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  1. Makes sense to me. I find that each sim has its strengths and weaknesses therefore it gets down to what your flying goals and objectives are.
  2. While I would like to have good ocean colours I find that my ortho areas, with proper masking can replicate excellent Caribbean colours, near the shoreline, white sand and such provided there is good ortho source available, one one goes beyond the shore I don't find endless and vast areas of ocean of much interest anyway.
  3. Good Question: I think your assumption is correct but I wouldn't take that to the bank. There is a active forum on this addon on the ORG and questions can be asked there for sure. There is a facebook page just search facebook for X-Plane Ultra Weather XP, it won't allow me to post a facebook link here. Best to ask on the forums about compatibility. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/forum/263-ultra-weather-xp/ https://store.xpmgraphics.xyz/?fbclid=IwAR1_KIeFhnqH1el1-V46z6efiJsQxEWxQ9KGhBY8LXRnDh63ibKydOmvECo FROM THE MANUAL Since UWXP has its own compatible skies, clouds, lights, and water textures, and additional storm sounds and ambient sounds like birds and wind, itmakes no need for any other extra files to be used. UWXP files will get UWXP working with full performance and better visualization. Using any other external textures will cause a lot of issues and distorted visuals, so do not use any external textures with UWXP. On the other hand,UWXP textures are made especially for UWXP and it will be a bad idea to use those textures without UWXP. Generally, other plugins are not compatible with Ultra Weather XP. Therefore, you need to disable any other plugins, scripts, or shaders that control X-Plane weather visually to make UWXP work with its full performance. If it is necessary to use other plugins and have them working along with UWXP, then to avoid having any issues, e.g. bugs, visual errors, abnormal performance, or bad textures, you will have to disable some UWXP functions from the UWXP plugin interface. For example: if you have a plugin that controls the atmosphere or horizon that you want to use along with UWXP, you will need to disable the “Dynamic Atmosphere” option in UWXP before installing the other external plugin. The same way with other available options in UWXP. We are not responsible for any bugs or bad visuals or Ambient sounds conflicts that might be caused by any other external plugins or textures. You need to use UWXP only to make it work with full performance.
  4. Here are some randoms, ortho with ultimate weather (again also has water settings).
  5. While we all know each has their own preferences for how to "improve" the look and feel of the sim, I thought I would give mention to the one I settled on. Ultimate Weather, which also has abilities to manage the water. So I now have weather affected water the changes with winds, wave hts, reflections and whatnot....I personally find it an absolute necessity. And, without a doubt, XPRealistic Pro is my number 1 must have addon. These two give me superior performance and look and feel. I'll see if I can add some recent screenies to demonstrate my flying experience out the window. Of course I usually only fly ortho which I have by the ton.
  6. Why do I see nothing but a troll? Agreed with @ryanbatcund, the OP makes no sense. The forums are loaded with stuff on how to enhance the sim.
  7. During WWII, RAF officers trained to be pilots here in Canada. Dad was RAF English and spent a year here getting his pilot wings learned to fly Liberators etc as part of BCATP training program. RAF officers as were New Zealand, Australians, US were given an ID card from the RCAF
  8. @Viking01 Before and after of old 1943 RCAF-RAF ID card.
  9. As usual this is first answered with "it depends" Gunter. I use a suite of e-tools depending on the complexity of work needed. 1. NCH Software, Image & Photo Software, lighting, sharpening, colourize, batch process, retouching, special effects and much more. 2. Wondershare - Fotophire Editing Toolkit, Photo Editor, Photo Cutter and Photo Eraser, particularly photo eraser. 3. Microsoft Photo Editor v3+, an old program that does not care which version of Windows one has, this program is perfect for what I call "pixel painting", repairs of many sorts. 4. IrfanView v4.57 (latest), freeware...can do amazing things has a learning curve, loaded with lots of plugins for various requirements. I do not use photoshop which most likely does much of these things as well.
  10. I'll take a look soon when I get some extra time. Thanks.
  11. Hey Gerard, I had to look it up, had never heard of it before, are you referring to Prosim-Ar the FMS trainer thing? Interesting.
  12. While it's in the P3D forum, the OP asked the question to which I will answer. Three years ago I moved to XP, now at v11.50+. I took it slow to learn and decide on addons. I quickly moved to ortho flying almost exclusively. The planes available are amazingly precise. I never have crashes. My flying is smooth as silk and I have now an extremely robust and loaded sim. So, choices. I moved on from P3D and I was am a flightsim addict from sublogic days and every MS version up until P3D and then took P3D to V4.4...and then got out. No venting required, happy as a clam.
  13. Too bad I couldn't join you folks. I continue to be extremely busy and the timing and length of flights is demanding. I have worked for a week, "refurbishing" old (early 1900s to 1950s) family photos from my two sisters, cleaning, adjusting lighting, repairing tears, creases, sharpening and what I call pixel painting...it takes forever but the end result is amazing.
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