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  1. caleb1

    terrain light load radius ?

    Seems like a good question. Anyone have an answer? Thanks
  2. So Tomato adds many great features but is a huge FPS hit unless you have a supercomputer? Is this correct? Thanks
  3. caleb1


    Registration number changes are really easy to do by yourself. I do them all the time, mostly to change a non-US one to a US one. Simply open the textures in DXTBMP and send them to your editor and edit them out and reload the image after edit in DXTBMP and save it and you're done.
  4. caleb1

    Terra Flora and FTX Regions

    I wish I could. Maybe there is a way though.... Anyone know?
  5. Is an A2A plane set as the Default flight? If so, it should not be. This is something that is beyond A2A's and P3D's control and that we should not use complex planes as default flights.
  6. caleb1

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    Is this a video game or a flight simulator?!?
  7. Ok makes better sense now.
  8. Ok. This is what SkyForce lacks in. Thanks a lot. This clears things up.
  9. 27 FPS? Is that all? You really should be getting 40+ FPS with that machine, even using those addons. Are all your settings maxxed out?
  10. So I am trying to "re-word" my question as I am not sure if my other questions were clear enough to get a correct answer. Please bear with me: So when ASP4 "injects" weather into the sim, will it find the weather for the weather station that is nearest to you and load that weather everywhere in the world, or will it check individual weather stations and load each weather stations' weather above where each weather station is? Thanks for bearing with me and answering my questions. Caleb
  11. caleb1

    Cowl Flaps

    Wow interesting link.
  12. Ah, ok. That's what they're called. Rain shafts. I didn't know that. Does anyone know of any weather engine that does simulate rain shafts (seeing weather even though you are not in it)? Thanks.
  13. Ok, thank you, it seems the real-time dynamic texture reloads are the only thing I won't have if I don't use ASCA with ASP4. Thanks again.
  14. caleb1 sale

    It looks like it is over.