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  1. Latest development (standalone) version working OK here, no issues during 2 hr flight.
  2. I see focus on EFB and other systems, but will the A320 MCDU be updated at some point so editing flight plans works as IRL, along with altitude and speed constraints? (Not to mention other functionality)
  3. Hi Bert, that shouldn't happen on the flight planner screen in MSFS before you load the flight, which is what we are frustrated about. Certain UI actions are causing it to overwrite an imported route with its own route.
  4. Had a similar problem. You can choose a stand from the drop-down, but should you dare choose a final approach - Boom! Away goes your imported plan. Theoretically the route should not change unless the Reset option is used, I hope this gets fixed.
  5. For those who like to fly airliners (not necessarily exclusively, but a lot), what sort of contracts does Skypark have? (e.g. take 150 passengers on a charter flight from Dehli to Moscow)
  6. I find it a shame that the wipers on airliners do not affect the windshields. To put it simply: the wipers don't wipe! 😕
  7. I keep the render scaling at 80 on a 4k display so I can keep other settings at ultra. It's great to have extra frames on hand for when it scenery and/or AI get busy. It definitely improved my frames, but I would probably not drop the scaling any lower to avoid losing clarity of image.
  8. Appreciate it Frank, but my point was that they did not use the new functionality in MSFS, which is a real shame.
  9. Am I the only one lamenting the fact that Carenado did not include an integrated checklist, which personally I think is a great feature of MSFS? Was it just too hard, or is it not possible with the current SDK?
  10. Your choice is clear! - buy MSFS now for VFR, but hang on to P3D v4 for jets until PMDG and FSLABS bring out their offerings for MSFS. That way you get the best of both worlds (and you don't waste money on v5). 😉
  11. Does it have the checklists like the default planes? If indeed a true port to MSFS, Carenado would surely have added that basic functionality for consistency.
  12. Been running 80% rendering scale on a 65” Samsung 4k tv and visual degradation is minimal. Everything else is standard ultra settings, system is powered by a 2080Ti. I was getting pretty good frames before but this definitely gives me more headroom for those big cities and mega airports
  13. When assigning joystick axes you should be doing so to commands ending in -AXIS. If you do not and assign instead to "Aileron left" for example, it will be like flying with the keyboard with the same jerky responses.
  14. I sometimes tune in to AUS Flight Simmer, but all these guys are just regurgitating the current news. Their analysis can be more or less interesting depending upon the channel.
  15. I am amazed (and a little frustrated) that there are still no modern short-haul airliners out for v5 (A320, 737). Are they all waiting on HF2? Trueglass? 🤔
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