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  1. Les Parson

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    I'm attempting to install P2A on remote PC using XP11. I have purchased Multiplicity and SPAD-Next but things are not going well. The following from the SPAD-Next forum has me confused with item #5 on Remote PC. I'm unable to locate the Remote Joystick Client and a search of SPAD-Next forum did not help. I'm just not understanding SPAD very well and haven't been able to locate any useful YouTube videos. Any assistance will be appreciated. AD.next >= required. * Remoteservice (Settings->Application->Expert must be ON)On Remote PC : Download and install https://github.com/shauleiz/vJoy/releases/latest (the installer) Start "C:\Program Files\vJoy\x64\vJoyConf.exe" and configure joystick #1 to have only buttons (as many as you need) Configure the program to receive the button presses for Virtual Joystick Device 1 Download attached file and install on Remote PC Start "C:\Program Files (x86)\SPAD.neXt RemoteJoystick Client\RemoteJoystick.exe" if you did not select "Start .." in install Enter IP and port of SPAD.neXt computer. (port is seen at Settings->Application->Expert in SPAD.neXt. Default: 8181) On SPAD.neXt PC: Start SpAD.neXt go to the Button you want to remotely trigger that joystick. if Button is not on a native joystick skip next 2 steps Configure Button (Click 'configure') to be a "Simple Pushbutton" Restart SPAD.neXt Add "Press" Event Add "Execute Command" Action Select "COMMAND_SPAD_NEXT.REMOTE" (forgot to add string for it) Enter "BUTTON.BUTTONNUMBER.PRESS" eg BUTTON.1.PRESS Close Event-configuration Add "Release" Event Add "Execute Command" Action Select "COMMAND_SPAD_NEXT.REMOTE" (forgot to add string for it) Enter "BUTTON.BUTTONNUMBER.RELEASE" eg BUTTON.1.RELEASE Close Event configuration On Remote Client:Click on "Connect"Have fun!If any problem ocours please send %LOCALAPPDATA%\SPAD.neXt\Tools\logs\RemoteJoystick.log from Remote PC to support@spadnext.comPlease report if it works as expected.
  2. Les Parson

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    Thanks Dave. Generally, I prefer to keep ATC and the aircraft sim (e.g. P3D, XP11) together on the same PC. Will I be able to accomplish the following two things: 1.) Ability to completely minimize P2A UI window with the sim on top and toggle P2A UI window as needed with alt+tab; 2.) Ability to change radio frequencies using the aircraft VC. If I'm able to accomplish the above two items, I'd like to give it a try on a single PC. If that setup doesn't work for me, will I be able to un-install and re-install on a client PC with the same license? I've tried the demo in the past but lost track of time, so either way I'll just do a regular purchase. Thanks again / Les Parson
  3. Les Parson

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    Greetings, I'm in the process of purchasing and installing P2A primarily for XP11. I have just purchased Multiplicity per the XP11 network setup instructions. The question is could I simply install P2A on the Server (XP11/P3D) PC and drag the P2A UI Window to the Client PC using Multiplicity? If the answer is yes, I guess it wouldn't be necessary to purchase SPAD-Next. My primary objective is to place the P2A Window on a different PC from the XP11/P3D PC. Many thanks.
  4. Les Parson

    Why is this forum dying?

