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  1. Orbx True Earth for P3Dv4

    Don't want to get off topic, but this (choice, self control) is why I won't be buying Netherlands, I said that already. And my sims are doing fine, I have adjusted accordingly. And do so in flight sometimes. I've been doing this stuff for decades. Using a 4 gig GTX970 is now not so new. My PC does other stuff besides flightsim, a lot more stuff. I do not have all my stuff installed, some is deleted and some is mothballed. Buy why would I not keep all my Orbx stuff installed, I have all but a few airports. I have good suite of planes for a reason, its a flightsim, learn on all sorts of planes, use for different types of flying. They there is REX, GTN, flight planning, blah blah...and 100s of freeware airports in the areas I like to fly because defaults are horridly bad. Plus all my own work.
  2. Orbx True Earth for P3Dv4

    You won't disable vector and global, it will just be in higher priority and be called first. XP will not have seasons....yet. Musings...... It glorified XP ortho and OSM etc. Like the fixed up airports though. I have old FSX, now P3DV4, XP11...and find that with all these sims things are piece meal. With P3D I have some of the world Global, some in texture Regions, some in photo detail...its starting to become a hodge podge of stuff and its very hard on my OS. I have terabytes of data. And now lets add the photo areas, a bit here a bit there, more money $50 at a time. $100 here and $100 there. I said it once before here...if you could offer me a fully loaded, fully functioning sim, seasons, high level planes, suites of completed airports, super high quality scenery I would spend my $1,000 outright, maybe up to $1,500 and get it over with. My two year old PC is once again struggling and it cost me $2,700. Now what! I'm starting to wonder what I'm doing. Of course the scenery looks good but I can blow over NLD in a few seconds and its boring flat as a pancake. Obviously if you are from there, live there it would be great to have "your" area covered. Maybe a Christmas sale? Maybe in a few years? Bryan
  3. REX Sky Force and P3D V4 Install, Client, Content,Scenery

    OK guys, thanks, I wanted to be careful about this advice and glad I did. So I will wait until I get a REX answer on what to do. The program installed OK, and I have done a texture backup and added textures which appear to be working. Its just the weather injector that's not working. Bryan
  4. Is the REX forums down?

    I asked some questions about the new Skyforce and I have received responses in my email, when I try to get on the forums to do the followup I can not get into them for the past five or six hours. Are their forums down? Is this just me? Bryan
  5. Folks I just got advice at REX forums that to get my Skyforce to work properly, that my P3Dv4 needs to have all three components updated for it to work properly. I have done several updates of the "client" but avoid doing the content and scenery parts with the belief that this will disconnect all sorts of stuff, IE basically a complete reinstall. Is it possible to update all three components without affecting various utilities and scenery and planes and some of the necessary tweaks that were required to make those work properly? Bryan
  6. Eastern Caribbean

    I'm thinking of you mate...so much golfing I broke my 6 hybrid Friday. Looks like a fun flightplan. Bryan
  7. Not able to access ATC in P3Dv4.2

    Is there some reason I should update to lastest version P3Dv4....I am seeing all sorts of posts about issues after the most recent update?
  8. so suggest you hold off. This is what I'm looking for, thanks fellows.
  9. I am away on extended snowbirding trip down south. I was just trying to catch up on recent sim news finding out there is a new update for P3D V4. I am seeing many treads about issues of every description, scenery, planes etc. When I left home in Jan3 my P3D V4 and all its updated addons were working well....but it appears that stuff is broken AGAIN! Is this true? What's broken? Is doing the update worth it at this time? Any short comments would be appreciated Bryan
  10. Pilatus' sales drive.N1677

    I love this one, I'm grabbing it Ron, much thanks
  11. FLIGHTSIMEXPO Partner Registration

    Dang, I'm not far away right now but am leaving heading to the great white north before then and won't be able to make it.
  12. Weird ORBX Patches

    There are many places where the real world has patch work like this. The only way to check this is one; provide the lat and long so we can go there ourselves and two: you do the same thing and load up google earth and see how it compares. Bryan
  13. Desparately need help with P3D not starting

    Sorry I haven't been following the thread in its entirely but. Did someone not mention SpadNext? Once I got this and setup my profiles everything Saitek works great. Hopefully I'm not off topic. Bryan
  14. Desparately need help with P3D not starting

    By the way, I don't know about the monitor issue and moving windows. I don't have any issues like that. I have both monitors with the same refresh rates, both hooked up to HDMI ports on the PC, everything is fine on that end for me. Bryan
  15. Desparately need help with P3D not starting

    HI Howard. You system specs are only slightly better than mine. You may be pushing the sim beyond its capabilities with all that stuff but not sure. Most distressing. I had to do a reinstall as well, due to a stuttering mess. I failed to follow my tried and true guidelines. Only install one item at a time, test it out be sure that it works as expected before moving onto the next addon. I have tons of addons as well but not as many as you. And it does take a long time to install items when you have a plethora of them. My best advice is what I posted above, install only one at a time, ensure its working as expected and not negatively impacting the sim. First up, does a vanilla install of P3DV4 work perfectly no stutters or bad behaviours, because it should be flawless. I would say this Howard, I also actually install my addons into a dummy folder, I then copy the items to their required locations, then I test out the addon thoroughly and the sim thoroughly before moving to a new item. My first experience everything was working flawlessly, I got careless, installed a dozen planes at once some not fully compatible yet, this was a big mistake my sim started behaving badly, forcing in the end a reinstall from scratch. I am now slowly and steadily adding sceneries and planes and ensuring the sim works perfectly before attempting a new addon. I monitor resources with process explorer, TechPowerup GPU-Z. Also I purchased Process Lasso to manage background processes to give priority to my P3D and XP. Load times after a cold reboot do take a long time unfortunately, I don't think there is any way around this except not add the addon's. I find if I shut down P3Dv4 and due some tinkering and fire up P3DV4 again (warm reboot) that my load time is considerably shorter. My current sim is 445 GB not including the FreeMeshX which is another 60 GB. According to my properties I have 600,000 files in 6140 folders, so that is no slouch. I find that I have to back the sliders off a touch in large urban areas like London and Heathrow. But rural areas I have the far right. The key is to be sure of what files are being installed where, and if an addon is acting up you can revert to the last known situation where the sim was purring along. I believe that there are plenty of addons that might cause havoc. For me installing JustFlight non compatible aircraft and porting over REX before they were fully compatible were the culprits. Bryan