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  1. I am seeing this issue as well on my Android Tablet with Chrome. Suspect is either a Android or Chrome update as it worked before, and just started happening a few weeks ago with no changes to Aviaserver.
  2. Yes it can. Very customizable assignments to all rotaries, switches and buttons.
  3. SPAD.next also supports the MCP2 on MSFS in the latest alpha builds. Very powerful tool to assign multiple actions and scripts to any button. SPAD has a very active Discord server with much discussion and help getting various devices to work with the 737. I have not bought the NG yet as I am doing a worldwide farewell tour on P3D, but may this weekend to start setting up the MCP2. I also purchased AAO, but find SPAD.next has a much easier GUI based interface to program devices.
  4. I've been having this issue for the last year or so. A couple of remotes had leaking batteries. Also a few other devices with AA or AAA batteries. All Duracell and Energizer. I find a cotton swab with vinegar followed by one with 90% isopropyl alcohol cleans up the contacts well to avoid having to replace devices.
  5. I saw somewhere that it will be released the end of the year. Can't remember where I saw that. Initially, they were shooting for the 1st quarter.
  6. Looks like just their P3D sceneries are on sale, not MSFS.
  7. Luckily, 2104 was the last backup in the list, and I was able to restore. Need to keep that one around.
  8. Live weather is only partially working for me. It seems it has lost the ability to depict overcast skies. I am in S. Texas, and wanted to do some MVFR/IFR flights in the low overcast we have had the last couple of days. Live weather was getting the baro/winds/temps spot on, but the skies were clear with fog reducing the visibility. Tried a few other airports with only OVC in the METAR and same thing. If I go to an airport with SCT or BKN, clouds display no problem.
  9. Any real pilot shop will have these for most GA aircraft. Here is what is available at Sporty's: https://www.sportys.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=laminated+checklist
  10. This is because they are using B-events for the throttle which are not currently exposed outside the simulator for 3rd party control programs like FSUPIC and SPAD.next. There are many of these events throughout the SIM, including buttons that display the same problem If you haven't yet, please vote on the following topic for Asobo/MS to address and make these events visible for external controls configuration and cockpit builders: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/enhanced-api-to-access-all-aircraft-state-and-trigger-all-cockpit-functions/454608
  11. Another +1 for Orbx. Also, if not using FTX SoCal, it has a switch in the configuration panel to select compatibility with FTX Global.
  12. Yes, unlimited visibility with EA off returned for me with this hotfix. I applied the tweak that Beau Hollis posted on the LM forum prior to HF1 (which included the fix), and I got the haze back.
  13. I, too installed, and image quality seems improved. Before I had alot of shimmering and sparkles, but after a few flights, those issues are stiil there, but dramatically reduced to the point, I barely notice. No difference in frame rate or periodic short stutters. Running 4xSSAA, and frames locked 30 with vSync and 30hz monitor.
  14. I find this interesting, since the other day, I was starting a flight at FSDT Charlotte in the PMDG 737-800. Frames were rock solid at 30. I went through my preflight, and when I was getting ready to pushback after about 30 minutes, the frames were down to 2-5. Saved the state, exited the sim and restarted and back to 30 fps, and was able to complete the flight to TJSJ with no issues. The only other time I have encountered this was on a flight from KMCO-KHOU. As I crossed the coast line from the Gulf of Mexico going into Louisiana, the pauses and degraded frames set in. Restarted from an autosave and was able to complete the flight to Houston with no problem.
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