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  1. Interesting, I wonder if its just the usual thing where a reinstall just get rid of the garbage files that collect over time or some other thing related to cleaning up the sim vs a design thing of having 4.4. I have only done the client and things are running fairly smooth.
  2. 1st fltsimguy

    P3DV4.4 - Tweaks to CFG, Why?

    There you go, I don't want to fiddle around anymore as well. I did some slider adjustment now I'm finished. Just going flying.
  3. 1st fltsimguy

    4.4 performance drop puzzles

    I'm not sure that this has anything to do with performance drop but personally I hate the process that has been adopted for installs outside of the P3D install. Now, the XP model is superior in this regard, as one just make a short cut to wherever the scenery is installed and it can be all over the place if one wishes. Not fussy about how to organize priorities for scenery though in the XP scenery.ini file. However having said this, I did rebuilt the shaders, but backed up and kept my config file, using the old one keeps all ones settings. My install went smooth and performance is very nice, no issues. So not sure but I would start with the shaders.
  4. 1st fltsimguy

    P3DV4.4 - Tweaks to CFG, Why?

    All right gentlemen, this is what I needed. Now I see, these tweaks basically help get even better looking scenery if one has the hardware to support them, which I don't. Mine still looks pretty darn good, I'm envious.
  5. 1st fltsimguy

    P3DV4.4 - Tweaks to CFG, Why?

    I have done the client update. Excepting a few things not working, the sim is just fine. I see a slew of posts about tweaking this, that and the other thing in the cfg file. May I ask why? I have what might be seen as now an old system however only two years old, GTX970 and I can run P3DV4.4 with lots of the key setting maxed. What is there to be gained by more tweaking? I just don't want to start doing the endless loop of tweak this and that. But I'm thinking that I might be missing out on something or other because so many folks seem to be posting stuff about tweaks. My specs I7-6700K 4.2GHZ overclocked, GTX 970 4GB 7GHZ GDDR5, RAM 32G DDR4 2133MHZ, Win7 Professional, FSX, P3DV4+, XP-11 G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series F4-2133C15D-16GVR DDR4 2133MHZ 32GB(8GBX4 Memory Kit Bryan
  6. 1st fltsimguy

    P3Dv4.4--all default Beechcraft removed

    I did the same only client so I still have my aircraft, and could't a person just install the older 4.3 content to get their aircraft back again?
  7. 1st fltsimguy

    Wow ! ORBX Scenery never looked so good (P3Dv4.4)

    This is interesting. I also have done the upgrade, and I also have ortho for XP and have been flying in that environment for quite awhile now. So I went to Valdez and KSAN to see for myself, and perhaps my memory has failed me but those areas always looked great, and still do. What I don't know is, was the scenery in the far distance always as sharp, I'm thinking not and the autogen is all there, not popping into the scenery.
  8. 1st fltsimguy

    P3Dv4.4 and Return to Misty Moorings

    For this reason I only updated the client. I love the RTMM stuff and I just checked in out after updating the client, all seem well.
  9. 1st fltsimguy

    To 4.4 or not to 4.4

    I'm thinking I'll just wait a bit to see what folks are saying but its going to be inevitable that I will update.
  10. 1st fltsimguy

    Am I the only one?

    I would have to say you are most probably not alone. This "hobby" can be quite addicting, I think it gets down to how addicted one is, AND how much luxury money one has that one doesn't mind spending on addons. I think I fall in between the two, I have tons of addons though. Scenery and planes mostly and lots of freeware as well. Worse yet, I started int XP11 so now to get the best of both worlds I "feed" both machines. Its only money and you only live once.
  11. 1st fltsimguy

    P3Dv4.4--all default Beechcraft removed

    lol....oh, no we wouldn't, their lawyers after all.
  12. 1st fltsimguy

    Blu Tinted Glass

    Steve unfortunately for screenshots one has to use an outside photo upload service and then copy and past the URL or BBcode into your message. I'm using this one these days. https://imgur.com/
  13. 1st fltsimguy

    Flight1 Frustration - Am I the only one

    LOL....Bill too funny....true, not joking, I just spend two full days dawn to dusk "cleaning" out my office, shredding, threw away boxes and boxes of flight sim manuals, forum posts, tutorials, scenery development stuff, FS2002, FS2004, FSX...and some P3D and some XP...so much so that I had to take a utility trailer load down to our local recyle depot...I am trying to remove all paper, way too much of the stuff, many I had not opened nor touched in years, and there was so much I couldn't find anything anyways. AND, I bet I have another full day to finish off. I have gone to all digital, new systems for saving forum posts digitally, updated spreadsheets with hyperlinks to payware. All that said hard to believe but hell if I could get my RXP update, which I finally did by getting a new password and download of the new installer.
  14. 1st fltsimguy

    Flight1 Frustration - Am I the only one

    Oh, thanks but this is nothing new, sorry. This is exactly what I have been talking about...so some here have great memories records and such and never forget one of their 1000s of passwords. And in my case I was using THE PASSWORD but got locked out and also did not know that there are more than one folder for storing lic files and certificates.
  15. 1st fltsimguy

    Flight1 Frustration - Am I the only one

    Bill, can you please explain, I don't know what you are talking about. "Associate" to your account.