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  1. Wait for the RTX 4060. Rumour has it, it is coming some and it will be about $500. You won't get Frame Frame generation with a 3000 series graphics card and if you buy one and find that, if you waited a bit longer you could have gotten a 4000 series card for about the same price you'll kick yourself.
  2. Even though there was an update for WU11 in the Content Manager after SU12 Downtown Toronto (the forth largest city in on the North America Continent) is still a pile of dog 💩. I think it might even be worse than it was before the update. Strange they went to the trouble of doing a custom building for 1 Bloor West and for Marilyn Monroe in Mississauga. Why bother? They must have something against Canada. 🤣
  3. If they used unreal engine for scenery it could be something special. If its only as different from V5 as V5 was from V4 it won;t be on my buy again list.🤣
  4. even though Nvidia could probably do that right now, their probably saving it for their 5090 gimmick.
  5. Well, I'd suggest everybody use Addon Manager and when you start the sim and you get mandatory update instead of installing it just exit the sim. Once you exit the sim turn off all the contents of your community and if you are using advanced options in Addon Manager turn off all the content in the OneStore folder. If you don't use Addon Manager just rename your community folder .OLD and OneStore Folder.OLD. You can then restart the sim, do the mandatory update without losing anything. If you don't know what I'm talking about you have no business being in the BETA! 😛
  6. That's terrible. He can't have been much older than 30 something. May he Rest in Peace.
  7. FBW737

    Time Travel...

    Ah go on! Where's the fun in that!🤣
  8. FBW737

    Time Travel...

    The idea of time travel is based on model of the universe offered by physicist. Although sophisticated and capable of making precise prediction about the state of "now" in a system after a predetermined period has elapsed it is still not even close to being a virtual replica of reality and it never will be. It is so far off that the difference between how far off modern physics is compared to how far off classical physics is, is negligible. One might say that modern physics is in as deep or deeper a crisis than classical physics was after the Michelson Morley experiment. But having said that time travel is ridiculous because you cannot go to a place that doesn't exist. There is one exception. It is 5:35pm PM on Sunday. I intend to travel through space and time to arrive at 5:35pm on Monday. I predict the journey is going to take me exactly 24 hours.
  9. That's fine but bear in mind you can double your frame rate using those TV's over using a PC display. Those TV's have built in Hardware for frame interpolation! That's what the 4000 series Nvidia cards does. It doubles your frame rate. Those TV's can do that too!
  10. I've never done a triple display set up. My 3090 has 2 HDMI ports and 3 Display port so you can only connect 2 display with HDMI cables, Hoever I am sure you can get a display port to HDMI cable. I'd be inclined to get 3 of those cables and use the three display ports on the GPU. You'll only be using one HDMI port on each of the TV's. I think your biggest problem is running MSFS at 4K on 3 monitor. It better be a beast of a system your building. The only issues I can think of from my experience is that when I tried a Display Port to HDMI cable on my single 55" Samsung NU6900 I could get the frame generation to work. Can say for sure but that's my recollection. The TV's Frame generation I think would be very useful for you on your 3 screen setup because if you can get it to work and get even 24fps to each TV out of the GPU you''l be able to get a smooth 46fps on each of those screen. By the way, I don't know what I'm talking about.🤪
  11. That is my opinion is the most important thing for Flight Sim unless you intend to go with a 4000 series GPU. You will be able to set up that TV to receive a 30hz signal but display 60fps on screen because the TV is able to interpolate an extra frame between each of the frames it receives from the GPU. It's basically the same as DLSS frame generation.
  12. the last few times I ran the sim with the FBW I ran out of fuel shortly after take off. Makes for a cool emergency landing scenario but I need a fix. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling via the FBW Installer and that worked for the first flight thereafter but its happening again now. Basically, I use the SIM flight planner choosing a departure and arrival location and high alt airways and hit the Fly Now Button. It seems the Aircraft always loads with only 2% fuel and when I try to change it using the weights and balance tab it won't take and I'm stuck with 2% Never had this problem before WU12. Anyone know what gives and/or have a solution?
  13. Offer to take it away and they'll give it to you.
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