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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Bill W
  2. You might have seen me standing near the tracks. 😄 Not sure of when you went to boot camp. How was your most recent trip? We've thought of doing this. The Daylight I saw always had a diesel engine. A couple of different paint variations. In my mind, I think the Daylight was the most beautiful of all the passenger trains. Bill W
  3. Since my mother grew up in England my family has had good hearted needling with each other forever. I have the utmost respect for the UK. It's all in fun. it wasn't meant to be an all out brawl. Jeez!!!!! Bill W
  4. I used to watch the Daylight going from LA to San Francisco. It would come through Moorpark at a high rate of speed every day about 5:00 p.m. It was a beautiful train. This was in the 50's when trains were the thing. I'm glad I got to experience that. She was finally discontinued in the 60's. Bill W
  5. Just remember we kicked your asses in 2 wars.😁 Bill W
  6. BillW


    I lived in California in the 1950's. The area was still agrarian. People let us on their land and we used to explore like you and your brother. We were in heaven. I went back to visit several years ago and was shocked by the growth and the land being occupied. Bittersweet, but I still have the memories. Bill W.
  7. Great story, Noel. Your writing style forms a great picture in our minds. You should consider putting your memoirs in book form. For us older guys it's a trip down memory lane. Bill W
  8. A popular comedian here in the States has an expression that fits this situation: "You can't fix stupid". 😂
  9. We got rid of it after nine years. We're hoping for another tax credit is offered on a new one. Whenever that might happen.😄
  10. The one with 129,000 was an RX450h. The only reason we got rid of it is "battery fear". They really had shown no sign of weakening, but...... It had very quick acceleration because of the additional electric engine. We are considering another. I feel the car would probably outlast me.😄
  11. We've had 2 Lexus for nine years. Never been to the shop for repairs on either one. 129,000 mi on one and 112,000 the other, Luck of the draw. Bill W
  12. What security. Lot of potential for much worse incursions.
  13. This man was probably a ball to be around. He seemed to have lived a good life and left behind a loving following. He will be missed. Bill W
  14. Humans have the technology to destroy all life on earth. We can't seem to move past the desire to destroy each other in war. One day the wrong word not allowed will come to power and then it will be over. I fear this will happen well before we need to be concerned with moving to another planet. Bill W
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