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  1. Wow, frustrating. You say you tried Spad.neXt. The poster above talks about mix of USB ports, you could try that for sure but I can tell you I have older, Saitek switch panel, trim wheel, yoke, throttles, pro pedals and they are plugged into USB 3.0 ports and within minutes of installing Spad.next I was up and running perfectly. I did not remove the old Saitek drivers in fact before using SPAD I had upgraded my Saitek drivers. I have to ask...are you really sure that SPAD did not work for you? You might try talking to them about your issue I'm sure they would help diagnose issues. Bryan

    Yes they are available but what about, Castlegar, Kelowna, Prince George, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, two in Ottawa, Halifax, Shearwater, Sydney, 26 other airports in Nova Scotia, Deer Lake, Moncton, St John, St Johns, Hamilton, Fredericton, Charlottetown, two in Toronto area. And, one could toss in the Montreal and Toronto as you mention...now that's a great suite of Canadian airports.
  3. Get SPAD.NEXT....that`s what you need. Its the perfect solution to all your issues.

    Yup, bought the entire P3D V4 suite all airports and I love having them. I would agree with another poster, its time Ralph incorporate the necessary Halifax libraries and effects so that one does not have to buy Halifax and its base to enjoy the other airports.
  5. You can create users temporary or permanent waypoints along any route you would like to and then add the departing airport as the last waypoint. Should work.
  6. Aint that the truth!
  7. I'm trying out some new planes I just bought, and my daughter arrives with grandson house turns into a madhouse. That's the end of my flying!! I find the best times are early in morning and late at night.
  8. I never thought of this but I can see making a plan in the GTN and "sharing" it. Can't one just use Little NavMap to load up and then resave in other formats, would than not qualify as export?
  9. Yes I watched the videos, I'll give the freebie stuff a try first. Looks like a much better version of the old Combat Flight Simulator 1, 2, 3.
  10. OK I'm up and running. I have general sound but no sound on landing gear and flaps and spoiler. No landing lights and my Multi Switch panel doesn't connect using the profile I have set in SPAD. I will explore more stuff tomorrow.
  11. I founds several versions. Is this the version to buy? Over. IRIS AIRFORCE SERIES - WARTHOG DRIVER II P3D
  12. OK that looks promising; thanks for replies. Where do I get that plane? So some how using the approach used for the RealAir sound file conversion you can get the sound working? Is that correct? What is the significance of the fuel.dll? And also what is the MFD display that is blacked out is it working or just not turned on? Over. Bryan
  13. sorry, perhaps what I said was misleading, I don't have a Warhog, but I see that Iris had some great models, and I won't buy one if they are still available unless they are fully V4 compatible. But, I would like to get one. My newish PC setup can handle faster jets now so this is one plane that I really like.
  14. LOL...sounds like you know what you are doing, I on the other hand just want an installer that puts everything in the correct place and go flying....
  15. I dont know much about it. Just checked it out. So the play area is free but you buy the planes is that it? I would still like one in P3Dv4.