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  1. If you read those payware posts again. You'll see that I mentioned that Freeware Only checkbox was already ticked but it was still prompting for payware models. In addition it only happened following an update and was working fine previously. So go easy before accusing folks of overstating problems. 😉
  2. Although the installation can be time consuming, I find once set up AIG OCI is fire and forget. FSUIPC is essential however for "policing" the AI by keeping my fps above 30 where possible. It's really great to see AI aircraft in airports where previously there were none.
  3. Good to know thanks. Sorry for wasting time with this, but it is interesting (and slightly worrying) that Orbx Central would poke around in other non-Orbx add-on folders!
  4. I have honestly no explanation, but the "add-on.ocbackup" file in the same folder dated 13th April (IIRC when I first installed AIG OCI) had the same line. As this anomaly seems to be unique to myself we shall say no more, it was really just for info, I thought it best to share just in case someone else came across the same issue. 😉
  5. Just a heads up Prepar3d v5 was crashing at startup with AIG, I traced it to a line in the addon.xml : <AddOn.Description /> I replaced it with : <AddOn.Description>Placeholder text</AddOn.Description> And it loaded fine. It seems P3D v4 tolerated errors in the XML file but v5 does not!
  6. Thank you Kaiii3 that worked great. From a UI design perspective I would have thought the Freeware Only option would have overridden the Payware selection tab.
  7. The latest AIG Manager v0.9.4.3 has prompted me several times for payware models even though I have selected freeware only in the settings. Cheers.
  8. I want to believe... The FSXWX web site makes no mention of v5... The clouds do look a little"uniform" if I'm honest, perhaps it will be even better once full support for Truesky is implemented?
  9. Well I bit the bullet, installed the AIM and downloaded all the airlines. Seems to be working okay in-game, but bizarrely some 20 or 30 aircraft are reporting NO PAINT. Have redownloaded the affected airlines but the errors stay. Apart from that it's working nicely anyway so far, well done AIG!
  10. Interesting... well if there's no TrueSky real weather available soon after release, I personally see no point in upgrading to v5 until then. And there's also the obvious MSFS effect (of which I'm having a ball testing the alpha ;)).
  11. Thank you I read those FAQ, but that doesn't really answer the question. We know it's possible but has it been tried and were the results suitability convincing? Until Active Sky do their magic it's all theoretical, and that could be months away (but hopefully not).
  12. Hiya, I am also using an XB controller out of necessity at the moment (broken joystick), but with the Chaseplane camera utility, which thankfully does not snap back when panning with the right stick. I will try tomorrow without CP to see if there's an alternative way.
  13. The Truesky clouds look good, as they also did in FSW, but neither P3D or the latter have integrated live weather, so my question is: have they been tested at all with a compatible dynamic live weather engine or are we just looking at P3D v5 static weather themes? Only then will we be able to judge if realistic depictions are indeed possible.
  14. Be interested to see this running with live weather, any news from HifiSim concerning Active Sky?
  15. I can get logged in fine but can no longer see the alpha forums, just the message about the public forums. Tried leaving and rejoining the Alpha area in the Insider Hub but no joy. 😕
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