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  1. Where did you honeymoon, if at all. Go back there. Pamper yourselves the best you can, as you only live once and it may be your last time to do so, you just never know...so "enjoy the moments".
  2. 1st fltsimguy


    I'm sure he's married, has kids, goes to sporting events his kids are enrolled in, inherited money? What i hecks name would one do that...well because he can. Amazing. Never had enough luxury monies to contemplate something so off the wall. cheers
  3. Works like a charm, however, my Perce Rock had gone completely flat...which is the most important landmark on the Gaspe.
  4. I see, I saw the driving golf cart, was focused on the plane, and the nice manicured lawn made it look like there was a golf course near by...me bad..😄
  5. Wow, I'm more impressed by your complete flight deck...frigging amazing. Total immersion.
  6. Thanks for this....good to hear this wasn't a worse ending...I immediately thought what in heck am I seeing, an RC plane? How does one build such a thing and get some sort of license to fly it and then there was the nearby golf course...and then bingo you posted this write up. This should have been done miles from anywhere as its experimental. Anyway, glad to hear no fatalities.
  7. Wow, double wow. I'll take a look at this mod tomorrow. Fantastic, I see several places where I encountered issues. Not sure how you do this but much thanks.
  8. Just to clarity....what and where are the offical forums...I did have a connection to discord but I hate the whole layout and usage...perhaps its there somewhere. Never mind, I just ran a google search...found them.
  9. Well now, I'm not alone...it totally ruins emmersion when coming in to land specifically to see a bloody river raise 100' on your flight path. Wondering, is there mesh somewhere.
  10. So I totally upgraded my scenery with freeware from Jean-Pierre Fillion, coverage many areas in Quebec. Flew a complete flight around the Gaspe peninsula, south of the St. Lawrence, to Perce Rock and south Gaspe to Sur-le-Mer, stopping at all the local airports. What I noticed were several mesh issues with raised rivers and even coastline in several areas. So I shut off all my add-ons (I use addon linker exclusively). I mean all add-ons, so I had a vanilla install. I still have these mesh issues. Sometimes the mesh pops in and out or moves, strange. Does anyone else see this, is there a fix, have I got some settings incorrect? Specific location in last two screenies...CYBV Boniventure Airport Others are north shore and near town of Gaspe Bryan https://imgur.com/a/GtKJlpN https://imgur.com/ITurGSB https://imgur.com/cWZDaeB https://imgur.com/1b26xlA
  11. OK this is a fun conversation, made my morning.
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