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  1. I will be upgrading from P3Dv5.2 to 5.3HF1+LF. I noted you and Rob Ainscough are upgrading from 5.3 to the latest HF1. Will my process be from 5.2 direct to 5.3HF1+LF or will I be required to first upgrade to the basic 5.3 first and then to HF1?
  2. Is Chaseplane still supported? Looking at the forum on AVSIM, there don't appear to be any recent responses from the developer (s).
  3. Thanks for the info. I have P3Dv5.2 and experimenting with EA and HDR on/off. Do you have any comments on that topic and how Envshade/Envtex affect things? Please excuse my ignorance but I assume the shader cache that I frequently clear out is a completely separate thing. Can you confirm? Thanks again.
  4. Greetings, I have ASP3D in use with P3Dv5.2. Please excuse my ignorance but is ASCA included in ASP3D or is a separate ASCA purchase required? Many thanks.
  5. After reading several informative posts and watching several YouTube videos on this topic, I made some adjustments to the Windows 10 Control Panel - Power Options, selecting AMD Ryzen Balanced. After making this selection, CPU temps with P3Dv5.2 (A2A Bonanza) are 65-70C. This seems much more normal and well within the comfort zone, Yes? No? Thanks again for all the expert advice.
  6. Many thanks for all the expert advice. I have a Lian Li Glass Case and live about 35 nm north of KSEA, not far from the Canadian border; so, not too worried about ambient temps, especially this time of the year. I can see the need to learn more about the cooling system and consider air flow.
  7. Greetings, I have a new custom PC with Ryzen AMD 3700X CPU and RTX 3090 24Ghz GPU, 1000 Watt PSU. Running P3Dv5.2, I operate with moderate settings, most below max. Most of my concern is with CPU temp in the 80-90C range. The guy who put this package together did so with MSFS in mind. Are these kind of temps normal?
  8. Thank you gentlemen for this fantastic thread. I have the 3090 card w/ 24Ghz and experienced my first DXGI failure just the other day. I want to perform more flights (A2A V35 only) in P3Dv5.2 before posting all the details. I just wanted to post somewhat of a "pre-post" and urge the continuance of this thread as I would be in a bad position without all the excellent advice. Thanks again / Les Parson
  9. Thanks for the info. I'm a GA guy only, so don't have GSX.
  10. Thanks for all the helpful comments.
  11. Greetings, I have had P3DV5.2 for seven weeks without a single flaw. I'm now ready to delete v4.5 but want to ensure there are no hidden items like Orbx scenery or other considerations prior to deletion. On the other hand, I have X-Plane 11, P3DV4.5 and P3Dv5.2 all on the same 2TB SSD and in no hurry to acquire MSFS. Are there any other considerations as it relates to v4.5 deletion?
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