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  1. Les Parson

    RXP G430/G530 Problems w/ A2A V35 (resolved)

    Unfortunately, this problem has returned. Please see the post I left at A2A Bonanza Tech Support. This is version 2.4.3. https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=139&t=65375 This is the very short video showing HSI CDI continuous deflection with or without power: https://www.dropbox.com/s/705urxz62njtro3/video-1537120857.mp4?dl=0 Any help will be much appreciated.
  2. Les Parson

    RXP G430/G530 Problems w/ A2A V35 (resolved)

    Resolved - I failed to update the RXP software to be compatible with P3Dv4.3. All good now.
  3. Les Parson

    RXP G430/G530 Problems w/ A2A V35 (resolved)

    Yes, I tried that also. I'm going to do an aircraft re-install and begin with the default GPS and then switch over.
  4. Hello, I'm experiencing compatibility issues with the RXP G430/G530 and A2A's V35 Bonanza. GPS coupling is lacking with constant full deflection movement of the HSI CDI needle. Similar post has been made in A2A's forum. I hope there is at least one other person on the planet that prefers GNS units to GTN. P3Dv4.3
  5. I have the Cessna T210M POH. For the scenario specified, The 161 kts refers to TAS (True Air Speed), not IAS (Indicated Air Speed).
  6. Les Parson

    Fedex overflow aircraft? Or something else?

    As a former Airline-FAA ATC guy (COA/UAL), I recall my FDX colleague describing exactly the case you mention on certain dates depending on business demand. Specially designated aircraft would enter holding to await possible re-dispatching to a specified station, or RTB (return-to-base) to MEM.
  7. Les Parson

    Death Knell for Fltplan GO ?

    There is also the P56 Prohibited Area which is a radius around the White House. KDCA Rwy 01 Departures must take care to strictly follow specific VMC/IMC procedures to avoid violating this airspace. I used to work with this during previous years in the airline world.
  8. Les Parson

    Death Knell for Fltplan GO ?

    Scott, I haven't received any email from fltplan.com. In any case, here's the press release: https://newsroom.garmin.com/press-release/featured-releases/garmin-acquires-fltplancom-leading-electronic-flight-planning-and-se
  9. Looks like it has been released; Fixed Gear & RG.
  10. Extraordinary! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Les Parson

    Switching to xplane?

    You betcha; I find it very flexible and easy to set-up. I use the mouse wheel to zoom and right-mouse to look around. As a long time FSX/P3D guy, I have been completely addicted to XP11 for about the last two months. I've find it to be a very stable and reliable platform. Of course continued improvement and development is needed for things such as ATC and AI in my view.
  12. Paraffin/jt8d9a, Than you both so much. This is most helpful.
  13. Being still new to XP11, can you recommend other reliable scenery developers? I'm primarily interested in smaller GA airports.
  14. I will try 'em all. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Les Parson

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    Thanks for the assistance. It looks like I didn't install WT3 correctly as I don't see the option as you mention in your third point. I will perform a reinstall of WT3.