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  1. I remember reading during the build up to the release, that there will be some backwards capability with 2020. Has anyone looked at the airplane structure, and has anyone tried to install an FSX aircraft? Just wondering. I have not seen a thread on this or I missed it! Thanks for any input! Don BP;)
  2. Hi, all. Has anyone looked at the textures yet? I'm wondering if they held onto their usual way of texturing, or if they have made it a little easier to repaint. Thanks! Don
  3. No. Those are not liquid cooled engines. Below is the list on how to read the engine codes. http://www.tcmlink.com/pdf2/SIL05-3A.pdf
  4. This must be a winner! Bert hasn't posted a fix yet in over 8 hours! ;) Grabbing this one over the weekend. I've been waiting for this one for a looooong time. I worked for a Cessna dealer 44 years ago and remember these coming to us brand new. Beautiful planes. Don
  5. After reading five pages, I'm not sure what the real topic is anymore! I'm going to sit on the branch a little longer on this one. Translation - YES, I'll grab it for no other reason than to take screenshots, because, if there is one thing Carenado planes are good for, it is realistic screenshots. They are very good looking planes. I'm not going to comment more on Carenado or their business model, as that has been covered, good or bad, in the above posts. Don
  6. No offence taken at all, Andreas. As Greg stated, when you are used to flying, you train yourself to scan everything, and with a trained eye, you don't like seeing gauges that are inop. I like Carenado, but I really wish that once, just once, something was released where everything worked out of the box. They certainly had long enough to do that! LOL! I cannot see how the beta testers missed that. Don
  7. There is no real flying either, addman, so why bother making it fly? Come on - It SHOULD WORK! Don
  8. I noticed the Oil Temp is inop. Is anyone else seeing this? Don
  9. Have them too. Also winners. They are ALL winners! Don
  10. I agree 100%. I too have those three airports. They are a great place to run a VA out of, which I do. Don
  11. This is 2016. She IS the pilot! Don
  12. What mesh are you using? Those textures in the mountains look so real! (or is that a combination photoreal / Orbx? Thanks! Don
  13. Korey - You know nothing about my site. Before you blast the site, get to know what is going on there. I generally allow people to speak their minds there, which is shunned at almost every site in the community. Until recently, it has been a nice, quiet bush / simming site. All of a sudden, some folks from the ORBX forums came there and started to bad mouth any and everything at ORBX. While some were valid point, others were not, and were out and out lies. I know BS when I see it!! Prior to me seeing your post, I already put up warnings, which I have never had to do in almost 20 years of running a sim site. You have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to my site. I was one of the original bush designers dating back to 1998 and have run a fun AND intellectual site since. In fact, AVSIM sponsored it for many years! Don't dare condemn the whole site due to some disgruntled people. That will be changing soon. I guarantee that! Don
  14. Guys - that is not an amp meter. It is a load meter. It shows the total load on the system, not a charging rate. Don
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