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  1. Thanks for this helpful information. By the way, I understand OnAir has already developed a work-around to be able to recognize the newly released A2A Comanche.
  2. Am I able to use OnAir or Neofly to fly GA pax trips without progressing in my career? I'm not interested in progressing up-the-ladder to heavy-iron. As a longtime FSE guy, that's what I'm accustomed to and wonder if I might be able to do the same with either of the aforementioned.
  3. Sweet Action! Ryan, Reference the Duke fly-in in your area a few years ago, what would you say the ratio between piston and turbine was?
  4. I wish I never had created any custom views because I can't delete them. Does the cloud reload with each start-up?
  5. This make sense to me not having the set views making the difference. Maybe I should delete my set views.
  6. I know, I did that. I think what St. Mawgan has stated about not using set views makes sense to me. Maybe I should delete my set views.
  7. The camera view for me is way too far aft. Can this be adjusted from Camera.cfg ? https://ibb.co/12Cwwtq
  8. Can you explain this XP12 error? This always received with the PA30.
  9. "Major Update" with no GA and no MIL?
  10. We really need a new & improved 210, especially T210.
  11. I was a controller at KLAX Tower (and other locations) in another lifetime. Most of what you state is accurate as it relates to LAX vs. SFO and runway configs. The SFO design is not as efficient as LAX as crossing runways add to complexity and often require additional arrival spacing (28L/R) to avoid excessive departure delay (1L/R). Back in the day at LAX, we used all four runways (24L/R, 25L/R) for arrivals and departures, employing Visual Approaches (except for foreign carriers as an unwritten procedure) as much as possible. Today, they operate far more conservatively using the outboards (25L / 24R) for arrivals and inboards ( 25R / 24L) for departures. SFO is often plagued by morning fog and ceilings prohibiting liberal use of visuals, thereby, causing delay and Traffic Management Initiatives (TMI).
  12. He's being sarcastic.
  13. I really want to become completely addicted to XP-12 but there is a lack of availability for study level, payware types of complex GA singles and twins such as: C210, C310, V35 and others. Arguably, it seems x-plane developers tend to favor the heavy-iron air carrier types. I watched a YouTube video the other day entitled "Top 15 Payware Aircraft for X-Plane 12" with13 of the 15 selections being heavy types (e.g. A320, A340, MD11, B747, etc). The AFL B350 is impressive but it's a bit too much for what I'm looking for. I know Thranda has some popular entries but still looking for more variety. I was hopeful for a Flightsim Studio C421 but alas, it looks like the project has been abandoned.
  14. My former airline bought about 11000 iPads more than 10 years ago.
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