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  1. 'The High and the Mighty' 1953. John Wayne and Bob Stack. the story of an ill-fated DC-4 PHNL-KSFO. The film is based on the long defunct Trans Ocean Airlines, based out of OAK, CA. It is technically accurate in many aspects with a complete crew that includes FE and Human Navigator. Imagine, more than 12 hours, 8000 feet, unpressurized! "The original Airport movie is always a good one for the 707's..." A piece of trivia: The tower controller at "Lincoln" Tower, was played by my former supervisor when I was a controller at LAX Tower.
  2. Thanks Jim, much appreciated. By the way, UT Live doesn't include military, does it?
  3. Hi Jim, I just got MYT6 today for P3Dv4.1. Is there way to identify which are the FS9 aircraft and delete those rascals? Secondly, is there a secondary military provider that could be added alongside MYT6A? I almost got UT Live but I don't want a beta. Look like it could be years before the F1 UTL could go full production.
  4. I haven't upgraded yet because everything is working fine and I'm a bit lazy. I'd just like to confirm - when I do upgrade, can I just install over-the-top? In other words, without un-installing? I think that's what I did last time without incident.
  5. FSX-MS

    Got it, thanks Bert and Ryan.
  6. FSX-MS

    Is it accurate that FSX is primarily dependent on CPU while P3D is mostly GPU dependent ?
  7. Thanks, Jean-Luc.
  8. Jean-Luc, Can you update on RXP - A2A coordination or support for RXP V2 products? On the A2A forums there are efforts to encourage coordination between the two companies.
  9. Same here on the T210M. There is a useful panel configuration thread on the AVSIM RXP forum with a few examples for the Carenado T210.
  10. "...the P3D turbocharger model is messed up." How so?
  11. FSX:SE

    Otherwise, it would have been a major P56 violation.
  12. Great; I only hope the vendor is able to read this as we in the customer world are usually (and unfortunately) powerless. I could go on but that would be inappropriate.
  13. Adding to Scott's comments, I too have urged A2A to include RXP products as an option along with other 3rd party developers. Moreover, reaching out to Jean-Luc at this stage is an excellent idea as we await A2A's next release. I think timing is important as most of these aircraft developers don't move nearly as rapidly as RXP.