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  1. Sub logic, MS3,4,5,6,7,8,9, FS1998, FS2000, FS2002, FS2004, FSX, P3D 1,2,3,4+, XP11+ (1983-2020) Red Baron, couple versions, Rise of Flight as well. From Apple and Atari to PCs. Frigging bizillions flying, another bizillion messing about with tweaks, fixes, another bizillion doing reinstalls, another bizillion making my own scenery addons and other addons for freeware uploads and personal use. Who the heck knows. Bryan (flysimguy)
  2. Have you installed and run it on Win7? I would be interested on how the install went and how well the program runs because I don't want to upgrade to Win10 at this time.
  3. You have one kickass setup there.
  4. Once I found "ortho" in XP I spend the greater part of my time now flying in both P3DV4.5 and XP11 in areas covered with ortho....its the best.
  5. Agreed. There isn't enough in this release to cause me to move to this version and have to endure more of the time, pain and suffering of reinstalling and updating and general messing around.
  6. Good report, I'm still on the bench warming it, too deep into P3DV4.5+ and XP11.4 soon 11.5+. I just don't want any more messing with addons, fixes, at this stage.....first snows of winter perhaps! 🤣
  7. I know eh, I was reluctant to post because some folks can get carried away, but however I like the video comparison, it gets folks talking about what might be possible doing this, that or the other thing, which is why I added my two bits. And any one of us, who in this discussion are long time users, know fully well many of the limitations, pluses and minuses of each of these sims in my view. It can help those newer into this I'm thinking.
  8. Great video's by the way. I enjoyed the flights. I have both sims but not the P3DV5 yet, I'm using P3DV4.5+ and XP11.5+. I will offer this to add to the discussion. I prefer the XP version but with toned down lighting somewhat. There are several tools available where you can even with a simple click while flying make lighting adjustment in XP11.5+. That shown in the video has been adjusted by reshade presets of some nature. Personally I have lighting turned down somewhere in between the two videos and XP matches more what I see in reality in my view.
  9. Is this I hyperthreading on or off issue?
  10. Thanks for this headsup, I'm sure glad I was slow in installing due to other projects taking priority. I did a scan on the installer with my Norton 360 and it did not turn up anything. Regardless, this is going into the garbage bin.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Wondering, why?
  12. Dear person, I am an original AVSIM signee. Back when it was fledgling. I don't play those games. You seem to be, dare I say, "agenda" oriented. I knew "Tom" the founder personally.
  13. I don't have an agenda and I don't find the meh, indifference, offensive in any way. That effect is simply terrible, and there are now a list of things that quit frankly I find to be very annoying considering how far this sim has come, its a fair question as to why would they distribute this as a new version, when its got so many issues that need to be corrected and as well why not work with commercial developers before a release to ensure they have the time to make say, new installers, fix issues of compatibility and more. As a life long simmer from versions from the 1980s till now, I for one a quite tired of this endless and ongoing chasing of "new versions" and then spending endless hours and days trying to get this that or the other thing working. This version is not a new release candidate in my view....they should have taken more time to do it right.
  14. That is exactly what I think I'm seeing when reading the voluminous posts. I'm not sure I want to fuss with all the re-installs and upgrades at this time.
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