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  1. 1st fltsimguy

    undocking 750 for xplane

    I should say read the manual. However, go to the plugins menu, run down to the RXP GTN, select the one you want, this will then provide access to the submenu which can allow you to do several things with the gauge, including "pop out" which will change the edges of the gauge which signifies that you can now grab it with your mouse on the edge and drap it and resize it anywhere on say another screen. You should check out all the features, settings etc so you get the most out of this gauge. Bryan
  2. 1st fltsimguy

    Virtual Pilot 3D - Don't buy it!!

    Gees I just received one of the spam email on this flight simulator. What a frigging joke. As I moved my mouse over the photos it identified the photo name...one actually said FlightGear.
  3. Thanks for these recent videos on reflective water flashing, I too have this and can't seem to find a fix. But this also suggest LR needs to address this issue, determine what is causing it and rectify. For me I have found that I have my most pleasing water solution by removing many of the freeware plugins I tried and going with HighSkyTech - Ultimate Water Enhancement UWE - v1.2. In particular I use set 19. But regardless of what I try, I still get the reflective flashing at some angles. Bryan
  4. 1st fltsimguy

    A2A Accu-Sim Bonanza V-tail promo video is up

    Well done sales video, the plane looks fantastic. The one thing still missing from P3Dv4 and Accu-feel, is the range of features available in XP11 - Realistic Pro which can be custom set for each plane. Especially head anticipation related to turns, pitch, takeoff, landing...the shaking and movement combinations, and the wide variety of sounds. Still this is a marvelous plane, I'm just hooked on Realistic Pro and its the natural extension for Accu-feel. Bryan
  5. 1st fltsimguy

    FSDreamTeam Hawaiian Airports - Are the Updated for P3D4

    This is exactly what I use. These photo scenery packages and FSDT airports along with a few others not FSDT. Its a beautiful thing, no need for Orbx anything.
  6. 1st fltsimguy

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    I have not idea. It doesn't seem that expensive to me. It's more about priorities. I have limited time for flying, so I prefer to jump in, fire it up and get into the air. I have not time to sit and watch passengers filing onto a plane or vehicles wandering around a plane. Heck what I fly for real I get plenty of that stuff. Bryan
  7. 1st fltsimguy

    x-plane11 key for popup gtn 750

    Thanks for asking and answering this question. It was also something on my mind, I never thought to search up the key bindings. Very much appreciated.
  8. Ya, I know. I'm just really disappointed, another bloody addon that I have to mess around with to get working properly. Sometime the tinkering and continual or ongoing tweaking can drive us nuts. Yes, thanks I'm aware of this issue, they have been clear about this in their information. I'm going to start over, do the install with the less than 5gig video card option which I assume means less quality texture trees and see what happens.
  9. I bought this today. I loaded up a flight, I set to fall textures, the load time was very very long as has been reported...mine about 10 minutes. I did a short flight. I liked the results without getting too picky. I then loaded in a new flight out of Orbx Manchester...the sim textures loading thing came on..and it took forever to do nothing it just stalled....after some 20 minutes or more I just shut down the sim. And rebooted. And then tried to load in Manchester from a cold reboot...the sim loaded normally but the texture were back to summer. So I clicked the change to fall...and the sim just sat there spinning and spinning doing nothing...my PC locked up. I rebooted my machine. I'm frightened to even try this addon again...it seems dysfunctional not at all like I anticipated. Bryan
  10. 1st fltsimguy

    Avro Lancaster B Mk1 from Just Flight/AH released!

    And my father flew these in WWII and further he trained for the Dambuster mission, Major T.E. Wallis as backup pilot...but never actually did the run. So cool to have this bird in the hanger. My favourite photo of dad sitting on the prop.
  11. 1st fltsimguy

    RealAir Duke B60 Coming To v4

    I had no idea that there was still some activity going on. Phew, just checked...my payware backups and still have the keycode 2014....seems like a long long time ago now.
  12. 1st fltsimguy

    Accu-Feel v.2 Air, Land & Sea (P3Dv4) Released

    This is interesting. I had the original version of this Accu-feel V2 for FSX. Loved it. Of course it was not available for P3D. So in the meantime I moved onto XP11 and quickly found XP Realistic Pro with its plethora of sounds, shakes, rattles, head anticipation in every direction imaginable, environmental sounds, land gear impacts etc etc.. So I bought this new Accu-feel, once I got my P3Dv4 updated it worked as expected, but sadly I agree its more about those sounds and fails to deliver on all the stuff I got used to with Realistic Pro for XP....I'm now feeling disappointed. I do not have EzDoc and just don't want to buy yet another program but it sounds like if one adds these other programs then you get the full meal deal of cockpit effects. Bryan
  13. 1st fltsimguy

    If I update my P3DV4 Content

    OK then I'll grab a beer and give it a go. Thanks very much gents.
  14. 1st fltsimguy

    If I update my P3DV4 Content

    Thanks for this more detailed info, however, if SimObjects is deleted which is required before applying an updated Content, then all the planes from third parties will be deleted...correct? Which would mean all the 3rd party planes would be broke and I would need to reinstall and add in any mods. Or are you saying that only the original P3D gauges, sounds and airplanes etc are deleted from within those folders and all my payware for instance will be left untouched?
  15. 1st fltsimguy

    Accu-Feel v.2 Air, Land & Sea (P3Dv4) Released

    Sorry don't have chaseplane. But it sounds like a winner given the post above.