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  1. The profit motive has moved a lot of production to certain Asian nations that are not motivated by quality. Brand after brand in this country left quality behind in search of competitive prices long ago. A large portion of products now are junk. Appliances, auto parts....you name it. This attitude has taken over this country. Integrity and pride of production is a rare commodity.
  2. BillW


    Someone's Naval career may be cut short or at least at a lower pay grade. Bill W
  3. Cats expect you to maintain clean environment for them. It is not their job.😁 Bill W
  4. BillW

    Brave New World

    Teaching is not a government job. Their pensions are funded through payroll deductions. Without the basic education you wouldn't be capable of performing your job.My wife pretty much had to have a Master's degree to keep her job. She also paid for supplies needed by kids living in poverty. Bill W
  5. And this is why no intelligent individual will. Thank the media for the clowns we get as candidates. Bill W.
  6. The bureaucrats do what they're told to do. When the heat gets turned up some elected official will shift the blame to the bureaucrats They then wonder why people are angry. This will never change. Bill W
  7. He may not have been the sharpest tack in the box.😂 I have always been suspicious of the Warren Report. I wouldn't put anything past LBJ, but that's another story. Bill W
  8. Cats were put on this earth to remind humans that they are not the most important thing on earth. Not by a long shot. Bill W
  9. Oswald was a Marine. US Marines are all highly trained riflemen. That is their specialty. It is quite possible that he could have successfully fired the shots. None of us were ever around him on a gun range so who knows how capable he was. I doubt this mystery will ever be solved. Bill W
  10. They restart the Army Air Corps. They could get plenty of volunteers. They wouldn't have to coordinate with another branch of service. Bill W
  11. Hilarious in so many ways. British humor takes no prisoners. Bill W
  12. Like watching Worlds News Tonight. Bill W
  13. My first job out of college was 7:30 to 4:30. It was nice getting a jump on traffic. After that it was 8:00 to 5:00 if you could get away. Bill W
  14. BillW

    Make Way!

    They should say Step back 10 feet. I've seen numerous You tubes of the guards allowing people to pet the horse. Not a good idea. Bill W
  15. They will probably toss mine.😁
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