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  1. Well said. I do however, miss the seasons, this needs to get done. And after flying quite a bit I tried the freeware sky colours and things trying to get better clouds and am having problems with LUA shutting down, that sort of drives me nuts. And finally, the overall colour, looks appropriate in many placed but in locations like NW of North American, Norway the textures are completely off reality they need to be a richer green and less the yellowy faded look. But I do love lots about this sim as you said. Bryan
  2. Pretty cool!
  3. Having an interesting but frustrating time with my new TV monitor. 43" Vizio. After a while flying the screen suddenly blacks out and then restores itself. This can happen every few seconds or minutes apart. The screen goes black for a second then restores itself. I did a google search on this topic and found I am not alone but the solutions provided were not that technical nor made any sense. Most suggesting taking the TV back and getting a replacement, yet this did not solve the problem. I am running Win7 Professional. I am using a 43" TV monitor and a Samsung computer monitor. Both hooked up to my video card via HDMI. Both running 1920x1080. Any suggests as to what might be happening? And how to fix. I somehow think this might be something to do with refresh rate or some other display situation, but I can't figure it out. As soon as I shut down P3Dv4, everything is fine the TV monitor runs perfectly as a monitor for all other applications. Bryan
  4. I posted my hardware earlier I7-6700K 4.2GHZ overclocked GTX 970 4GB 7GHZ GDDR5 RAM 16G DDR4 2133MHZ ASUS Z170-A ATX LGA1151 Z170 Skylake DDR4 CrossFireX/SLI USB3.1 Motherboard See my post just above I mention where I think I went wrong. And I have opted for an uninstall, complete cleaning and reinstall of P3Dv4, I will not do the windows itself, I don't think that is needed. So far as noted above its going well again, and smooth as silk again. Yippee! Bryan
  5. Good advice. I used to have the Process Explorer but when I had this new machine built it was so robust I didn't really think about this. Anyway, new sim, more everything just leads one down the garden path, its like a big empty garage, in no time its filled with junk. I have chosen the complete uninstall, clean the registry and such and reinstall. Everything is going well again, 50% of my Orbx stuff done. I will take a look a the process explorer again, helpful tool. And I will follow my own advice, one addon at a time, check out everything be sure its working. I really suspect it was my flippant disregard and trying old installers and I have some incompatible files or conflicts of some sort. My Global, Vector, Regions all installed I'm running 50-80 frames with slider way to the right back where I was some time back. I will now look more at processes and shut stuff off or delete some of the garbage I've accumulated for sure. Bryan
  6. You bugger Stephen, lol. I am into it now several hours. One thing though, the Orbx Central is certainly paying off. I batch install stuff and then test them out. But even then it take a long time to install stuff. No doubt my fault, a broke one of my own cardinal rules...install one thing, test it out. Then move on. Don't be in a hurry. Bryan
  7. OK then, that sounds like to me I will head to their site and check out this software. Thanks for the heads up. I have never used anything like this before.
  8. Not familiar with it. I take it you use it...how many processes do you end up with running?
  9. think this is the most probable cause. I was very careful early on, and at the same time I started into XP11 and was building both at that same time, got somewhat careless and installed quite a few oldies without checking, breaking my own rule, install only one at a time and test. Also some were old planes without new installers and old sceneries without installers, and then of course I have no idea what files might have been installed outside of the base folders for planes and sceneries. I will not do this again. Bryan
  10. Yes and another good point. I pulled up task manager, and I do often have outlook email and firefox running during my simming, both take some usage. But more to the point I have some 140 processes running all the time and I am not an expert on what to keep and what should be shut down or removed. I would guess this is an area I should focus and spend some time learning about.
  11. Thanks, I have done this. It should help with saving time and should not be an issue moving them back with the xmls. Stan, I have just started the process, again, I cleaned off everything, I have screenshots of my setting so I can replicate what was working best for me. The base install went great, I adjusted the settings and took off, three digit frames and smooth as glass again. Yipee! Now to follow my own advice, one addon at a time, test out and ensure alls well. Slow as you go. I'm going to start with the Orbx stuff, then UTX, then specific planes etc. I might skip REX + soft clouds, I actually think this may have been linked to the issue I was having but I'm sure the REX folks don't want to hear that. Interesting Mark, there may be something in this advice, but darn its too late now, I cleaner her off and have begun a reinstall. Much much thanks to all you folks for helping me through this, I have learned a few things, again!
  12. I do. But interestingly, I removed SODE and shut down my FSDT couatl thingee and GSX thingee, because I didn't trust them to not be the problem. I give up. I'm going to just take several deep breaths press uninstall and delete according to that link you provided and do this all over again...argg!
  13. I tried the repair provided in early post. Interesting, I tried the repair, but I backed up every file first. And the results are much improved, but now I have micro stutters and pauses when panning and also of course my terrain.cfg is impacted so I would need to fix that for Orbx and UTX addons. Thanks for the input, though. It almost has worked. I think I will grap a case of beer, press uninstall and delete and clean off the drive and start over. I have only once in the past done this and I know that this will take me days. As I have tons, literately if you weighted them, tons of addons.
  14. OK this is new on me...off I go for some more torture....lol.
  15. Mine starts as soon as I push the throttle to full on the runway. I have tried several different planes and start locations, yes, thinking just like you said, nadda, no change. I did however, shutdown and reset my system from 7% overclock to 15% OC, and it hasn't made on ioda difference, still the same. I will do some more research into utilities, that could be helpful.