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  1. Thanks for the reminder to delete these files. I had tried everything exept this. the issue is now fixed. Many thanks.
  2. P3D v4.5 crashes at 100% loading if not immediately after. No stopped working or not responding or any kind of dialogs / error messages just crash straight to desktop. Ive tried everything from disabling addons to different aircraft/airports etc. Ive reinstalled the client and content to no avail Ive also ran the full P3D installer to no avail. Event viewer says its kernelbase.dll. Anyone seen this before? would anyone know of any way to fix it besides needing to do a full uninstall and clean reinstall of prepar3d? thanks.
  3. Does anyone know of where I can possibly find a guide or something on how to best do a full reinstall of P3D v4 without needing to reinstall many addons? I need to do a P3D reinstall due to an issue I'm having, and want to avoid needing to reinstall my 20+ addons along with it... Thanks.
  4. I did that, so I suppose thats not the issue. Thanks
  5. would anyone by any chance have an upload of the default prepar3d textures folder? I believe my skyforce textures are causing errors in the simulator and the backup skyforce has doesnt even have the default textures in it. Thanks, Caleb
  6. Someday I will be able to afford them. 🙂 The minute I can, I'll get them. 🙂
  7. I've seen the brunner one. Looks like the way to go if you have the money. and it seems to be the only solution for a consumer force feedback yoke out there. I like the idea of force feedback pedals too. It seems with non-force feedback you tap the rudder pedals and the plane goes all over the place. Something to look into...
  8. Yes you are right there. I got P3D during v3 so I wasn't involved with P3D until after that. I'm looking at this version history: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prepar3D#Versionsgeschichte
  9. That is what i figured. Iris stopped making it. Does anyone know of any other good force feedback yoke solutions for preferably under ~$800 USD? Thanks.
  10. If I understand correctly, P3D v4 is the only version of P3D that went up to x.5 or 5 subversions..... What does this mean? Are we in for something really big in v5**? Thought I would just start a discussion here. **when it comes out. I'm not trying to start any rumors about it being released any time soon. 🙂
  11. Has anyone ever heard anything of this? I can't seem to find a price or any way to buy it anywhere. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/irisdynamics/affordable-force-feedback-flight-sim-control-yoke/description Just curious if anyone has seen this or knows any more about it than this page shows...
  12. Cool! Thanks for sharing. I will look into that.
  13. Looks cool! thanks for sharing. I'm an android user though so unfortunately it wont be usable for me! 🙂
  14. Thanks for the helpful input everyone. I have the Flight 1 GTN 750 and I can use their tool to integrate it easily. Not sure why I didn't think of that! Thanks a lot!
  15. Sorry it took so long! the extra weight might be the cause of non responsiveness, also could be because it was a tialdragger, taildraggers are not super easy to taxi and turn on the ground. Replay using the P3D replay feature on alt>analysis> instant replay
  16. I was wondering if anyone might know of a way to tune a nav frequency in FSX/P3D without dialing it. Sort of like there is a way to tune a COM using the atc menu.... Thanks,
  17. Yes. I want to be 100% sure it will work before I try though. I am planning on uploading these files for the public to install into their sims and watch, but I have no way of testing it myself... Sorry if I caused any confusion, but I don't mean from the software FSRecorder, but recorded from the Simulator's built in recording feature.
  18. Thanks for the reply. Yes I did. The panel simply does not show up when you tell it to.
  19. Does anyone know of any versions of Rob Barendregt's Groundhandling gauges (it doesn't have to be his, it could be anything similar) for P3D, as the ones I can find only work for FSX.... Thanks, Caleb
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