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  1. Brings back memories. I used to fly on Bonanza F27s KLAX-KLAS in the early 1960s.
  2. From the FAA 7110.65 ATC Handbook, this is a portion of the speed assignment section: (entire section here: https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/publications/atpubs/atc_html/chap5_section_7.html} SPEED ASSIGNMENTS When assigning airspeeds, use the following: To aircraft operating between FL 280 and 10,000 feet, a speed not less than 250 knots or the equivalent Mach number. NOTE- On a standard day the Mach numbers equivalent to 250 knots CAS (subject to minor variations) are: FL 240-0.6 FL 250-0.61 FL 260-0.62 FL 270-0.64 FL 280-0.65 FL 290-0.66. A pilot will advise if unable to comply with the speed assignment. To aircraft operating beneath Class B airspace or in a VFR corridor designated through Class B airspace: assign a speed not more than 200 knots. To arrival aircraft operating below 10,000 feet: Turbojet aircraft: Assign a speed not less than 210 knots, except for the aircraft as specified in subparagraph b above, or Assign a speed not less than 170 knots when the aircraft is within 20 flying miles of the runway threshold. Reciprocating and turboprop aircraft: Assign a speed not less than 200 knots, or Assign a speed not less than 150 knots when the aircraft is within 20 flying miles of the runway threshold.
  3. What's the aspect ratio on this setup? You are sacrificing horizontal but not vertical compared with the UW, right?
  4. Are you sure about that TOGA labeling @ 14:05?
  5. As a former controller (USAF/FAA/DOA Australia), I think Pilotedge is as real as it gets. The professionalism and unexpected happenings add to the immersion. The only exception is the same controller is forced to work multiple facilities. ATC staffing is often a real-world issue and it applies in the sim world as well.
  6. Yes, but it was 20+ years ago to attend an ATC conference in Keflavik. it was a B757, KBWI-BIKF. The return was in the J/S due to full capacity. It was a great experience and great people.
  7. Can you confirm the viewing area height? That is, not including the frame bezel. I think it's the same as my 3 x 24" Dells which is 12" height.
  8. You're right. The ATC declaration is not a requirement.
  9. As a former FAA controller, it is true and I've seen emergencies declared by ATC rather than the PIC. One time at JFK Tower, I witnessed an emergency declared for an inop APU! "Minimum Fuel" declarations are another area of confusion.
  10. The CRG9 has some curvature doesn't it? Is there any distortion associated with the curved monitors? I notice with my 3 X 24", I have some distorted views when looking far left/right.
  11. Just curious how you like the Samsung 49, overall. Did you make the change from a 3-monitor setup? I have had a 3-monitor for years and contemplated making the change for both P3Dv4.5 and XP11.
  12. When I first saw your photo, I thought you were Glenn Beck.
  13. Do you mean the Samsung 49 inch? I've had 3 X 24 inch for years and threatened to go to single monitor for years. Each time I've had the urge to make a change, I've backed down. I've seen the Samsung 49 in a local (Texas) Microsoft store with various games but not P3D or XP11. The Samsung 49 seemed like the perfect solution to avoid the dreaded bezels and yet retain most of the current width. Not being well versed on technical monitor considerations, I'd like to see a variety of YouTube options. Do you know of any sites to view comparisons?
  14. Except in the full FAR Part 121 airline world with transport types (i.e. B737, B757, A320, etc.). In that environment, flight plans are electronically loaded in FMS once the aircraft dispatcher prepares and releases the flight.
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