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  1. addman

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    W What I meant was that of course people will see performance improvements when they go from a totally add-on burdened old install of P3D to a completely fresh add-onless install. "Amazing! my sim runs so well withouth 876 add-ons installed to it!" lol!
  2. addman

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I love it when there's a new P3D release/update and everybody goes "ooo!" and "aaaa!" about the performance when running a clean P3D install without add-ons. Whilst on the subject of performance, water rendering has apparently been optimized a bit, according to the release notes, so that's good I guess.
  3. You don't have to do anything, Microsoft are already distributing software updates through Windows Update to mitigate these issues. If you're on Windows 7 or 10 you're probably already updated.
  4. addman

    New Paints

    Sign me up on that one too.
  5. Yes but it only seems to affect pre-Bulldozer (FX-series) CPU's, Athlons and Turions etc. You should have written "Meltdown updates bricking older generation AMD PC's!". Otherwise people might get it wrong and think it affects the newer AM4 platform which it doesn't.
  6. What do you mean "AMD PC's are being bricked by the updates."? Haven't heard anything about that. I've heard that people who are using old Athlon and Turion CPU's (from like 2008?) are having performance issues, sure but just as you I haven't noticed much of a difference either and I'm on a AM4 platform with an AMD Ryzen CPU.
  7. Good to know that I won't be upgrading my whole AMD platform to an Intel platform in the foreseeable future. I know AMD is affected too, to a certain degree but it's Intel who's playing a shady game right now. I have an Asus B350-F board so I don't have to upgrade that part, or any other, when I will upgrade to the next generation (Ryzen 2) of Zen-based CPU's. Feel sorry for Win7 users still sitting on Haswell, which are still relevant, or older platforms, they'll most likely have some sort of noticeable performance degradation.
  8. addman

    What Would You Upgrade?

    Easily the GPU. That Haswell i7 still has life in it but even something like a GTX 1060 6GB would be a noticeable improvement over that GTX 780.
  9. addman

    New Paints

    Beautiful jankees!
  10. addman

    A2A christmas sale 25% (2017)

    DCS gets old real fast if you don't enjoy flying over the same few, limited maps over and over again. It's a combat sim and it does just that very well but for GA you can't even compare it to FSX/P3D.
  11. addman

    Weird texture glitch FO instruments

    I just re-installed the latest drivers and cleared my PTA "infected" shaders cache and it now seems to have resolved itself. Hopefully tomorrow MS will also release that update to fix the "error creating child window" error that ruins most addon airplanes in FSX and P3Dv3. Cheers!/Andreas Andersson
  12. So I was just zooming around the cockpit from the captains view and noticed that the FO instrument textures goes all crazy when you zoom in on them at a certain level. Looks kind of like what an old TV set would display when nothing is broadcasting. This screenshot was taken in a fresh, vanilla P3Dv3 installation, latest nvidia drivers. Graphics card is an Asus GTX 1050 2GB. Cheers!/Andreas Andersson
  13. I guess it's the same story as always, P3D might be somewhat better multi-threaded than FSX but it's still pedal to the middle on that first core. For modern game titles, the 8700k shows huge performance gains thanks to the extra physical cores. I doubt you would see a large performance gain, I guess the minimum fps would better with all those cores creating a somewhat smoother experience. Since the IPC is basically identical to the 7700k I still doubt you'll see any bigger gains. The day flight sims moves to a truly modern API like DX12 or Vulcan, where workload is shifted more to the GPU, we'll see truly great gains in performance, just like in newer well-optimized game titles. Just look at Doom running with the Vulcan API, you could run that thing on a potato CPU, 60 fps high settings, as long as the GPU is somewhat decent. It's no longer a question of obtaining better hardware, we have truly powerful PC hardware already. It's the flight sim software that is lagging behind, platforms that still carry parts of over 10 year old legacy code.
  14. addman

    Feedback on Flysimware's C402?

    I can attest to this, don't be fooled by slightly lower prices. Download speeds at pcaviator are slow and often the downloads fail so you have to use a download manager. I've had to mail them several times to get some products updated. They are helpful though but it's not worth the bother, I'd rather spend a few euros more at another vendor that I can trust to get fast and up-to-date downloads from without having to remind them about it every time. I buy most stuff from, great download speeds, fast to update products plus a bonus reward program. So don't always go for cheapest.
  15. addman

    FSW is 25% off on steam - U$18.74

    A few things to remember beforing bashing FSW. First off, it's in EARLY ACCESS! This means that it ISN'T FINISHED YET. It's closer to an alpha version of the game rather than a beta since they are still adding completely new features to it, i.e Truesky etc. Secondly, you get a whole lot for even the standard price, a flight simulator with a handful of PAYWARE aircraft AND Orbx FTX Global which alone costs close to 100 aussie dollars (half price right now because of Orbx sale) so a bit of perspective before you start thrashing it. I haven't bought it yet but for so cheap right now I'm thinking about getting it just to get on the early bird train. The more sims on the market, the better. ATM I'm mostly busy with FSX:SE and P3Dv3.4 (yeah haven't even upgraded to P3Dv4 yet) and it's fantastic when you think about it that there is still XP11 AND FSW to try out, when time and money permits. Never been a better time to fly airplanes or helos virtually!