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  1. BillW

    Man Up

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill W
  2. I did not use the update and using f HF1. Bill W
  3. I'm with you. I used the p3d4 installer and pointed it to P3dv5 and works just fine. Bill W
  4. Had a total hang up in light scenery with Realair Turbo. Couldn't even get Task Manager to come up. Guess LM just had to beat Microsoft to the punch. Doesn't seem to be ready for primetime even with the "fix".
  5. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about P3D stock scenery. I've used Orbx for a long time, but I'm facing the possibility of needing more computer. Too many addons definitely turns us into technicians rather than sim pilots. At my age , I'm running out of patience. Bill W
  6. I would wait. I personally see very few real improvements and some bugs. I don't see the need to rush. Wait for updates. Bill W.
  7. I have a 1070ti and have seen some crazy stuff. I'm not very favorably impressed so far. Bill W
  8. Guess his dream was not to fly in a fighter jet. Kind of an ironic ending.😎
  9. Let's not forget that this greed led to many thousand of jobs going to China. They never believed that quality and availability should enter into the equation. Price only.
  10. RIP, Jim. To the family: We share in your loss. He was a great American and appreciated by all that knew him. Sincerely, Bill W.
  11. I suggest you go to their forum. Best chance to get advice from the developer. I personally haven't dug into the product very much though I do use it. Bill W
  12. Try installing your new mesh over the Pilot's version. Bill W
  13. The good thing about fuel injection is that you are less likely to try passing yourself off as a mechanic. Bill W
  14. Just turned 70 last month. Started out with the very first MSFS. It is amazing to see the advances made over the years. I guess that is why I really don't complain a lot. There are many lessons learned over the years. When I was younger I just didn't listen.😉
  15. I remember those parks well. Lived in Moorpark till I was 11. Then a divorce sent me and my father to Texas. Bill W
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