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  1. Over all I find the sim in still better in DX11 than it is in DX12
  2. I don't think its that big a deal either. The mathematics involved in simulating the movement of celestial bodies is quite basic and requires minuscule computation power. I guess they are doing Earth Moon and Sun. Easy peasy! Even if they include the planets and their moons it would be easy. No doubt that everything beyond the solar system is shown as a sphere. If there was a setting called depict realistic Sun and Moon positions I wouldn't be turning it off to gain extra FPS!🤪
  3. The wheels are coming of the bus so either there will be a massive seed change or a catastrophic collapse of civilization. Either one is going to be a massive global shock. My money is on the latter. End of the Roman Empire with nuclear bombs! 🤪🤣
  4. When it comes to profit there is no moral imperative. I don't recall the source. Allegedly, When a commercial airliner crashes as a result of a design error the calculation carried out is to determine which is cheaper. A) recalling all the aircraft and fixing the problem and changing all the production line stuff and parts to prevent the problem happening again. OR B) Calculating how many times this same problem will cause the loss of an aircraft and the lives of the passengers on board over the serviceable life of the model and the ensuing liability cost. The industry apparently chooses the cheaper of the two without consideration for the fact that A does not involve any further loss of life. Bottom line: Their profits are vastly more important than your life. That's how much the Airline industry cares about safety.
  5. The wings would come off well before then!🤣
  6. I'm waiting for 2024 but that's probably irrelevant to your dilemma since I already have MSFS 2020.🤪
  7. You should have asked Grok too. It would have laughed and told you to get a life! 🤣
  8. Nothing is going wrong for me. My performance is excellent. It was with SU14 and it is with SU15Beta. Performance is as it where identical with both SU's
  9. Classic Placebo effect. Don't feel bad. Nobody is immune!🤪
  10. I've read nearly every post in this thread because the comment about performance improvements caught my eye. I've being playing with flight sim for about 3 decades and over the years I have seen measurable small incremental improvements in performance form one update to next. Definitely something to be happy about. When I see words like amazing and awesome being used it makes me suspicious that it placebo. Especially when I see graphs from post update test and the poster swears blind that its better than it was before the update. Anyway, I decided to stay away from beta's and sure enough this one broke the PMDG 737 but I hardly do any simming these days so I'll just leave it installed. I specifically set up a test with the 737 on 31L at JFK at 10am scattered clouds, AI traffic, unmodified exterior tail view, took off and lifted the gear running CapFrameX for 60 seconds from full throttle. I did this with SU14 and then I repeated it as exactly as possible with SU15 with exactly the same settings both times. The only difference is the gear didn't retract in the SU15 test because it seems the update broke the 737 Stuttering 0.3% for both (two big frame time spikes on the graph and two medium in a 60 second period) and all other results were virtually exactly the same on my well maintained and tuned system and I could see no difference with the naked eye. There you have!
  11. Probably some SpaceX stuff or something like that. There is a bunch of stuff happening in low earth orbit these days and secret military development and experiments. Occam's razor gentlemen. There are no aliens visiting the earth. It's all nonsense.🤪
  12. The silver lining to this is you won't be able to give WMR headsets away so if you are willing to forgo windows updates for the next 2 or 3 years your could have top shelf headset for next to nothing. I might consider it. Windows is word not allowede anyway.
  13. I've used TrackIR on a large screen 55 to 60" with the IR camera mounted behind my head and I use to use a Samsung Odyssey+ WMR VR headset too. Initially I found VR very compelling and it is. But my brain figured out it was fake and bizarrely even the 3D kinda went flat! I've been back to TrackIR with large screen for a long time and although I'd give VR another go at the right time, I'm more than happy with TrackIR for now.
  14. Good question I have occasionally wondered the same thing. I strongly suspect the answer is no! 😭
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