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  1. Thank you for asking this question and the link to help setup Saitek stuff. I was just going to try this again.
  2. Now I remember, it was the "complete" version that I bought for P3D from F1. Sorry for the confusion. My reinstall has worked great, and I have the two GTNs up and running.
  3. OK Partly Resolved! I totally forget as its been years, that I needed to reinstall F1 Agent or log into my account, then download the installer and load in the lic file or my account info. What a nightmare on elm street process, I hate it with a passion. I was able to find, after a few tries, the passwords and such stored here and there. QUESTION; Given that I have been always for a bit, and my memory is somewhat, shall we say, vague...I thought that this installation also included the GTN650 or am I mixing this up with the P3D version?
  4. Oh shoot. Is this the nightmare called F1? I have to download the installer again, try to remember passwords and such?
  5. Previously had the GTN750/650 working fine in Win7 I have only just now ported over my PC to Win10. I downloaded the installer rxpGTN-XPL( I also downloaded the Garmin Trainer GarminTrainerSetup_3230. I installed the Trainer, I then installed the GTN. When I fire up XP11.55 I have the menu and it opened up a GTN750 window and said not registered. Quite frankly I don't know how to "reregister". Then I checked the second GTN and it gave me a blank window, and the GTN650 is blank in both window popups. I'm sorry I don't know what to do to get this thing working, Perhaps I have missed a step that I need to do. Please advise. Bryan
  6. With all the love for MSFS, is it me or do the clouds look somewhat like a sand storm and so dark underneath. Regardless, nice shot going into the sun.
  7. I think I have had this sort of issue with every sim I have ever used. Putting on pause and leaving coming back hours later and my CPU or RAM memory has been sapped.
  8. May I ask, why would you deleted the "config" and "content" and scenery indexes folder? I would like to understand what this does. Bryan
  9. I am very glad to see that finally this addon has been ported from XP to MS. In XP it is by far one of my most favourite and necessary addons. I see it hasn't quite got the full range of effects as it does in XP most likely due to the programming code behind the sim. What is still missing is natural movements, head roll stuff if I'm not mistaken. I will have to check this out some more.
  10. Interestingly, I just watched yesterday my 30 movie on our holiday to Arches and Canyonlands Nat'l Parks in 2017. It was glorious. The scenery looks fantastic.
  11. I have managed to have many many flights where passengers clapped upon landing. Those flights were across country, heading to Hawaii, and "hitting" rough turbulance. Shaking, rattling and rolling.
  12. I too really like this plane and the screenshot is excellent!
  13. I'm going to be in Bella Coola in real life in a week.
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