    I can offer a few points from a personal perspective. A few months ago I invested in XP11 and was very impressed with the reliability and overall ease of use. Moreover, flight dynamics and specific add-ons like Simcoders REP are big pluses. On the negative side, it sure feels like air carrier ops (airliners) often get top billing and priority over my preference of GA. I imagine there will be those who will pushback on that notion. Secondly, AI traffic doesn't seem as advanced as FSX/P3D options such as Ultimate Traffic or My Traffic plus a host of others. I have World Traffic but it seems there is an inordinate amount of work to get it setup. I know there are several videos and tutorials to assist, but I'd rather have a plug-n-play for all airports, large and small, like the aforementioned productrs. Once again, it seems preference goes to the AC (air carrier) community as it relates AI options. Lastly is ATC. I know there are options such as stock ATC, Pilot 2 Air (P2A), as well as RC4 and PF3 plugins. While I use the last the two, I do a lot of IFR - cancel to VFR or straight VFR into uncontrolled airports with Unicom that are a breeze in FSX/P3D. For these reasons and until these items see some progress, I give forum preference to P3D and associated add-ons. I don't mean to speak negative or ill of XP11 in any way; it's a great platform. I'm hopeful it can in time (hopefully sooner rather than later) can mature with more add-on competition in the areas I've mentioned.
  5. Les Parson

    First impressions

    That would be a great accomplishment if you're able to correct the prop sounds (ala Milviz C310). Andi's flight dynamic improvements are a big step forward; I just wish the FF could be a bit more accurate.
  6. As a long time FSX/P3D guy, XP11 is amazing many respects such as aircraft physics and engine behavior. As a GA user, the two areas I would like to see improvement are AI and ATC. For AI, I use World Trade 3. I wish it were more like My Traffic or Ultimate Traffic Live with more of plug-n-play or install and forget it with traffic at GA airports as well as major air carrier terminals. Not trying to be critical, I just wish things were more advanced. For ATC, there are plug-ins for RC4 and PF3 which are ok but for basic VFR there doesn't seem to be a lot of choice. There seems to be a loyal following for Pilot 2 Air (P2A) but I have yet to embrace that option. there is also a program called 124th ATC, but I'm not that familiar and I don't think it handles VFR. The internal XP11 ATC seems quite limited and unrealistic. I would be very appreciative for any additional feedback
  7. Les Parson

    First impressions

    HI Tim, Many thanks for the idea. I'll give it a try.
  8. Les Parson

    First impressions

    I would really like to try it but I use the Elite Throttle Quadrant and it looks like they conflict with one another. I don't know if there is a way to solve this conflict. Normally, I would disconnect the Elite mixture by using a specified aircraft profile in FSUIPC but Elite somehow bypasses FSUIPC. Kindly advise if there is a known solution.
  9. Les Parson

    It is safe to say it here....

    I'm also very impressed with XP11 and the reliable performance. However, I wish the AI and ATC options were more advanced. At present, I am using World Traffic 3 for AI. As a GA guy, it seems AI traffic gives preference to air carrier (airline) types as it relates to reviews and YouTube. I understand GA is included but it just seems the focus is major carriers at major terminals. After thirty years with airlines and major terminals in the real world, I'm looking for GA focus in flight sim world. As far as ATC, I understand there are a lot of people using the Pilot 2 ATC (P2A) program. Personally, the primary window seems intrusive and overly complicated. I've tried the demo but just can't make the leap at present. Instead, I use PF3 and/or RC4 with the X-plane plugin and these work ok. Unfortunately, neither of these are very suitable for VFR ops.
  10. Les Parson

    Request: Carenado F33A XP11 for single G430?

    Is there a config for Carenado F33A XP11 for single G430?
  11. Andi, A thousand thanks for the mods! Will get to work on these straight away.
  12. Les Parson

    First impressions

    Andi, One question- What is a typical climb FF (GAL) per side? Thanks.
  13. Les Parson

    First impressions

    Very interesting; thanks for sharing. A couple of questions: Which of these do you use for climb and cruise? I'm thinking maybe Auto rich for climb and manual for cruise. Have you tried this on the C421? Key combinations and corresponding mixture mode: CTRL+SHIFT+F5: Idle cutoff CTRL+SHIFT+F6: Auto lean CTRL+SHIFT+F7: Auto rich CTRL+SHIFT+F8: Emergency rich
  14. Les Parson


    Wow! Thanks so much Andi.
  15. Les Parson


    Bummer; we are doomed.