr-, so pressing either one cycled through all the views that had a hotkey that started with one of them. Been going back to all my aircraft and reassigning the the hotkeys, and it is fixing the problem.
  14. cshark172

    Unread posts

    If you click the blue circle left of the topic name, it will go to the first unread post in that topic.
  15. The only thing upgrading video cards for me ever improved was ability to crank up the AA. Even my Titan gets crushed in heavy clouds using 8X AA with 8 SSGG in DX 10. My old 480 would be in single digits with this scenario, but Titan holds in the mid teens to low 20s. It is nice seeing GPU usage at 100% after paying all that cash for it.